Godly Model Creator Chapter 204

Gmc Chapter 204

Chapter 0204    A Coin which lead to a Murder Case

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Alright, three days later I will return! Su Hao said with confidence.

En, remember to be back on time, Lin Yue said. Later, I will send you the address and time. As for the rest, I and Hu Pai will be handling it.

Alright! Su Hao left after saying so.

The work-in-construction studio was very flexible. As long as you could complete the task before deadline, everything would be fine. Regarding assembly-line work,it was even easier. Excluding those in service industry, those with eight hours of work per day were getting less and less. Origin ability era had greatly enhanced the efficiency of work.

If the berserk beasts werent always threatening, then this era would be the best era ever!

After leaving the studio, Su Hao considered his options.

Where should he go to get himself an intermediate origin ability transition technique?

The emergence of a three star card made his heart itch. He couldnt wait to learn intermediate origin ability transition technique and then settle this card!

It was, after all, a three star card!

It was deduction!

After witnessing the awesomeness of deduction from Yan Xiao, Su Hao had a deep comprehension of its horrifying potential. If he could grasp it and then successfully apply it in battle, his overall strength would increase dramatically. To be blunt, before achieving the solidification of model, which was still far away, this was another chance for Su Hao to rise further!

He must obtain this skill as fast as possible!

In school, who else had already mastered the intermediate origin ability transition technique?

Opening the contact book of the natural selection class, Su Hao had a look at the virtual screen and soon a name popped out.

Su Hao raised his eyebrows slightly as his mouth revealed a trace of smile.

Jianghe City, the city center.

In mid-November, winter had arrived.

However, although the weather had turned cold, the whole city was still bustling with crowds. If you had a closer look, you would be able to see the warm and comfortable air slowly floating upward from below the city. The reason was none other than city heater powered by origin ability energy!

For ordinary people out in town, a set of clothes was enough for four seasons.

At a street in the city center, a young man in casual white clothes walked in a carefree manner. From his appearance, he looked like around 30 years old. He was whistling an old folk song. Coupled with his childish yet handsome looks, it was simply a huge mismatch. 

The young man walked for a distance of a hundred meters before finally halting in front of a display window.


A coin worth one star dollar fell from him and a landing sound could be heard.

The coin landed and rolled to the back.

Behind him, a youth was walking in a hurry. As he watched the coin roll in front of his feet, he directly kicked it to the side.


The coin flew away. It then landed on a heavy motorway.

This was the pathway for heavy cargo. The suspension cars carrying capacity was limited. That was why things which were over the limit still needed to be transported via land. This heavy motorway was specially opened for such a reason.

Father! Money! Money!

At the roadside, a three or four year old child saw the coin which fell to the ground, and revealed a look of sudden excitement. He then headed over to it  without much thought. His father turned around and saw the scene, which led to his face turning pale. He could see on the road a large cargo truck was coming!

Not good! The childs father turned pale. Rushing out of nowhere, he wanted to push his son away. However, the truck couldnt stop on time and couldnt evade.


The childs father subconsciously clung to his son while closing his eyes.


Ci la!

A strange braking sound could be heard. The childs father even felt the breeze hitting his face. It seemed like the very next moment, he would be smashed on the spot by the truck.


The strong wind made the childs father open his eyes. Surprisingly, he found out that at the most crucial moment, the truck actually managed to turn its steering on time and passed by both the father and his son.

We survived!

The father quickly rushed to the truck.

He saw the truck just now directly headed towards the shops on the side street which forced numerous people to dodge it in the nick of time.


The truck finally stopped.

No casualties!


The father was surprised. If there was really any life lost, he would have to be responsible, too. This perfect ending was definitely the best he could hope for.

This driver was so quick-witted!

People went to have a look, pulling the driver out, and then gave him their applause.

However, there was a thing which nobody noticed. When the water pump was hit during the incident just now, the red metal roof was being hit continuously by the high water pressure soaring up the sky.


It looked like some fireworks.

The driver who was being praised, was shocked to notice that in the sky, a suspension car who was flying past immediately exploded, and blew that raging flame down on the Haitian Building which was just beside it.

Within the Haitian Building...

A middle aged fat man, reprimanding those underlings of his, You fool! Where is the performance for this month? Performance? Where the f*ck it went? Also, you two girls, you think if you look beautiful then it is alright to have zero performance? If you cant cope with this, then quit next month. The company is not going to raise empty cans!

The fat man stared at every underling of his with extreme pride.

Those two idiot women didnt they know what place this was?

He was a dignified deputy director! Those two women werent even willing to sleep with him, what a joke! Without any origin ability talent, beside offering their bodies, what value did they have? Lets see if these two women would come and find him tonight or not.

Watching those two women begin to hesitate, the fat man felt even more proud. His expression seemed to have slowed down and then looked at those two women, Both of you, write a review and wait for me in the office!

Both women turned pale and lowered their heads.


Fat man laughed out loud. His eyes were glancing at the two womens breasts. When tonight arrived, he would be able to play with these two. Hahaha!

When he was patting himself on the back, the fat man suddenly noticed the horror and fear in these womens eyes.



Thats right!

Fat man felt even prouder. This was his privilege as a deputy director! 


A loud sound suddenly came from behind. The fat man inexplicably had this feeling that a black shadow was covering him. A powerful impact came from behind him. Feeling pain erupt through his whole body, he was blasted away.


The fat man fiercely hit the wall of the building.


Explosion after explosion happened in violent succession. The explosive force swept through the surroundings, making everyone flatten themselves on the ground. Yet, a glimmer of relief could be seen in the eyes of the two women who were lying down on the ground in fright.

This bastard, he finally died!

On the Haitian Buildings 16th floor, a hole was created by a suspension car that had gone out of control. The scene was a huge mess. Under the building, everyone looked up while questioning expressions appeared on their faces as to what exactly had happened.

At the corner of the street, you could notice a young man leisurely leaving without caring what had occured. Humming a nice melody, it seemed that his mood was pretty good.

At this point, within some mysterious killing organization.

An assassination task named Deputy Director of Haitian Building and an unexpected task of CEO of Hongfeng Enterprise disappeared at the same time.

Under normal circumstances, the disappearance of a task meant that the task had been completed.

The police who rushed to the scene quickly launched their investigation, but found nothing. In the end, they could only attribute this to the lost control of the suspension car.

This accident alone had led to the death of Hongfeng Enterprises CEO and Haitian Groups Deputy Director.

It was said that because of this accident, all those in the rich circles of Jianghe City sent their own suspension cars in for inspection. The suspension car service shop made a huge profit!