Godly Model Creator Chapter 205

Gmc Chapter 205

Chapter 0205     Hatred settled cleanly

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Natural selection classs campus.

In the cafe, in front of a table, a few repeaters were having a huge feast and excitingly celebrating. Well, you cant blame them for being happy because today their boss, Yu Tian, managed to reach 4000 meters in the berserk beast territory! Once again gaining a lucrative reward naturally, it was worth celebrating.

In the berserk beast territory, sometimes, you had to rely on luck!

If youre unlucky and encounter a wandering berserk beast, not to say 4000 meters, it was even possible to be killed within the first 1000 meters. This time, Yu Tian was able to smoothly reach 4000 meters. Besides his own strength, it was also part of his luck! After getting the reward, he then brought along a few of his brothers and celebrated.


Yu Tians face was red as he excitedly said, With these task points, I will be able to buy the advanced origin ability transition technique! Today, drink as much as you want. Everything is on my tab!

Hehe, with big bosss level, among repeaters, you should be in top 10, right? One of his lackeys praised.

Youre exaggerating.

Yu Tian waved his hand. His expression did reveal a slight hint of proudness, Right now, I have 16 points of origin ability. Im still far away, but after this cultivation technique, later, that wont be the limit.

As these group of people were drinking and enjoying themselves, they did not notice they had been marked.

At the cafe door, two young men looked at this group of repeaters.

Boss, what should I do?

Li Xin said excitedly. Looking at Yu Tian, his eyes were showing sign of declaring war!

Su Hao was dumbfounded.

This Li Xin was too energetic!

There would be a certain risk when using his model analysis on those who had roughly similar strength as him or those stronger than him by a huge gap. Su Hao had been exposed many times! Just that in previous times, he was exposed by his tutors or elders. Thus, nothing went wrong, but if it was exposed by students, then it would be troublesome.

So, no matter from what point of view, Su Hao definitely would not take any risk.

After thinking properly, Su Hao decided to start with his own people. Too bad after asking a few friends of his, he could only bitterly smile.

They were all outside on a mission!

Yiran went out for a task which was fine, but Zhou Wang, Bai Lingfeng, and a few others were all in the middle of tasks too.

The only one who was free was Li Xin. Unfortunately, his origin ability cultivation only reached beginner origin ability transition technique which was similar to him thus, as a last resort, he could only obtain it from someone else.

Just that for safety and concealment, Su Hao decided to use another method to obtain skills from others, which was to acquire the card before saying anything. I dont care whether your senses are strong or not, I dont care whether you have a detection ability or not. With just one slap and making you faint, I can slowly get the ability from you. Isnt this simple?

That would be easy.

Thus, in just a short amount of time, this repeater called Yu Tian had been targeted by Su Hao. If he had the target, his plan would be able to carry out. Although he was confident to face Yu Tian single-handedly, it was still unwise to pick a fight with a group of people.

Thus, this time, he needed a wingman a perfect partner in crime.

And this candidate was Li Xin.

For Li Xin, Su Hao didnt hide anything. He directly told him that he was prepared to cause trouble on a repeater and seek for his help. Hearing this, Li Xin already excitedly rushed over and did not consider the problem of offending anyone and the other problems, or perhaps, this problem was not a problem for him.

After Li Xins several interactions with repeaters, Su Hao had to admit that Li Xin was a talent.

He was not talking about that powerful yet unreliable outburst of energy. What made Su Hao shocked the most was, Li Xin was definitely the type that would bring more hatred to him as he went on.

Such a character, if in online games, that would be a God-class tank!

Boss, whats our next step?

Li Xin excitedly said.

Su Hao patted on his shoulder, You dont have to worry. It should be enough just showing your true colors.

My true colors?

Li Xin scratched his head in confusion and then reacted, If I am to act like how I am on normal days then that is easy. Boss, rest assured!

After saying so, both of them entered the cafe and attracted many peoples attention.

Li Xin, Su Hao.

No matter which one, both of them were a leader like figure within freshmen. Li Xins ability talent and recent rapid progress made quite many people terrified. As for Su Hao, his absolute strength and those rumors also made him into a terrifying character. A student with maxed out physical fitness and fighting technique was definitely not someone they could mess with.

The moment they entered, it was as if they had obtained everyones attention.

Because now, everyone noticed that these people were actually walking in the direction of Yu Tian. Yu Tian, a repeater with his ranking around the top 30. With a current origin ability of 16 points, he should be considered as quite impressive. The next Zhanzheng Colleges entrance name list might have his on it.

Now, what was the reason for Su Hao to find Yu Tian?

The crowd subconsciously took a deep breath.

Yu Tian?

Su Hao smiled indifferently while offering his hand, Hello, Im Su Hao.

Yu Tian coldly laughed, The relationship between repeaters and freshmen arent at the stage of enjoying meals together. Just say what you want to say! Id like to see what kind of tricks youre playing.

Su Hao shrugged.

Sure enough.

The hatred between repeaters and freshmen were really deep!

Looking at Yu Tians extremely alarmed expression as he stared at Su Hao, Su Hao could only bitterly smile. At this moment, using his model analysis on him would likely get busted really quickly.

Youre called Yu Tian?

When Su Hao didnt even finish his sentence, Li Xin already excitedly interrupted him, Such a strange name. I did buy a jade stone named Yu Tian and it is very beautiful. But too bad when I was shitting, I dropped it into the toilet bowl. Even if I wanted to pull it up, I didnt dare to take it back.

At first, Yu Tian was not annoyed. He even had a few laughs, but in the end, his face went stiff especially for the last two sentences.

Toilet bowl?

Yu Tian stone?


Yu Tian wanted to curse, but then looking at Li Xins innocent eyes he began to doubt. Could it be that he misunderstood?

Haha, never did I expect Li Xin to have such character in him.

Yu Tian calmly said.

No, that Yu Tian stone was a free gift when I bought a toilet brush. Li Xin scratched his head, The boss said that such a stone would be able to detoxify or something. Never did I expect that when I went to the bathroom last time, it was flushed away by mistake.


Yu Tians mouth began to twitch a bit.

What you dont believe me? Looking at Yu Tians expression, Li Xin felt that his knowledge had been questioned and suddenly went mad, What I said is the truth. Although I lost it, the detoxification effect is really not bad. Buy a piece of Yu Tian and dropping it into the toilet bowl will definitely keep the toilet clean.


The crowd could no longer refrain and laughed out wildly.

Yu Tians face turned ashen. Looking at the innocent look of Li Xin, all his anger emerged. Since when had he been insulted in such a way?

Toilet bowl?

Yu Tian?

F*ck you!

Su Hao blew his nails and looked up at the sky speechlessly. This brat definitely is a genius at instigating hatred! Plus, he is a max level one

The worst part was if Su Hao didnt guess it wrong, what Li Xin said just now was definitely the truth.

He didnt even know how to lie.

In other words, this brat really took it for real and threw a Yu Tian stone into the toilet bowl?

This world was huge, and it was indeed full of surprise!

Brat, you purposely came here to seek trouble?

Yu Tians face turned gloomy. Coldly staring at Li Xin, regarding this retard he had heard a bit about it. In his memory, this brat was the one with brain damage. If you ignored him, everything would be fine. But today, this young man who was labeled as brain damaged proudly insulted him.

This was something intolerable!

This brat must be pretending!

Take back what you said earlier, and I will spare your life!