Godly Model Creator Chapter 206

Gmc Chapter 206

Chapter 0206    Rising flame

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.

Whats going on?

Feeling loss, Li Xin raised his head and looked at him.

This Yu Tian, why did he suddenly become angry?

Just some simple greetings had been exchanged. His simple and brutal plan should be to first build relations through greetings and intentionally picking on this persons feelings.

Why did he get furious when the plan had yet to be executed?

Li Xin was very upset. He felt that his incomparably meticulous and rational plan was perfect. However, before it had begun, why did this guy called Yu Tian already start going berserk?

Yu Tian looked at his expression and grew even more furious. Damn, at this point, you are still pretending! As the school forbids killing, do you dare to fight with me! Or go outside the school and fight!


Li Xin thought of agreeing but he suddenly remembered the main purpose and immediately sighed in dejection. Such a good opportunity but no action can be taken. Such a pity.

After he finished speaking, Li Xin stood behind Su Hao.

Yu Tian was angered by Li Xins expression until his whole body shivered. With a sudden forward movement, he waving his fist in mid-air. A punch that was accompanied by raging flames was violently directed toward Li Xin.


Su Hao gave a cold snort. He was waiting for this moment from Yu Tian! The veins of his right arms tightened as Su Hao instantly entered his peak battle state. He then countered with a vicious punch back at Yu Tian.


A huge rumble.

It was as if the whole cafe shook for a moment.

As their fists violently clashed with each other, countless rays of lights shot out, causing a powerful shockwave to sweep toward the vicinity.


Both of them exchanged blows again for a few rounds, each taking a step back!

The students who were eating earlier had left long ago. With the scale of this battle, they did not wish to be innocently caught up in it.

Su Hao?

Yu Tian was not a fool either.

When he saw Su Hao block his path, even if his reaction was slow, he still understood something at this momentthe enemy was looking for trouble! They purposely looked for him to settle matters!

Damn it!

Yu Tian silently cursed.

However, It was not because his reactions were slow as he and Su Hao totally did not have any connections. No wonder he could not understand why these two people were looking for trouble with him!

Of course, if he knew Su Haos real motives, he would probably become even more furious.

Ehlooks like they are purposely looking for trouble.

There were also many people with keen observation in the cafe. In fact, not many in the natural selection class were fools. After the two exchanged blows, everyone realized.

The tempo of this fight was too fast. There must have been some preparations done.

I never heard that Su Hao and Yu Tian had any connections.

Tsk tsk, couldnt it be that Yu Tian is bullying the freshmen?

Looks like it!

Su Hao is standing up for the freshmen, this isnt his first time doing so.

This Su Hao is too zealous!

In this age, it isnt easy to be the good guy.

Everyone clearly knew the type of person Su Hao was.

Many people admired him and many people felt that he was very capable. As more people worshiped him, of course, there were many who felt that he was very silly.

What kind of person was Su Hao?

Very powerful abilities. Very hardworking. Loves to fight injustice for the freshmen. Even when he had just entered, he dared to fight with Zhao Feng. This man was very passionate and was not afraid of any battles. Even if his rival was Sun Yaotian, in front of repeaters, he would willingly discard his own grudges and stand up for him.

As such, these repeaters summed up their evaluations toward Su Hao with a few words!





Loves to put himself forward!

Of course, if Zhang Zhongtian heard these terms, he would definitely laugh out loud with his saliva splattering around! Because only he knew clearly of the true nature of his own disciple and how bad he was. Basically, he was the opposite of all these terms...


With a loud angry shout, both of Yu Tians eyes appeared to be red.

No matter what reason.

I, Yu Tian, will definitely not give in!

Yu Tian roared. Circles of flame arose to the sky and suddenly engulfed his whole body as if he transformed into a figure of a blaze. A thick red flame floated within 20 centimeters around him. This intensely high temperature caused the air to be slightly distorted.

Not bad!

Su Haos eyes flashed with an expression of approval.

It was obvious that Yu Tian had guessed their motive of finding trouble. However, he did not choose to inquire or ask for an explanation. Instead, he neatly chose to fight!

No matter what the reason was, it was not an excuse to retreat!

Thanks to reasons like these, there were often some people who knew they were wrong and knew the path they took was wrong. However, they would still insist on continuing their path because for some things, they could only push forward and not retreat!

For certain paths, once chosen, there was no turning back!

If they wanted to fight, then he could only charge forward!

Boss, well help you.

A few of Yu Tians underlings saw the situation and immediately rushed forward. However, at this moment, a shadow flashed across them. It was Li Xin who blocked and stood in front of them.

He did not forget his own job.

Su Haos job was to battle Yu Tian!

Meanwhile, he had to stop these underlings!

F*ck you, you dare to insult our boss. Let me help my boss to teach you a lesson.

A few people saw Li Xin block them and immediately turned furious and attacked without hesitation. Li Xin was not afraid in the slightest. His eyes flashed with an excited expression and he enthusiastically charged forward.

A big battle had once again erupted!


Underneath Yu Tians feet, a flame arose. His whole body used this huge momentum to suddenly charge toward Su Hao. As an intense fire surrounded his feet, his whole person was like a cannonball. When he carried such a powerful attack, his speed was very fast. At this moment, it was as if he had transformed into a red lightning bolt!

The cafe flashed. Many people were instantly blinded. At this moment, it was like the red flash that flew in between Yu Tian and Su Hao was filled with unlimited killing intent.

This origin ability technique! Some people exclaimed.

Rising flame? Wow! Yu Tian has actually become so powerful?

Wow! Its really the rising flame!

Su Hao is in danger!

As the crowd looked on, their faces experienced a huge change.

Rising flame, it was a flame type origin ability technique. Among fire type talent technique, its requirements were very high! Using the flame and exploding it in an instant, it could produce a high speed attack. Even the friction energy in the air could be used! Eventually, it formed a super swift and violent attack, its power was without doubt extraordinary!

This was a very powerful origin ability technique in the early stages!

Potent, ferocious!


It was rumored that it could even penetrate a 10 centimeter steel plate!

Origin ability technique?

Within the fiery red light, Su Haos eyes lit up as an unlimited fighting spirit emerged.


The red light flashed and stopped.

An unimaginable power instantly landed on Su Haos body. As the horrifying power reached him, Su Hao gritted his teeth. He stiffly blocked Yu Tian, who was before him.



A powerful flame came toward him, flapping like waves.

Puff -

Su Hao spat a mouthful of fresh blood as his whole body took a few steps backward! Yu Tians body did not change. Once again, he attacked and he continued to charge toward Su Hao who was stepping backward.

Ci -

Su Hao exerted both his feet and viciously stomped on the ground as he aimed to stabilize his body.

However, under the powerful charge, his feet left behind a deep line mark as he fell back. These marks were forced by Yu Tians booming attacks.

Rising flame, at this moment, erupted with yet another powerful force!


His body fell backward, Su Hao once again used his strength to get his footing.

Two holes suddenly formed on the ground. Su Haos body stopped abruptly as he struggled to stabilize his body. The force of the rising flame was effectively neutralized.

Su Hao raised his head as his lip raised into a slight sneer.

Of course, this rising flame was powerful but even if it was a powerful move, it definitely had its own weaknesses! Additionally, for this type of explosive origin ability technique, at the moment the attack ended, that was the perfect moment to counterattack.

For examplenow!

Not good!

Yu Tians face changed. He did not get to react before Su Hao landed a vicious punch to his stomach.


With another kick, Yu Tian was directly sent flying. Before he could adjust his body, Su Haos body exploded as he leaped up. In a flash, he was above Yu Tian and he violently kneed Yu Tian downward.


Such powerful force!

Su Haos whole body pressed onto Yu Tian as he landed on the ground. He fiercely crashed on the ground and the cafes floor tiles immediately revealed many crack marks.

The crowds mouths were shut.

Rising flame...

This technique that was apparently able to penetrate a steel plate was unexpectedly countered by force?

Was he even human?

He was definitely a damn dinosaur in human form!