Godly Model Creator Chapter 207

Gmc Chapter 207

Chapter 0207    Whats So Great?

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Model analysis, start!

Card modeling!

Card selection intermediate origin ability transition technique!


Card selection completed intermediate origin ability transition technique analysing model establishing card model established...

Both of his eyes glowed as he stared at Yu Tians body.

The surrounding people were so scared that nobody dared to utter a single word.

The sound of water dropping down in a distant sink could be heard in the cafe.

Every once in a while, after everyone thought Su Hao had quieted down, he would always show his powerful strength out of nowhere and would shock everyone. This time, this student with grade E talent once again surprised everyone!

Grade E talent?

No potential?

Just a waste?

Who still dared to say such words?


Looking at Su Hao, while everyone was surprised, there was a trace of curiosity. Entering here without any prior indications and beating up Yu Tian, what was his actual motive?

After quite some time, Su Hao slowly got up and gently patted Yu Tian to pull him up.

Yu Tian stood up while feeling dizzy, his face at a loss.

What was the situation here?

He lost! His strongest origin ability technique had been broken. Su Haos strength had exceeded his imagination. When Su Hao finished the duel, he thought that he would suffer endless shame. Winner ridiculing loser is just a norm after all. Not to forget the hatred between repeaters and freshmen.

But Su Hao instead pulled him up, what was he planning to do?

Battle of honor is battle of honor! The purpose of school doing so is to increase our competitiveness and not to seek revenge. Dont do something like bullying freshmen again. If you have the strength then do so in a battle of honor! Su Hao sadly turned away as he shook his head in a sad manner.

Li Xin took the chance to show his fist, and then happily walked away.

Leaving all those students dazed.

Sure enough!

This Su Hao was here for the freshmen.


Thinking of this, because a defeat in battle of honor was too serious, these repeaters were too harsh in suppressing freshmen. 

Looking at Su Hao leaving, Yu Tian fiercely clenched his fist.

Battle of honor great! The next battle of honor, I will definitely defeat you!

Just outside the cafe...

Li Xin excitedly said, Boss, what you said just now was too good!

Su Hao rolled his eyes, You even believe the lie I told them. Based on psychological research, saying such words at that moment would greatly reduce hatred to a minimum.

Why must you lower it? Li Xin couldnt understand. Having people to fight with everyday, that would be so much fun.

..., Su Hao was at a loss. Didnt Yang Baiming find you for his revenge?

Uh... Li Xin said in a disdainful tone, He did find me a few times, but Im too lazy to take care of him.

Su Hao observed a moment of silence for Yang Baiming.

Since Yang Baiming had been instant-killed by Li Xins 10 times increment critical hit, he had always intended to put back the shame on Li Xin. However, what made him mad the most was Li Xin didnt fall for the trick! Li Xins argument would always be him not having time to play with Yang Baiming. When Yang Baiming heard this, he almost went out of control from anger.

Losing to Li Xin was the biggest stain on his record in this semester!

For others, just some public opinion attack would force them to fight. But Li Xin would he would care about all that?

No matter what Yang Baiming said, his reply would always be the same

No time to play with you

Leaving the cafe, there was still quite some time before the architectural model bidding. Su Hao quickly started his training in school . Since the intermediate origin ability transition technique had been obtained, he immediately started the progress on this skill.

For the current him, a two star card wasnt any problem for him.

Three days passed by in a flash.


In the dormitory, Su Hao sat cross-legged as if he was a monk meditating.

However, suddenly

Su Hao opened his eyes. A trace of golden light flashed from his eyes. Terrifying origin ability energy leaked out from his body which caused the surrounding items to vibrate.

If you looked carefully, you could even see the surprise in Su Haos eyes.


After three days, his card reading was completed!


A roar resounded within his mind. Countless amounts of information began to appear within his mind.

The training of intermediate origin ability transition technique the time when Yu Tian trained on this skill the usual habits of Yu Tian when he trained this the matters to be noted before training simple tips to have better grasp the integration of intermediate and beginner origin ability transition technique.

Unknowingly, Su Hao began to train according to the memory in his mind!

Sitting cross-legged, Su Hao was surrounded by circles of origin ability energy which were flashing. The energy from heaven and earth seemed to be flocking together at this moment!





The energy within his body shook!

The raging energy acting as the center in Su Haos body rotated like a whirlpool. After a full three hours, Su Hao finally opened his eyes again.

Intermediate origin ability transition technique, training succeeded!


Su Hao took a deep breath.

Trying to sense the energy within his body, compared to last time, it had increased at least threefold!

Intermediate origin ability transition technique, 150 points. Including the ones from the beginner origin ability transition technique, he had an increment of 50 points! Adding to his previous 1560 points, his total points had reached 1610. This meant that his origin ability had officially reached 16 points.

Origin ability, 16.1 points!

In just three days, he completed the training of intermediate origin ability transition technique. If the students in the school knew about this, they would all be shocked!

Great, since my origin ability energy has soared once again, I can now start my plan.

Su Hao recalled for a moment and then without any hesitation, he began to start the progress on the one and only three star card in his mind.

Card reading!


The energy within his body rushed like a madman toward the card!

Even with triple his previous energy, he still couldnt sustain the consumption of a three star card. Its consumption rate was too terrifying. Even after half of his energy was gone, the three star card still didnt show any changes.

Too terrifying!

Fortunately, Su Hao had prepared himself earlier for such a scene.

The reason he learned intermediate origin ability transition technique wasnt really for the total energy in his body. Because the consumption of card reading was continuous, the most important factor would be recovery speed! When he mastered the intermediate origin ability transition technique, not only did he have a substantial increment, but his recovery speed was also several times faster than previously. This meant that the time for Su Hao to read the card would be greatly reduced.




Su Hao silently watched the energy within his body being consumed. Only when ten percent of the energy was left did Su Hao looked at the progress of the three star card. Comparing the energy left in his body, and then his current recovery speed, he soon calculated the approximate time required.

Seven days!

To completely read this three star card, seven days were required!

Seven days... Su Hao silently calculated. It was within his range of tolerance.

These last few days, he was able to consolidate what he had learned about the intermediate origin ability transition technique. Since he had just learned it, there was still quite some time before he could get a complete grasp of it. After all, all this knowledge was obtained from others. If he wanted to make them into his own, he had to gain the understanding himself.

In addition, he could still learn the knowledge about models and brush up his basic knowledge. From the construction studio, he had learned a great deal of information. Because he got to be close with those whose talents were in a similar class to his, he managed to obtain a great harvest. Whether it was virtualization or deduction, they would be useful to him in future.

The same class origin ability talent indeed helped a lot in increasing my strength! Su Hao exclaimed.

Those few people in THE construction studio HAD already benefited him a lot. What about others in the construction field?

He was looking forward to this!

And at this time, his wrist vibrated. A message popped out, Su Hao, 14:00 it will start. Come here and gather. By Lin Yue.

Jianghe City, the city center.

At the 38th floor of Qingfeng Building, there was this huge hall similar to an auditorium. Above it, there was a spacious stage, while the seats were arranged in a neat way under the stage.

This was the standard form for building model bidding.

This time, the bidding model would be the villa for the deputy mayor of Jianghe City. Of course, many people would be participating with such an important figure involved. After the first round of elimination, five models had been selected. Amazingly, there was a one star studio participating in this bidding.

A one star construction studio!

Although that was the criteria issued by Origin Ability Association for assessment, it was also widely used in the construction industry. A one star studio was basically a blacklisted name.

And such a studio was actually participating in the bidding for the deputy mayors villa. This really made surprised everyone. When the studio list was posted, the news even reported it and shocked the whole construction industry!

Because during the screening, there were quite a number of three star studios eliminated. As for two star studios, they were not worth the mention. There was even one four star studio, but due to the different styles that the deputy mayor requested, they were actually eliminated.

Such a competitive screening, a one star studio actually managed to pass?

Instantly, raging jealousy began to burn.

The surrounding so-called experts began to criticize and accuse.


A supporter behind the scene?

More and more gossips began to attract the attention of countless people. This one star studio, yet nobody came out to explain, which seemed to anger the people even more.

That was how the situation became like this now.

Besides those experts and the deputy mayor, there were a large number of journalists and onlookers in the construction industry who wanted to see the final result. What was so great about this one star studio?