Godly Model Creator Chapter 208

Gmc Chapter 208

Chapter 0208    Marry me

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A legit studio?

These all sounded so wrong to Lin Yue and Co. In fact, they worked like a dog, in these few days in order to fit the safety equipment perfectly in the model. They didnt even have time to care about these rumors. As one of the elites in the construction field, they were aware of one thing.

To defeat the opponent, to reclaim their honor, only one thing could prove that.

Which was a perfect model!

Rumor? Gossip?

Those were just nonsense. The judges from the Architectural Association were not blind. Only with their own strength and perfect model that was here, eliminating and shutting up everyone who ridiculed their studio!

When Su Hao just arrived, the bidding was about to start.

Just that when he arrived at the door, he saw Hu Pai and others surrounded by a lot of people. It seemed like something had occurred.

Had something happened?

Su Haos mind went alert and hurriedly walked over. However, the scene in front of his eyes made him startled. Damn it!

Whoops, Su Hao is here?

Hu Pai raised his eyebrows as his facial expression revealed a happy look.

Su Hao dropped his mouth wide. Pointing at the scene in front, This...this...

Hu Pais face twitched as he patted Su Haos shoulder, You will get used to it.

In the middle of the crowd, Lin Yue paled as he stood there. As in front of him, a handsome man holding 99 roses in his hand while looking at him lovingly, Lin Yue, marry me.

Su Hao: ...Lin Yues expression seems ugly.

Su Hao used his finger and poked at Hu Pai, Why dont you all go and help?

Hu Pai helplessly sighed, You should know about the appearance of our CEO. Sometimes he was too pretty which causes our hair to stand and forget that he is a man. Because of his appearance, this incident isnt really the first time. Basically, a lot of people have stepped forward and proposed. Were already used to it.


Su Hao felt embarrassed.

This is so troublesome, if you were pretty, many people will be attracted to you. He had always thought only pretty girls would attract others. Never would he have thought that even pretty men could do the same feat too. Since this wasnt the first time Lin Yue encountered this, why his expression was so ugly?

Seemingly understanding Su Haos thought, Hu Pai deeply sighed, This time the problem is more serious.

What do you mean?

Su Hao frowned.

Because he knew Lin Yue is a male.


Su Haos eyes suddenly opened wide.


So brave?

Looking at the handsome man not far away, Su Hao suddenly felt a tingling sensation, since when this world was so unrestrained?


Lin Yues eye suddenly looked over here. As he saw them, his eyes shined as if he wanted to say something.

Faster, leave!

Hu Pais face turned ugly and quickly dragged Su Hao and Yan Xiao to flee. A few minutes later, the three of them arrived at the venue.

Why the need to flee?

Su Hao felt strange.

Hu Pai smiled, During the first time when that man gave flowers to CEO, CEO used me as a shield. The second time, Yan Xiao became the shield. Later on, after the man knew that we are just colleague, he began his pursuit again. And this time...

Recalling back the look from Lin Yue at him just now gave him all the chills.


Luckily, he quickly fled just now

Haha, lets go.

Hu Pai called out Su Hao, The event is about to start. CEO will be able to save himself. Dont need to worry him. Being pursued so many times, CEO already has all the experience to deal with it.


Is this considered praise?

After about half an hour later, Lin Yue only returned with a green face, looking at them with murderous intent.

Fortunately, the event was about to begin. Lin Yue grumped for a second before sitting down.

When we go back later, I will get back at you all!

The event was so packed with people. The venue was almost a full house as everyone sat below the stage. Then the host came up to the stage to officially announce the start of the event!

The host introduced the judges from the Architectural Association as well as the sponsor of the event, deputy mayor of Jianghe City and then finally, those five studios on the list.

When From the Star Studio was introduced, Lin Yue stood up and everyone was amazed.

As for Su Hao, he managed to take note of the sudden slight ashen look of this CEO Lin.

After introducing everyone, it was time for the building model assessment. Since this was organized by the deputy mayor, the final decision would be in his hands. However, the opinions from these judges did play a significant role too. After all, they were professional.

Building model proposal conference officially started!

Let's us invite the first studio, Wind and Forest construction studio!

After the host finished his sentence, Lin Yue and others revealed an unnatural look. Su Haos mind went alert and then looked up. Sure enough, the one who went up the stage was none other than Ren Wugui!

Three star studio, Wind and Forest studios representative, Ren Wugui!

It is my honor to participate in this model proposal conference and contribute to the deputy mayor. We, Wind and Forest studio, are sure everyone has heard of our reputation as a three star studio! This time, we have produced a perfect villa model wholeheartedly. I hope that the deputy mayor would be satisfied.

Bring it up!

With a wave from Ren Wugui, a model cover device was brought up to the center of the table.

As the grey light screen dissipated, a model which looked like a villa appeared. When everyone saw the model, they were all astonished.

What art!

The light and refreshing style, the atmosphere of this villa was completely different, brought an amazing feeling to everyone which made people think of one word to describe it, perfection! However, this was only the beginning.

Ren Wugui began to seriously explain while facing this villa model.

The design concept, the design style, building et cetera a highlight which could be mentioned were all covered. Such a perfect presentation earned everyones nod of approval. With just a view of this villa model, the crowd felt relaxed and happy.

After the construction was completed, how beautiful would the real-life villa be?

This was really the standard of a three star studio?

Very soon, Ren Wugui finished explaining the concept. It was time for the evaluation!

Building model evaluation begins!


On the stage above, the host and Ren Wugui retreated to the side.

Some green lights shined down from above. There were also some which came from the floor. Crossing each other and causing the model to be enveloped within them. A dozen inch virtual screen then popped out which everyone could clearly see countless rows of data flowing. The villa model was sometimes tested with thunder and lighting and sometimes with overexposure from the sun.

Plus, the speed became even faster and faster.

It was as if time flew quickly, a moment later, this model finally crashed under the stimulation of origin ability energy. The basic assessment had finally been completed.

Building model assessment completed!

The stability of building frame, 88 points.

Building durability, 200 years, 81 points.

Building seismic rating, 10, 82 points.

Building noise effect, 94 points.

Building safety rating, excellent. 85 points.

Ecological optimized building, excellent, 81 points.

Architectural style design, excellent, 92 points.

The basic assessment completed. The final score assessment for this villa model is 86 points!

The icy cold electronic voice echoed within the venue. Everyone was strangely quiet. After a moment of silence, finally everyone began to discuss in chaos. They were all in shock. This score of evaluation was actually more than 80 points? Plus, it was 86 points to be precise?

Above 80 points?

Is this possible?

Everyone exclaimed at the scene.

After all, this model was created from a different kind of origin ability talent combined with the final product, there was no difference when compared to real-life architecture! Thus, the difficulty in making this model was extremely high!

Because of this, the assessment from the Architectural Association was very difficult.

60 points and above, qualified.

70 points and above, good.

80 points and above, excellent!

90 points and above, perfect!

As for 100 points so far there wasnt one with 100 points yet. That was as if the ideal building being built.

Usually, those exceeding 60 points were already more than enough to meet the requirement from most people. Occasionally, there would be one or two with 70 points which would shock the crowd too.

However, this time in this venue, there was actually one with 86 points!

Even many four star studios were not able to achieve such a score. Yet a little three star studio managed to do it?

This was too fake!

And at this moment, Ren Wugui glanced over a group of people for a second. His eyes revealed a look of ridicule.

This time, I will let you all be defeated completely!

He who knew the truth really wanted to laugh at this moment. Two days ago, he received humiliation at From the Star Studio and that really made him angry. However, this time he felt great!

Looking at his opponents ugly expression, he almost laughed on the spot.

These funny brats actually wanted to make a comeback?

Im afraid they didnt even know what kind of opponent they were facing.

Ren Wugui, this trash

Hu Pai gritted his teeth as he looked at Ren Wuguis prideful expression. Unwillingly he said, Wind and Forest, is just a three star studio. How could they design such a style! Such level of design, it is definitely not something their studio could come out with.

Perhaps they hired someone.

Lin Yue added with a grimace, Ren Wuguis product standard is definitely about the same as ours. He absolutely wont dare to show off during last few days ago at our place. This could only confirm that they already had the confidence to win early on! If I didnt guess wrong, they definitely hired outsiders.

This trashs goal is to make sure of our defeat and for us to disband!