Godly Model Creator Chapter 209

Gmc Chapter 209

Chapter 0209    The Game of Power

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Damn it! Hu Pai silently cursed. As a senior in the construction studio, he naturally knew the dishonest deeds within. However, these matters were like a corrupted official, they could not be completely removed all at once! Although this was considered to be an illegal act, no one could say anything unless they obtained evidence.

As for the client, spending three stars worth of money to enjoy four stars worth of product, why not?

Who would foolishly make a report?

After Su Hao inquired about the general situation, he suddenly had a thought. The deputy mayor openly constructed a villa for himself, wouldnt he be impeached by his rivals?

Of course not, this era is completely different. Now, as long as you contribute, you will have special privileges. As Jiang He Citys deputy mayor, he is qualified to enjoy a three star level villa to protect the safety of his own family. After all, he is in a high-ranked position, the threats he received would be far greater. Everyone can understand his position, Lin Yue explained.


As if he was lost in thought, Suo Hao murmured, What if our deputy mayor wishes to enjoy a special privilege?

What special privilege?

Lin Yue frowned and quickly reacted. His pupils shrunk and he said with some bitterness, You mean, collude with the studio, then use its three star reputation to construct a four star level villa?

Otherwise, how would you explain this so called splendid villa model? Su Hao sneered.

Lin Yue remained silent.

After he had been in the construction industry for many years, he naturally had heard of countless shady business. He never would have thought that this time, he would unexpectedly encounter this type of shady business with an official!

After he went through Su Haos analysis, the result was already evident.

The deputy mayor was colluding with the Wind and Forest Studio, allowing them to gain fame. However, the real ones behind the design and the construction the villa were the other studios instead, who he used his corrupt money to hire. For this type of professional standard, it was possible that it was a five star studio! The remaining studios were merely foils!


Hu Pais blood boiled. He began to grow slightly impatient. F*ck, what is happening here! Shady games, let them play those somewhere else. Why must it be this time? Why must it be when we are trying to make a comeback If we fail this time, our studio will be permanently dissolved!

Yan Xiao and Lin Yue were speechless.

What could be said?

Before they competed, they had already failed!

What was there to compete for any more!

In this world, why were there so many shady businesses? In these past days, everyone had crazily worked to complete this model. They were all charging for the final victory. Everyone had sacrificed a lot of flesh and blood and had countless sleepless nights. In the end, the reward was such a result?

Not satisfied!

Really not satisfied!

Hu Pais face was livid as he clenched his fists. He eventually loosened his fist helplessly. Not satisfied but so what? The opponent was the deputy mayor, a powerful and monstrous existence. If they tried to provoke the deputy mayor at this moment, the final result would probably be all of them disappearing mysteriously...

Civilians should not battle with officials, that had always been the truth. As such, it was pointless for them as powerless architects to fight for their rights.

In this world, fairness had never been a thing.

As they thought about this, everyone lost their will, and silently looked down.

They lost!

No matter what means the opponent uses -

No matter what tricks the opponent has -

Who cared about these things?

In the end, the crowd would only know about a one star blacklisted studio that was completely overwhelmed by a three star studio. Although they tried to regain their glory, they eventually faced dissolution. And in this tender conference, a three star studio would create a perfect and high standard piece of work. They will upgrade to four stars and leave behind a beautiful story.

They sighed. They had lost their high morale from earlier.

Su Hao observed them but did not say anything.

He placed his right hand on the armrest and gently poked it with his finger. He was thinking of the possibilities of this matter Although he had not spent many days in the studio, he had greatly benefitted from them. Not to mention that he had also gained a three star card. As someone who would repay the kindness he received, he could not sit idly. However, how could he help? He did not know what he could do in regards to this matter.




Get rid of everything related to Wind and Forest?

Countless methods flashed through Su Haos mind and they were all eventually rejected as their feasibility were too low. Those who started the problem must end it themselves. Su Hao thought for a while and a ray of light suddenly flashed in his eyes. He looked at the deputy mayor who sat at the judge seat below the stage and Su Haos lips immediately cracked into a smile.

Perhaps there was still a chance left.

Lin Yue, Hu Pai, Yan Xiao, do you all trust me? Su Hao faintly said.

Trust! Lin Yue and the rest nodded without hesitation. Although we have only interacted for a short few days we know that you are someone who can be trusted!

Su Hao went silent.

These people werent they deceived because they were initially trusted Ren Wugui? After being deceived once, they were still so upright!

What should be said to them?

However, because of their sincerity, it would be easier to befriend them, right?

Su Hao faintly smiled and said to Lin Yue, Lin Yue, in a moment, you can just go and make your normal assessment, just leave the rest to me

You have a way? Hu Pais eyes lit up. What are you going to do?

Su Hao sneered. Dont worry. I have an excellent plan!

Lin Yue looked at Su Haos smile and he felt inexplicably cold. He could still remember that day when Su Hao unleashed a violent beating on Ren Wugui. He immediately felt cold sweat. Su Hao, you wont get rid of everyone in Wind and Forest right?


Su Hao felt ashamed, that thought had really crossed his mind.

Sometimes, a rat could easily destroy a pot of vegetables. In regards to these scum of society, clearing some of them for harmony and the progress of society was absolutely helpful. However, he could not execute such plan due to the risk of having to deal with police.

Su Hao helplessly smiled. What are you thinking, do I look like some terrorist?

You actually are one, arent you? Hu Pai rubbed the cold sweat off his forehead.

Su Hao patted their shoulders. Lets put in more effort, when we produce a good performance, lets make our model perfectly displayed to the audience. Everything should be fine.

Okay! Lin Yue solemnly nodded.

Su Hao raised his head and glanced at the deputy mayor, Ren Wugui, and others. Sneering for a second, a light flashed through his eyes and he quietly left the area.

At this time, on the stage.

Ren Wuguis villa model assessment was complete.

All the architects had raised their professional opinion and gave an extremely positive assessment. Wind and Forest might be even banking on this model design to leap into the ranks of four star studios!

Very quickly, the other studios went up one by one.

Not surprisingly, a chorus of boos followed. The total assessment scores were 72 points, 71 points, and there was even one with 68 marks! After seeing the villa model that was of the standard of 80 marks and above, when these models appeared, it was obvious that a huge gap could be felt.

They even dare to bring up a 60 points standard

Well, that 72 points is not bad, it looked pretty, but when compared with Wind and Forests, they paled in comparison...

Yeah, the difference is too obvious. Looks like this time, victory definitely belongs to none other than the Wind and Forest studio.

Eh, isnt there one more studio?

That one star studio? Stop joking! I reckon this studio just making up the numbers. A one star studio, whether they could produce a complete product is another story.

Earlier we saw that their CEO was a beauty, could it be that this opportunity was exchanged with sex

Its possible!

As the crowd softly and debated with all their gossips, at this moment, Lin Yue brought the villa model that was created From the Star Construction Studio to the stage!

As he quietly stood on stage, his presence attracted many people.

Lin Yue released a charming smile, causing countless people to immediately become fascinated. As Lin Yue opened his mouth, the crowd was still in a daze. Lin Yues voice was very gentle. Apart from Su Hao, who had a high level of recognition ability, how many people were able to identify this gentle voice as male or female?


The covering on the model device was removed. A villa model was revealed before the crowds eyes.

Instantly, it was as if a gentle glow spread out from the villa model. This model was not very dazzling and it did not bring any amazement. However, everyone could feel its warm breath and the intense feeling of reality! This feeling it was even stronger than the recently revealed model by Wind and Forest!

Such a real feeling

Yeah, once a standard models level reaches 80%, it would be almost impossible to differentiate whether it's real or fake. However, this model gives off such a strange feeling. Like it is completely real! Its so lifelike!

The construction of virtual models, the solidification of models, ecological derivation. After going through these three tiers of progress, unexpectedly it would still be so realistic. Such a standard is unusually high!

The rest are not worth mentioning. In terms of realism, this model has already caught up with the standard of five star studios!

Is this really a darn one star studio? If a one star studio could also produce such standard, we as two stars or three stars studios shouldnt even continue Earlier that villa model from Wind and Forest studio had already struck a blow on us. Consequently, if a one star studio also has this standard, I.

The crowd was busily discussing, obviously they were shaken by the sudden appearance of that model.

Lin Yues expression of anxiety began showing signs of relief.

The three processes that influenced the realism were: Su Hao who was able to construct a perfect virtual model, Hu Pai who had a three star breakthrough and high standards and finally, Yan Xiao, who was being invited by a four star studio. Not to speak about anything else, but purely based on the level of realism, they had self confidence! They were enough to be rival a five star studio!

However, the degree of realism was only one part.

Perhaps this aspect could let them obtain slightly higher marks, but the decisive factor was still the style of design and the assessment of the construction.

After Lin Yue introduced the model design idea, the model assessment started!

The green rays of light once again shrouded the model villa. As if it was surrounded by thunder and lightning, countless natural phenomenon flashed, and time quickly flew past. In the blink of an eye, a hundred years had passed, and the villa model crumbled with a loud crash.

Model construction assessment begin!