Godly Model Creator Chapter 21

Gmc Chapter 21

Chapter 0021 A fierce battle with Sun Yaotian

This mornings event has apparently spread to every corner of the school.

Su Hao was still in the class reviewing the lessons he learned today. The mock exam was nearing, thus he couldnt waste a second in order to prepare for it. However, at this moment, a loud and angry voice disrupted his study.

Su Hao, get the hell out here!

This voice..Sun Yaotian!

Su Hao sneered. Finally, he came.

The current Su Hao who is now strong and formidable, no longer shook in fear. He walked out of the classroom and saw Sun Yaotian staring at him. Behind this madman was, as usual, Lou Wei following him closely like his henchman.


Anything? Sun Yaotian laughed. You already know that Chen Yiran is my woman and yet you dare to be that close to her! Last time it was because of the school that I didnt make a move on you, yet you tried to test my limit again!

Your woman? Su Hao laughed out loud.

Stop bullshitting. Sun Yaotian was brimming in anger right now, Our Sun and Chan family have had a good relationship for generations. For the sake of better cooperation between us the two groups, a business worth ten thousands of millions is based on our marriage. Once I graduate, it doesnt matter whether we agree or not but Chen Yiran and I will be getting married!

Sun Yaotian almost exploded!

This secret was accidentally revealed to Su Hao when Sun Yaotians anger was growing at an alarming rate. Chen Yiran could be considered as his fiancee that was decided by his family. Almost everyone in the upper class knew about it but..Chen Yiran kept getting closer to Su Hao. Previously it could be ignored, but the recent sex scandal a few days ago, that really made him lose his face completely.

However, that incident this morning, that was definitely not something he could ignore anymore.

Nobody was not standing on his side. This was even the case for Chen Yifeng. That day, he was the one who called Chen Yifeng here but after just a little battle, he ran off!

Lost to Su Hao?

Such a joke! In Sun Yaotians point of view, this Chen Yifeng was deliberately trying to support his sister. Only God knew that he had wronged Chen Yifeng, because that day he really had lost to Su Hao in their sparring.

Fiancee? Su Hao was stunned. Behind Chen Yiran, there was such a big thing? Two large companies cooperating?

Sun Yaotian now was shocked. He was finally aware that he had subconsciously revealed the secret.

However since it was not known to the public, he could not care much about it anymore. Sun Yaotian then looked at Su Hao with a proud look. Last time, I only verbally warned you. This time, leave Chen Yiran and Ill let bygones be bygones!

Su Hao also raised his head and looked at him with an indifferent smile, Your corporation, does it have any relation to me?

Sun Yaotians eyes went chill, You dare to have a match with me then?

Su Hao laughed and immediately turned to the direction of the exit gate and walked there. He had not forgotten Sun Yaotians origin ability of 8 points, of which his own was only inferior by about 2 steps. Although he had recently improved by leaps and bounds, he didnt dare be arrogant and say that he could defeat Sun Yaotian.

Sun Yaotian coldly looked at him, If you dare not fight, then Su Ling will be the one who fight in your place.

Su Haos movement was abruptly halted, Her origin ability was already close to 9 when she was in her second year. She is one of the best students in our school. Do you think our school teachers will allow you to challenge her?

Me, challenge? Sun Yaotian laughed out loud. Of course not. But you need to know that I have a lot of women around me. Unfortunately, recently I happened to meet a woman with an origin ability of 9. If I ask her to teach a lesson to Su Ling, she would be glad to do so.

At this moment, Su Hao turned back his body and stared at Sun Yaotian. His gaze was filled with killing intent!

He would never doubt Sun Yaotians words. Although his character is bad, he definitely had a daring heart and coupled with his family background, naturally there would be someone who is willing to make sacrifices for him.

Youre are just courting your own death! Su Haos cold voice was emitting a murdering aura. These days, he had beheaded quite a number of berserk beasts. The hidden violence in his heart began to abruptly burst out.

Sun Yaotian was not timid at all. He instead took a step forward and coldly stared at Su Hao, If you dare to test my limit, then I also dont mind testing yours. I will be waiting for you at the school sparring hall.

After finishing his words, Sun Yaotian left the scene in large strides.

The school did not allow private fighting. Last time, when Luo Wei was blocking the Su Haos path, if Su Hao was willing, he could have reported the incident to the school to give him a appropriate punishment. On the surface, it seemed that the school forbids private fighting but it was an exception in the sparring hall. It is because you could abuse the reason to learn fighting techniques in order to make a move. When you make a move there, apparently nobody would care or stop you.

This time, Sun Yaotian had clearly portrayed his cruel desire to give a proper lesson to Su Hao.

As for Su Hao, since the exam was around the corner, he really didnt want to mess with this. However, this time, due to the trouble he faced now, he could only fight! Whether it was for Chen Yiran or his own sister, he must fight!

The school sparring hall was located on the west side of the three story building of the teaching department. This place could be considered as a peaceful place, usually with few people, but today was clearly an exception.

Numerous student flocked in and stood around the sparring stage. The crowds were getting ready for the mouth watering battle.

Because the protagonists of this battle were none other than Su Hao and Sun Yaotian!

There were even rumors spread among the students that this was a love battle. This time, Sun Yaotian, who had lost this love battle finally could no longer control his anger and issued a challenge in order to take back his pride as a man.

Sun Yaotian, with origin ability above 8, A-grade ability talent iron element control! He was one of the candidates with a great chance to enter the natural selection class. If he entered the class, his ability would definitely improve by leaps and bounds; rushing all the way to 10 points and above, after which he would be expected to enroll in Zhanzheng college.

His battle with Su Hao was supposed to be something without any suspense.

However, ever since Su Haos battle with Chen Yifeng, nothing was the same anymore.

Su Hao had even mastered advanced basic fighting technique!

Plus he had even went to the length of integrating it well! Being able to produce perfect and beautiful combo move sets, there is no doubt that Sun Yaotian, who only managed to learn intermediate fighting technique, would be heavily cornered.

So this battle right now, without any doubt, was a battle between Su Haos combat ability and Sun Yaotians origin ability!

The school sparring hall stage was fully surrounded by students. Both Su Hao and Sun Yaotian were standing in the middle of the stage, staring at each other.

This battle, no referee! Only two hearts filled with anger!


With a roar, Sun Yaotian rushed forward. Su Haos eyes flashed at the same moment as he began his counterattack.



Two moves intersected. Sun Yaotian had to take two steps backwards. Competing only in fighting technique, he was far worse.

Good, no wonder you are so arrogant! Sun Yaotian sneered; with both hands out, Iron element control!


The metal products on Sun Yaotians body gradually melted. Numerous metal debris were covering the skin all over the body. In just a mere two seconds, his whole body was covered with metallic luster!

Obviously Sun Yaotian had already prepared beforehand. Not only that, he had also mastered a basic iron element control skill, which he gave a very interesting name, iron shirt!

The real iron shirt!

His body was fully covered with iron pieces; the protection was as hard as steel!

Go to hell.

Sun Yaotian grinned evilly; a pair of iron fist was smashed down against Su Hao. Surprisingly, the speed actually was not affected by the upgrade.

Su Hao stepped sideways and escaped Sun Yaotians punch. At the same time, a reflexive punch was directed at him.


As if hitting a steel, the protection was indestructible and Su Haos right fist was affected by the shock and was in pain.


Looking at him, Sun Yaotian laughed, Brat, this is the gap between us. Even if this daddy does not evade, what can you do to me?

Is it?

Su Hao seemed to not mind it at all. Since Sun Yaotian had used his origin ability, he no longer need to keep his trump card secret. Police fighting technique!

If he is unmovable, then capture!

Let me show you the devastating power of police fighting technique; you really thought that with your thick protection on your body, you will truly be indestructible?



Su Hao successively punched at a fast speed toward the right and left sides of Sun Yaotians hip. At the same time, he captured a punch coming from Sun Yaotian. A reversed body; shoulder throw!


Sun Yaotian was helplessly thrown flat on the ground and was hit hard. Although his body was now hard and the iron shirt was able to neglect most of the damage done to his body, Su Hao still managed to throw him until he got confused.



Su Hao never gave anyone the chance to recover. Naturally, he took this chance to be more frantic.



Basic fighting techniques were integrating with his police fighting technique. Sun Yaotians tough body was just like a toy to Su Hao, being slammed here and there on the stage. Every time when he was trying to get up, he would quickly be hit by Su Hao!

Again and again!

The students in the crowd were long ago dumbfounded by the scene in front of them. The whole sparring hall echoed with the sound of Sun Yaotian being slammed down on the ground. To those students, who were still struggling with beginner basic fighting technique, these moves displayed by Su Hao were too advanced!

With a hard body, you think you are indestructible?

Su Hao explained to them what a true fight was!


Yet another roar as Sun Yaotian was once again being thrown to the ground by Su Hao. He was severely slammed on the hard ground. The whole sparring hall was silenced; nobody could react to the scene.

This is too scary!

This is the true strength of Su Hao? He was simply a human Tyrannosaurus!

So what if his origin ability was only 6.8? He could still make the body of Sun Yaotian with origin ability of 8 full of cuts and bruises. This was really a fearful strength.

In a classroom within the three story teaching building, Chen Yiran was sitting beside a window in the corner of the class. She was quietly reading a book; her white clothes were white like a snow: simple, yet elegant. The crowd outside the window which was making a scene did not impact her concentration.

Occasionally, Chen Yiran would think of something and a trace of a smile would be revealed on her mouth. This scene really made several students who happened to pass by walk into a concrete wall. Since when did this school flower secretly smile?

Dont tell that she was recalling the feeling just now?

However when it came to Su Hao, these students began to talk about the duel.

Chen Yiran, who was flipping a page of the book, suddenly stopped. Duel? What duel?

You dont know?

That student was obviously very surprised, but since his goddess had opened her mouth he quickly replied.

Chen Yiran smiled indifferently; such thing happening again?

It seemed that Su Hao had prevented a lot of trouble for her. Should she reward him? After the sudden emergence of Su Hao these days, she was very confident in Su Haos ability.

However, very soon, her figure was stunned. This open duel challenge, to find a student in public and openly declare a challenge, this was definitely not something Sun Yaotian, that idiot would do. There was only one possibility, Vipers scheme!

The matter which she worried the most had finally happened!

If this was really Vipers scheme, then Su Hao..

Not good!

Once Chen Yiran thought of this, her face became very anxious. Su Hao is in danger!


A flash of ice brushed through. Chen Yiran actually activated her ability and directly jumped down to the ground from third floor!

Su Hao, youve got to hold on.

Please..nothing is happening to him!


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