Godly Model Creator Chapter 210

Gmc Chapter 210

Chapter 0210    The Reemergence of the Man in White

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Building model assessment begin.

Stability of building frame, 84 points.

Longevity of building, 160 years. 72 points.

Seismic rating of building, 9, 72 points.

Building noise effect, 86 points.

Building safety rating, excellent, 80 points.

Building ecological derivation, excellent, 80 points.

Architectural design, excellent, 82 points.

Basic assessment results completed. The final score for this villa is 76 points!

76 points!

Yet another 76 point ranking!

When the result came out, everyone couldnt help but be shocked.

For the villa of the deputy mayor, these people really sacrificed a lot of blood and sweat. In one day they had actually seen two villa models with scores of 76 points. Such levels, compared to previous construction tenderings they had attended, were definitely among the best. However, this time they had to face Wind and Forests 86 points.

And what was more tragic was that as a blacklisted one star studio, once From the Star studio failed, their studio would be dissolved!

Too bad!

Everyone sighed! It was such a bad luck for this studio.

However, for other studios, such news was very much to their liking.

This studio with such a high standard, once it dissolved, didnt that mean more talented men would be available in the free market? Such a good opportunity, how could they let it go?

Quickly go and contact them! many studio CEOs roared. Once their studio dissolves, be the first to invite them to join our studio. You must not let our opponents steal them away!

After more than one hour, all five studios finished their presentation.

And now, it was finally the time for the final assessment.

The deputy mayor and a few judges below the stage discussed among themselves for a few moments. After half an hour, the final result was determined.

When the representative from each studio came up to the stage, it was time to announce the result.

Keke. The deputy mayor pretended to cough for a second and then looked at the five individuals on the stage. Thanks for everyones tender. After a strict selection by me and a few masters from the Architectural Association, the studio who won the tender is none other than Wind...


The deputy mayor only said the word wind before his wrist suddenly shook. A virtual screen popped out.

Casually glancing at it for a moment, the deputy mayor was shocked. An unusual look could be seen on his face.

Deputy mayor, what happened? The secretary beside him quickly came and asked.

Nothing. The deputy mayor waved his hand. Just a message from old friend. Ill reply to him first before announcing the result.

After that, the deputy mayor quickly left.

The crowd looked at each other. The deputy mayor doing so in the middle of an event, they as some unknown characters definitely wouldnt be able to understand and could only quietly wait.

At this moment, Ren Wugui looked at Lin Yue, CEO Lin, when your studio dissolves, do you have any plans to join our studio? Our studio is very promising and about to become four star. The most important thing is that our CEO is very much interested in you.

Get lost! Lin Yue didnt hesitate to curse, That scummy concentration camp, you expect me to join such a place?


Ren Wugui coldly grumped, Do you still think youre like the previous you, a dignified CEO? Lets see if you will cry or not when your studio dissolves. Dont let me see you crying at your little boyfriend for help!

Lin Yue glanced at him, Whether you can win or not, it is still unknown. Arent you too early to be proud?

If we can win? Ren Wugui laughed out loud, Just now the deputy mayor already said the first word, wind. Here, which studio has a name with wind in it?

Lin Yue sneered and ignored him.

Lin Yues face was pale, however. He definitely had his doubts. The deputy mayor did say the word wind halfway, but at the most crucial moment, he inexplicably went away.

Remembering what Su Hao said before, Lin Yue suddenly had an idea. Perhaps

At the corridor outside, the deputy mayor looked at the figure on the virtual screen. His face stiffened.

This person was actually alive?

He was already shocked the moment the figure popped out from his wrist.

As the deputy mayor of Jianghe City, he naturally knew about the incidents happening in the city, which naturally included this figure in front of him right now - the man in white who had built such a great presence these past few days!

Leaping from a tall building!

That scene had amazed countless people, and touched their hearts, too. This unknown hero protecting Jianghe City was being widely praised in the upper circles of Jianghe City. As a member of the government, he naturally felt annoyed at such a character. Even if he wanted to capture him, he couldnt do so. The death of the man in white had been a relief for him!

However, at this time, when he was ready to build his villa, this person actually came back and confronted him directly!

This man in white was planning to deal with him?

The deputy mayors heart beat so loudly in his ears, yet he forcefully calmed himself down. White man, your hands are full of blood. My not trying to capture you is already a good thing for you. You actually dare to confront me right now!


Su Hao coldly sneered, Youre not afraid Im going to kill you?

With just you? the deputy mayor replied. I, as a dignified deputy mayor, what do I have to be afraid of from you?

Of course youre not afraid, Su Hao smiled sinisterly. Your bodyguard is more powerful than me But, for my first move, I exposed the incident regarding blue dream butterfly. For my second move, I revealed the attack on Jianghe Citys wealthy. So, for the third move, what if I expose the incidents of the deputy mayors corruption?


Deputy mayors heart nearly jumped out!

Him being corrupt?


If he didnt take any bribes, then where did he get the money to hire a five star studio, or receive the money for a three star studio seeking to get all the fame. All that money came from where?

He wasnt only a little shady, but corrupt by quite a margin.

It was just that he thought he had done it without it being leaked out. No evidence was left behind! Who would be able to investigate it?!

However, in front of this man in white, his heart couldnt settle down.

That incident with the blue dream butterfly; it was so secretive, yet he was able to dig it out. The raid in Jianghe City, it was even more worth mentioning! The raid was hidden from all of the upper class powers, but in the end was revealed by this man in white. It actually caused the raid to fail!

In this era of origin ability with all sort of strange things

With all kinds of mysterious origin ability talents, nobody was able to guarantee their safety.

The deputy mayor was silent for a long time. 

What do you want? he finally asked.

He conceded defeat? Su Hao raised his eyebrows, and smiled under his white robe.

All this time you have been receiving quite a number of bribes. But you did contribute to society, too. You are not yet fallen to the level of complete scum.Let me tell you beforehand; in my heart, I do have a bottom line.

Once you cross that line, I wont hesitate to kill you! And now youve reached this point. I want to see whether this villa of yours will make you cross the line.

The deputy mayors thoughts went cold.

He even knew about this!

His plan to substitute one studio with another had been discovered?

What kind of ability did this man have? It was so horrifying!

Exchanging a few words with this man in white, the deputy mayor also understood his intentions. The man was actually prepared to get rid of him, but seeing him doing some good things for Jianghe City, a warning was given to him beforehand?

Suddenly, he felt relieved.

Act wisely, deputy mayor. The man in white seemed to be able to see through him with just a glance, his cold voice went on, In this world, there will be more and more magical ability talents. A type which could be used to spy is not necessarily  non-existent in this world. If you want to continue living safely, then act like a true deputy mayor.


The virtual screen closed, leaving the deputy mayor at a loss.

Suddenly, a chill came directly from his heart and affected his whole body.

Who? The deputy mayor suddenly turned his head but didnt see anyone. Nobody? Why do I have this feeling of being monitored?

The deputy mayors back went cold again. Thinking of the words from the man in white, he wondered, Does this legendary spying ability really exist in this world?


The deputy mayor left in a hurry. He dared not stay in this place any longer.

After he left, at the corner of the corridor, a white figure flashed by. Su Hao looked at the figure of the deputy mayor and helplessly sighed.


If the gap of strength wasnt so huge, why would he have to resort to such a move?

The deputy mayor was back. The venue once again calmed down.

Those representatives from the studio once again stood up and waited for the deputy mayor to announce the result. However, nobody was looking forward to it this time, because the result was already so obvious.

Everyone looked at Lin Yue and revealed a pitying look.

Too bad.

Yea, 76 points. Such a good studio, how could it be one star?

Well nobody will know. Anyway, this time this studio is finished.

Ren Wugui proudly looked at Lin Yue. 

At this point, a few veteran studios were staring at the people of From the Star studio. Once they dissolved, those studios would immediately began to recruit their talent!

Keke! Again that habit of coughing before speaking by the deputy mayor. 

I announce the winner for this tender, the winning studio is...

Saying this, the deputy mayor showed a sign of hesitation on his face before helplessly sighing, From the Star studio!


The audience was shocked!

It was not Wind and Forest?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The outstanding model, rated more than 80 points, was eliminated? Recalling the scene of deputy mayor leaving to answer a call, the crowd began to associate this word, shady!

This was definitely shady!

Deputy mayor, can you please not try to be shady! a reporter began to shout.

True, it was a clear fact that Wind and Forest had a higher score!

I strongly request the reasons why Wind and Forest was eliminated!