Godly Model Creator Chapter 211

Gmc Chapter 211

Chapter 0211    Who is the Truly Shady One?

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I strongly request that the deputy mayor explain the reason why Wind and Forest was eliminated!

The scene became lively. After several people led the crowd and voiced their concerns, others began to follow their lead and stir up the commotion, insisting that the deputy mayor to explain.

At this moment, the face of deputy mayor was extremely bad.

Damn it, he was the truly shady one!


Investigate your ass!

So, he had to investigate until the fact of him colluding with other construction studios surfaced, and only then would he be satisfied?

On the stage, Ren Wuguis face turned white. His mind was now blank. Everything had already been decided beforehand, the obvious winner would be his studio, but why suddenly

If he let his CEO know about his failure this time Ren Wugui was covered in cold sweat.

No! I must get clarity!

Deputy mayor, I also want clarity... Ren Wugui weakly opened his mouth.

Shut the f*ck up! The deputy mayor suddenly roared at the top of his lungs, causing the scene to quiet down!

The deputy mayor coldly looked at Ren Wugui. Others being ignorant wasnt a problem, but Ren Wugui wanted to join the fun, too? Couldnt he discuss this in private?

Why did he chose From the Star studio?

He just need to casually come out with a reason that he preferred that kind of style. Then, adding some story to back it up, wouldnt this dilemma be solved? He was a dignified deputy mayor, as long as he was able to give a rational explanation, nobody would question him.

But if Ren Wugui was to speak the truth, his position as a deputy mayor would be gone. At first, he wanted to let off this Wind and Forest studio, but those words of Ren Wugui had pushed it into the depths of the abyss. People like him who didnt know how to control their mouths and had no sense of situation must not stay alive!

Im sure you all know I received a call just now.

What I received was a well documented report about Wind and Forest studio, colluding with another studio and hiring the other higher star studio to do all the work. Such an action is really unforgivable! Such people are the worst. Capture them, send them to the police station, and let them be judged!


The crowd was in a mess.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Countless cameras in the hands of reporters were flashing. Everyone was instantly stunned.

No wonder the deputy mayor chose the work of From the Star studio. So there was actually such a thing happening behind the scene! Now this all seemed more reasonable. A three star studio, how was it possible for them to make such a superb building model?

So it was actually them hiring someone else to do the work.

That was so shady!

Ren Wugui looked was at a loss. A cold chill came from his heart.

Even now, he still couldnt understand why things ended up like this. He obviously didnt realize that his words had pushed Wind and Forest down into the abyss.


Ren Wugui opened his mouth as he wanted to say something.


The deputy mayors bodyguard appeared and instantly made him faint. The security staff on scene then took him away! 

Congratulations, Lin Yue!

The deputy mayor with his keen sense of justice shook Lin Yues hand, Well done. Your efforts, everyone was able to see them. I will never let such people who are trying to deceive everyone win. This villa of mine, I will hand it over to you all to build. I will later ask my secretary to send the funds to your studio. As for the construction team, I have already prepared them. Everything will be under the authority of CEO Lin!

Yes, deputy mayor! Lin Yue replied excitedly. 

The deputy mayor nodded pleasingly before turning away. With his departure, many reporters at the scene also left to file their reports. The fraud by the Wind and Forest studio, being exposed by the deputy mayor on the spot, would definitely be a news hit storming the city!

As the crowd dispersed, Lin Yue and others also returned to their studio.

Half an hour later, when the deputy mayors funds arrived, those people were finally relieved!


Finally it got here. Im afraid there would be some shady part in the middle of all this.

Yea, next time, we wont accept any tasks related to the government. This was just a deputy mayors villa, yet a lot of incidents happened behind the scenes. If it was a real government project, if you were not careful for a second, you wouldnt even know how you died!

Thats true!

Lin Yue was also in a deep thought, This time if it was not because of Su Hao, we would be completely finished. But what about Su Hao? I didnt see him come back.

Not sure. Perhaps he went to train.

Hu Pai shook his head and said with some hesitation, I always felt that he is not the same as us. Having strength, background, good attitude, and also hardworking. Such a person shouldnt be unknown. Having said that, he did tell me that only to call him when there was any new model designing. As for other matters, he would leave them for us to solve.

Everyone has their own circumstances. Lin Yues eyes somehow looked deep, At least, he is our friend right?

Everyone smiled.

Hu Pai, settle all the materials needed for the construction. You must make sure the real construction is identical to the model. In addition, you will be responsible for overseeing the progress of the construction. Yan Xiao, I will leave the garden and surrounding environment in your hands. Jia Jia, help me communicate with the construction team. When everything is ready, we can start.

Lin Yue carefully arranged the jobs for each of them. As a qualified CEO, he was obviously well versed in what to do.

Alright! Everyone then went to do their respective jobs.

At this time, this Su Hao, so mysterious in the eyes of others, was making medicine like a madman. Obtaining a three star card for the very first time, Su Hao was so excited. He really couldnt wait for his energy to slowly recover. That was why he began to consume origin ability recovery potions like crazy, which finally played some small role.

Since a beginner origin ability recovery potion was useless at this stage, he began to train in making intermediate origin ability recovery elixirs.

Intermediate origin ability recovery and intermediate body recovery medicines were the standard and minimum requirements for an intermediate pharmacist. Naturally, the difficulty was much higher. Even the base material for this potion was more costly. Thus, in order to improve his level as a pharmacist and get familiar with different herbs, when Su Hao trained he didnt use his model analysis. Without any reservations, he used all the herbs available to begin his training.

He didnt care about this, but of course Master Zhang turned green. 

Without using model analysis, Su Haos talent could only be considered as ordinary. His failure rate was high. During the first day, after repeating almost a hundred times, his success rate was zero! During the second day, he had some progress, and he managed to achieve twenty percent success rate on the third day. Looking at his empty herb stock, Master Zhang could only cry.

But the loss in the early stages was not something he could avoid.

As for Su Haos condition, he did understand it a little.

Once he was skilled in a new formula, coupled with his model analysis, Su Haos success rate would surge. Previously, when Su Hao was training to make the body recovery potion, Master Zhang had to suffer losses until his pants were nearly gone. Later on, when Su Haos skill improved, all the losses were earned back. 

Now, it was the same situation all over again.

The fourth day!

Su Haos success rate at the intermediate origin ability recovery formula finally reached thirty percent!

At this time, for every three different batches of herbs, Su Hao would succeed once! As for the same herb batch, even if he failed his first trial, he would still be able to succeed the second time! This meant that for a single herb batch, once he used model analysis once and did the real life experiment once, he would succeed!

He only need to use his model analysis once to get a group of ten bottles of intermediate origin ability energy recovery potions.

After counting for a bit, Su Hao felt nice.

Thus, when he made the intermediate origin ability recovery elixirs, his success rate would surge to ninety percent! His success rate had jumped all the way to ninety percent! Excluding some herb batches which had higher difficulty, failing twice, most of the herbs would succeed at his second refinement.

After the first two days when the losses were unimaginable, once again the storm of profitable earnings began to land.

Such a success rate, how could there be any loss principle in the dictionary?

Looking at how his disciple easily progressed to such a level, Master Zhang suddenly thought of how ridiculous he was when he was young.

Now this was a money printing machine!

How could this be a human? This was just a milk producing cow! Cow in grassland, eating grass and producing milk. As for Su Hao? What he used was ordinary low grade herbs and came up with expensive potions. With his success rate at ninety percent, how was this any different from those dairy cows?

Heh, this brat, when he learns new things, he will be like a madman.

Master Zhang looked at that expression of Su Hao being immersed in his work. At such age, to receive such a disciple, everything seemed good and he considered that he had found a great successor to all his knowledge. The only worry he had was when this disciple of his learned a new formula; at the early stage, the loss was unimaginable. Ordinary people wouldnt be able to afford such a disciple.


At this time, Su Hao completed another batch of elixirs.

Master Zhang was just preparing to ask him to rest, but was surprised to find out that Su Hao didnt pour the blue liquid into the bottle. Instead, he just took it and poured into his mouth.


A batch of the medicine entered his body.

MAster Zhang was stunned. Drinking it all at once?

Although he knew this disciple of his was hungry for origin ability energy, this was an intermediate origin ability recovery potion, not a beginner potion. One bottle of that was equivalent to ten standard bottles. What was this disciple of his trying to do now?!



A terrifying origin ability energy began to surge within his body. Su Haos facial expression didnt change as he began to break through this three star card. As his energy quickly depleted and was then recovered by this whole bottle of recovery medicine, it surprisingly still couldnt continuously support Su Haos consumption rate! How fast was the consumption rate of a three star card?!



Su Hao crazily used his energy. Only when the energy within his body was depleted would he wake up from his immersion.

Another breakthrough, done!

Su Hao had a look at the progress of this three star card. It was seventy percent complete. With this kind of speed, in another day or two, he would be able to complete this three star card.