Godly Model Creator Chapter 212

Gmc Chapter 212

Chapter 0212    Origin ability storm!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

3 star card...

Su Hao sighed. As he opened his eyes, he was shocked by the creature in front of him, F*ck, master? Why are you so close!

Zhang Zhongtian, ...


Zhang Zhongtian smacked his head, The words earlier, can you please not to associate them with me?

Su Hao sweated.

Whats wrong with you, kid? Zhang Zhongtian stared at him, And to think that I was concerned that you were caught in energy outburst. In the end, nothing happened to you? So much origin ability energy yet you absorbed everything and didnt have a single reaction?


Su Hao shook his head, Earlier I tried creating this room model. When I was about to breakthrough but yea eventually, hmm failed.

As long as you are okay it's fine.

Zhang Zhongtian realized although Su Hao was a pharmacist, he was after all a student and a seeker. In the aspect of origin ability talent, to have realization and making breakthroughs were common for him.


Su Hao laughed, suddenly he had a thought, Master, the black market intermediate body strengthening drug is still not complete?

Sigh, better not talk about it.

Zhang Zhongtian laughed bitterly and said, I originally thought that taking the drug formula from Gao Yang should be enough. What I was not expecting, although the pain had been solved, on the other hand, instead it faced another problem. You dont have to worry. As a master, I will think of a solution myself. If its completed, you will surely be the first to know.


Su Hao nodded. Zhang Zhongtian did not say anything, obviously, the current Su Hao still doesnt have the ability to meddle with this. It seemed like for this moment he would not be able to help.

After idly chatting with his master for a while, Su Hao was prepared to start another experiment. Suddenly, his wrists shook, the virtual screen popped out, causing his actions to stop.

Lin Yue?

Su Hao frowned.

The model villa of the deputy mayor was already complete. Although the era was different, there were still many advanced scientific, technological and origin ability means that can be utilized to make the construction work be completed easier and quicker, but the villa construction period would still require at least a few months. As the chief designer of the construction of the villa, Lin Yue was looking for him at this time. What had happened?

What is going on?

Su Hao answered the communication device and directly asked.

Long time no see, Su Hao.

Lin Yue laughed. After not meeting for a few days, it could be seen that he was really in high spirits now. His whole person was filled with high morale and energy. His current appearance now was even more enchanting...

Damn it!

Su Hao scolded in a joking manner, When you talk to me, can you please not smile in such a way?


Lin Yues expression immediately became a helpless bitter laugh. He then said in an annoyed tone, Im not even allowed to smile? It seemed that your influence is so huge that deputy mayor had to listen to you!

Su Hao shrugged his shoulders.

Lin Yue was very helpless. Was it a sin to look beautiful? He had no right to bother about such things! However, the mysterious feeling carried by Su Hao a few days ago instantly disappeared as these two people joked around. No matter what was Su Haos identity, he was still the Su Hao they knew.

Hmm, the reason why I am calling you is because I have a special task for you.


Su Hao was slightly doubtful, So we just abandon the deputy mayors villa?

Not our task.

Lin Yue shook his head, and mysteriously smiled, This task, is a task specifically aimed at you. The reward is very generous. Even though I know you shouldnt be lacking money, but this task would be a great help to your training. If you are interested, do come over.


Lin Yue turned off the screen.

Mysterious task?

Su Hao had a thought. Helpful to his training, generous reward, related to himself what type of task was this?

He had to admit that he was very interested.

Jinhua City was the biggest city among the hundreds of cities that surrounded it. This has always been the center point of all the bustles and wealth. Whether if it was the government or various scales of associations, they were all much bigger than the other cities. Every day, the human traffic level here was also one of a kind. Every day there was also an innumerable number of espers passing by!

However, since the beginning of last week, the number of human pedestrians had exploded to more than triple the usual number. It became overcrowded!

All these were because, at the north side of Jinhua City, more than hundreds of miles away a temple has collapsed! That was an ancient relic, it was said that it has been in existence for a very long time. Being one of the rare and perfectly preserved ancient ruins after going through the chaotic origin ability era, it was unexpectedly not damaged. Naturally, it had abnormally valuable which the government decided to protect.

After so many years, under the care of the government, the temple had been safe and sound.

However 10 days ago, a strange origin ability storm erupted!

With the temple as the center, and spread towards its surroundings, the horrifying origin ability storm, caused the huge temple to be directly destroyed, and the surrounding people disappeared. On the next day, when the people rushed over, all they saw were ruins.

The remains of ruins!

This type of matter, totally cannot be hidden from Jinhua Citys people in power. Within a days time, Jinhua Citys influential people already knew about it. In two days time, the news of Jianhua Citys origin ability storm tearing apart and destroying the ancient ruins spread to the neighboring cities. In this age of internet information, such news was totally impossible to be intercepted!

In a moment, everyone got excited and started flocking towards Jinhua City.

That was an origin ability storm!

The whole crowd knew the dangers of an origin ability storm.

But danger always coexisted with opportunity. At the center of the origin ability storm, there was a mysterious and terrifying energy that could affect matter. This was the origin of the camouflage artifact. After the outbreak of an origin ability storm, what also appeared alongside it would be a camouflage artifact!

If that was the case, it was not enough for people to get excited. If there were only one or two artifacts, with so many espers in Jinhua City, how competitive would that be? But the reason behind this riot was because at the location of the origin ability storm was an ancient relic.

According to the statistics and investigation of the Origin Ability Association.

Under the effects of an origin ability storm, the probability of the ancient items being affected was a few times higher compared to normal items! Nobody knew if it was due to the items old age that caused it to be affected or some other mysterious reasons. In short, this was the result of countless origin ability storms.

If it was at an ordinary place, one origin ability storm would only produce a camouflage artifact. But if it was at an ancient ruin.

The thought of it caused people to have jitters! The camouflage artifact was extremely valuable. If somebody was fortunate enough to possess one, it would be like winning a jackpot! Apart from Jinhua Citys few big figures, the others would also have an opportunity to have one. Having such ambitions, everyone came rushing over!

Faced with such a heyday scenario, Jinhua City was in a dilemma.

Intercepting all outsiders?

Who dared!

As long as there was only a piece, no one would rob you. But with the appearance of so many precious items, if Jinhua City dared possess them for itself, it would then face the surrounding 90 plus cities unified attack!

With such force, that would only result in an instant death!

Therefore, facing such a situation, rather than hiding, might as well keep it out in the open!

Very quickly, Jinhua City made a public announcement in a generous manner that they were not worried that others will take away their items. They welcomed the crowd to Jinhua City to probe the ruins together, fair competition, and other statements. With such an assured display, this instead caused the people from other cities to be suspicious. As they were guessing, they headed towards Jinhua City.

Were Jinhua Citys big shots that generous?


This was just a diplomatic move. Even it was stated so, but in reality, the ones in control of Jinhua City was naturally the closest. When the news was first leaked, the crowd of Jinhua City immediately sent people to the site! If they would rush there and obtain the items before the others, naturally they didnt have to worry about the problem of who possessed the camouflage artifacts.

Such a well-planned scheme.

But was the camouflage artifacts really that easily obtained?


Those who entered into the ancient ruins to explore were all killed by a group of killers and surprisingly, there were two specialized variant espers among them.

At this moment, the crowd realized because of the effects of the origin ability storm and collapse of the ruins, that place had completely become an unfamiliar territory that was under the effects of an origin ability storm.

The murderous intent slowly arose!

The origin ability storm had vanished.

But surrounding the many items, the berserk energy from origin ability storm still remained. If one accidentally touched it, it would cause the internal origin ability whirlpool to burst with a mini-version of the origin ability storm forming within the person and literally caused the person to explode! Dead without a place to bury! The raging and violent origin ability energy had caused a countless number of people to die horribly.

In the middle of this ruins, such items were countless. One step wrong would cause death!

The first wave was completely wiped out which caused Jinhua Citys plan to be the first one to rake in all the items fail. As they reassembled themselves and planned to enter the second time, the powerful men from the other cities had already arrived.

The remaining ruins were totally exposed.

In order to prevent the people of Jinhua City from gaining an advantage, under the strong request of the powerful men of other cities, they could only wait for a weeks time. After everyone had arrived, then everyone would go explore together in a fair competition! Under the pressure of the combination of the other cities, Jinhua City was forced to agree.

A weeks time quickly passed with the agreed time quietly arrived.

And at the moment, Su Hao was bidding his master goodbye before rushing towards the construction studio.

Lin Yue this guy, if there is something why didnt he just tell me directly. To nag like women from morning to night, curse you...

As Su Hao whispered, suddenly he saw a riot in front of him as if something had happened. A big crowd gathered as they pointed and said something.

Sure enough, they were just those who had nothing to do and join the crowd.

Su Hao helplessly shook his head, this was the specialty of this area.

After he lamented, Su Hao then walked around the crowd. He had never been a busybody, not to mention at times, what was seen doesnt mean to be right.

Then at this moment, an angry voice from the crowd caught his attention.

Su Haos whole body shook before he looked at the center of the crowd.

Is it actually him?