Godly Model Creator Chapter 213

Gmc Chapter 213

Chapter 0213    Retribution?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

It turned out to be him?

Su Haos eyes revealed a slight hint of shock. Originally he thought that he would not have any encounters with this guy anymore. He never expected that he would meet him in such a place.


Luo Wei!

Su Haos buddy in junior high school, yet in high school, he betrayed Su Hao due to his weak strength and joined Sun Yaotian. He had even threatened Su Hao several times, but Su Hao just kept ignoring it. Since entering the natural selection class, Su Hao no longer saw him.

Now to see him, Su Hao surprisingly didn't feel any anger.

Previously, at the start of the betrayal, Su Hao never had the idea of seeking revenge.

Because he did not deserve it!

With Su Haos current strength, to get rid of Luo Wei is just as easy as ABC. It was just that when he saw Luo Wei being surrounded by a few people, Su Hao didnt feel angry or anything. He just stood there indifferently.

A person should pay the price for his own choice!

Get lost!

Luo Wei roared. His face was red. With his height of 1.9 meter and tough muscles, he was like a mad gorilla about to rage.

Stop showing off!

A 1.7-meter middle-aged man in front of him sneered and pointed at his nose without hesitation, Brat, your origin ability is only 7 points, yet you try to act almighty? You believe or not I would get rid of you in a matter of second. Plus, were still in the city and the Origin Ability Association is nearby. Do you dare to make a move?

Luo Weis face was brimming red.


The middle-aged man coldly smirked, This daddy of yours is a decent businessman. It is not easy to do business. Yet your mother tried to sell the same thing in front of my house. Do you know how much profit I have lost because of your mum? Today, if you dont give a good explanation then follow me to the police station.

Sorry, Im sorry I didnt know this is illegal.

Behind Luo Wei, a middle-aged woman came out with a pale look. It was recommended by my neighbor next door I noticed there were not many people here, that was why I dared to set up my stall here...

Mum, you dont have to say anything. Just let me handle it.

Luo Wei pulled his mum behind and stared at the middle-aged man fiercely, What do you want? Stop beating around the bush.

If you dont want to go police station, then let's settle this privately.

The middle-aged man happily continued, Just a casual one hundred thousand star dollar should be enough.

You madman!

Luo Weis face turned pale, A hundred thousand? My mother couldnt even earn more than a few hundred star dollars per day!

Hehe, young man. Accounts are not calculated like this. Plus, your mum had been selling from here for a full one month! The middle-aged man continued, My stores monthly rent is also a few hundred thousand star dollar. How much have I lost in one month? My demand of one hundred thousand star dollar is already considered being lenient.

A month?

Luo Weis body trembled as he looked at his mum behind. Luo Weis mums eyes were a bit red, Yes, it has been one month.


Luo Wei cursed. They had been fooled!

This middle-aged man obviously knew that it was illegal to set up a stall here but didnt say anything. Only when one month had passed did he voice out. This clearly showed his motive of trying to fool them. Moreover, Luo Wei was in a disadvantaged situation since it was indeed his mums fault. For ordinary people, a loss of more than a hundred thousand star dollar was enough to send someone to jail for a while.

But to seek compensation of one hundred star dollar from them? Even if he sold himself, he would not be able to afford it too.

Now his only hope what this man did not


The middle-aged man glanced at him, Hehe, our main door has a surveillance camera. If youre really unwilling, let's go to the police station then. I believe the police will give me a fair solution. Just that, your mum isnt young anymore. To stay in jail for a day or two, Im afraid...


Luo Weis wrist went tight. He was so mad as he stared at the middle-aged man, You should know our family couldnt afford that much money. What is your true motive, just say it out now!


The middle-aged man laughed, I love smart people. Well, in fact as long as you do something for me, I will consider this never happen.

What is the thing you want me to do?

Luo Wei coldly replied.

The middle-aged man casually said, Follow me to the underground black market and have a boxing match. This is voluntary. After all, forcing others is a break of law.

Underground boxing ring!

Luo Wei startled. He finally understood!

From the start, this was all set up for him. Perhaps even of her mums decision of setting up a stall here must have been recommended by some old ladies who were bought by this men! The elderly would not know all these tricks. The purpose of this man was to let him join the underground boxing ring from the very beginning!

That place is a place where origin ability talent is not allowed to be used. It was a complete bloody place!

The opponent was fancy of his body figure. Although the middle-aged man only asked him to have a match once, he knew very well that once he was in, there would be no chance out! Moreover, with a death rate of more than 80%, how many people had gone and never returned?

Also, even if he won, his whole body would be a waste eventually.

His mum had been suffering for so many years in order to save for his tuition fees, in order to let him enroll in college. How much more did she have to suffer? There were times when she got beaten, was that not all done just so that he could go to college? His father was a killer. For his tuition, his father also crazily did any task. There was once he went outside to kill berserk beasts and never returned. What was it for again?


Only when he entered a college, would he had the opportunity to get rid of being in the bottom in this era of origin ability.

In order to enroll in college, in order to enhance his strength, he could pay all the cost! Even at the cost of becoming a villain! But now Luo Wei looked at the white hairs on his mums head and bitterly lowered his head, I promise you!

No, Xiao Wei. You cant promise this!

His mum was anxious and tears dropped, This is my own mistake. Im sorry to you, my son. Mum is not afraid of going to jail. I will go to the police station now. Then, you wont have to join this underground boxing ring.

After his mum said so, she took out her phone and was ready to call the police.

Dont call!

The middle-aged man looked anxious and quickly grabbed the phone to fiercely threw the phone to the ground. However, it seems unintentional that his much effort had caused Luo Weis mum to fell to the ground, causing her wrist to swell.


Luo Wei quickly went to support his mum and looked at the middle-aged man angrily. His both eyes were like a mad boar, Are you being intentional?


The middle-aged man sneered, Just now it was just an accident. You should know what I mean. If you dont follow me and go hehe, right now your mum is injured. To be in jail under such state it doesnt seem good.

Luo Weis heart went cold. He knew very well that this middle-aged man had already been waiting for them to enter the net from the very beginning. He only had a dead road. This was just the start yet his mum was already injured. If she were to enter jail, the opposition would definitely not let her off easily.

Xiao Wei, dont go.

Luo Weis mother tremblingly persuaded her son, Mum will be fine.

Mum, dont worry. It is just underground boxing. I will be back after I finish it.

Luo Wei pretended to be calm but his heart was bleeding. His lifetime struggle recalling back of all these years just to earn extra money, he helped others to do all sort of f*cking things. He even went to suggest Sun Yaotian to make a move on Su Ling, the little brat who kept following behind him and called him Big Brother Luo Wei a few years ago. He was simply worse than an animal!

Luo Wei looked a little sad. Is this the so-called retribution?

Now, this seems right.

The middle-aged man was happy. Finally, his aim was fulfilled. As long as Luo Wei entered such place, could he dream of coming out again? At that time, this Luo Wei who had such a good physique was definitely suited for the underground boxing ring. As long as he was good, Luo Wei would absolutely earn him lucrative betting rewards. As for his half-dead mother?

Later on, as long as he found a chance to kill her and push the responsibility to the opponents, wouldn't he have obtained a loyal slave? This inexperienced student was easy to be toyed with. When he was proud of himself, he felt a drop on his shoulder. At the same time, a cold voice came from behind.

I say, it should be enough by now.


The middle-aged man turned around, only to find out a young man standing behind him. With his age around 17 years old, apparently, he seemed to be a student.

Huh? Your schoolmate?

Su Su Hao?

Luo Wei was stunned.

In fact, he was dumbfounded.

No matter what, he would never think of encountering Su Hao in such place. What made him more amazed was for Su Hao to step up during the most crucial moment.

To help someone like him who betrayed him once.

How bad he felt, he himself knew very well. There were some matters that when he thought of them, he was unable to even sleep during those times. Looking at Su Hao in front of him, he found out that he could not even speak a single word out.

He felt regret and was disappointed with himself!

Su Hao coldly looked at him but didnt say anything. Instead, he looked at the middle-aged man, I will give you one hundred thousand star dollar. Consider that matter as solved and dont come and try to find any trouble again.

The middle-aged man didn't feel good about this. This Luo Wei seemed to be able to find a helper. If he really wanted that one hundred thousand star dollar, for what did he spend the whole month for? Was it not for him to find a suitable new boxer?

Damn it!

Since someone is here to cause trouble, then do not blame me for being harsh!