Godly Model Creator Chapter 214

Gmc Chapter 214

Chapter 0214    Mysterious task

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

You guys are all scammer!

I want to bring and send you all to the police station!

The middle-aged man suddenly jumped out and pointed at Su Hao and the other twos. Secretly he was giving a sign to several of his men to take them away. As long as he took them to somewhere far and unknown, would he not have the advantage again?


Around five of his men charged at Su Hao.

Su Hao sneered. With a gentle move of his right hand, everyone felt the surrounding turned dark for a second. These five burly men were all blasted away, flying more than 10 meters away and landed on the ground in a sorry state.

Not good!

The middle-aged did not have a good feeling about this.


Unconsciously, this middle-aged man wanted to slip away but at this time, how could Su Hao let him run away?


Su Hao grabbed one of his arms to keep his figure here and twisted his arm with force.


With a move from Su Hao, the middle-aged fell to the ground and his stomach was fiercely stepped on by Su Haos right foot.


A mouthful of blood sprayed out. 

The crowd who joined the fun were dumbfounded.


Who is this new guy?

So fierce!

That was people from the underground boxing ring. Those few men with at least 10 points of origin ability and above were easily defeated. As for the leader, he was just a waste!

Such reckless actions!

The scene just now, everyone saw but dared not to act. Who didnt understand the result of messing with people from the underground boxing ring? Not many could afford one hundred thousand dollars. Even if they managed to come up with the money, they would still face endless trouble. To be targeted by such people, they dared not imagine how their death would look like.

Thus, many people watched the bustling scene but nobody dared to step up.

This student was too reckless. To make a move like that, he wasnt afraid of any revenge?

In the end, he was too immature.

Those marked by the underground boxing ring, who could escape?

Just like that, this student had to suffer too!

When they felt sorry for him, they saw the student activated his communication device and called someone.

Hello, Bureau Chief He, are you busy?

If you have nothing to do, come here with some of your underlings. A gang of underground boxing ring members were beaten by me, lying on the ground now. You come and take them away.

After saying so, the student hung up.

The crowd was terrified after hearing this.

Bureau Chief He?

It couldnt be that bureau chief from the police station, right?

It shouldnt be. How could a student know such a dignified bureau chief?

However, under the shock of everyone, the police came. Without any hesitation, they took those people away. And later, what stunned the crowd more was this student even patted the officer who led the team, Xiao Li, go back and tell your bureau chief that these few bastards, dont let them out anymore. I do not wish to see them!

No problem!

The police car withdrew.

The crowd only recovered from shock by now. This schoolmate of Luo Wei, was he some rich kid or officials child? At this time, everyone regretted not helping. If they knew Luo Wei had such a powerful backer supporting him, they would have already made their move! This was a good chance to know those upper class!

Such a pity

Under the sigh of the crowd, Su Hao looked back at Luo Wei. Instead of bothering him, he went directly to Luo Weis mother and supported her.

Aunty, long time no see.

You are?

Luo Weis mum was puzzled. She really couldnt recognize him.

Eh, Im Su Hao.

Su Hao was somewhat sad. A few years had passed, but even Luo Weis mother couldnt recognize him anymore.

Oh, Su Hao! Its you!

Luo Weis mother was shocked, You brat had changed so much. Youre even more handsome than Xiao Wei. You have not come to our house for about three years. I have always considered you as my own son, yet you didnt come and visit me.

Well, the college entrance exam is coming soon.

Su Hao smiled and quickly changed the topic, Auntie, are you hurt anywhere?

No, Im fine.

Luo Weis mother sighed as her eyes were showing a slight hint of redness, Never would I thought that you would be the one to save us. During junior high school, Xiao Wei loved to follow behind you. At that time, I already knew you would be one promising man in the future. In just a few years, youre already so great that you know the bureau chief. If not because of you, our Xiao Wei...

Aunty, nothing will happen.

Su Hao tried to comfort her, First, clear up the things on the floor. Since you cant open the stall here anymore, we have to leave here fast.

Alright, alright.

Luo Weis mother quickly cleared her stall.

Su Hao stood up and then glanced at Luo Wei who was stunned the whole time.

Luo Weis face showed some embarrassment, Su Hao, I I...

Su Hao sneered, Dont think that Im here to help you. Those years in junior high, aunty treated me well. If not because of that bastard daring to make a move on aunty, I wouldnt even bother.

Luo Weis face was so red.

I still have things to be done and have to leave first. As for aunty, I will explain myself.

After Su Hao said so, he turned away but after taking a few steps, he then paused to slip in a few sentences, Just now, you made quite a good decision. It seems your conscience has not been completely eaten by a dog. Next time, make a better choice. Aunty has worked hard her whole life. I dont want her to be disappointed.

Luo Weis whole body was startled!

When Luo Weis mother finished packing up stuff and came over, she saw Su Hao leave in a hurry. Sigh, this Su Hao, how could he leave just like that? I actually planned to make a good meal for him. I still remember that he loves my pork strips the most. Last time, when we hadnt even started the meal yet, you two would finish them first.

He always liked to go for a fight and made himself injured all over his body. In order to not make Xiao Ru worried, he would hide at our place. How could he not know that I too would feel sad looking at him? In my eyes, he is my son too. It had been a few years since we met yet he hurriedly left.

Recalling back the past, Luo Weis mother was somehow sad again.

She was just a woman from an ordinary family, with no origin ability talent or special ability. The chaos of origin ability era didnt affect her much. What country or organization out there, she didnt even know. In her eyes, only her family members were her true home.

After her husbands death, Su Hao and Luo Wei were her everything.

Mum, dont blame Su Hao...

Listening to his mums words, Luo Wei mumbled.

Those years once again floated in his mind. Fighting together, climbing wall together, walking home together. He still remembered during a fight, Su Hao would always be the first one to charge forward.

Thinking of all the bad stuff he did in recent years, Luo Wei felt heartache. Thinking of his mum who sometimes made an extra portion of the meal due to her being used to waiting for Su Hao to come by, he really was disappointed with himself. All these years, what had he done?

Mum, Su Hao didnt come because of me! It was me!


Luo Wei looked at direction Su Hao left and knelt down in tears. Forcefully, he hit his head hard on the ground.




Very quick, blood began to stain the ground. His mother quickly pulled him up, Xiao Wei, what happened?

Mum, Im sorry to you. Im sorry to Su Ling. Im sorrier to Su Hao!

Luo Wei fiercely beat his chest. This self-harming seemed to be able to make his heart feel better. Watching at a direction far away, he wanted to say something and finally murmured out this sentence.

Su Hao Im sorry!

But Su Hao had already left.

Leaving in hesitation, although he really wanted to stay with Luo Weis mum who treated him as well as her own son, he really didnt know how to face Luo Wei.

If it was any other person that dared to provoke him, he would have long ago slaughtered that person.

But Luo Wei


Su Hao bitterly smiled, In the end, my heart is still soft. I hope Luo Wei will wake up. This mum of his really worked too hard her whole life!

Helplessly shook his head, Su Hao continued to hurry and soon reached the studio.

At this moment, Lin Yue had already waited fo him for quite some time.

Why are you here only now?

Lin Yue rolled his eyes.

Su Hao already immune to his current pattern. While smiling, Su Hao said, You ask me to come and I came. Yet, youre not giving me face. Just say what the matter is that would bring CEO Lin to ask me personally to be here?

Lin Yue threw a thick document in front of Su Hao, Have a look at it yourself.

Its hardcopy?

Su Haos eyebrows frowned. No wonder Lin Yue personally requested him to come.

When he had a look at the content inside. Su Hao had a shock. The ruins near Jinhua City the origin ability storm origin ability whirlpool the gathering of lots of espers from different cities death of two specialized variant espers

After reading this, Su Hao was shocked.

Unexpectedly, in just a few days, so many things had actually happened!

Just that what did this had anything to do with him?

Youre thinking this doesnt relate to you, right?

Lin Yue smirked.

Su Hao nodded, These ruins are too dangerous. Even with specialized variant espers there, I am someone who is extremely weak, to go there is to court my own death...

Haha, of course I wont let you court your own death.

Lin Yue laughed, Let me tell you a thing and you will understand. Under normal circumstances, if an origin ability storm happened at an ordinary place, the problem wont be great. Because basically the general structure of the building still exists. But this time, the storm happened in an ancient temple. Those unstable temples, under such a storm directly turned into ruins. It was precisely because of this that those two espers died.

Su Hao was in a deep thought, What you mean is...