Godly Model Creator Chapter 215

Gmc Chapter 215

Chapter 0215    A Godly Technique of Model Analysis!

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Youre right! Lin Yue laughed and said, Model analysis! Analyze the building structure that is underneath the ruins, draw a blueprint of the building structure, this is your task. You need to follow them down. While you are drawing the map, you can estimate the location of any origin ability whirlpool. As long as you can help them avoid any dangerous areas, then it should be enough.

I cant use the communication device?Su Hao frowned.

I am afraid you cant. Lin Yue shook his head. Under the effects of the origin ability storm, no signal is able to enter. The only thing that can infiltrate it are some special origin abilities and due to the effect of the origin ability storm, their range is also drastically reduced. As such, if you are thinking of directly drawing a ruins blueprint, that is not possible. You can only draw as you follow them along.

I wont do it! Su Hao said without hesitation, Its too dangerous!

If he went while he was so weak, the only thing that he would find was death! Even specialized variant espers were killed. If he went, wouldnt it mean an instant death? For a matter that had no assurance, he definitely would not do it!

Really? Lin Yue fakely smiled as he looked at him. What if - the reward for the task is this?

Lin Yue pressed the screen on his wrist and a training manual jumped out from the screen. Because these espers want to get a camouflage artifact, they are willing to pay a very hefty price. I dont really understand but according to reports, this is a godly technique for model analysis, are you sure you arent tempted by it?

This is.

When Su Hao glanced at it, he was stunned and his whole being suddenly jumped up!


Such a thing actually existed!

It could destroy a permanent model and transform it back to normal origin ability energy, returning it to the body.

The level of reversal was determined by the level of training.

Model Reversal Su Hao took a while to calm himself.

A long time ago, he had thought of this question. For permanent models, once establishment was complete, it would not leave his own body. However, what if they were destroyed? Would the origin ability energy return?

He had tried.

But how to destroy it?

How to reverse it?

He was totally clueless!

Afterward, when he had inquired about the relevant information, he learned of a thing called model reversal! To put it accurately, it was an origin ability technique, and it was also a model analysis type special technique! Because other model type origin abilities were not necessarily able to construct permanent models, their consumption was not very huge. Only model analysis urgently needed this origin ability technique.

Try to imagine this.

The daily accumulation of permanent models.

When you needed origin ability energy, you could crush these permanent model and could potentially provide a nearly unlimited amount of energy. How great would that be? To others it would just be something ordinary, but for Su Hao?

Once he mastered this, never again would he lack origin ability energy!

If he had sufficient origin ability energy he could make those 3D animations that he had imagined and those various mysterious abilities that he had envisioned!

He must get it!

Su Haos mind flashed with this thought.

However, he quickly got rid of all these desires. Once again, Su Hao had restored his calmness. With his current abilities, entering the ruins was the same as entering a tigers cave, he would not even know how he had died.

It really had a slight feeling of courting disaster.

Lin Yue saw his conflicted expression and found it funny. Isnt it just a construction model task? What are you still hesitating for? Wait Could it possibly be that you were considering it from the aspect of an esper?

Ah? Su Hao was slightly doubtful.

Please. Lin Yue speechlessly said, You need to clearly know your own identity. This time, you wont be involved much! Regardless of the dangers, your help is not needed at all. As long as you display your model analysis ability, they will be there to protect you if there are any dangers. Who would attack you?

Thats right! Su Haos eyes lit up.

He always saw himself as an esper, a warrior! When he came to the studio, it was only because of a job. Therefore, as he thought of the problems, he would subconsciously analyze them from this angle. He had not seen things as clearly as Lin Yue. Specialized variant espers were very powerful, but what did that have to do with him?

This time, he was just an ordinary person.

A virtual model builder from a professional studio, a non-combat personnel who was a master of model analysis.

Such an identity was simply the perfect disguise!

Good! I accept this task! Su Hao banged the table and made his decision on the spot.

Okay, I will issue the other party a receipt. Lin Le laughed and said, You go and get ready. Once the other party opens its mouth, you may be required to leave at any time.


Since he had decided, he no longer hesitated. This adventure had great significance to him. Forget about those espers from various cities, the most important thing was other model analysis users like him. Perhaps, he could learn new things from the other model analysts.

However, there were some preparations to make before he left.

First, the problem of his origin ability!

Le Yue never thought of this because he was not clear about Su Haos abilities. Only Su Hao was clear that after mastering the intermediate origin ability transition technique, his real origin ability had already reached 16.1 points!

Such a level was enough to cause specialized variant espers to be alert!

Once the others were alerted, his situation would become dangerous. Hence, he could not allow the others to find out about his origin ability.

Under normal circumstances, as long as his origin ability was not used, nobody would realize it. However, there were always tools that could achieve this goal. For example, the natural selection class communication device combined with the origin ability assessment software was enough.

Although in theory this was the specialty of the natural selection class, but who could guarantee that in society, there was not someone who could produce identical software and hardware?

As of Su Haos understanding, the Penguin Companys copying abilities were very powerful. Perhaps, the Penguin Company would have released the same software to serve their VIP.

As such, he had to take precautions for this point.

Origin ability assessment software

Su Hao thought for a while. According to his basic knowledge on the subject of software, although he did not know much about programming, he was clear about one point, and that was - the opposite nature of software. For example, hackers. For software that had loopholes, there would be defensive software that was made to counter loopholes. For IP detection software, there would be software that prevented IP detection.

Hence, from this angle, since there was an origin ability assessment software, there definitely would be an origin ability detection shield software!

Did it exist?

Su Hao thought for a moment. He went to the schools task store to have a look and he surprisingly found one!

Origin ability detection shield software.

There really is one!

Su Haos eyes lit. He looked at the price, it was only 300 task points!

So cheap!


With a wave of his hands, Su Hao sealed the purchase, but a rejection box instantly intercepted him.

Hello, to buy this software, the origin ability assessment software must be purchased first. Only by doing so can any detection fluctuation be detected and a shield be executed!

Su Hao: ...


Buy one, get one free!

He could not proceed without buying one?

Dishonest business!

Su Hao cursed for a while, but he still chose to purchase it. He had already planned to purchase the origin ability assessment software, but he had delayed the purchase due to many interruptions. This time, both were purchased at the same time by chance.

Ding - purchase successful!

Both software programs were downloaded and installed. Su Hao looked at his empty account and immediately sighed.

When he bought the body forging technique, he still had a few task points left. In his previous gamble with Guan Yuanzhong, he managed to obtain extra 700 points. After that, he went to the school library to read some books and a few more task points were deducted. He used up the remaining 800 to purchase the two software programs and had immediately emptied his account!

Assignment points: 0.

Ding - software installation complete.

There was no need to talk about the origin ability assessment software. Through the screen, it could automatically lock on the target and begin its assessment. After detecting each component, its final assessment would be given. But this was different for the origin ability shield software. When Su Hao opened it, his forehead was immediately filled with black lines.

Hello, welcome and thank you for using our origin ability shield software. Due to the hardware limitations of the natural selection classs communication device, the effectiveness of the software wont be very strong, It cannot completely shield and the shield for any origin ability that is at liberty. This softwares only use is to effectively display half of the users origin ability points, we seek your understanding.- Tian Jiao Society.

Tian Jiao Society...

It was not the first time that he had seen this name.

Previously, the schools widely circulated 2/8 principle originated from Tian Jiao Society. Later, he made a special investigation into it and found out that the so-called Tian Jiao Society was formed by elites who were top in various areas. It did not matter how strong your abilities were; if you wished to enter the Tian Jiao Society, the requirement was to be number one in a field!

Yi Tianqing, the repeaters number two. He had a powerful ability that was only second to Fang Lin!

This type of person, wasnt he strong enough?

But he was also not qualified to enter into Tian Jiao Society!

Because he wasnt the number one!

The so called 2/8 principle originated from an analysis master from the Tian Jiao Society. After going through countless analyses, he obtained the most accurate facts. And this software was unquestionably completed by the Tian Jiao Societys top IT talents, programmers, or software engineers.

This Tian Jiao Society did not have any ordinary people.

After using this origin ability shield software for a while, Su Hao generally was quite satisfied.

His origin ability of 16.1 points, if half of it was displayed, it would then appear to be 8.05 origin ability points?

This meant that when others used the origin ability assessment software on Su Hao, they would only see an origin ability of 8.05 points.

Such a range was suitable for a virtual model builder.

The first problem was solved!

As the problem of origin ability had been solved, Su Hao had officially become an ordinary virtual model architect, a non-combatant personnel.

It is time to prepare some stuff.

Su Hao began to prepare the other things he needed and quickly became busy.

As a bookworm, Su Hao loved to ponder about problems from many angles. Previously, during the century old wine task, many unexpected events had happened. However, the things he prepared were usable during the task. They were why he finally managed to complete the task.

But since he was going to such a dangerous place this time, he naturally needed a lot of preparation.