Godly Model Creator Chapter 216

Gmc Chapter 216

Chapter 0216    Crisis! Identity Exposed!

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Origin ability recovery potions, body recovery potions, and all sort of medicines for treatment, recovery, and poison; Su Hao prepared them all. In the end, he even went to collect some herbs and went to his masters place to create the big one, an origin ability liquid bomb!

Besides that, he also went to do some research to understand more about this camouflage artifact. Since his trip to the ruins was to guide the others in exploring the ruins to obtain the camouflage artifact, it would be better for him to familiarize with the area. Or else, he might not even realize he had been cheated.

The origin of camouflage artifacts type of camouflage artifacts the usage of camouflage artifacts there was too much information regarding camouflage artifacts. When Su Hao found out something new about them, he would record them down in his communication device so he could review them anytime when needed.

Lets see if there is anything else I have to bring.

Su Hao had a look around the pharmacy. The irritating Zhang Zhongtian started to curse out loud, You brat, every time you did a task, you come here and rob me. Plus, your identity this time is as a virtual model builder. Whatre you going to do with this origin ability liquid bomb? Try to bomb the ruins?!

Hehe. Su Hao scratched his head, Just in case. After all, those people are too dangerous.

Dangerous your ass! From what I see, youre the most dangerous one! Zhang Zhongtian coldly grumped. His comparison was right. Compared to those specialized variant espers, Su Hao, who would be wearing a harmless mask, was able to easily grasp the terrain of the ruins, was showing more effectiveness in combat, and now coupled with an origin ability liquid bomb; it seemed that he was the most dangerous one!

As to that point, Su Hao naturally wouldnt admit it.

Jianghe City, the Sun family...

Sun Batian was sitting in front of a desk, and gently tapped on the wood with his right hand. That simple and boring sound made people feel an enormous amount of pressure. Opposite Sun Batian was an old man, Sun familys Housekeeper Zhang. That time, it was him who led Green Snake, and he was also the most trustworthy man under Sun Batian.

Did the deputy mayor really say so?

Yes, Housekeeper Zhang respectfully replied. The deputy mayor knew that we have unfinished business with man in white. That was why he gave us this private news. From his words, it seemed that deputy mayor was somehow afraid.

Interesting. A cold trace could be seen in Sun Batians eyes, This guy is going for a full round of the circle. Wasnt this all because of money? Finally able to clear off his hand, the man in white then made his move. Sure enough, that man in white is still alive! For someone who could shake the whole of Jianghe City, how could he easily die under the hand of a specialized variant esper?

After receiving the call from the deputy mayor, I immediately conducted investigations on all the people present on that day. Originally, I just wanted to see whether the deputy mayor was telling the truth, but I found out something interesting. Housekeeper Zhang opened a virtual screen and with a flick from his right hand, he moved the screen to the front of Sun Batian.

See here, this is the weird part of the first appearance of man in white.


Sun Batian then looked at the virtual screen with interest. With just a glance, his eyes flashed a hint of light. This data

Above the virtual screen, impressively, among the data of people entering and leaving Jianghe City, surprisingly one of them was Su Hao.

Su Hao only had a record of entering the city, but not exiting!

According to the description from young master, in Golden Nightclub, he himself didnt know how he managed to get out from the city, Housekeeper Zhang said cautiously.

This cant explain things. Sun Batians expression was indifferent. There was doubt. But it was just doubt. According to the description from his son, the man in white was a specialized variant esper. How could it be Su Hao?! Thus, this little doubt was not enough for him to suspect Su Hao. But for Housekeeper Zhang to show him this, perhaps

Continue! Sun Batian coldly said.

This was the first appearance of man in white. Housekeeper Zhang flicked on the screen and more data appeared.

This was Chen Yirans coming of age ceremony. Su Hao was also present. But when man in white appeared, he disappeared. If it was just this, then it should still be fine, but when the man in white appeared, we managed to detect a communication between Su Hao and Chen Yiran, Housekeeper Zhang slowly said.

Because of the special relationship between Chen Yiran and Su Hao, the Sun family was very strict in observing their communication. Even if the Sun family didnt have the ability to block or intercept the communications, it would still be easy for the Sun family to know if they had been in contact with one another. 

This still cant prove anything, Sun Batian faintly said.

Perhaps it was just because Su Hao couldnt hold on anymore, and decided to contact Chen Yiran. The Sun family didnt have any relationship with the Chen family anymore. It wouldnt be easy to act against Su Hao, not forgetting Su Haos background. If Su Hao was in any trouble, the Sun family would have to bear quite the consequences. Although the Sun family was never afraid of anything, to do so for a weak reason, that seemed to be unworthy!


The housekeeper wasnt shocked at this. The chairman had always been like this. Easily dismissing ants, but for true opponents, he would be extremely cautious! But this time sighing, Housekeeper Zhang flicked again and a picture appeared.

This was the third time man in white appeared.

This was during the deputy mayors villa model tender. After investigating, the appearance of the man in white that day disrupted the plans of the deputy mayor. The winner changed from Wind and Forest studio to From the Star studio. And what was interesting was there was a new member in From the Star studio, Su Hao!

These hints were hard to catch and find because we never put our target on Su Hao. But when I considered the enemy as Su Hao, everything was so clear that all doubts were solved!

Housekeeper Zhang then brought up a statistical data screen.

This is... Sun Batian suddenly stood up.




A terrifying aura broke out from Sun Batians body. The glass items surrounding him eventually shattered into pieces from the force of the aura. Even the windows were shattered too. The whole hall became empty with glasses splattering around. It was a total mess, as if a fierce battle just happened!

Sun Batian coldly stared at the data on the virtual screen.

Three times the man in white appeared

Three times Su Hao disappeared

Three times Su Hao made his move

The result of statistical data analysis

This era was a little different.

Or to be precise, there was a huge difference. In addition to combat-oriented origin ability talents, there were still some strange origin ability talents too. Although they were not necessary strong in combat, they were still useful in other fields like music, architecture, IT, literature, etc

Among them, there was one named statistical probability!

Probability was one of the mathematics branches which was used to study the quantitative law of unexpected phenomena. On one hand, it had its own unique concept and technique, but on the other hand, it was closely related to other mathematics branches. Probability was widely used in almost all areas of science and technology. For example, weather forecasting, earthquake forecasting, product sampling surveys, police investigations, and other departments.

And this time, Housekeeper Zhang requested an analysis of probability based on the data he had and a result was obtained.

Man in white, ninety percent likely to be Su Hao.

All other unexpected probabilities added up to the remaining  ten percent.

A coincidence could be said as something being possible. Two times could still be possible. But when three or four times matched up, it was no longer some coincidence. Although he didnt know what kind of method Su Hao used or any ability which he hid from everyone, this time, there was no doubt all the clues were pointing at Su Hao.

Su Hao! Sun Batians eyes flashed coldly, Indeed worthy to be one who I have my eyes on. I have always noticed his talent seemed to be much stronger than Yaotian. Never would I have thought he would give me more surprises. This was something beyond my expectations. Unfortunately, he isnt one from my Sun family.

Housekeeper Zhang kept his silence.

When he obtained the data, he was shocked,too. Who would have thought this seemingly weak high school student had such a terrifying heart and strength! If he was to slowly develop and they waited for him to breakthrough into a specialized variant esper, he might get rid of the Sun family!

Su Hao was too dangerous!

More importantly, it was the impacts brought by the man in white. His first appearance made the Sun family suffer a heavy loss. At first, they thought it was just an accident, but now it seemed that Su Hao was purposely aiming for such a result. The second appearance shook the whole of Jianghe City. Besides rescuing Chen Yiran, at the same time he gained a huge amount of fame.

This point was clearly seen from how the deputy mayor reacted.

Nobody knew who the man in white was! It was only the second time man in white appeared and everyone was already in fear. What about later then? Perhaps even a word would be enough to make the Sun family become public enemy number one. This was too scary.

If I let him grow anymore, Im afraid he wont even hesitate to destroy my Sun family. Sun Batian coldly smiled, Such good calculations. If he was even more cautious, Im afraid nobody would be able to suppress him in the future. Too bad he was still immature.

Housekeeper Zhangs eyes lit up. He understood the meaning of the words.

Now, everyone thought that the man in white was dead, right? Sun Batian sneered, If so, then let him die thoroughly.

Yes! Housekeeper Zhang then quietly retreated.

Hold on... Sun Batian suddenly stopped him. Let Team A act. Su Haos strength wasnt strong, but his ability is too weird. If he is allowed to hide in darkness, then that would bring quite a trouble. Bring Team A and make sure to kill him at once.

Team A!

Housekeeper Zhang was stunned. That was the Sun familys hidden strength, well equipped and terrifyingly strong. The most important fact was the leader of Team A was a specialized variant esper.

To deal with Su Hao, even a specialized variant esper was going to be used?

It was clearly seen how ruthless was his chairman.

When he made a move, he would make sure he finished it at once!

This was the leader of the Sun family, Sun Batian!