Godly Model Creator Chapter 217

Gmc Chapter 217

Chapter 0217    Mysterious Coin

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Bro, wake up!

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Early in the morning, Su Hao, who was enjoying his sleep, felt the ground slightly shaking. Then a series of footstep could be heard, followed by a heavy figure sitting on him. Helplessly opening his eyes, Su Hao saw Su Ling sitting on him while trying to play with his nose with some of her hair. Black lines appeared on his forehead.

Brat, get up faster.

Wow! Noticing her brother had already woken up, Su Ling suddenly stuck out her tongue and quickly came down. I am just here to wake you up, not to tickle you.

Su Hao rolled his eyes and got up.

Bro, breakfast is ready. After you finish washing yourself, go eat! Su Ling sweetly said.

Su Hao rubbed her head, You brat. Alright, I wont blame you. Now, go out.

En. Su Ling quickly ran out. Su Hao laughed involuntarily.

According to the information he had found, this ruin exploration had happened in many other places. This wasnt something which could be completed within a few days. The previous century old wine task, he had to spend ten days to complete. Under normal circumstances, it could be as quick as two weeks or as long as a month or two!

Especially since these ruins were a little special.

The difficulty was much higher than previous explorations. Otherwise, why would so many architects be needed?

Based on Su Haos research, this time his main task was to find hidden origin ability whirlpools so that specialized variant espers would be able to get rid of them. If such horrifying energies were to burst inside the ruins, they would likely cause a series of explosions with serious consequences.

The situation in the ruins was not clear, and the time taken to explore inside would be longer. Thus, these few days before leaving, he had been spending quality time with his family. Even his mums smile was becoming more obvious. In this world, regardless of his success or failure, the one who wanted to see him the most would be his mum!

After dinner, Su Hao continued to teach his sister fighting techniques.



Looking at Su Ling hitting the sandbag, Su Hao smiled indifferently. Fighting technique

After the last practice session, he had already achieved max points in this. Unfortunately, so far, he hadnt touched the so-called legendary martial art moves. Taekwondo, karate, et cetera They were all on the same level as fighting techniques. No matter how profound your mastery, once you mastered fighting techniques, everything was covered!

To some extent, fighting techniques were more like the foundation and essence of all sort of martial art moves.

Bro, help me train!

Su Ling smiled. Without even waiting for Su Hao to reply, she immediately attacked him. Su Hao bitterly smiled and started to carefully counterattack.




The series of hand-to-hand contacts echoed within the room. Su Lings moves were quick and fierce, which caused Su Hao to keep retreating. Fortunately, Su Hao who had mastered and integrated all fighting techniques, coupled with the integration of fighting essence, naturally wasnt in any bad spot. Half an hour later, Su Ling was finally defeated.

Bro, I managed to hold on for half an hour. I am so strong, right?

Su Ling wiped off the sweat on her forehead, feeling proud of herself. With her chest erect, her breasts which just developed recently were revealed from her training clothes like two hares. What level her brother was at, she herself knew very well. He had max points in fighting techniques! To be able to last half an hour against her brother showed that she was already amazing!

Of course. Youre my sister after all.

Su Hao coughed for a second. His heart was really helpless.

This time, he finally realized the feeling felt by Chen Yiran and Chen Yifeng at that time.

He felt it was too hard to be harsh on his own sister.

If he acted too much, he was afraid hed injure his sister. If he didnt use all his ability, he would be suppressed. His fighting techniques, he could only use up to what his sister mastered. As someone who had mastered the military fighting technique and achieved integration of all techniques, he would always subconsciously use those moves. Then when he realized the situation wasnt right, he quickly pulled his punches.

At that moment, Su Ling would then seize the opportunity and launch a counterattack! If it was not because of his fighting technique being higher than his sister, perhaps he might even lose face. Even so, that half an hour fight did drench his whole body in sweat. It was even more tiring than when he confronted Green Snake!


Looking at Su Haos expression, Su Ling instantly laughed and ran over to hug Su Haos arm, Well, bro. Alright, I know youre being easy on me.


Su Hao subconsciously wanted to rub Su Lings head when his arm twitched as if something had caught him.

Looking down, he then found out his sisters small chest was just starting to develop. Tightly clinging to his arm, due to having finished training just now, her body was still wet with sweat. From his angle, he could clearly see


Su Hao wiped off his sweat.

Su Ling looked strangely at her brother. Su Hao coughed for a moment and quickly pulled his arm away. He then reminded her with his eyes open wide while pointing at her head, Brat, dont cling so close to me. Youre not young anymore. Please be more careful next time.

Hate you! With some dissatisfaction, Su Ling hit Su Haos hand away, Hmmphh, bad bro. Trying to discard me now.

Being ignored by Su Hao in such a way, this little girl was somehow unhappy. Her little feet hit the floor a few times and then she directly clung on to Su Hao. That thin training suit of hers stuck on to Su Haos body and then rubbed against him a few times, Well, you are smelly too. Stop being such a cheapskate!


Su Hao was dumbfounded.

If it was Chen Yiran, he would have definitely enjoyed it. But, facing the mischievous sister of his, he could only bitterly smile and feel awkward.

Looking at the expression of her brother, Su Ling then proudly said, Smelly bro, it has not reached your turn to ignore me. I am, after all, the flower of year two! A lot of boys from other classes came over to our class after school just to catch a glimpse of me. But of course, I ignore them.

School flower?

Su Hao frowned.

When he had a clear look at his sister again, he had a burst of emotion


Unconsciously, his sister was now in her second year of high school. Unknowingly, this girl who didnt even know how to wipe her tears and mucus had grown up.

Male students peeping females falling in love

Su Hao had always thought it was only exclusive to his year. Never had he thought that this sister in front of his eyes, in fact, was only a year younger than him. Suddenly, he felt that he had not been concerned with his sisters private life since he had always seen her as a child.

This little brat, he didnt even know if she was falling in love or not.


Su Hao shook his head and rubbed her head, Alright, my beautiful sister, be honest with me. Is there anyone who caught your attention among the male students?

Who caught-! Su Lings face blushed, I wont be involved in any puppy love.

Is it true or not? Su Hao smiled sinisterly, Is it you havent found, or nobody likes you?

Heng. Su Ling disdainfully said, I wont be like you, falling in love in high school. The principal has already said in the school, only a few can match me. I can slowly search for one in the future. To be able to marry me, he must be the best hero on earth!

Oh? Then what are your requirements? Su Hao frowned. This old fart of a principal, what the heck did he teach his sister? Whats with this nonsense that only a few men in the school could match her? Although he also thought so, still words shouldnt be said this way. After all, when the feeling came, nothing could block it.

En... Su Ling carefully counted with her fingers, More handsome than brother, stronger than brother, richer than brother, more famous than brother, better attitude than brother hmmm, these five should be enough.

Su Hao was dumbfounded and said in an irritated tone, Brat, if you want to find a man with such standards, then you wont get married in the future!

Heng, if I cant get married, I will come and find bro to calculate! Su Ling continued, At that time, I will let bro raise me!

You! Su Hao then rubbed her head, Alright, if you cant marry I will raise you!

En. Su Ling replied and then opened her arms wide to hug Su Hao again for a bit. Then smelling a bit with her nose, she then energetically ran out, Bro, I will go take a bath first. Later, you also go for a shower. Your whole body is full of sweat, so stinky!

This brat, abandoning me after finishing hugging. Su Hao laughed involuntarily. He was about to say something, but then suddenly felt his wrist start. A message popped out from the virtual screen. Taking a glance at it, his mind went on alert.

Finally, it was here!

Jianghe City, one of the big hotels...

In a luxurious presidential suite, a young man leaned comfortably on a couch seat while throwing the seemingly ordinary coin in his right hand without it actually leaving the range of his right hand.


As the door opened, a grim middle-aged man walked inside. With a decent suit and dignified face, he seemed intimidating. However, at this moment, the middle-aged man respectfully bowed, Brother Chen, Im here.

En. The young man called Brother Chen nodded slightly. He didnt even turn around. As the coin on top of his thumb was flicked into the air, he deftly caught it. Lets go. Let the deliveryman take a trip. All these brokers, didnt they want= to enter Jianghe Citys market? I will give them the opportunity.

Yes, Brother Chen, the middle-aged man respectfully said, and then quietly retreated.

However, before leaving, he still had a lingering fear as he looked at the coin held by Brother Chen. Because he knew that the one seemingly ordinary coin in the hands of Brother Chen could produce a horrifying impact! With a coin, nobody could withstand it!


The door closed as if it had never opened before.