Godly Model Creator Chapter 218

Gmc Chapter 218

Chapter 0218 Counter-Analysis

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Su Hao, tomorrow morning 8 a.m., prepare to depart - Lin Yue.

Here it comes!

Looking at the information on the virtual screen, Su Hao got a shock.

He did not expect it to be so quick. In just two days time, everything was settled! His own identity verification and the confirmation from the other party. It looked like Lin Yues capabilities were extremely outstanding.

Tomorrow it looks like today is the last day.

Su Hao looked outside and immediately shouted towards his sister, Little girl, tonight, your brother will let you have a feast!

I know, when mom returns lets go together, Su Ling replied, accompanied by noises from the bathroom.

Since the time was set, the remaining matters could be easily accomplished.

The matters that needed preparation had already been appropriately handled beforehand. He had finished adjusting his mental state. All he needed to do today was his final preparation, spending time with his family.

During the day, Su Hao went through the information regarding camouflage artifacts once.

It soon became night time as they waited for their mother to return from work.

Su Hao brought this family of three toward the city center.

At that time, the night was already dark.

As it was about to enter the winter season, it went dark especially early.

The whole Jianghe City had become a bustling night place.

In the city center, the area in front of the five star Jianghe restaurant was filled with people. As Jianghe Citys best restaurant, business here was naturally incomparably flourishing.

The Su family wholeheartedly had their meal. The brother and sister pair would sometimes argue among themselves. Li Xiaoru always doted on the two children and gave the dishes to them. The atmosphere here was filled with warmth.

However, Su Haos heart inexplicably jumped. A strange feeling went to his head.



Su Hao frowned. What was happening?

Did a problem appear during training?

That was not right. He had not trained for these two days!

This feeling...

It was like.

Su Haos heart shook and he suddenly remembered something.

During his high school years, he had stumbled upon knowledge regarding hunting.

Among them, naturally they included psychology and mystery.

The human body was a mysterious area. Scientists once confirmed that when danger arrived or when something was going to happen to a family member, some people who had high sensitivity would become agitated or uncomfortable without any signs. However, some would subconsciously neglect these things, some who were normally used to agitation would not even bother about it.

But for Su Hao, he normally would not even display such emotions!

This was because his heart had no distractions!

During battle, even when he faced Sun Yaotian, he would never retreat!

He would not hesitate to fight because he had mastered his thoughts!

A heart would become agitated because it held some darkness. He needed to vent it out, he certainly must not let himself worry his family members! For such a feeling to emerge at this time, Su Hao finally reacted after pondering for some time.


This came from a natural indicator that gave him an advance danger warning!

Because of his mastery over analysis type ability, his senses were abnormally sharp. After obtaining full points for physical fitness, such feelings were even sharper. At this moment, it looked like what increased was not merely the five senses but also his sixth senses.

Somebody was going to attack him!

Brother, what happened? Su Ling grabbed Su Haos hand and curiously asked.


Su Hao shook his head. Little sister, you accompany mom and eat first, I want to go to the washroom.

Yes, got it. Su Ling waved her hand as she grabbed a huge crab and enthusiastically ate it.

Su Hao smiled and walked to the restaurant toilet. As he saw that there was no one around him, he lightly said, Brat.

Hm? A sweet voice came to his ear as a blue shadow flashed. The blue dream butterfly suddenly appeared in front of Su Hao while looking dazed. Anything?

A few black lines emerged out of Su Haos forehead. How long have you been sleeping? Why are you still always so dazed.

I dont know. The blue dream butterfly swayed her head and threw around her curvy appealing figure before she shortly sat on Su Haos shoulder. Ever since I became a blue dream butterfly, I love to sleep. Whats more, during sleeping time, my abilities will also slowly increase temporarily. Anyway, its different from humans.

Oh. Su Hao nodded. As he looked outside, his face was slightly concerned. Today, I am accompanying my family for dinner, but I keep feeling that something is not right. You help me look around and see if there are any ambushes outside.

Okay! The blue dream butterfly saw Su Haos concerned expression and earnestly nodded.


A blue shadow flashed and the blue dream butterflys figure disappeared.

In a moment, the blue dream butterfly silently appeared, her face was slightly pale. I didnt see anything dangerous, as if it were all normal people, but in a car outside the restaurant, there was a person. When I took a look at him, I was almost caught!

Oh? What kind of ability was that? Su Hao shivered. This blue dream butterflys trail, even he could not catch it. How was it possible for her to be almost caught?

I cant tell! The blue dream butterfly shook her head. It was a strange feeling, the aura coming from his body was different from others, the type that is very strong.

A cold light flashed in Su Haos eyes and his mind speedily analyzed.

Could almost catch blue dream butterfly...

Unusual aura...

Someone who was stronger than the blue dream butterfly...

Its very possible that its a specialized variant esper!

Su Hao came to this conclusion. Since the car was outside the restaurant, this meant that he was not anyone from Jianghe Hotel. Of course, this was the best hotel in the city. Naturally, there would be bodyguards around.

Su Hao had this thought as his right hand gently touched the ground.

Model analysis, start!

Life detection!


A blue ray of light flashed. The surrounding scenes and lights disappeared from his mind. But at this moment, the bright light from the blue dream butterfly flashed and suddenly enveloped Su Hao and herself!


Su Hao felt a powerful danger lock onto himself before it vanished very quickly.


As the light vanished, the blue dream butterfly seemed to sigh. That person is very scary. When you were using your ability, he seemed to have felt something and looked in this direction.

Thank you! Su Hao panicked.

The energy fluctuation during life detection was very low. Despite that, the opponent was still able to detect it instantly. If earlier Su Hao did not dare to confirm it, then now, it was 100% certain. This person was definitely a specialized variant esper!

He analyzed the results of his life detection for a while.

Surrounding the restaurant, there were a countless number of flashing light dots, but there was something strange. Some light dots spread at the restaurants outer area at a perfect distance with their position concealed. If the distance of each connecting dot was calculated, and the specialized variant esper was included, the whole restaurant would be completely sealed.

No matter who left from which exit, the opponent would know!

This person was definitely not a bodyguard!

He was here to intercept and kill! With such a method, it was not possible for it to be a killer from a killing organization, no matter which organization. Moreover, no one had seen a team of more than ten assassins sent to kill just one person. And if it was cultivated by certain forces in the whole Jianghe City, only the four giants should be able to do so.

Members of the Sun family?

Based on the clues in his hands, Su Hao quickly deduced the one who made this move. The possibility of the Sun family was above 80%! The remaining three families added up were only 20%. However, he did not understand why the Sun family would attack him! With his current status, as the disciple of a master pharmacist and with his relationship with Master Feng, it was not possible for the Sun family to not be fearful!

For what reason did the Sun family attack him without fear for themselves?

Sworn enemy!

A sworn enemy that could not be reconciled with!

But the grudge between the Sun family and himself seemed to be only related to Chen Yiran. Since Chen Yirans matter had been resolved, there was certainly nothing left for the Sun family. Why would they put so much effort into something that was not ideal for themselves? As he thought more about this, did not seem all that plausible. Could it be that the remaining three giants were attacking him? Chen Haonians doing?


Su Hao suddenly had a shock. The grudge between the Sun family and himself was not naturally that huge. That grudge would not cause the Sun family to be so reckless, but if it was another identity...

Man in white!

In their first engagement, the Sun family had lost several billions! If not for Sun Batians quick reaction, their status as a giant would have been crushed at that moment. This grudge was too deep. More importantly, with Sun Batians character, if he found out that Su Hao himself was the man in white...

Thinking for a moment, Su Hao then got the answer he wanted.

The Sun family had found out his identity and decided to attack him!

If Sun Batian was here, he would be in for another horrifying shock. With countless clues in the hands of the Sun family, it was very possible them to deduce that the man in white was Su Hao through analysis. But here, Su Hao had his ability and the nature of the ambusher. With just this, he was able to counter analyze and find out who the attacker was and the reason for the attack!

The number one key element of environmental psychology was to know how to fully use everything in the surroundings.

If it is like so... Su Haos eyes flashed. As he recalled the times they clashed, although he was very cautious, he was still immature after all and there would always be some imperfections. In this era of origin ability, nothing was perfect. If everything was linked by one with resolution, it was not impossible that his identity might be exposed.

Was it through the tender that he exposed his identity?

No, definitely not!

In his three appearances, the tender instead was the safest!

But this probability was quite interesting. For example, the probability of being exposed during his first appearance was 10%, the probability during the second appearance was 20%, but the probability of being exposed in the third appearance was only 5%. However, when all three clashes were added together, then the calculation of the probabilities would not be so simple.

When you often walked by the river, how could your shoes not get wet?

As long as he made a move as the identity of the man in white, there would be a chance of being exposed by others. It had nothing to do with probability. The more often he made his move, the bigger the chances of him being exposed! Through the many subtle clues, when somebody added everything together, his identity would eventually be revealed one day!

Fortunately, on this day, he already had made preparations.

Since he had appeared as the man in white, he had thought of the possibility being exposed and had made a series of countermeasures. These measures included actions for the worst case scenario!

Brat, your identity is exposed, if the situation is too dangerous, execute plan E! Su Hao leisurely said. His expression was slightly cold.

Sitting on Su Haos shoulders as she swung her pair of snow white legs, the blue dream butterfly suddenly had a shock and her pair of beautiful eyes enlarged.

Plan E?