Godly Model Creator Chapter 219

Gmc Chapter 219

Chapter 0219    Massacre!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: RED

Grade E actually didnt had any special meaning.

It was just one of the responses Su Hao made when he faced an issue. From plan A to plan E, a total of 5 plans. Among them, plan A was the best while plan E was the worst.

Plan A was to confront the Sun family head on if his identity was exposed!

Finding ways to use the advantages which he currently had in his hand; Pharmacist Association, Pianist Association, killer organisation, the identity of man in white, and even Architectural Association, and aid from Chen family to start a war with the Sun family! Although he had little influence, in many ways, he was absolutely not weaker than the Sun family!

It was just that he did not expect Sun Batian to make such a decisive move to eliminate him after knowing his true identity. In some ways, Su Hao and Sun Batian were somewhat similar.

Once they made a move, there would be no mercy.

The so-called plan E was during the most critical and dangerous moment. He would ask blue dream butterfly to take his mum and sister away to Zhang Zhongtian so that he could protect them both. Then, Su Hao would think of all sort of methods to make the Sun family disappear.

As long as he wanted to, he would be able to do so!

In order to protect his family, he was willing to pay all costs!

Even if he had to become a wanted criminal, roaming all over the world!

Of course, the current situation had not escalated to such a step yet. Su Hao would of course try his best not to let the situation develop to such a scale. After all, Jianghe City was the place containing most of his dreams and concerns.

They dont dare to make a move in the hotel. Su Hao faintly said, If Im unable to handle this, you must contact master!

En. The blue dream butterfly knew that the situation was very serious.

Little brat, now go for a trip, Su Hao said in a soft tone to blue dream butterfly.

Alright! The blue dream butterfly nodded a bit before her figure flashed, disappearing.

Su Hao returned back to the table to accompany his family members to eat. Occasionally he would glance outside and smirk. These people didnt dare to make a move right now.

This was the best hotel in Jianghe City. Everything here was top notch. The security system was naturally one of the best. After all, this was the main industry of the Zhou family. If a killer was to casually enter, the Zhou family didnt even have to involve themselves in this. Even a specialized variant esper wouldnt wish to face the hotels security system. Not to forget, the private bodyguards!

They are waiting for us to finish the meal...

Su Hao smiled indifferently and wasnt even bother by it a bit as he continued accompanying his family.

Ten plus minutes later, a touch of blue light flashed by in front. Su Haos mind went alert. He rubbed his somewhat full stomach, Hur, my stomach isnt looking good. Im going to the toilet again.

You, I guess youre used to light meals, and these food might be too oily for you.

Li Xiaoru said in a distressed tone, Next time, you must eat less oily food. Go.


Su Hao left the hall uncomfortably and once again entered the bathroom. That mini figure of blue dream butterfly was surprisingly carrying a backpack which was several times bigger than her, hovering in mid air. Impressively, it was the backpack which Su Hao prepared beforehand for his later exploration in the ruins.

Skillfully preparing all the weapon inside, Su Hao then looked at the shadow figures outside with his eyes full of killing intent. There wouldnt be a problem if the enemy made a move on him personally. But to wait for his family too, it was clearly a plan to exterminate the weeds to their very root. In that case, dont blame him for being ruthless!

Around Jianghe Hotel, tens of meters away, a middle aged man was lying in the grass, closely watching everything in the hotel. Anyone who came out this way wouldnt be able to escape the analysis of his eye scanner.

People found...scanning...target not matching...end of scan.

Another figure passed. It wasnt the target he wanted.

The middle aged man didnt change his expression. For this mission, he wasnt worried a single bit. The reason why he was here was to prevent Su Hao from escaping. This time, the one who would step up and make his move was their captain! With their captains strength, to deal with someone like Su Hao, wasnt it an easy job?

Man in white?

So what if it was man in white?

According to the investigation, the first time the man in white made his move and managed to kill a specialized variant esper, wasnt it all because of an origin ability liquid bomb? The man in white didnt have the strength of a specialized variant esper. Otherwise, when he faced Chou Yan, he wouldnt have risked his life by jumping off the building. His true strength hadnt been determined, but he should be somewhere in basic variant esper.

This family is taking such a long time to eat. Did they never come here before? The middle aged man sneered, Its true, lets consider this your last meal. Hehe Although the rules do say were not allowed to make a move on family, that girl called Su Ling is ripe enough and that Li Xiaoru is still full of flavor, hehe Perhaps after Su Hao dies, maybe I could...


The middle aged man who was dreaming suddenly felt a burst of cold air passing by his ears. Without enough time to respond, he saw a small arrow shot at him and subconsciously used his wrist to block. A strong force directly stabbed into his wrist, but it only managed to enter 1 cm and no deeper.

As a member of Team A, they were all well equipped. These seemingly ordinary clothes, if they were attacked, would reduce the force by 30 percent! It was a significant increment of combat effectiveness!

Courting death!

The middle aged man was furious. Pulling out the arrow, he suddenly felt weak all over his body. As his sight turned dark, he fell to the ground. At the very last moment, an idea popped out in his mind, poisoned?!


The middle aged man fell to the ground.

A figure flashed as Su Hao quietly appeared. Blue dream butterfly gracefully sat on Su Haos shoulder as she enjoyed watching Su Hao making his move, while ready to hide his figure.

Su Hao checked the situation of this middle aged man for a second and frowned. Even after receiving the shot, he could still react for 2 seconds. It seems that these guys have taken an anti toxin before, making their poison resistance very high. However, in front of masters toxin, only death will be awaiting them! But to be able to move means that the dosage wasnt enough. I will add more.


Su Hao reassembled the small crossbow and the arrows filled with advanced toxin. Then, he took out a small bottle and put a drop of the liquid within on the middle aged man.


A bizarre sound could be heard and the face of the middle aged man began to twitch.

Although he was still fainting, he showed a face in terrible pain. It was as if he was experiencing the most terrible nightmare ever. Then his body gradually disappeared. After a moment, the spot of the man was empty. Everything disappeared!

What remained was just some ordinary water stains which were slowly evaporating.

After a moment, there wouldnt be a single trace left.

The originally curious blue dream butterfly now turned pale. She at first thought that Su Hao had poisoned the enemy to death. However, when the middle aged man showed changes in his face, she realized this man wasnt dead yet. He had just fainted. What was more shocking was the drug which Su Hao used.

Corpse decomposing water!

He actually used corpse decomposing water on a live human!

Although he had already fainted, from the expression of the middle aged man, it clearly showed that his mind was still awake. This kind of pain degree, watching your body slowly decomposing, that was something unimaginable!

Thinking of this, blue dream butterflys expression towards Su Hao changed.

Su Hao looked at her and didnt explain anything but softly said, I never said Im a good guy. Dare to make a move on my family, then be prepared for the consequences. Trying to make my family suffer, I will return a hundredfold back to them at all costs!

Looking at the domineering aura of Su Hao, inexplicably, blue dream butterflys eyes revealed a bizarre look.


A faint blue light flashed. The blue dream butterfly once again sat on his shoulder and with a flash, they disappeared without any trace. Apparently, they were now invisible.

Su Haos mouth revealed a smile, he then whispered, Thanks!


As his figure flashed, Su Hao once again disappeared into the darkness.

Behind Jianghe Hotel, there was a relatively small back door. As the watchers on the back door, they naturally needed to be more alert. That was why two members were placed here. With one each on the left and right, the back door was completely blocked.

Both of them were lying within the grass a distance away.

As the weather was cold, the ground was cold, too. However, both of them didnt show any change in expression. As an elite cultivated by the Sun family, they had long ago trained and had experienced all sort of conditions. This freezing cold temperature was just a drizzle for them.

As the scanner kept scanning the range of ten meters from the back door, countless data appeared within the virtual screen. The scanner constantly tried to confirm any human who passed there. However, at this moment, a light sound could be heard and the one lying in the grass to the left was suddenly stunned.


He only saw a shadow pass by. Without having enough time to react, he already saw his teammate not far away lying softly on the ground without any sound.


Sneak attack!

Such ideas flashed through the man and he immediately took out his communication device. As long as he pressed on it, the captain would immediately rush over. However, when his right hand was about to press, a faint blue light flashed.

Under the horrified gaze of this man, he saw a little girl with wings holding a slightly smaller size syringe than her body appearing in front of his communication device. When he pressed, too bad he pressed on the syringe.


The syringe poked his hand. He didnt have the time to scream, he already felt his vision going dark and he turned weak, falling to the ground. Before he fell to the ground, he saw the little girl proudly holding the syringe and flying away.

He felt that his view of the world had turned crazy.

A little girl with wings?

What kind of origin ability talent was this?

Plus, it was such a small body. He had never heard of it before! A dignified member of Sun familys Team A, falling at the hands of such a strange thing...

Unfortunately, without any chance to know the situation, carrying all his worries and unwillingness, he completely lost consciousness.


Two drops of corpse decomposing water fell, causing two people to completely disappear from the world!