Godly Model Creator Chapter 22

Gmc Chapter 22

Chapter 0022 Fighting essence

Hehe, you are strong indeed.

The moment that soft voice travelled through the air in soundwaves, Su Haos body was startled. When he looked up in front of him, Sun Yaotian who was beaten half dead a second ago once again stood up from the ground.

Su Hao just now had slammed Sun Yaotians body down more than ten times. Surprisingly he was able to stand back up as if nothing happened. How is this possible?

Sure enough, you are strong indeed. No wonder you dare to be so arrogant. If my origin ability really was only 8, Im afraid I would have lost a long time ago. Sun Yaotian muttered to himself.

The surrounding crowd were in uproar when they heard that. Sun Yaotian, what does he mean?

If only his origin ability was only 8..does he mean.his origin ability had reached 9?

Without waiting for anyone to recover from the shock, Sun Yaotian swept his cold eyes; a powerful force dominating the surrounding appeared. This is the force of an origin ability of 9. Sun Yaotians origin ability, it had really reached a value of 9.

Value of 9? Su Haos mind was alarmed. When Sun Yaotians origin ability was 8, Su Hao seemed to be dominating but the fact was it was actually challenging. He could only depend on his throw to dominate Sun Yaotian. But it could not inflict any damage to him!

With just his high grade origin ability, Sun Yaotian already seemed to be in an invincible position, let alone when his origin ability raised to 9!

What Su Hao was concerned the most about, the last added point, where was it added from?

If it was from his iron element control, as long as his ability did not exceed 10, Su Hao could still manage to dominate him, but if that last point was added from other places

Hehe, you must be curious where my last point was added from. Sun Yaotian seemed to be able to read the mind of Su Hao. Again with his cold smile, You really think I dont pay attention to my flaws? Not noticing the differences of me and a true master?

Su Haos heart gradually sank into the bottom. This time he was in deep trouble!

Youre not the only one whos desperately trying to enter natural selection class. Everyone else is the same too. Sun Yaotian sneered, Basic fighting technique, police fighting technique, these two will consume too much of my time. Too bad my family is rich. We spent tens of millions star dollar and finally bought a perfect fighting essence!

Su Hao stared at him coldly. Both his fists were clenched but he did not make a move. Since Sun Yaotian was announcing his ability proudly, he did not mind to listen for a bit.

You must be curious what a fighting essence is, right? Sun Yaotian laughed. Although you have 180 points in theoretical basis, some knowledge would never appear in the textbook. The total point of combat method is 400 points. Basic fighting technique 100 pints, police fighting technique 100 points, military fighting technique 100 points and the last 100 points come from fighting essence!

A whole 400 points of combat method; however the true soul of this 400 points is fighting essence. Only if you master fighting essence will you be able to integrate all three stages of fighting technique and produce the most powerful strength. Although I have only mastered up to intermediate basic fighting technique, but coupled with fighting essence

Sun Yaotian wildly laughed. Accept this move then!


Sun Yaotian as usual directed his fist towards Su Hao. Su Hao evaded and attempted a shoulder throw again. However, the strange thing was this time, Sun Yaotian did not fall at all!

Sun Yaotians lower body was as stable as Mt. Tai!

Su Haos heart sank, his fighting technique was only a mere 150 points. As for Sun Yaotian now, his originally 70 points of intermediate fighting technique together with 100 points of fighting essence had already surpassed him!

His greatest advantage, had gone.

Sure enough, Su Hao could not slam Sun Yaotians body. He grinned and took this opportunity to take care of Su Hao. Reverse throw!


Su Haos whole body was thrown to the ground. He was thrown exactly 3 meters away. Su Hao did not have the iron shirt like Sun Yaotian, so there was a sudden burst of pain all over his whole body.

Su Hao climbed up from the ground. He raised up his head, looking at Sun Yaotian. His heart was filled with bitterness.

I have lost!

His only absolute advantage of fighting technique had already been surpassed! Whether it is his body, ability or fighting, every aspects of his could not be compared at all!

The only thing he could rely on now is his fighting experience! However, Sun Yaotian with such strength, even able to master fighting essence, will he not have fighting experience?

Not to mention, between an origin ability of 6.8 and one of 9, there was a gap of 3 levels.

Sun Yaotian was not attacking blindly. Su Hao looked at him. From the eyes of Sun Yaotian, he noticed the cunning gaze. Finally he understood that this was just a cat and mouse game.

Sun Yaotian from the very start till end was just playing with him, measuring his strength and then gave him a fatal blow in the end.

What he wanted to defeat was not this battle with Su Hao, but the struggling heart of Su Hao! Only this way would he will be able to leave a shadow of defeat in Su Haos heart and make sure that he wont be able to stand up again.

Once Su Hao understood the whole situation, he took a deep breath. This..this is something that the idiot Sun Yaotian could think off?

He vaguely remembered that there was a time when Sun Yaotian confessed his love to Chen Yiran with his idiotic lines. Such a scene was enough for the whole school to laugh at for a whole year. Plus, with Sun Yaotians moves these past two years, his brain definitely wasnt so cunning. Let alone.. coming up with such vicious plan.

It doesnt matter whether it is your idea or not. Let me see your scheme then!

Su Hao stared at Sun Yaotian. Ability activation, model analysis, activate!


The surrounding scenery became illusionary. The surrounding crowd and scenery, they all became nothing. A small model was created in the mind of Su Hao. That was Sun Yaotian, a mini figure of Sun Yaotian.

This time, the moment the analysis been activated, around Sun Yaotians model, numerous cards instantly appeared.

Intermediate origin ability cultivation.

Intermediate basic fighting technique.

Iron element control.

Advanced yoga.

A man learning yoga? Su Hao did not have time to laugh at Sun Yaotian because this time, he saw the last card of his, fighting essence!

Once he selected this fighting essence card, immediately a bright ray illuminating.

Card selection completedfighting essence.analysis.model establishmentcard model establishment complete.


Su Haos mind had an additional gray fighting essence card. Su Hao took this opportunity to read for a bit and his origin ability energy in his body nearly went empty. Yet, this fighting essence card only glowed at a very small part of it.

Su Hao instantly understood that this fighting essence cards consumption rate compared to advanced origin ability cultivation card and advanced police fighting technique card was even more monstrous!

In other words, the third card which he was desperately searching for was now within his grasp!


The surrounding scene went back to normal. Su Hao was still standing still, looking at Sun Yaotian.

Why you still do not react? En, you must be afraid right? Sun Yaotian grinned, Kneel down and beg for mercy. Maybe I could still spare this life of yours. Of course you can just leave here with you tail between your legs but your sister

Those words by them could not be heard by the surrounding crowd. They could only hear the chattering voice and booing of certain students.

Su Hao stood at the same spot, his whole body was startled.

He himself knew that the best choice he had right now was to leave and temporarily bring his sister to hide. Then when he had a breakthrough he would made a comeback again; but to do this.

In his heart would forever be imprinted the brand of failure.

Sun Yaotian would then be the shadow in his heart which could not be removed in his lifetime. His future path would perhaps have to be stopped here!

Im not willing!

Su Haos gaze was filled with craziness. He can fail but he will never ever accept such failure, this kind of failure which Sun Yaotian wished to see.

Dont you want to kill me?

Good. I will let you kill me then!

Killing me, you will be expelled from the school and not able to enter natural selection class and naturally lose any hope to enrol yourself into Zhanzheng college. I will open my eyes widely and see whether you have the guts or not!

Su Hao burst in anger, his body was brimming with force and once again, he rushed forward to attack Sun Yaotian.

He could fail but even if he fails, it must be an upright failure!



Su Hao condensed all his force and once again directed a punch at him. Sun Yaotian relied on his dominating strength and completely suppressed Su Hao. Almost immediately, Su Hao went down to the ground again!

Ah, this is your so-called last strength? Sun Yaotian sneered, Its so weak as to be pitiable.

What you say is true. I dare not to kill you because you are not worthy! But do you think that fighting essence only has the usage to prevent myself from being thrown by you? You really underestimate the true ability of fighting essence. Let me show you the true fighting essence.

With a loud bang, Sun Yaotian made his move again.

Plain ordinary basic fighting technique, almost everyone present there knew about it but yet, there was a slight trace of inexplicable rhythm.

One move, two moves, three moves.

Sun Yaotian with his overwhelming stength beat the hell out of Su Hao. However, Su Hao could feel that there was a surge of energy gathering in the fist of Sun Yaotian. With every moves he made, more and more energy being gathered.


Sun Yaotian once again gave his punch to him. Su Hao crossed his fists and tried to block his chest. But at that moment, Sun Yaotian said, with a sinister smile, Fighting points, burst!


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