Godly Model Creator Chapter 220

Gmc Chapter 220

Chapter 0220    Mysterious Card

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Looking at the slightly confused blue dream butterfly who was holding onto the small syringe, Su Hao wished he could give her a hug and a kiss, he loved her so much!

If this brat didnt help, they definitely wouldnt be so successful.

Some of these Sun family people were outrageously powerful. Basically, those whose origin ability was above 15 points were extremely formidable. If these people gathered together, even 10 Su Haos was no match for them.

However, he could still manage against one person. Two people, if he wished to kill them without being noticed, it would be too difficult to handle. But at this moment, the blue dream butterfly had finally decided to lend a hand.

A syringe that was filled with poison and a mysterious ability to hide herself...

When she made her move, she was even more frightening than Su Hao!

Even Su Hao had some goosebumps in his heart when he saw this. What if one day he provoked this brat, could she also give him a shot of poison while he was asleep?

Blue dream butterfly turned around with some doubts. As she held a large syringe while blinking her huge eyes, such a scene was unexpectedly filled with a sense of excitement that caused Su Haos heart to move.

It had sprouted!

What happened? the blue dream butterfly weakly asked.

Su Hao shook his head and shrugged off those ridiculous thoughts, We better hurry; the longer it takes, the more suspicious they will be.

Okay! the blue dream butterfly softly replied and along with Su Hao, she disappeared into the darkness.

In the Jianghe Hotel, it was busy as usual. Nobody knew that at this moment, within the last minute, a youth had transformed into a grim reaper and wandered around the restaurant. Within the grasses or behind a huge tree, any place that the members of the Sun family were hiding, they unable to avoid his fatal blow.

Within a few minutes, 80% of the Sun family members were cleared by him!


After skillfully vaporizing the enemy, Su Hao silently walked towards the target. According to the results of his model analysis, there were not many remaining members of the Sun family left.

As he quietly lurked by the northern fence outside of the restaurant and behind a big tree, Su Hao saw a black shadow fusing with the big tree. If it were not for Su Haos extraordinary eyesight, he probably would have overlooked it. He then specifically locked onto the target, skillfully prepared the arrow for his mini crossbow and then took a shot after aiming.


A powerful force sent the arrow flying. As it flew, it left an afterimage and shot towards the target. Unsurprisingly, the arrow directly hit the enemy, but what was unexpected was the sound of metal clashing ringing out.


A crisp collision occurred and the arrow dropped onto the ground.

Su Hao was stunned. He lifted his head and looked towards a shadow that walked out from the big tree. A roughly 40-year-old middle aged man with a pair of sharp eyes glanced towards his direction. When he saw Su Hao, his expression was one of astonishment.

Su Hao?

The middle age man was shocked, what followed was a facial expression of ecstasy. Originally he thought that tonight it would be him doing his normal duties. Unexpectedly, he could actually meet an enemy! Without hesitation, he went to use his communication device! According to the Chairman, the one who found the target first would receive a huge reward!

Oh no! Su Haos heart skipped a beat.

This mini crossbow never missed, however, it failed against this person. If he let him spread the news, he was afraid that he would be quickly besieged.

Attack! Su Hao charged towards this person without hesitation!

His movement was quick, but as there was an obvious distance between him and this person, it was obviously impossible for Su Hao to charge him before he pressed the button!

Damn it! Su Hao cursed silently, it looked like his only option was to activate Plan E.

But at this moment, a faint blue ray of light suddenly flashed in quick succession. The surrounding scenery suddenly changed from being outside the restaurant to the outskirts of Jianghe City!


The middle aged man pressed down, but there wasnt any response.

As he looked carefully, the handheld communication device was actually being blocked!

Even Su Hao was slightly astonished, but quickly an expression of overjoy was revealed because he understood the only one who could cause this scene was the blue dream butterfly.

The blue dream butterflys specialization would be the so-called illusion world!

The illusion world? The middle aged mans face revealed a cold expression, Su Hao, you have hidden it so deep! No wonder no one noticed your identity as the man in white. With this illusion world, you had a very good disguise! But do you think that you could get away just by blocking the signal? Hilarious! After killing you, I, Cha Ting will still relaxingly leave!

Cha Ting.

Su Hao finally knew the name of the man in front.

Coldly laughing, Su Hao ignored him as he raised the mini crossbow in his hand and shot Cha Ting after aiming at him again.



Unsurprisingly, the arrow fell to the ground.

But this time, Su Hao saw clearly how the arrow was blocked. It was because, in an instant, Cha Tings right arm suddenly blocked in front of his body and a layer of metal instantly appeared. His whole arm actually turned into a golden color! Directly blocking the arrow, only a hole was formed!

I see!

Su Hao finally understood!

With his model analysis and origin ability assessment software activated, the enemys abilities were fully displayed before his eyes.

Name: Cha Ting

Origin ability, 18 points.

Theoretical foundation: 150 points.

Fighting techniques: 400 points.

Physical fitness: 400 points.

Ability index: 850 points.

Origin ability talent, grade B, metal transformation!

No wonder! A light flashed through Su Haos eyes.

Along the way, he had attacked a countless number of people. Although he met a few who had quick reactions, even if one could react, nothing can be done when a lethal arrow was released in an ambush. As long as there was a slight scratch on the skin, the poison would immediately enter and cause the person to be completely paralyzed.

As such, Su Hao succeeded every time.

But this time something unexpected happened. Cha Ting, who had full points in fighting techniques, physical fitness, and great reactions, wasnt weaker than him! Adding his metal type origin ability talent, his whole body was as solid as metal. With the slightest reaction, the arrow became totally unable to penetrate through!

His skin was too thick!

For grade B metal transformation, although it was not even close to the grade A skill of elemental control, it was as solid as metal. Combined with his own killing technique, Cha Tings abilities were definitely extraordinarily powerful! To have an origin ability of 18 points, Su Hao had no doubts that among the people who came to attack, the person in front of him was only weaker than that specialized variant esper!


Cha Ting dropped his pair of fists. Both his arms revealed an attractive metal gloss. Su Hao clasped both of his hands and crossed them before his chest to block this punch, but his whole body was actually forced to take a few steps back!

Such power Su Hao said in shock and shrugged off his slightly numb arms. A maxed out physical fitness coupled with such origin ability talent was too frightening!

Do you think that only you have an origin ability talent?

Su Hao sneered.

A faint blue light flashed across his eyes. In an instant he was familiar with the surroundings, he then quickly read Cha Tings fighting techniques. Due to him also being completely familiar with fighting techniques, he only exhausted 10% of his origin ability! In an instant, Su Hao was familiar with Cha Tings fighting style.



Yet another 2 clashes and without hesitation Su Hao approached closely. It should have been an egg meeting a rock, but yet both of them were evenly matched. Both retreated two steps back. After another confrontation, surprisingly Cha Ting was completely suppressed by Su Hao.

How is this possible?

Cha Ting was slightly shocked, he should be completely dominating Su Hao! How could he turn the tide? It was clear that his fighting ability was stronger than Su Hao, but every time he attacked, he would have a strange feeling that Su Hao seemed to be familiar with his fighting style, easily executing dodges and counter-attacking!

After they clashed a few times, it actually gave him an uneasy feeling.

Too frightening!

Only God knew the cause.

As Su Hao was familiarizing his fighting style, after every attack, coupled with Su Haos frighteningly powerful origin ability analysis, Cha Ting didnt have any possibility of a comeback! If there werent any upsets, Cha Ting would soon be defeated by Su Hao!

Damn it! I couldnt go on like this! A cold light flashed in Cha Tings eyes. I have underestimated you, to be able to hold Jianghe Citys mightiest in the palm of your hands, naturally you have some outstanding abilities. At first, I still thought of playing around with you. But since you couldnt recognize my favor, then dont blame me when I am impolite!

What a joke! Pointless resistance! Su Hao sneered.

Although his face showed no expression, his mind was more cautious.

When he examined earlier, he didnt discover anything special about Cha Ting, unless - he had some secret origin ability technique? With his model analysis activated, once again his mind scanned towards Cha Ting. This time Su Hao looked through every card in detail, but soon, he was shocked. In an inconspicuous corner, he found a special card!

This card.


Cha Ting sneered. He didnt respond and like before he charged towards Su Hao.

Both men threw a punch and missed each other.

It was at this moment, a cold light flashed across Cha Tings eyes, surprisingly, he didnt continue with the military fighting technique, instead with a flick of his right shoulder, he collided with Su Hao! As the two men crossed each other, this collision seemed fierce but not many people used it.

Because it was too foolish!

This move was indeed unexpected. But colliding people relied on charging! Through leveraging could the best effect be unleashed. For a full physical fitness, such a collision, although it could knock a person away, it was totally harmless. But if the opponent turned around and attack, no one dared to know what kind of death they would face.

Cha Ting was too conceited!

Su Hao sneered. After he determined this weakness, he directly struck a punch. A collision where there was nowhere to leverage and with a fiercely erupting punch, no matter how strong metal can be, it would be enough to cripple him!

Then at this moment, a cold and successful scheming stare flashed across Cha Tings eyes. The seemingly clumsy figure suddenly became sturdy and charged like a wild ox, filled with limitless explosive energy! The surrounding momentum even condensed, along with this collision, it exploded together.