Godly Model Creator Chapter 222

Gmc Chapter 222

Chapter 0222    A Showdown of Life and Death!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.

Youre right. Cha Ting is my younger brother.

Cha Lu looked at Su Hao. I paid a huge price to let him reach an origin ability of 18 points. From a carp, transforming into a dragon, he became a specialized variant esper, yet he died at your hands. Hahaha, this is so funny!

Filled with murderous intent, he charged toward Su Hao. An intense bloodthirst nearly drowned Su Hao completely.


Su Hao let out a cold sigh. This fella, how many people had he killed? Could the secret dealings of the Sun family all be handled by this person?

You killed my younger brother; today I will tear you into pieces!

Cha Lu erupted with a shout and suddenly made a move.

His figure was like a flash and a thick cloud of flames solidified in the surroundings. It was like a huge flame dragon had intertwined around him. The huge flame dragon followed his punch and almost illuminated the whole sky!

Not good! Su Hao was shocked. At this moment, he felt he was locked down by a horrifying murderous intent. Under such intense pressure, he almost couldnt move! Killing intent, bloodthirst, and an imposing manner. Thanks to this triple pressure, his body simply couldnt move in a moment of distraction! In front of him, a horrifying flame punch was surely approaching him.


A blue ray flashed behind Su Hao and his whole person made a sudden retreat.

The flame punch hit the big tree behind Su Hao, unexpectedly there werent any broken noises. Instead, the flame punch had completely reduced it to ruins!

What a horrifying ability!

Su Hao barely avoided the attack. Then he saw this scene and had the shock of his life. He knew that specialized variant espers were strong, but he never thought that they would be this strong! An absolute ability to suppress someone! It would cause others to be so depressed that they couldnt even retaliate. If it wasnt for this little brat who pulled him aside, perhaps he would have been dead!

He mustnt sit still and wait for his death!

A chilling light flashed across Su Haos eyes. It was like that time he faced Cha Ting. Even if the enemy had origin ability talent, didnt he have one too?

Model analysis, start!

Character modeling!


A model was constructed within his mind. Su Hao quickly gave it a scan. Unsurprisingly, Cha Lu indeed had a flame type origin ability talent. It was a grade A ability, elemental fire control. It granted the user one of the highest degrees of freedom among fire type talents. At this time, Su Hao didnt miss any of these details.

He quickly saw another card - Mountain crash.

Sure enough!

Su Hao came to understand that at Cha Tings level, perhaps he wasnt qualified to learn something like that. Cha Lu probably learned the technique, and imparted it to Cha Ting afterwards. As for the other abilities, it seemed that he didnt have anything outstanding. He didnt find any other useful origin ability techniques. They all seemed familiar to Su Hao.


Another punch was thrown, but Su Hao was prepared so he stepped aside and dodged.

Model analysis flashed and he fully visualized the surrounding terrain. Su Hao exploded in retreat. Outside of the hotel, they started a chase battle.

With Cha Lus current abilities, he didnt need to use any origin ability technique. To Su Hao, these were all fatal attacks! All the way, Cha Lu had been charging toward Su Hao without fear. The trail he left behind was a mess. Cha Lus speed was slightly faster than Su Hao. But in the darkness and the forest outside the hotel, Su Hao was able to shake him off multiple times.

Half a meter on the left there was a tree...

A meter on the right there was a rock...

Three meters on the right of a huge tree, there was a tree vine...

Cold light flashed in Su Haos eyes like a specter. Behind him, Cha Lu chased him frantically. Every punch crushed all obstacles!

Within the first few minutes, Cha Lu hadnt even managed to touch Su Haos clothes.

At this moment, Cha Lu had a strange feeling that he was opposing the whole forest. Su Hao was moving around smoothly, but for him, every move became more difficult as he was obstructed every few meters!

He couldnt play in such a way anymore!

Cha Lu sneered, Lets end this foolish chasing game, the distance from here to the hotel should be far enough and its time for you to die.

As Cha Lu strangely finished this sentence, he raised his right hand, and countless flames instantly concentrated. From the sky, a flaming palm suddenly appeared!

Raging fire floated three meters above Cha Lus head and a flaming palm about the size of three men appeared. They moved along with Cha Lus right hand, completely in sync.

I said this before, today you must die! Cha Lu evilly smiled. He raised his right hand high up and as his five fingers spread out the area of the flames suddenly increased. At the same time, the flaming palm in the sky also followed his hand and spread out. It freely expanded and contracted; completely like his own palm, sinister and horrifying. Cha Lu stood there and looked like a god who had come to earth.

This flaming palm...

Su Haos heart sank as he saw Cha Lus majestic appearance. Finally, it had reached this stage. Like he had predicted, as one followed through on increasing their ability, the gaps between the different talent levels would also increase. Once a person reached the specialized variant level, an elemental type elite talent would eventually display the reason why it had the highest grade!


The condensation of fire in Cha Lus hand was complete, and he shot it toward Su Hao without hesitation. It was so fast and furious that the whole flame palm completely engulfed Su Haos surroundings without giving him any chance to react. Along with this quick speed, a huge pressure was produced and directly pressed against Su Haos body.

Su Haos eyes shrunk and a bright light flashed across his eyes.

He activated his model analysis and suddenly calculated something. In just a split second, he made a decision. Su Hao actually didnt retreat. He also didnt block, but instead he charged toward the huge flame palm!

Hes gone mad?

This thought flashed across Cha Lus mind as he looked at Su Hao in disbelief. He knew about the power of his flaming palm, escape was impossible! If it was blocked, there was still the possibility to survive. But Su Hao actually charged toward the palm instead, was he charging to his death?

As this thought flashed across his mind, Cha Lu was shocked as he watched Su Hao completely charged into the center of the flaming palm and into its depths, the place where the flames were the most intense.


The flaming palm struck and the whole ground shook.

Dead? A suspicious look flashed through Cha Lus eyes. He came here with the intention of murder, and he didnt doubt that he could kill Su Hao. But as he saw Su Haos pre-death actions, he felt that something wasnt right. Based on Su Haos intelligence, no matter what, he didnt seem to be the type who would just die like that.

Cha Lus eyes flashed with a flame red light. Through thick ash clouds and the darkness of the night, he directly looked at Su Haos earlier position.

However, with just a slight glance, Cha Lus whole body shook.

How was this possible!

Su Hao was still alive!

Not only he was alive, he didnt have any injuries!

Cha Lus eyes enlarged. The flaming palms power, he knew too well! Su Haos action of charging toward the flaming palm was an insane move. This was because the power of flaming palm was most intense and horrifying in the last moments when it exploded! If Cah Lu were to be hit by the explosion, even he couldnt guarantee that he would be unscathed.

But before his eyes, this Su Hao..


No matter what, this was not a feat that a man with a mere origin ability of 16 points like Su Hao could achieve!

Cha Lu suspiciously looked at Su Hao. How could you

What did you say? Su Hao sneered as he walked through the thick surrounding smoke and ashes. But in his heart, he was actually silently relieved. It was at that moment, he instantly calculated that in the core of the flaming palm was the convergence point of  origin ability energy! In an instant, he exploded with all of his power to speedily approach the flame and crushed it with Mountain Crash!

Mountain Crash!

Under the stimulation of endless energy, the seemingly weak electric current flashed within his body and produced a mysterious and unbelievable power. Coupled with an eruption of his origin ability, it produced a landslide-like terrifying power! With this incomparably powerful use of the origin ability technique, the results were self-evident when it struck the flaming palms weakest point!

The flaming palm was powerful and it was indeed unrivaled when it exploded. However, the moment that it seemed to fall onto the ground, instead it was completely crushed by Su Hao and collapsed! It didnt explode in the end. If Cha Lu looked in detail, he would notice that all the things on the ground surrounding them werent destroyed at all.

However, he didnt need to answer Cha Lu.

In this clash of life and death, apparently Cha Lu was completely shocked by Su Hao! In one moment, the two rivals were killing in full swing. In another moment, they entered into a stalemate!

Cha Lu looked at Su Hao with a stern expression. After a while, a slight movement was finally expressed.

To cause this much damage to the Sun family, it definitely wasnt an easy feat. It looks like, in the end, I still have underestimated you. Unfortunately, this caused the whole Team A to be completely defeated and my younger brother was even killed by you. Today, you definitely wont leave this place alive. With a beginner variant level and reaching such a standard, its enough for you to be proud of yourself.

Cha Lus tone was very gentle, but strangely, Su Haos heart became alert. He maintained his highest state of alertness! Cha Lu this fellow, was he finally about to use his trump card?

Its such a pity, no matter how delicate your calculations, everything is useless when you face an absolute power!

Cha Lu slowly stretched out his right hand. A faint red light ray appeared and flames began to quickly condense in mid-air. A flaming sword was soon formed and it appeared in his hand.

Origin ability weapon!

Su Haos expression didnt change but his heart was panicking. Within Cha Lus cards, there was indeed such a card, origin ability weapon! Cha Lu had trained to the beginner level, but even if it was just a beginner origin ability weapon, it still wasnt something Su Hao could match!


Su Hao suddenly felt a moment of numbness on his head. He subconsciously dodged as a red ray of light flashed across and charged toward his back.




A half moon-shaped red flame completely destroyed the ten huge trees behind him, but its power did not reduce and it still charged at him from the front! It finally disappeared after its origin ability energy was exhausted.

Su Hao turned around.

Su Hao saw Cha Lu playing with the flame sword in his hand while he lightly said, Not bad, looks like if this flaming sword is used, my power increases a lot.

Su Hao took a deep breath.

He knew that this would be troublesome.

The appearance of an origin ability weapon, he had already had prepared for it. However, with its power level being so high, he was really speechless! This was really serious! Didnt the textbooks describe the power of origin ability weapons as merely above average? Those textbooks were giving him lots of problems!