Godly Model Creator Chapter 223

Gmc Chapter 223

Chapter 0223    Real or Fake Man in White?

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After he thought about it, Su Hao bitterly smiled.

This so-called average in the textbook, it must had been based on the standard of a specialized variant esper. As for Su Hao, he might have been able to flee for his life before Cha Lu, but with the emergence of an origin ability weapon, everything changed!

Hehe, this time, let me accompany you to have fun, Cha Lu evilly grinned. When youre dead, I will use your sister to pay homage to my brother. He loved to play with little girls. As for this daddy of yours, I guess I will reluctantly settle for your mother. A married woman who has not yet reached forty, I can enjoy her for quite some time.

Really? Surprisingly, Su Hao didnt feel angry, with just a hint of chill in his voice. A dead man wont have the chance!

Hehe, such a sharp tongue! Cha Lu sneered. He immediately rushed forward with the dazzlingly bright flaming sword.


Su Hao dodged sideways. In a moment of life and death where a single mistake would cost him greatly, he was always calm.

Both of them once again were caught in a battle. But it was different from the stalemate earlier. This time, it was a total suppression. As Cha Lu rampaged on the attack, Su Hao could only keep dodging. If he was out of synch for a fraction of second, his life would be gone. Their battle had reached its most critical point!

Cha Lu was getting more domineering as the battle went on. He was like a literal killing god.

However, he didnt notice that out of nowhere, Su Hao put his hand behind his back and pulled out a weird bottle of liquid and hung it at his waist. At the same time, Su Haos eyes were filled with killing intent as if something bad was about to happen.

Jianghe City, Sun family...


A tea cup fell to the ground. Sun Batian was alarmed. He somehow felt uneasy. For a cup to slip from his hand, his heart began to race...

Chairman?Housekeeper Zhang carefully asked as he quickly cleaned up the porcelain fragments.

Sun Batian muttered to himself, Old Zhang, are you sure Team A went there? Is Su Hao really in the Jianghe Hotel?

Yes. Housekeeper Zhang felt strange and said, I just confirmed it with Cha Lu. At this moment, perhaps they have already made their move.

Really? Sun Batian slowly tapped on his table. Somehow there was still this trace of restlessness. Somehow I feel something is not right. Since Cha Lu has made his move, Su Hao is doomed to die, but what is this uneasy feeling? No! Old Zhang, ask Meng Tai to go, too. Kill Su Hao and get back fast!

Meng Tai!

Housekeeper Zhangs face changed, Chairman, Meng Tai is there to take care of the Sun family! Unless it is a major event, he absolutely mustn't be used. For just one Su Hao...

Let him make his move! Sun Batian said without hesitation. Su Hao is too cunning. This matter, there must absolutely be no trace or flaw! He must be killed!

Yes! Housekeeper Zhang nodded. He felt that chairman was being swayed by his emotions. Although he also felt Su Hao was amazing, but a specialized variant esper like Cha Lu being unable to kill him? Meng Tai was even more powerful than Cha Lu, second only to Sun Batian!

To use such for Su Hao, it seemed a bit too wasteful!

However, since the chairman had already said so, he could only unconditionally do as he was instructed.

Ten minutes later, Housekeeper Zhang quietly returned. Chairman, Meng Tai has departed for the Jianghe Hotel. Regardless of how the situation is right now, when he reaches it, everything will be completed.

En, Sun Batian softly replied, but inexplicably, his restless feeling became even more prominent! Since reaching specialized variant, he had never had such a feeling, this was too horrifying!

Damn it!

What was happening, exactly?

As he was entangled with this feeling, Housekeeper Zhangs communication device vibrated. As the virtual screen popped out, an image appeared. It was a middle aged man. Housekeeper Zhang, this is not good! In the west region, I managed to see a figure crazily rushing towards the Golden Nightclub!

Golden Nightclub? Housekeeper Zhang asked. Who is there?

Young master and a few rich kids are having their dinner there. The middle aged man hastily said, That is not the main point. What is more terrifying is the figure who is rushing like a madman.

The middle aged man sent a picture. When Housekeeper Zhang glanced at it, his face changed dramatically.


Sun Batians eyes were filled with killing intent as his face turned green, The man in white?

Yes, thats right!

In the picture, a killer dressed in white was moving in darkness toward the direction of the Golden Nightclub. And Sun familys young master, Sun Yaotian, was there.

The enemys goal was self-evident.

How could this be? Housekeeper Zhangs face was extremely nervous, Wasnt the man in white Su Hao?


Sun Batian finally knew where all his uneasiness came from. He had been fooled! The man in white wasnt Su Hao. Su Hao was just a pawn! The real aim of the man in white was Sun Yaotian! When Su Hao was attracting all his firepower, the man in whites fangs were finally revealed!

The probability statistics werent wrong. Just that 90% chance of him being Su Hao...

And right now, without doubt, they had stumbled upon that remaining 10%! The enemy had planned so well that they had been misled into thinking that Su Hao was the man in white!

Quickly, go and save Yaotian!

 Sun Batian quickly ordered after thinking clearly. Without even Housekeeper Zhang answering, he already noticed a terrible fact. It was too late! Based on the route and speed of this man in white, even if the Sun family sent someone over there, Sun Yaotian would be long dead!

Who is the closest to Yaotian? Sun Batian urgently asked.

Housekeeper Zhang quickly replied, Cha Lu! Cha Lu is the nearest to young master! We could ask Cha Lu to rush there now. He could definitely stop the man in white before he makes any move. Then we asked Meng Tai to change direction and soon they will meet each other. Between the two men, the man in white definitely has no route to escape!

Great! Sun Batian nodded firmly and immediately issued order, Immediately contact those two. Prepare the car, too. I want to go there immediately! This time, I want to see who exactly this man in white is!


A thunderbolt flashed in the sky. Daring to harm his son, no matter what the real identity of this man in white was, Sun Batian would definitely let him die without a burial ground!

Jianghe City, Jianghe Hotel.




It was again two successive rapid attacks along with a powerful burst of origin ability energy. Su Hao produced a concentrated amount of energy from his fist, yet it was easily blocked by Cha Lus flaming sword. The burst from fighting points was formidable, but in front of such a huge gap difference, there wasnt even the slightest effect!

Heng, resistance is futile! Cha Lu sneered. His attacks were getting more ferocious. In less than five minutes, he would be able to kill Su Hao on the spot.

Really? Su Hao coldly smiled, his eyes showing a trace of madness. His right hand gently fell his waist, the bottle of liquid which he didnt want to use if possible. Never would have he thought that it had reached such a stage. Of course, since he could deal with the incident regarding blue dream butterfly, naturally he would deal with this Cha Lu today, too.

A specialized variant esper is strong?

A bottle of origin ability liquid bomb qwas definitely more than enough to take the life of both of them. To explode at such a close range, there was absolutely no escape.

Go die! With killing intent filling his eyes, Su Hao was ready to throw this bomb out and then cling with all his life to Cha Lu. holding him on the spot! However, at this moment, a vibrating sound was clearly audible.

Cha Lu frowned. He had a look at the virtual screen and slowed down his attack.

Housekeeper Zhang, what are you...

Immediately cease the mission. Forget about Su Hao, go quickly to the Golden Nightclub and protect young master!

Give up on Su Hao?

Cha Lus face changed. This revenge for his brotherHousekeeper Zhang, I cant let go of Su Hao. He killed...

What kill are you talking about! Housekeeper Zhangs face changed hugely. Stop uttering nonsense! Young master is in danger! If young master is really in trouble, can you afford the consequences? You think the chairman will let you off? If young masters life is affected, you will have to bear all the consequences!

Ill go right now. Cha Lu swallowed his saliva. Looking at Su Hao in front of him, as long as he had five more minutes, he would be able to get rid of Su Hao!

But there was no choice!

Since the chairman had ordered him, he had to follow, let alone if the young master was in danger. If it was because of him that Sun Yaotians life was in danger, Sun Batian definitely wouldnt let off him, or his family, either! Right now his brother was dead, but if he failed this mission, his whole family would accompany his brother!

Dont be tricked by the usual calm and nice looking Sun Batian, when he made his move, his actions would definitely be so terrifying that everyone would be afraid to have him as an enemy!

When I come back, I will find you to collect your debt! Cha Lu fiercely said to Su Hao and then turned around to leave.

As light flashed, the flaming sword disappeared. At the same time, Cha Lu also vanished.

What happened? Su Hao was at a loss.

His origin ability liquid bomb was gently put down. When he was ready to self explode with Cha Lu, he suddenly noticed the enemy stop making his move. Based on his calculations, the only one able to stop Cha Lu from doing so was Sun Batian!

Why did Sun Batian order him to cease?

From those few words of Cha Lu, Su Hao was able to deduce that a major event must be happening for Cha Lu, a specialized variant esper, to be interrupted and give up the victory before him.

And to be able to make the Sun family panic to such a state, how many possibilities could there be?

Heng, after finishing a battle, you run away. Your thinking is too easy. Su Hao was so calm that it was terrifying. His two eyes squinted, a touch of murderous intent in them. Little brat, you go and have a look at exactly what is happening. If the Sun family is in trouble, I dont mind giving them more burdens.


A blue light flashed away.