Godly Model Creator Chapter 224

Gmc Chapter 224

Chapter 0224    A Misunderstanding

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Near the Golden Nightclub.

In the darkness, a man in white swiftly moved like a ghost. Unless one looked carefully, he was totally unnoticeable. The man in whites relaxed and smooth footwork was as if he was taking a stroll in his back garden. But that figure of him still caused many people to have goosebumps.

What kind of person was he?

As the man in white approached the Golden Nightclub, he seemed to be slightly hesitant and stayed at the same spot for a moment. His expression revealed a slightly sinister look, but very quickly, a determined look could be seen in his eyes as he charged towards Golden Nightclub. However at this moment, his progress didnt seem to be that smooth anymore.


A fiery red figure appeared and forcefully blocked him. The circles of flames from the figures hands had completely sealed all his escape routes!

Huh? The man in white was startled, for he was obviously surprised.

Sir, if you wish to enter the Golden Nightclub, I will have to see if you have the ability to do so. Cha Lu laughed sinisterly, as he unleashed all his anger on this man in white. He originally thought that the man in white was Su Hao, but he didnt expect that he actually caught the wrong person.

Once he realized that his younger brother bafflingly became a sacrificial lamb, Cha Lu became even angrier.

Curse you!

If it wasnt for this bastard who kept dodging around, how would Su Hao have become the suspect? How would his younger brother have bafflingly died? Of course Su Hao must be killed, but the fellow in front of him took priority. He would be killed too!


Cha Lu who was filled with murderous intent threw a punch. Basically, he had sealed all of the man in whites escape routes! He was trying to kill in one hit! Cha Lus punch was filled with viciousness and brutality.

This is... The man in white originally wanted to explain, but as he saw this terrifying killing intent, he gave up on that plan. Since the enemy decided to attack, then he shouldnt be blamed for retaliating!


The man in white counterattacked!

A black crack suddenly appeared in the sky, where a huge black ax rushed through the crack and directly appeared in the man in whites hand.

White clothes, black ax!

Destroying heaven with a chop!


The big black ax flew across the sky. As it crossed diagonally at a 45 degrees angle, it seemed like a black bolt of lightning. Cha Lu sneered and a red flaming sword appeared, with a flash of red flame was returned. However, when the red light and the black light collided, it was instead brutally defeated.


Seemingly at the same time, the flaming sword in Cha Lus hand shattered, as his whole body had to bear the black axs full power. With a bang in his mind, his whole body flew out, unknown whether he was dead or alive.

One hit, instant kill!

Acting recklessly! The man in white man sneered and the huge black ax once again appeared!

However at this moment, a fluorescent light flashed, and he was obstructed by a burly man who appeared from the sky, Who dares to kill my Sun family member is courting death!

A grey light flashed.

The burly man actually managed to stop the huge black ax completely!

This burly man impressively was Meng Tai!

After he received the chairmans order, he frantically rushed over. He never thought that he would witness the scene where Cha Lu was almost killed on the spot. If he did not come on time, perhaps Cha Lu would have gone to see King Yemma by now. But even so, Meng Tai had a worried expression because, from the man in whites body, he felt an enormous pressure.

Such frightening ability!

Another one who comes to court his own death, the man in white said while maintaining his expression. It seemed like the huge black ax was a judge for heaven and earth, every time it chopped downwards, it was filled with an unlimited potency and killing intent. That actually was the origin ability weapons terrifying form! Not only did it contain substantial power, it also had the terrifying combination of ferocity and origin ability energy.




Meng Tais abilities were slightly more powerful than Cha Lu. As he faced the huge black ax, he instantly summoned his origin ability weapon to retaliate. However, as he faced the ferociously powerful huge black ax for only a few minutes, Meng Tai felt weaker. After another 5 minutes, Meng Tais right leg was crippled, as if it was almost fully broken!

Too powerful!

Terrifying strength, horrifying moves!

If this continued, both he and Cha Lu would die here!

Fortunately at this moment, purple colored lightning flashed in the sky and a shadow suddenly appeared from the sky in a flash, directly blocking the man in white.

Sun Batian, leader of the Sun family!

Finally, he appeared!

Facing the imposing Sun Batian, the face of the man in white finally appeared to be slightly stern. He wasnt worried about another specialized variant esper but this person before him was this a test for him as a deliveryman? To show his sincerity, he had been merciful just now and didnt act too harsh!

Your vain attempt to harm my son and injure my brothers, you shall die! said Sun Batian as he scanned around to understand the situation, Meng Tai, go and take care of Cha Lu, let me entertain this man in white killer! Since he could control the clouds and rain of the whole Jianghe City, I would like to see the actual identity of you, the man in white!

? The man in white clearly was slightly lost, what was this nonsense!

He was merely a deliveryman. His destination, wasnt it the Golden Nightclub? Earlier, he received a call that requested him to quickly come to the Golden Nightclub, the other party was waiting for him in the box. But the door was obstructed. From the beginning, he thought that the other party was testing his abilities, but the Sun family members appeared!

The Sun familys leader, why did he come here?

He didnt get the chance to inquire. From what Sun Batian was saying, something seemed to be wrong the man in white felt something wasnt right. However as he was about to ask, Sun Batian attacked!

Sun Batians attack, showed no mercy!


Purple bolts of lightning seem to engulf the sky, together they brushed towards the man in white. Every lightning bolt contained countless murderous intent.


The man in whites face finally changed!

Such strength...

The rumor said that one of the four giants, Chen Haonian, used a camouflage artifact. One day, he battled with people all around him and killed a few specialized variant espers! Sun Batian, being one of the 4 giants, naturally his ability wasnt ordinary. But the man in white never thought, that his actions would be so lowly that he used his trump card for his first move! Such power - definitely came from a camouflage artifact!


Without hesitation, the man in white retreated.

With a white flash, the main in white disappeared from the sky like a ghost without leaving a trace. Murderous intent flashed in Sun Batians eyes, the purple lightning swiftly followed the moment the white uniformed man disappeared. Lightning viciously struck his body. In the air, there was a trace of a burning smell.

Urgh! With a dull groan, the man in white completely vanished.

Hmmph! Sun Batians killing intent vanished. The moment he made his first move, he already used his camouflage artifact. Today, he was so mad. His son was nearly killed, Cha Lu was seriously injured and unconscious, Meng Tais right leg was almost wasted. Although with the current technology used for treatment, all these injuries could be healed. But that feeling of being toyed around, that really made Sun Batian seethe in anger.

Who?! Sun Batian suddenly looked behind him, but there was nothing.

Strange. Why do I feel like I am being watched? Sun Batian frowned, then he shook his head. Ridiculous! Who could spy on him without him noticing? Perhaps it was just his imagination. As his emotions were not stable, he began to lose himself, it wasnt really a positive manner.

After forcefully stabilizing himself mentally, Sun Batian confirmed the safety of his son, he then personally escorted his two specialized variant employees to the hospital.

The huge battle quietly concluded.

Jianghe Hotel.

Su Hao inconceivably looked at the blue dream butterfly as she flew here and there and described the exciting scenes she saw to him.

The mysterious appearance of the man in white Cha Lu severely injured and unconscious a specialized variant esper that goes by the name of Meng Tai being injured Sun Batians powerful abilities. The man in whites escape...

The blue dream butterfly splendidly described as she reenacted the whole scene.

Sometimes when some parts werent clear, blue dream butterfly would use her abilities and drew the entire scene. This stunned Su Hao from what he saw.

So, this was the actual level of specialized variant espers!

So, this was absolute strength!

With that said, the appearance of the unfortunate main in white, perhaps he would have solved my identity?

Su Hao didnt know whether to laugh or cry when he had this thought.

Too inexplicable!

The same white robe, perhaps this white robe really belonged to a certain mysterious organization. And at that time, this person coincidentally was passing by this place? Later he sadly got muddled in the battle between Su Hao and the Sun family, and eventually was targeted by the Sun family?

No matter what he thought, this seemed to be the biggest possibility.

Poor man in white...

The appearance of the man in white ingeniously solved all of Su Haos problems. From today onwards, no one would ever suspect Su Hao to be the man in white.

But does that mean that everything was resolved?

Cha Tings death...

The destruction of Team A...

Those really were the result of Su Haos own doing. If Cha Lu wakes up later, Su Hao also couldnt escape!

Since you started step one, dont blame me as I do step fifteen.

Su Hao looked at the direction of the Sun family. A cold ray of light flashed across, and brought a huge inexplicable amount of self-confidence. Thats right, confidence! Facing the Sun family giant, once he knew the abilities of the Sun family, Su Hao actually still had this disdainful confidence!

Su Hao, what do you think you are doing? Blue dream butterfly said as she felt Su Haos devious plan and nervously looked at him.

Of course, Im going to give them a present Su Hao indifferently shrugged his shoulders, and smiled indifferently, I remember, a long time ago I did say this, if you want to attack me you can, but there must be preparations to pay the price. I have received the Sun familys present, naturally, I also want to give them a huge present.

Ah! Blue dream butterfly said nervously, Are you crazy, didnt I just show you Sun Batians abilities, that frightening power

Heh, power? Su Haos lips revealed a sinister look, In this era, when it comes to absolute strength, any plan would be useless. Unfortunately, he, Sun Batian has not reached that point yet! This time, I will personally pay a visit to the Sun familys leader!


Blue dream butterfly almost fainted, did she hear wrongly?

Su Hao actually wanted to meet with Sun Batian! With his current ability, wasnt that courting his own death? But seeing Su Haos insanely carrying his confidence, she was slightly infatuated. This Su Hao was the most frightening, but also the most attractive!

Perhaps. It would really work?