Godly Model Creator Chapter 225

Gmc Chapter 225

Chapter 0225    This Madman!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: RED

The chaotic battle had ended. In fact, less than half an hour had passed.

When Su Hao went back to eat, naturally he had to face complaints from his sister. After enjoying his meal for a bit in the hotel, only then did he return back home with everyone. As the night gradually turned darker, everyone already fell asleep and the street returned to calmness. 

However, in a dark area, a figure jumped out from a random window.

Jianghe City, First Central Hospital.

At this time, the hospital was embroiled in a hot discussion. This was because just now, the chairman of Sun family, Sun Batian, had personally brought over two underlings of his who were injured, Cha Lu and Meng Tai. He waited there for a full hour, until Cha Lus surgery was done, before slowly leaving the hospital.

Such patience...

Such care for his own subordinate...

In this whole city, how many people would do that?

The four giants in Jianghe City were indeed worthy of their reputations!

Everyone in the hospital were whispering among themselves about this. They secretly praised the bodyguards standing in front of a ward. After all, this was indeed the Sun family. A few nurses looked at the Sun family members with eyes twinkling. Such a state only lasted for a few minutes. Finally, when the bodyguards stared back at them, they unwillingly dispersed.

At this moment, in the hospital lobby, a handsome young man with his clothes all in white walked in. When you looked at him, he seemed to be pretty mature and full of flair. After taking a turn in the lobby, the young mans mouth raised a smile, it was so charming.

This young man was none other than Su Hao!

Tidying his white coat for a bit, Su Hao openly went toward the intensive care unit. He was so calm and every part of his body was screaming confidence. However, if someone was to look at Su Haos eyes, they would be able to see blue light flashing within Su Haos eyes.

His model analysis had been kept active!

As Su Hao walked into the room, the bodyguards were alarmed and looked over there. Just before they opened their mouths, a young nurse came out from the ward.

The young nurse who just came out from the ward, walked a few steps and was stunned when she noticed Su Hao. Who was this? He was wearing a doctors uniform such a young face didnt seem to be one from their hospital! However, the young man in front spoke out before the nurse had the opportunity to do so.

Xiao Xuezhen? Its you? Su Hao glanced at the nurse name tag for a second. As he was running his model analysis simultaneously, card after card began to appear within his mind.

Do you know me? the young nurse asked cautiously.

Of course, Su Hao smiled indifferently, Your evaluation, the President has shown it to me. An interesting talent, mastery of surgical technique. Yet, you became an ordinary nurse. The head of surgery department has told me many times that such a talented person like you remaining in the nursing department was such a waste.

Xiao Xuezhens face turned red. Although she was a specialist in surgery, becoming a nurse was her dream. That was why she chose to be a nurse. At first, she thought she could hide the fact. Never did she think that her seniors in the hospital actually knew about this...

If youre interested in going to the department of surgery, come and find me then, Su Hao casually continued as he frowned, Sun Batian called me just now to quickly see the patient. He told me that he is a Sun familys member. Heng, I as a dignified First Central Hospitals doctor, since when I have become their private doctor? If not because of Presidents face heng!

Xiao Xuezhen was blushing and dared not interrupt.

This matter regarding the upper class wasnt something she could comment freely as a nurse. A member of Sun family just finished his surgery and hasnt woken up yet. You can come in and see.

En, Su Hao calmly nodded and walked inside with the young nurse.

Those few bodyguards in front respectfully stepped aside. The conversation between them they had naturally overheard. This young new doctor was obviously an attending doctor, but also with a scary identity. Even daring to curse their chairman, such a person must not be provoked!

Cha Lu had finished his surgery and still hadnt woken up at this point. However, the injuries on his body were slowly recovering under the effect of various medicines. As long as he woke up and rested for some time, he would recover completely back to normal. Medical treatment in the origin ability era was so remarkable!

Standing beside the bed, Su Hao looked down at Cha Lu lying on the bed. His mouth raised in a smile.

En seems that his injury is pretty serious since he still hasnt woken up yet.

Su Hao took a step forward and pretended to do some examining before softly saying, The surgery is not bad. No serious problems, but to not wake up by this point, that seems to be quite a problem. Go to the pharmacy and get a few bottles of stimulant elixir. I will see what is actually happening here.

Yes! The young nurse respectfully walked out to get the medication.

Hehehe...indeed worthy of being the Sun family. Su Hao looked at Cha Lu who was lying on the bed safe and sound with some surprise. When the blue dream butterfly narrated the story to him, Cha Lus injuries were so serious that he fell unconscious, was covered in blood, and had almost died. But now, he was safe and sound. To achieve such a recovery, Sun family must had paid quite a price!

Such a pity though...

Su Hao sighed. Looking for a moment at the cabinet nearby and finding a few bottles of medicines, he mixed them all up before patting on Cha Lus face, Hey, man. Wake up!

The pungent smell of medicine and herbs he mixed up had a super intense stimulation on ones mental state. The hospital definitely wouldnt dare to use normal drugs that could harm ones mind.


Cha Lu coldy groaned and gradually woke up from his coma. He could smell the pungent odor of medicine. Yet, he felt relieved inside, this was the smell of a hospital...

If he was in a hospital, that meant he didnt die!

That meant the Sun family had made their move and he was saved. That horrifying man in white, that terrifying strength when he recalled the moment, he still had some lingering fear.

Such strength was even comparable to his chairman!

Was this the true strength of the man in white?

He wondered if the chairman had killed that man. But, no matter what, a person with such strength wasnt one he could provoke. His brothers revenge Su Hao! Cha Lu who had just woken up changed his target. Since he couldnt kill the man in white, then he would kill Su Hao. After all, it was him who personally killed his brother!

Wait until this daddy recovers completely. The first thing I will do is to slaughter you!

Cha Lu had made up his mind.

Drowsily opened his eyes, he saw a man in white coat moving in front of him. He gradually regained his senses and knew that this was a doctor.

Doctor, thanks.

En, youre welcome, Su Hao smiled as he watched Cha Lu gradually regain his senses. Suddenly he found that this was an interesting thing.


This was a familiar voice...

Cha Lu was somewhat dazed. Noticing that this doctor was someone he knew, the surrounding scenery became clearer. Cha Lu had a clear look. It was indeed a hospital. Standing in front of him was a young handsome doctor who seemed to be pretty familiar. Thinking back to the voice he heard just now, Cha Lu had a closer look again.

En, the more he looked, the more this young man looked familiar.

Suddenly, Cha Lus pupil contracted. His eyes revealed a look of disbelief. He finally recalled who the owner of this voice and face was!


As if a lightning struck through his mind, the blurry mind of Cha Lu after being comatose for a long time disappeared. His whole person was extremely nervous right now.

Su Hao!

The doctor in front of him was Su Hao!

How was this possible!

You... Cha Lus expression suddenly turned into somehow worried.

Su Hao sat on the side of the bed with a sinister smile, Still remember what I said? A dead person wont have the chance.

Not good! Cha Lu suddenly became pale. He felt the killing intent of Su Hao and subconsciously wanted to flee, but a terrifying force came from Su Hao.


Su Hao leaned his body forward, his right elbow directly aimed at Cha Lus chest and immediately pressed him down. He pinned Cha Lu down the bed, rendering him unable to move no matter how he struggled.

You... As Cha Lus chest was forcefully compressed, he simply couldnt breathe well. If he was his usual self, how would he even care about this force? Hwever, at this time he had just finished being operated on and was currently recovering from serious injuries. The strength which he could use right now was just 1% of his usual form. With such pitiful strength, how could he compete with Su Hao!

Su Hao took out a paper towel from his pocket; to be precise, it was a wet towel, and it was stained with the weird colors of various drugs.

Cha Lu glanced at it and his whole body began to shake He began to struggle desperately. Looking outside and noticing two bodyguards of Sun family, he suddenly shouted, Save...


Without any hesitation, Su Hao pressed the wet towel down on Cha Lus mouth, forcefully pinning him down the bed. All sort of weird smells entered his body as Cha Lu crazily struggled. With his veins exposed, face turning green, and the bed almost crushed, he still couldnt slip through Su Haos grasp.



In ten seconds, Cha Lus strength gradually disappeared. Even his pupils began to dilate. Even when he had lost the power to struggle, he still looked at Su Hao with  begging eyes showing despair. He didnt understand; Su Hao could have easily killed him long ago when he was in a coma, why had he woken him up before doing so?

Su Hao noticed his eyes and said, Directly dying is boring. Dont you think watching someone madly struggle for life while slowly being devoured by darkness is fun? Isnt that what you were thinking when you attacked me? This is the price you have to pay for trying to harm me.


This madman!

Looking at Su Haos cold expression, Cha Lu suddenly felt a chill coming from his spine all the way to his forehead.

What kind of man did he provoke?

Cha Lu revealed a very horrified look and tried to struggle one last time. However, under the power of Su Hao, he could only slowly give into despair. Soon, his pupils gradually dilated and lost their luster. Before dying, the remorse in his eyes was clearly visible.

If there was another chance, even if he had to defect from the Sun family, he wouldnt want to provoke Su Hao.

He would never provoke such a madman.

Cha Lu was dead.

A dignified specialized variant esper, one of Sun Batians right hand men; Cha Lu didnt die from an intense battle, but was now dead on a bed in the hospital.

However, this was only the beginning!