Godly Model Creator Chapter 226

Gmc Chapter 226

Chapter 0226    Goodbye, Captain Meng Tai.

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: RED

Whats with him? asked the young nurse who had just came back from fetching the medication after seeing Cha Lus strange expression. 

Dont worry. I just gave him some stimulation. If nothing goes wrong, he should be awake in two hours., Su Hao casually said.

Wow, youre so good! The young nurses eyes were filled with stars. Before this, the vice president had come and said perhaps he would be able to wake up tomorrow. Even he couldnt give an exact time. Never did she expect this senior to just be able to predict with a look. This was too incredible!

En, take me to Meng Tai, Su Hao faintly said. With his terrain modeling, he was already well aware of the layout of the hospital, but it would still be a better idea for others to lead him. Especially, Meng Tai only injured his right leg and wasnt as seriously hurt as Cha Lu.

Alright! The young nurse brought Su Hao out of the special ward. Sun family bodyguards respectfully opened the door.

Wait... Su Hao suddenly frowned, Cha Lus case is a bit special. Although I predict it to be two hours, but he might wake up earlier. It is better if youre here to take care of him. Later when he wakes up, it would be much easier.

Yes. The young nurses face was a bit red. This senior was so thoughtful. How could she not think of this. If Cha Lu was to wake up at this moment and nobody was there to take care of him, she would have been punished for neglecting her duties. This senior, not only was his skill good, his character was good, too, the young nurse happily thought.

As for finding Meng Tai... Su Hao faintly glanced at the left bodyguard, You lead me then.

Alright! The bodyguard nodded and led Su Hao there. As for Su Hao wanting to see their captain, he didnt bother thinking much. After all, this doctor was one who dared to curse their chairman from the very beginning

Unlike Cha Lu, although Meng Tais right leg was crippled, it was still an ordinary injury. With current technology, such injuries could easily be fixed. At this era, what was most difficult to heal was spiritual damage. For example, Cha Lu, who was in a coma and wasnt awake yet.

Physical injuries were just a small matter to the hospital.

That was why Meng Tai was staying at an ordinary ward. The burly guy didnt care much about it. His right leg was still in IV treatment. In a few more hours, he would be completely healed. He would be able to show his full strength as usual once his recovery time was done.

The bodyguard brought Su Hao here and glanced at two other men in front of the ward. As bodyguards from Sun family, naturally they knew each other.

Youre? Looking at Su Hao, Meng Tai was a bit surprised. He was already used to the doctors here and he had never seen this young man before. 

The bodyguard who followed Su Hao quickly stepped up and explained, This is a doctor hired by chairman to have a look at both captains. Just now he had a look at Cha Lu and predicted he should be able to wake up soon. Now, he is here to have a look at you.

After finished saying so, this bodyguard who was afraid this Meng Tai wasnt giving any face to the doctor quickly stepped forward and whispered, Captain Meng, this man is one who even dared to curse chairman. His background must be not ordinary.

Oh? Meng Tais heart jumped.

He even dared to curse chairman directly?

This man was definitely not one he could provoke! From the outside, he seemed to have a dignified identity, being strong in Sun family; but to put it frankly, he was just a advanced hired thug! Even when he met someone like Sun Yaotian, he had to be respectful. As for this person before him, to even dare to curse the chairman

Of course, he believed his brothers.

Being bodyguards of Sun family, what kind of characters they were, he was clear about them all. 

Alright, you guys can leave the room. Meng Tai waved his hand and smiled at Su Hao, Doctor, looking at my injury, you must know that I cant get off the bed. How do I call you?

Stop trying to get close with me! Su Hao sneered. If not because of the president, you think I would obey Sun Batian? I want your arm out. After I have a look, I will leave. Today I am having a date with a beauty.

Meng Tais face turned stiff.

Damn you, cant you give some face?!

Being scolded by Su Hao, Meng Tais face turned ugly. However, thinking of the mans identity, he could only endure. Obediently extending his right hand, Meng Tai felt alarmed at this character with extreme attitude. Such a person, he couldnt afford to offend.

Still okay, you wont die, Su Hao said after faintly glancing at his arm. Under normal circumstances, in a few hours, you could be discharged. After the treatment is done, you just have to rest two more hours.

Wasnt this all nonsense?

Meng Tai turned pale. What was this he wouldnt die? He injured his leg! Resting for two hours after treatment done, was this something you have to inform? Even normal people knew about this! This was a skillful doctor hired by chairman? This doctors level was too


Noticing his expression, Su Hao sneered, What I said is normal circumstances. Right now, with me here, it wont be normal anymore. You think I am here to just make your injury recover? Wrong! In half an hour, not only your injury will recover, I will put you back to the peak state!


Meng Tais heart skipped a beat.

Peak state! As he grew older, his body felt a bit weaker and his movement wasnt as good as before. Peak state it seemed to be a topic long ago. But this time, the doctor actually said he could bring Meng Tai back to peak state. Suddenly, he remembered this doctor was hired by chairman.


An enormous amount of gratitude emerged within Meng Tais heart. The chairman specifically hired someone to restore him back to peak state? Such a thing, if it was others, that seemed to be fake; but for Sun Batian to do so, it was absolutely credible! Recalling back to Sun Batian waiting outside the surgery room for a full hour for Cha Lu, he felt his heart warming.

You still want or not? Su Hao looked at his expression and impatiently asked.

Of course I want! Meng Tai said without hesitation. Having the opportunity to bring his body back to peak state, he understood the impatient and arrogant character of this young man. After all, a person reaching such a level at such a young age with a huge background would definitely develop his arrogance.

Su Hao seemed too lazy to bother him. Taking out a few medicines from his pocket, he began to mix them, before taking out a syringe and withdrawing them. Soon, the syringe was filled with a strange colored liquid.

This... Meng Tai looked at the liquid in the syringe and felt strange about this. Doctor, this drug, this color, there is no problem with it?

Su Hao glanced at him coldly, The medicine in the market just adds coloration. If you dont like this color, I can give you one with nice blue color. Just that Sun Batian only gave me 80 million. If you want to change the color, give me an additional 8 million then!


So expensive!

Meng Tais face turned pale. Where would he get such a sum of money out? But since the formula was still the same, just a different color, what was there to be afraid of?

Thinking of this, Meng Tai grit his teeth and fiercely said, I dont need that. Just inject it now!

En, Su Hao replied indifferently and then directly injected into his arm.


A shot of medication was injected all at once.


Meng Tai suddenly spit out some blood. He suddenly felt his body twitching, with an unimaginable pain. His face began to turn white, Doctor what, what is happening?

Su Hao faintly said, Normal reaction. You think that recovering to peak state was so easy?

What? Meng Tai covered his stomach and felt strength from his body disappearing. He was so weak on the bed that the pain in his right leg disappeared.

Something isnt right!

His strength was all gone!

Meng Tai felt something wasnt right and endured the pain. Looking at the doctor in front, what he heard was the sinister laugh of Su Hao.

Who who are you!

Meng Tais was dumbfounded. Recalling back to the bodyguard who recommended this doctor, Xiao Liuzi, had he betrayed Meng Tai? No, it was impossible! He knew Xaio Luizis family well. If Xiao Liuzi betrayed them, he had nowhere to run. What was the situation here?

Huh, finally you realized? Su Hao looked at him while smiling, that proud disguise look of his was removed and returned back to his usual expression, Let me introduce myself. Im Su Hao. I believe you have heard my name before.

Su Hao!

Meng Tais face drastically changed!

Of course he knew about Su Hao. The mission he accepted tonight was to kill Su Hao with Cha Lu. However, because of the sudden appearance of the man in white, they temporarily changed targets. After being injured, he then came here.

Unexpectedly, Su Hao actually came!

Youre courting death!

Meng Tai revealed a cold expression as he made ready to kill Su Hao. As he tried to clench his fist, he noticed something sad. His fist was so soft that none of his strength could be gathered. Then, he recalled back the drug which Su Hao had just administered to him. He didnt died to the man in white, but here?


Meng Tai suddenly remembered what the bodyguard said,and then looked at Su Hao in horror. You just came from Cha Lus room, dont tell me...

Yes, Su Hao indifferently replied, He is waiting for you below.

Damn! Meng Tais heart went cold. Knowing Su Hao definitely wouldnt give him any chance to request help, he gathered all his strength desperately and suddenly jumped over to the outside window .

He actually intended to jump out the window to win himself a chance to live!

Such a decisive move!

Merely, would Su Hao gave him that opportunity?


A blue light flashed. Meng Tai suddenly felt a burst of unknown force coming from his chest. His whole person was forced back to the bed. At this time, Su Hao took out a wet towel and casually pressed it over his mouth and nose.

Goodbye, Captain Meng Tai.