Godly Model Creator Chapter 227

Gmc Chapter 227

Chapter 0227   Bright Fireworks

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Meng Tai was struggling desperately. After being administered all sorts of drugs by Su Hao, surprisingly he still had the strength to struggle. Such strength was more powerful than Cha Lu! However, no matter how he struggled, Su Haos figure was immovable. One arm held him firmly while another closed his mouth with a wet towel.


Su Hao sneered.

Light flashed within his eyes as his model analysis activated. The reason why he didnt directly poison Meng Tai was because Meng Tai still had some use.

For example, now!

Model analysis, start!

Character modeling!


The model of Meng Tai was successfully established. Countless cards were hovering around. When Su Hao glanced at them, he managed to find a card which was sufficient enough to attract his attention.

Advanced origin ability transition technique!

Sure enough, Meng Tai had mastered it! For an ordinary esper, intermediate origin ability transition technique was more than enough. Only when one had insufficient energy to sustain their origin ability did they start to learn this advanced origin ability technique.

But, dont judge someone like Cha Lu, who was a specialized variant esper, for he had only mastered the intermediate origin ability transition technique.

The origin ability cultivation technique had little effect on strength. The main point here would be personal origin ability talent and energy demand. If demand was high, naturally more energy was needed. Of course, someone like Su Hao, who basically would never have enough energy no matter how much was available, was a rare occurrence.

Card modeling!


Card selection completed advanced origin ability transition technique card model analyzing card model establishing card model begins to form...

A few seconds later, the card model was successfully established.

Once again, an additional gray card containing the advanced origin ability transition technique appeared within Su Haos mind.

Meng Tais struggling strength gradually turned weak. As his pupils began to dilate, he gradually lost consciousness and collapsed weakly. Su Hao then threw him to the bed, wiping his hands before casually left the room.

I just finished treating your captain. Within two hours, dont disturb him. Su Hao walked out with his poker face as if nothing had happened. The two bodyguards quickly agreed. Just now outside, when three of them had a talk, that bodyguard named Xiao Liuzi had already warned them of how powerful this doctors background was. He even dared to curse their chairman. This doctor was definitely someone whom they could only look up to.

Model analysis activated.

Su Hao easily avoided the so-called leaders and walked into the empty medical room. Taking off his white coat, he then left swiftly through the window.

The night was late.

Sun Batian walked into his house with a tired expression.

He was too exhausted!

Coming out of the hospital, he quickly rushed back to the Golden Nightclub and the result? He saw Sun Yaotian still happily lying on a womans belly. All his anger began to erupt! Every time, when everyone was fighting for him, this young master of Sun family would always do such lecherous things.

All these irregular events tonight really exhausted Sun Batian mentally.

Master, what about Su Hao? Housekeeper Zhang asked cautiously.

Su Hao... Sun Batian halted his steps, Did Cha Lu make his move?

En, when I contacted him, it seemed like he was confronting Su Hao. Later, because of the young master, he was forced to leave. A faint light flashed within Housekeeper Zhangs eyes.

Sun Batian pondered for a moment before coldly said, Kill him, then. Since we have already made our move, then dont leave any traces behind. All the consequences, I will bear them!

Both of them talked as they walked into the living room.

As the living rooms automatic door opened when Sun Batian and Housekeeper Zhang approached, however at this time, Sun Batians whole figure stiffened on the spot. When Housekeeper Zhang looked inside, his whole body was covered in cold sweat! At this moment, a young man was leisurely seated on the leather sofa in the living room.

Pouring a cup of good tea, he leaned back on the sofa while reading a worn newspaper. Occasionally he would take a sip from the cup of tea. He looked so comfortable. Seemingly noticing that both of them came in, the young man looked up and then revealed a smile, Long time no see, Chairman Sun.


It was as if lightning struck his mind. Sun Batians soul nearly jumped out of his body.

His whole person was stunned on the spot as he looked at the young man in front of him in disbelief. He had done numerous assessments on the young man in front of him, and also praised him numerous times. In any case, he would never have imagined that this young man could appear in the Sun family manor without alarming anyone!

Housekeeper Zhang was even more dumbfounded.

Cold sweat covering his whole body, being intruded upon without being noticed, that was his negligence as a housekeeper. Just that, he didnt understand that with such tight security around here, all the guards here had a minimum of 15 points of origin ability. There would be guards all the time, yet how did this young man break in?

What was even more terrifying was the identity of this man before them!

Being in charge of ordering an assassination, Housekeeper Zhang was very much familiar with this young mans face. Impressively, it was Su Hao!

Jianghe City, one of the large hotels.

In the presidential suite at the top, a young man leisurely sat in front of a window. In his right hand, a coin was being flipped gently. Watching through the room window, he could see the scenery of the entire landscape of Jianghe City.

It is about time...

Brother Chen gently smiled. A terrifying energy suddenly fluctuated within his hand. In the entire presidential suite, countless pieces of glass moved as they seemed to be affected by the energy. Such an effect could be caused, just by absorbing energy? This force was too horrifying!

All the energy was like a storm entering the coin and then disappearing without a trace.


Brother Chen gently waved his hand and the coin pierced through the window, disappearing into the sky without causing any damage.

Jianghe City was as calm as ever.

A coin falling into Jianghe City wouldnt cause any ripple effect.

But was that really true?

On the west side of Jianghe City, a man in white was moving like electricity in darkness. Occasionally there would be a drop of blood coming from his body. This time, he was seriously injured. Soon, a suspension car came and the man in white quickly forced himself in and then lay down weakly.

Boss, what happened to you?

Fast, body recovery drug!

In the car, a few of his brothers exclaimed. They quickly stabilized the man in whites injuries, and at the same time, they also vaguely smelled the odor of burnt flesh. The man in white who had regained a bit of mental clarity, the first thing he said was, Drive. Were withdrawing, quick!

Those brothers of his glanced at each other and then immediately drove the car away.

To be able to reduce their boss, who had such formidable strength, into such a sorry state, definitely wasnt something they could handle. If the enemy managed to chase here But what they didnt understand was it was just a normal delivery job yet why it turned out like this!

Boss, what is happening? a man, who was usually close to his boss, cautiously asked.


The man in white suddenly ripped off his clothes, revealing horrifying scars and wounds. However, this time, this man, Da Han was full of murderous intent and chilling anger. With a gloomy expression, he looked at his brothers and then coldly said, Im not sure. But when I was on the way to deliver the product, I was intercepted by Sun Batian.


His brothers nearly burst out laughing!


Was this a joke?

Sun Batian? What kind of person was that? One of four giants in Jianghe City, would he come and bully someone like the man in white?

A brother of his obviously felt something wasnt right. Although this big boss of his was tough, sometimes he might act out of the line and might have stepped on the Sun familys tail. But still, such method of doing things didnt seem to be the style of Sun Batian. Boss, the situation wasnt right. Perhaps we have been schemed against?


Da Han was stunned for a moment. He suddenly remembered those few words which Sun Batian said. His whole person was dumbfounded on the spot. All those accusations by Sun Batian which made him feel this Sun leader was a retard, but now it seemed that he was the retarded one! Damn, he was really being schemed against!

Da Han suddenly understood what happened.



Da Han flushed red and then grabbed his communication device, immediately calling the man who he called Brother Chen. Brother Chen, I need an explanation!

You didnt send the product. What is there to explain?

Opposite of the virtual screen, Brother Chen still looked indifferent.

Go your ass! Da Han finally couldnt control his emotions anymore and raged, You dont want us deliverymen, to do business in Jianghe City? Although youre forced to accept this business, in the end, you decided to call it off and kill me, right?

Brother Chens smile was a bit cold, Let me remind you. Daring to scold me is a crime which is more serious than trying to do your delivery business here.

The brother beside Da Han cautiously reminded, Boss, after all, he is Brother Chen...

Get lost!

With a kick, Da Han kicked him away, This daddy doesnt believe that someone who doesnt have combat ability and is always hiding behind like a bitch would be able to touch a single hair of mine! He is still in the hotel and were now in the west region. What is there to be afraid of?

After speaking and cursing till his heart's content, Da Han suddenly felt his heart shudder in alarm.

What happened?

Boss, boss, look! What is that? A nervous voice of his brother could be heard. Da Han suddenly looked up and could see a mass of fiery red flame was heading toward their suspension car with a long tail of smoke dragging behind. It was too late to avoid!


In a blink, the flame reached in front of them. Everyone in the car was shocked to discover that the so-called flame was actually an aircraft. Such a bad luck that this aircraft after being malfunctioned, it actually landed on top of their car. Remembering back to the rumors about Brother Chen, everyone was scared. It couldnt be real, right


A high-speed suspension car and an uncontrolled aircraft crashed into each other on top of the west region. The flame bursts from the explosion dyed the west region red.

It was like fireworks, so bright and beautiful.

After the blink of an eye

The flame disappeared, and the west region returned to normal.