Godly Model Creator Chapter 228

Gmc Chapter 228

Chapter 0228    Threatening

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: RED

Beautiful fireworks, arent they?

At Jianghe City, in his presidential suite, Brother Chen happily looked on from afar. That beautiful flame that suddenly appeared in the sky make him crack a smile.

Its time to go home, Brother Chen sighed and he turned around to look at the two figures in the room. Suddenly, his expression became slightly dejected. Su Tiancheng. Su Hao. Heh. The debt I owed you in the past, I have already settled. The road ahead, you should walk yourself. The basic stage is the toughest part for model analysis. I will eagerly await your time to soar!

After brother Chen finished speaking, he walked out of the room.


The automatic room door closed. All the information in the room immediately was destroyed including the display screen. Everything was exactly as if Brother Chen had never appeared.

Jianghe City, the Sun family mansion.

Su Haos sudden appearance stunned Sun Batian and Housekeeper Zhang in place!

But after the momentary shock, Sun Batians expression returned to normal. No matter how panicky his heart was, on the surface he had recovered to his normal calm self. As he looked at Su Haos calm expression, Sun Batian didnt ask how he came, instead he directly asked, What do you want!?

Su Hao shrugged his shoulders, That would depend entirely on your response.

Hilarious! Sun Batians eyes immediately became ice cold and his gaze was filled with killing intent. Su Hao, today you have gone overboard! The power of the citizens of Jianghe City all have their own boundaries, and that is not to harm the family members of others. Hence I have been patient and didnt attack, but dont force me to attack the ladies of your family!

Oh? Su Hao raised his head and smiled slightly, his smile was magnificent, Earlier I went to visit aunty, yes - aunty was sweetly sleeping. At 40, she still maintains the looks of a 30 year old. Such a natural beauty, if I was born 20 years earlier, perhaps I would have to fight with you for her, ha ha! Su Hao laughed happily.

Both Sun Batian and Housekeeper Zhang were numb to their scalps, neither of them were able to laugh.


Only both of them knew?

Su Hao knew, too!

And looking at it, it seemed that he was even more skillful. When they returned, even the bedroom upstairs had been entered! If he had any intention to harm anyone, perhaps...

Once he thought about this, Sun Batian shivered profusely.

As he faced Su Hao, he finally didnt have a Jianghe giant versus the younger generation type of attitude, the only attitude he had was a deep dread and concern!

This young man, was very terrifying!

He must be killed!

Su Haos strength instead stirred up the brutality in Sun Batians heart, he definitely could not be spared!

While Sun Batian considered it, his expression kept changing. His violent aura kept changing. Under such a terrifying aura, the temperature of the hall even decreased a few percentages. But Su Haos expression opposite him remained unchanged. He quietly sat there without batting an eyelid.

You shouldnt have come here! Sun Batian sneered. Do you think I will let you leave here alive?

Su Hao laughed indifferently, I am afraid that is not your decision to make.


Sun Batian clenched his right hand. A terrifying wave appeared immediately in the empty air as a ray of purple light flashed and directly struck towards Su Hao. At such speed, no one would be able to dodge it!


Sun Batians expression suddenly changed. The purple lightning that struck actually forcefully changed direction. It hit under Su Haos feet and crack marks appeared. The halls floor tiles instantly turned into a pile of ruins.

Cold sweat appeared from Sun Batians forehead. He watched Su Hao take out a few items, his whole body shivering a moment...

This madman!

When he attacked, Su Hao simply took out a few items and put them in his hands. Even if it was Sun Batian, he couldnt help but stop.

Origin ability liquid bomb...

Origin ability solid bomb.

Poison radiation.

Origin ability wave catalyst...

A total of nine items, all of them causing Sun Batians lips to twitch slightly. These items all contained extremely dangerous banned substances. The origin ability liquid bomb could be considered the weakest! The solid bomb was ten times more powerful! Not to mention the other gas-spreading poison attacks; if one detonated, everything within five kilometers would be affected.

When these items were combined, exploding under the influence of the catalyst...

Within a five kilometer radius, everything would be wiped out!

Su Hao calmly said, As I said before, if anything happens to my family members, the whole of your Sun family will be buried along with them. It doesnt matter if its me, or my master, we will do the same. This is my last warning, otherwise, even at the risk of being in danger, I will ensure that your Sun family will disappear from the face of the Earth!


A blatantly obvious threat!

The Sun family was capable of threatening Su Hao, but Su Hao also was naturally capable of threatening the Sun family! Sun Batian was really depressed; ever since he had become a giant of Jiang He City, who had dared to speak to him this way? Since when he had received such threats? The most depressing part was, he held a super killing weapon, like a camouflage artifact, yet when facing Su Hao, he couldnt help but lower his head!

The same statement, I send it back to you, Sun Batian calmly replied.

Very good. Su Hao smiled happily and walked towards the exit. However, when he reached the door, his footsteps slightly slowed, Oh, yeah, as the price of you making a move, I also gave the Sun family a present as a token of our connection. I think you will like it.

After he laughed heartily, Su Hao turned around and left.


Sun Batian was stunned. He crossed eyes with Housekeeper Zhang as both of them felt that something wasnt right. It was at that moment that Housekeeper Zhangs communication device vibrated, and a virtual screen popped out. It was one of the bodyguards from the Sun family, his face pale as he said, Housekeeper Zhang, not good, Captain Cha Lu and Captain Meng Tai are both dead!


Sun Batian felt an explosion ring in his head, his whole person almost collapsed to the ground.

Specialized variant esper!

In the Sun family, there were no more than three. Although Meng Tai and Cha Lu were slightly old and didnt have any hope of improving, they were after all still specialized variant espers! And they werent any ordinary ones! How could they die in such a manner? Once he remembered Su Haos words, Sun Batian shivered profusely.

In the whole of Jianghe City, its population of a few hundred thousand, how many of them were specialized variant espers?

Specialized variant espers were extremely valuable!

Video recording, produce me the video recording! Sun Batian shouted furiously. Even when he was threatened by Su Hao, he hadnt lost himself in such a manner.

After he saw the video recording, Sun BaTian fell silent.

Earlier, he had thought Su Hao was a lunatic who just wandered around with bombs on his back. Such people, once targeted for attack, that would be their escape route. Just now, he was still thinking how not to trigger that explosion and successfully kill Su Hao. But, when he saw the contents of the video recording, his heart went cold.

Su Hao was in the hospital, as naturally as if he was in his own home. Very skillfully and easily, within a short ten minutes, he killed two specialized variant espers.

Casually, without the slightest bit of fireworks, the two of them were squished to death like ants.

Although he took the opportunity of them being heavily injured and during the handover shift time in the hospital, it was Su Haos viciousness and the decisiveness of his actions that shocked him.

Blame Su Hao?

From the earlier negotiations, his hidden intentions were very clear. From today onwards there wouldnt be any more interactions. Obviously, Su Hao had made earlier preparations for this. That was why his grasp of timing was so accurate.

Blame the hospital?

Although the Sun family was powerful, they were severely weakened from this battle. To provoke a richly backed First Central Hospital was pointless. Although victory was certain, the Sun familys short end would be completely exposed and they would be completely swallowed by other powers who saw the opportunity.

Until they recovered back to their peak strength, the Sun family wouldnt dare to do anything rash again.

Su Hao saw this clearly.


Sun Batian sat down on the sofa, lying against the back weakly. It was as if he had grown older by a few decades. He was extremely exhausted. Even more, he felt a deep sense of helplessness. This was something he had not experienced for over ten years. And all of these started when he clashed with Su Hao.

The blue dream butterfly incident, causing the Sun family to suffer heavy losses.

And today, the deaths of two specialized variant espers had shaken the foundation of the Sun family all the more. After losing their two warriors, was the Sun family still qualified to remain as one of Jianghe Citys 4 giants?

That time, I really should have killed him, Sun Batian suddenly said.

Housekeeper Zhangs heart tightened. He was still in astonished disbelief. What Sun Batian said, he naturally knew about it. Not long ago, he thought of letting Su Hao be Sun Yaotians stepping stone, to sharpen the young master, and that was why he had mercy on Su Hao. 

But the result? The young master had become Su Haos stepping stone instead!

And when the Sun family moved against Su Hao, they had already lost their best opportunity!

Sun Batians sentence naturally meant that at the very beginning he should have killed Su Hao! Even if it would have offended Zhang Zhongtian, he should not have shown any hesitation!

But now, after the family had received his threats, Su Haos ferociousness, the experience and viciousness displayed to everyone for the first time, all these caused their hearts to be extremely frightened.

But the matter that caused Housekeeper Zhang to be most alarmed was Sun Batian actually regretted!

As one of the 4 giants of Jianghe City, had Sun Batian ever shown regret before?

Even if he was wrong, he would persist in sticking to his path!

But today-

He regretted, frankly.

Sun Batian wanted to smoke a cigarette. The result was his hand slightly shivered and he didnt manage to light it up the first few times.

Housekeeper Zhangs nose was slightly sour. He quickly helped his master light the cigarette. Following Sun Batian for the most of his life, watching this old man in high spirits calmly control the lands of Jianghe City. When he faced the other giants, he wasnt inferior. In fact, he was secretly the number one man of Jianghe City.

Since when had he seen this version of Sun Batian?

Slightly anxious, embarrassed, and impetuous; when the glory of being one of Jianghe Citys four giants disappeared, the Sun Batian before him was just an ordinary old man.

Today I think it is better to rest early, Housekeeper Zhang couldnt help but say. Sun Batian silently nodded agreement.


The villas huge door was opened suddenly. Sun Yaotian had returned in good spirits. When he walked into the hall and saw Sun Batian sitting there, the pleasure he had for himself immediately vanished, Dad, as per your instructions, I have sent them back. That werent you fighting against Su Hao, did you manage to kill him?

Sun Batian raised his head and looked at him, his expression was slightly cold.

Sun Yaotian was slightly afraid and shrunk his neck, thinking that his dad might take him out again.

However at this moment, Sun Batian patted his shoulder, sighed, turned around and walked up the stairs. Sun Yaotian sighed in relief. Fortunately his dad didnt teach him yet another lesson. As he saw Sun Batian climb up the stairs, he quietly asked Housekeeper Zhang. Housekeeper Zhang, in the end, was Su Hao killed or not?

Housekeeper Zhang felt slightly sorrowful.

For a legendary name like Sun Batian, why did he have such a son?

A father like him didnt even have the strength to teach his son a lesson. It was obvious that he was already thoroughly disappointed, yet this young master still cared about whether Su Hao was killed or not?

Such a damn disappointment!

This was the very first time Housekeeper Zhang made such a judgment towards this young master.