Godly Model Creator Chapter 229

Gmc Chapter 229

Chapter 0229   A Battle Between Hundreds of Cities!

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After Su Hao came out from the Sun familys residence, he was finally able to completely relax.

Nailed it!

Todays threats only had one purpose; to clearly inform Sun Batian that if he wanted to touch Su Hao, he would have to pay a huge price. He was like a small country with a nuclear bomb. He wasnt strong, nor would he try to find trouble. However, if you tried to step on his tail, you definitely would not get away unscathed. (TL: sounds like NK to me!)

Su Haos strength wasnt great.

However, his performance and means today clearly showed he possessed a nuclear warhead.

Later that night, Su Hao recalled everything that happened that day. Surprisingly, there were still some lingering fears. It all seemed to be pretty smooth, but just one wrong step and everything would have gone wrong. This confrontation also made Su Hao realize that Jianghe Citys giants werent really as strong as he had once imagined.

Provided he had the strength!

The conclusion to the negotiations between Su Hao and the Sun family was equivalent to signing a temporary cease fire. When the Sun family had enough strength, they  definitely wouldnt hesitate to make a move and reveal their fangs.

Of course, this also applied to Su Hao.

Such a pity... Su Hao looked at all the items in his hands, and sighed in regret. He really was eager to test out their power.

Unfortunately, once these items were used, most probably the death toll would exceed four figures. The Sun family might be wiped off the Earth, but the Origin Ability Association definitely wouldnt sit still, and likely kill him promptly. Unless he was at the point of facing death, these items must not be used at all. Of course, the most important thing was these werent his items to begin with.

If Zhang Zhongtian knew that Su Hao secretly took out all these babies of his that he had accumulated for more than ten years, just to make a bluff, he would definitely be enraged.

Returning to the pharmacy store, he found Zhang Zhongtian still immersed in his experiments in studying the enhanced version of the black market strengthening medicine. While he worked hard to create a new milestone in the pharmaceutical industry, Su Hao bringing along blue dream butterfly was like a little devil, quietly sneaking into the store and silently putting things back in place before he left.

The night in Jianghe City was now as quiet as ever.

Nobody truly knew and understood what had happened during that short night.

The following early morning...

Su Hao went to the studio and finally met his employer, Jin Cheng, from the Jin family of Jinhua City, a kindly-looking old man. He seemed gentle and well-mannered, but the assessment software revealed that he was a specialized variant esper. This startled Su Hao...were specialized variant espers a normal occurrence?

Jin family, specialized variant; these two points were important.

Based on his understanding of Jinhua City, it wasnt the same Jinhua City that had existed before the 21st century. Jinhua City was built due to the presence of two huge family businesses. During the chaos of the origin ability era, the Jin family and Hua families rapidly rose to the top and established Jinhua City.

With both families marrying into one another, their relationship was so close that there was practically zero gap!

In this situation where there wasnt any internal struggles, Jinhua City developed rapidly and soon became the strongest city in the area!

And the Jin family and Hua families were well-deserving bellwethers.

To some extent, they were one entity, the iron rulers of Jinhua City. Excluding the Origin Ability Association and some external forces, nobody was able to shake their position.

Because Jianghe City and Jinhua City were pretty close to each other, and there was a huge gap in their strengths, Jianghe City was something of a subordinate city to Jinhua City in some ways. This was also why when Jinhua City lacked an architect, the very first place they considered searching for manpower was Jianghe City.

After Lin Yue introduced both of them, they then went to the Origin Ability Firm to register the task.

After registering the task, the small group then took a flight out that same day to leave Jianghe City. As for Su Hao leaving Jianghe City for the first time, Lin Yue wasnt worried much about it. He specifically accompanied Su Hao on the plane all the way to Jinhua City. 

Su Hao naturally and readily accepted this. In fact, if I ignore the gender issue, Lin Yue really has that big sister style of character.

Get lost! was Lin Yues standard answer.

The plane flight went smoothly, being surrounded by a layer of origin energy shielding. Since the start of the era of origin ability, the natural accident rate of aircraft had dropped to nearly zero. With protection from origin energy, the planes safety was increased at least tenfold! Looking out through his window, Su Hao was somewhat amazed.

Jianghe City gradually turned smaller and smaller in his field of vision.

The city which pressured him so much, like a huge monster, had just turned into a small thing. The Sun family, the four giants, specialized variant espers; they were all just a small part of the huge planet, and not much worth mentioning.

Inexplicably, Su Hao had an insight.

Jianghe City was so small...

Whatre you thinking about? Lin Yue asked as he felt something strange. You feel strange because of your first time taking a plane?

A little bit, Su Hao smiled. Feeling a bit puzzled, he then asked, A suspension car seems to be quite fast. Why didnt we use that instead?

Lin Yue pursed his lips and laughed.

Jin Cheng also laughed when he heard this, Su Hao, do you know why suspension cars can fly?

Huh? Su Hao frowned, Magnetic fields. Through the repulsion of magnetic fields, it can achieve a floating effect. Then, origin energy would be used as fuel to change directions...wrong, if it is magnetic fields, then two poles are needed for it to work... Su Hao began to analyze as he frowned.

Lin Yue and Jin Cheng were all dumbfounded. Why didnt they use a suspension car? In fact, it was a very silly yet amusing question. Later, when others explained it to them, only then did they know that how ignorant they were. Thinking of this, they felt embarrassed, too. Seeing Su Hao asking the same question, they felt better about themselves. 

Haha, Su Hao, actually... Jin Cheng coughed for a moment before opening his mouth in satisfaction. Underground magnetic field!

Su Haos eyes lit up. At that moment he managed to solve the question. If a suspension car has such a strong magnetic field, then below the city, there must be another huge magnetic field. A city contains such a field to be used as a driving force! That is why suspension cars are able to float in the sky!

Er... Su Haos reaction was so quick, it took them off guard.

Jin Cheng was a bit depressed. But after hearing Su Haos reply, he was somehow a bit relieved, Su Hao, you only know a part of it. As for the second half-

An origin ability magnetic field! As if Su Hao hadnt heard what Jin Cheng had said, he kept analyzing, If the magnetic field covered the entire city, the city would be in chaos and affect everyone. This world would be a mess. Thus, the magnetic field was definitely not one which spread all the way to the surface, and using the concept of surface to point, achieved the effect of a point to point magnetic field!

Jin Cheng and Lin Yue were both stunned.

They didnt understand the point to point and surface to point thing, all they knew was that suspension cars could fly because of an origin energy magnetic field. Jin Cheng only casually mentioned a bit about it and Su Hao was already able to figure it all out. Such analytical ability really shocked them.

Still in his own world, Su Haos eyes were glittering. The effect of a point to point magnetic field, only origin ability energy could achieve such a thing. Using origin energy to surround the magnetic field, and the same thing within the suspension car, covering the magnetic field with origin ability energy. When the point to point between these two spots are in contact, it would then let the car float in the sky. This should be the main mechanism of how suspension cars work.

Having said that, when the car leaves the city, there wont be any coverage from the  underground origin magnetic field. That would be when the suspension car loses its role. Only normal means can be used to travel out of city. Coupled with the reality of being attacked by berserk beasts, the best transport for long distances would still be a plane! Su Hao made his own conclusion.

Lun Yue rolled his eyes. Su Hao asked and answered the question himself, and what he deduced was more than what they knew. Thinking of the moment when they asked their friends about this matter, they felt sad. Was Su Hao too smart, or they were too retarded?

Hai. Jin Cheng was obviously experienced. Skillfully changing the topic, he said, Su Hao, when you reach Jinhua City, you have to tone down your words. Although we Jin family and the Hua family are one, a lot of specialized variant espers will be participating. Those with bad characters naturally wont be small in number.

How many will be there? Su Hao asked, interested.

There are 90 cities registered. At least one specialized variant esper will be representing each city. What do you think then? Jin Cheng faintly sighed.


Su Haos face stiffened. At least one specialized variant esper from each city, there would be more than a hundred specialized variant espers this time? Specialized variant espers, just pick any one of them and they would be able to get rid of him easily. And now, with more than a hundred this wasnt mushrooms blooming anymore. This was even more than a mushroom field!

With more than a hundred at one place, was this a wholesale on espers?

At this moment, Su Hao finally realized how serious this problem was.

In Jianghe City, only a few powerful forces would have specialized variant espers. All added up, there werent many. This time, it would be a battle between countless cities. And some were even more powerful than Jianghe City.

Generally speaking, this was a battle between hundreds of cities!

The ruins would be the place for the battle. Even this time, with him acting as a spectator, it wont be as easy as he had imagined. If he accidentally made a wrong move, he would be eradicated immediately.

Of course, this didnt meant there werent any benefits

Su Haos eyes brightened.

In Jianghe City, he would always had to take risks whenever he made a move, but now, in the ruins, things were different. Such a place


Whatre you thinking of? Lun Yue glanced at him weirdly, If you think there are too many espers, you can cancel the task. After all, you still havent started it yet.

Jin Cheng nodded, he was deep in thought.

To find someone with a weak mentality would only create more trouble.

Nope, I just need to take a break, Su Hao said indifferently. After finished his words, he then closed his eyes. Numerous scenes flashed within his mind as he began to calculate the gains and losses of this operation.