Godly Model Creator Chapter 23

Gmc Chapter 23

Chapter 23 Final madness

Fighting points, burst!


A explosive burst; Su Hao felt a wave of devastating strength coming out from Sun Yaotians fist. Despite the fact that he had prepared himself to receive the attack, his whole figure was still thrown out due to the explosion.


A mouthful of blood spray; his eardrums were also impacted by the wave. He flew away inadvertently and fell flat on the ground with a huge impact.


Sound of the hard ground being hit. The whole sparring hall was silent. For these students with origin abilities between 6 and 7, this was the very first time they witnessed such a shocking battle.

Compared to the mock battle by the school fighting instructors, this was completely different. This was much more savage and extreme to another level. After several reversals, finally it seemed that Sun Yaotian came out as the victor.

After all, his origin ability had reached value of 9.

Feeling drowsy, Su Hao could feel that Sun Yaotian was moving closer to him step by step and stepped onto Su Haos chest with one of his feet.

Sun Yaotian whispered to Su Hao, I dare not kill you, but I can still dispose of you. In addition, your beloved sister, I will gladly accept her. This is the price you have to pay for touching my woman.

Ling Er. Su Haos mind was startled and he wanted to stand up. However, his whole body was in pain and he was not able to get up.

Aiyo, you can still struggle? Sun Yaotians mood seemed to be very good. Too bad, you will lie for a very long period of time in hospital. Then, when you wake up, your beloved sister will belong to me. That little lasss skin is very white and her development isnt bad either. Im actually looking forward to her performance on bed.

Su Haos whole body was trembling right now in rage. Staring at Sun Yaotians proud expression, the killing desire in his heart finally erupted and was no longer able to be suppressed.

You think the school will help? Dont worry, the school will definitely stand on my side because my Sun family is one of the largest shareholders in this school. This is the law of this era, the law of origin ability era! You really think this world really has justice? Then let me enlighten you, strength is the largest justice!

Ill definitely.kill Su Hao said with a broken sentence.

Oh? What did you said? Sun Yaotian said with his proud tone. Holding onto one side of Su Haos head, he laughed directly in front of Su Haos face, You cant even speak clearly. Such a pitiful son, what do you want to say? If its about your sister, dont worry. Ill definitely take a good care of her.

Isaid.. Su Haos body was gasping for air, but then suddenly, his breathing became stable, I said I will kill you!


Su Haos eyes were flashing. Sun Yaotian felt that this was bad. He was experiencing a trace of fear and wanted to withdraw, but it was too late.

Su Hao, with a scary smile, clinged tightly onto Sun Yaotians body. With his last bit of power concentrating on his right hand, he aimed at both of Sun Yaotians eyes and stabbed down.

Iron shirt could protect your body, but could it protect your eyes?

Pu ci

At such close distance, Su Hao easily poked his fingers in, and with his precise aim, you could hear a loud and crisp sound of kacha.

Ahahah ah ah

A miserable scream was resonating in the whole sparring hall. Sun Yaotian crazily punched Su Hao, and once again, he was lying flat on the ground. Sun Yaotian was also rolling on the ground in pain with his piercing screams.

All students in the crowd were dumbfounded by such a scene. Goosebump were all over their body. What is actually happening here?

What did Sun Yaotian provoke Su Hao with that made him rampage like a mad dog?

Su Hao with such heavy injury could still manage to produce such strength and poked Sun Yaotians eyes to such a terrible condition. Actually, what strength is supporting him?

A student duel could even be turned into a fight of life and death!

However, everyone was feeling some coldness in their mind. An idea was deeply imprinted in their brain, which is never to offend this mad dog, Su Hao!


Below the sparring stage, Sun Yaohui who was watching the battle suddenly rushed out from within the crowd. He quickly ran to the side of Sun Yaotian who was screaming in pain. Peng peng, with two strikes, he immediately made Sun Yaotian enter into a state of coma and relieved him of pain. Then, he fed Sun Yaotian a bottle of relieving drug. Eventually, Sun Yaotian was no longer struggling in pain.

Sun Yaohui hurriedly carried him to a middleman in the stage below, Uncle Li, immediately bring Tian Er back for treatment, it can still be cured now.

Yes, young master!

Uncle Li, also realised the alarming situation right now, and with a great hatred stared at Su Hao who was lying on the stage. Holding Sun Yaotians figure, he madly exited the sparring hall.

Sun Yaohui turned around and stared at Su Hao. With his sinister eyes, he took a step forward. A kacha sound could be heard echoing in the whole sparring hall. Looking down, his whole body was as if it were covered with lighting.

That was a destroyed eye which he accidentally stepped on. In other words, one of Sun Yaotians eyes was completely wasted!

Su! Hao!

Sun Yaohui shouted these two words while gritting his teeth. Staring at Su Hao who was not far away on the stage, he suddenly rushed out.

Su Hao saw the incoming assault but he did not make a move.

In fact, even if he wanted to, his body was not listening to him. He could only powerlessly lay down on the stage. He watched Sun Yaohui, who was madly charging towards him like a raging bull.

Oh, bull? At such time, I can still think of this.

Su Hao surprisingly wanted to laugh.

Sun Yaohui directed a punch down on his head. Su Hao slowly closed his eyes. This is the end..

A biting cold breeze could be felt beside his ear. Being confused, Su Hao heard a loud and cold shout, Get lost!


The very next moment, a cold aura of ice enveloped the surrounding sparring hall. Su Haos whole body felt very cold and yet it was then followed by a burst of warmness. When he opened his eyes, he saw himself being under the embrace of Chen Yiran who was looking at him with a worrisome expression.

Su Hao, youre fine right, how do you feel now? Chen Yiran asked with a hint of heartache in her tone. After all, Su Hao had to suffer attacks from Sun Yaotian again and again due to her. This really made her hard to accept it in her heart.

The corner of Su Haos mouth rose, So soft.

Chen Yirans eyes instantly stared at him. When she looked down, she found that she had accidentally placed Su Hao on top of her bosom and this guy was resting so comfortably on top of them.

Chen Yirans white face quickly turned to rosy red. She then rearranged the position of Su Hao and took out a bottle of recovery drug to feed him, Dont talk. First, take a good rest.

Great! This is great! Chen Yiran!

Sun Yaohui was almost into madness, This kid ruined one of my little brothers eyes, and yet you are here flirting with him. Dont forget you are Sun Yaotians fiancee!

Once this sentence ended, the whole sparring hall was shocked. No wonder, this Chen Yiran from the very beginning was the fiancee of Sun Yaotian? No wonder he was so crazy, the hat which Su Hao brought him to wear is none other but green. (TLN: The green hat story, if you read the recent MGA chapters, you will know since Eggy already explained.)

Chen Yiran looked at him as if looking at an idiot and faintly said, Because of these words of yours, your brothers reputation has became even worse. Sun Yaotian, that retard is not so smart as to plan such a scheme step by step to destroy Su Hao. To be able to come up with such plan, it should be none other than you.

In other words, the one who is actually harming your little brother is you, yourself!


Sun Yaohuis eyes were flashing in anger. His gaze was so scary and terrifying, You think you have the ability to save him?

Sun Yaohui once again dashed forward towards Su Hao. His figure was just like an artillery shell, which caused people to not be able to react at all. Chen Yirans expression turned cold. Her right hand was like a feather, lightly raised. Countless cold ice crystal appeared on her hand. With a loud noise, those crystals joined together and formed an icy cold wall within the parameter of 5 meters.

You dare to come any close, I will kill you without any hesitation! Chen Yirans faint voice echoed in the whole sparring hall.

Sun Yaohuis figure halted and was just barely able to stop outside the ice wall. Noticing Chen Yirans eyes, he knew that if he take any step forward, Chen Yiran will definitely make her move!

Chen Yiran, he was not afraid of, but Chen Yifeng..

Great then, I will definitely demand an explanation from Chen family regarding this matter. Sun Yaohui said. With crazy flash brimming from his eyes, he turned and left the stage. The students below the stage, one by one, hurriedly opened a path for him to walk with terror in their minds.

Su Hao looked at the face in front, which was so beautiful that it shook his heart, and smiled, Why do you have to meddle into such trouble.

Chen Yiran carefully placed him on her thighs and slowly rubbed his temples just like the moment last time at the quiet park. In these two years, youve been my only friend. You and Sun Yaotian shouldnt even cross each others roads. Its because of me that such thing happened. I should be the one to feel sorry.

If..we really crossed each others roads? Su Hao whispered.

Eh? Chen Yiran lowered down her head, a sign of her not understanding Su Haos words.

What if I really have fallen in love in you? Su Hao looked at her, his gaze was brimming in bright light like never before.

The movement of Chen Yirans smooth hands, which were massaging at the moment, paused. She suddenly recalled two days ago, the joking confession of Su Hao and also the his action this morning that was definitely over the line.if she did not like him, no matter how close their relationship, will she really let a friend lie on top of her thighs?

Steal her first kiss, yet not make her mad?

Of course no!

For the first time, Chen Yiran faced head on with her true inner feeling.

She knew that her heart had already been conquered by Su Hao. This was the first official confession of Su Hao yet she didnt know how to respond due to the matter regarding Viper.

This error was due to the factor of Vipers and Sun Yaotians rash challenge. This plan should only be carried out after departure of Viper from the city, yet it was pushed forward in advance. As a result, such consequences occurred.

The next time, can Su Hao really hold out?

As the Chen familys second miss, she had all the glory and wealth, but because of that, she had lost too many things. Even with a simple matter of her life like love, she had to consider so many things.

After waiting for a while and not getting a reply, Su Hao did not want to make things difficult for her.

I know the answer.

Su Hao said in a very weak voice and then finally lost consciousness.

Su Hao. Chen Yiran somehow felt heartache. You fool

Holding Su Haos figure, which was covered in blood, she got off the stage. With her fluttering white clothes, she turned back to her cold aura. The students nearby had long ago retreated and dared not be near her. All the events happening today, it doesnt matter which event would be spread out, it would definitely be earth shattering news!

Now, as Chen Yiran left the sparring hall, these events which could shake the all of Jianghe city officially began to spread!


Su Hao is so smooth~