Godly Model Creator Chapter 230

Gmc Chapter 230

Chapter 0230    The Domineering Origin Ability Association

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His model analysis was launched as he began to evaluate the operation this time. However, since that three star card was still not in his hand, Su Haos own way of deduction was too weak.

First prepared plan

Second prepared plan

Third prepared plan

Su Hao didnt hesitate to establish one plan by one plan. Then after undergoing lots of analysis, he then got rid of those unreasonable parts. Considering all the danger he might meet and the solutions in case he was in such situations, like boiling a snowball, analyzing layer by layer which caused his energy consumption to be larger.

His origin ability energy dropped at an incredible rate.

After a moment later


Light flashed within Su Haos eyes.

The initial deduction had reached the limit. With his current capability, if he is to analyze further down, his energy wont be able to support. Before he mastered that three star card, he could only reach such a level.


A slight vibration startled Su Haos mind.

His communication device rang.

However, it wasnt the one on his wrist but the one in his backpack. The long-awaited task had finally arrived!

Leaving his seat to enter the bathroom, Su Hao then took out the Piao Ling Organizations communication device.


Piao Ling Organization Assassination Task

Target: Jinhua Citys Jin family members, Jinhua Citys Hua family members.

Location: Ancient ruins

Task reward: 

Jin family members, 100 killing points

Hua family members, 100 killing points

Specialized variant esper of the Jin and Hua family, 1000 killing points


This is... Su Haos pupil shrinked. Such a generous reward!

All these days, when he was bored, he did spend some time to understand further about this Piao Ling Organization. To some extent, killing points were even more precious that task points. And this time, the task reward was so generous, even more than the previous one.

Obviously, this was the all due to the strength of someone who wanted to get rid of the Jin and Hua family.

Jin family...Hua family...

Su Hao pondered for a moment. This time, what he accepted was a task issued by Jin family. He should be considered as one with Jin family. Under normal circumstances, if he saw such task, he should quickly warn the Jin family for them to be well prepared. Just like what he did with Chen family, but this time, Su Hao didnt do this.

Instead, he chose, Accept!

Which fool wont accept it?

Both the Jin and Hua family dead had nothing to do with him.

If they were in a chaotic fight, if he had the opportunity to get rid of one, then he could earn easily. If he didnt have the chance, then he would just act along. After all, there wont be anything for him to lose. For him, this task would make this trip much more worth it. Why wouldnt he accept it?

In fact, if he accepted this task and was unable to kill even a single ordinary member of the family, he would lose his credibility, but it didnt matter to Su Hao. Until now, he still didnt know his position in the circle of killers.

Not to mention the credibility.

Su Hao accepted the task without any hesitation. It seemed that he didnt realize that after confronting the Sun family a few times, he had begun to change from an inexperienced weak student into a decisive and vicious killer!

For this dark society, surprisingly, Su Hao was able to accept it.

Even Piao Ling Organization had released this task...

However, after accepting this task, Su Haos mind moved. This time, these ancient ruins, had attracted attention from many people. If the Piao Ling Organization already released the task, what about other places?

Su Hao quickly opened his schools task panel.

Retrieving task related to ancient ruins, as he expected, nothing appeared.

The schools main aim was to nurture its students. To release such a task to a student where specialized variant espers participate in, such a move was just like sending their students to deaths!

However, if the school didnt have it, that didnt mean that the Origin Ability Firm didnt.

Su Hao quickly changed his target and after a search, a little message popped out, Sorry, your origin ability is too low. You have no right to view this.

Su Hao bitterly smiled.

After updating his origin ability to 16.1 points, he searched for it again. Interestingly, among the lists, he found out one small line of words.

The following information is only available for those with 15 points and above in origin ability.

So that was it!

Su Hao finally understood the intention. This was to prevent those hunters who tried to court their own death due to greed. Mankinds greed is limitless. If this task was open to the public, perhaps even those hunters with less than 10 points in origin ability would rush there too, hoping for a chance to harvest something.

Shaking his head, Su Hao continued to read.


Constructing blueprint.

Task grade: Three star

Requirement: 15 points and above in origin ability

Description: The ancient ruins, due to the impact of origin storm, it then formed a new environment. Those who accept this task would go there and build a new blueprint for Origin Ability Association to contribute to the study. (All information about this task completion would be kept confidential. The submission of the blueprint will be all done via the Internet.)

Task reward: 10 million star dollar

Task publisher: Origin Ability Association


A task to build a blueprint? Origin Ability Association? Su Haos mind moved. He finally understood a bit.

Origin Ability Association must have been wanting to compare the blueprint of the ancient ruins before and after the origin ability storm and study the impact of the storm on its surroundings. As for the words inside the parentheses, it was even more interesting.

Such a sentence was obviously for the sake of the one who accepted the task.

Because under normal circumstances, to go to such a place for an adventure must not be leaked. To explore the ruins, it wasnt an easy task. People who had worked hard to open new routes would definitely not be happy to see you selling off the information. If the identity of the one selling the blueprint was leaked out, wont that attract hatred instead?

This is interesting, this task fits my identity.


However, when Su Hao accepted it, he didnt accept it with his own communication device but Dao Bas instead. In case if anything out of his expectation happens, at least he would be able to control the situation well. Anyways, everything was done through the Internet. Safe, reliable and hidden.

When he looked further down, Su Hao sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

Although Origin Ability Association wont put those with ordinary skill in their eyes, never did he think that the gap between two was this huge!


Camouflage artifact purchase

Task grade: Three star

Requirement: 15 points and above origin ability

Description: Unlimited purchase of camouflage artifacts. (Everything related to the task will be completely hidden and confidential. Task completion and delivery would be done via the Internet.)

Task reward: Every camouflage artifact would be paid 100 million star dollar.

Task publisher: Origin Ability Association


100 million star dollar?

Unlimited purchase?

Origin Ability Association actually phrased it in such a way?

If 100 million star dollars could buy a camouflage artifact, how many powerful people would Jianghe City have? Then, previously they wont be beaten into such a sorry state. All those people in the party, which one of them were not worth hundreds of millions of star dollars? On that day, only one camouflage artifact appeared, and it was in the hand of Chen Haonian.

Camouflage artifact wasnt something which could be bought with money.

Whoever sold it for 100 million is truly a fool!

However, Su Hao felt that this task from Origin Ability Association was directed to those who had a camouflage artifact in their hands but for whatever reason, they were not able to dispose of the artifact. Especially at this moment, releasing such a task was like telling the public, Look, make a move! Dont be afraid to offend someone and not able to sell it! Find us, the Origin Ability Association, and you will be satisfied!

This association was so cunning.

Su Hao wiped off his sweat and continued to read further.


Ancient ruins record

Task grade: 3 star

Requirement: 15 points and above in origin ability

Description: Every adventure is a rare experience but also a rich one. Bring a silent exploration device along and capture every scene during the adventure, including each battle and confrontation. As one of the ancient ruins, it was worth to be recorded.

Task reward: 30 million star dollar

Publisher: Origin Ability Association



Su Haos heart started beating fast. There was even such a task?

This silent exploration device, he was too familiar with it. That time when he was sprinting in the berserk beasts domain, he had used it once to show the real life situation to everyone. That was also used to have a better view of his sprint to earn more task points.

But in the ancient ruins

This absolutely cant be used!

Not only couldnt he use it, he mustnt allow others to use it! It was already an agreed rule that such a device is banned during a group exploration.

This task is a joke, pass!

After finished reading all the tasks, Su Hao then returned to his seat.

A moment later, the plane landed. There was someone from the Jin family came to the airport to pick them up. Lin Yue took another flight to return while Su Hao followed Jin Cheng and another member to the Jin family residence.

Jinhua City was huge, much larger than Jianghe City.

The degree of how bustling the city was, the quality of life was much better. The degree of luxury in Jin family as a leading family was needless to say. Su Hao lived with the Jin family for a few days. Everything was automatic with AI aid which made him felt like one from a village coming to a city for the first time.

A duration of two days, it was enough for him to return to his peak.

And at this time, people from all the other cities had arrived. All people who were eager and waited for a long time finally got ready and rushed to the ruins.