Godly Model Creator Chapter 231

Gmc Chapter 231

Chapter 0231    Pathfinders!

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In the ancient ruins...

The calm for the past few days had already broken. The faces of those few guards who watched the main entrance were a bit pale. Occasionally there would be one or two specialized variant espers coming and having a look. But not like today! Today, there were actually a whole bunch of them!

Specialized variant espers!

Each and every one of them!

Every few minutes, there would be a wave of representatives from different cities coming in a team of two or three. One specialized variant esper, one deputy, and one more assistant. When all these forces arrived, they surprisingly didnt cause any ruckus, but quietly selected a spot to wait.

The guards glanced at one another. Their eyes revealed a hint of excitement.

Such a huge scene; if they werent mistaken, today was the day for them to explore the ancient ruins! After being forced to guard this place for several days, finally now was the time!



Yet another explosion. A few phantoms flashed by. The representative of this city actually came with three specialized variant espers. Upon arrival, they were extremely arrogant and occupied the front spot forcefully, which annoyed quite a number of people.

If not because of the strength of Jinhua City, they would have started to fight by now.

Half an hour later, both the Jin and Hua families finally arrived.

As the hosts of hundreds of cities, no one doubted their strength. However, when they saw the representatives sent by both families, they were shocked. Wasnt this a bit too much?

The families werent giving any face at all!

A total of twenty specialized variant espers!

Ten each from both families, when added up, it was a total of twenty specialized variant espers. And what was more horrifying was the strength of these people was no joke, and each had a solid foundation. All of them were veterans, there was not even one who had just broken through to that level. It was obvious that both families had carefully selected their representatives.

F*ck, twenty specialized variant espers in total. Even the weakest one is third level!

Yeah, other cities representatives are only hovering around first and second level. Isnt this a clear bullying?

Damn, look at the leader of the Hua family. Level five! With him alone, he could easily eradicate many of us at once. Such a shameless act, are they trying to hog the whole ruins for themselves?

As for the leader of Jin family, I cant see through him. But from the look, it seems like he is at least level 5. Thats it, this time there is no hope for us.

When both Jin and Hua families made their appearance, everyone was stunned.

Too formidable!

The strength of the top city was finally revealed!

So what if we impose quotas on you all? Do you have the ability to take it away? This clearly showed why Jinhua City was willing to open the ruins to other cities. They were trying not to look bad and showing some courtesy.

What made everyone rejoice was the most powerful one was only level 5.

Even among specialized variant espers, they were divided into many levels. Once one broke through into level six, most probably he could kill everyone on the spot immediately. Although both the Jin and Hua family were strong, that didnt meant they were almighty and invincible. Soon, other cities began to form alliances.

With ninety cities added up together, there were a full two hundred specialized variant espers! Impressively, there were a total of three at level 5 among them. The one selected as the leader was impressively one of those reaching level 5. Coupled with their numerical advantage, this alliance somehow managed to step up on equal footing with the Jin and Hua families.

While the exploration of the ancient ruins hadnt even started, the atmosphere had already dropped to freezing point.

Everyone, welcome to Jinhua City.

The leader of the Jin family stepped forward. He had an appearance of an ordinary middle-aged man, but his powerful aura was enough to stun everyone.

As for the situation in the ancient ruins, I believe everyone knows about it and no more things need to be explained. The previous exploration caused me to suffer heavy losses. Thus, this time, I have invited a number of architects to help us. As for the job of finding the path, we will leave it to these pathfinders!

I agree. The alliance had a discussion for a moment before their leader, Song Biao, came out with an answer.

Great! Jin Feng laughed in a cheerful manner, If so, then I wont add any nonsense. The ruins entrance is here. With these pathfinders, if there is any danger, how about leaving it to us?

Alright! The crowd nodded in agreement.


Su Haos heart jumped. Following the team of the Jin family, he didnt say anything, but silently listened to the conversation, capturing a trace of information.

Specialized variant espers actually were divided into levels.

From the whispers between the crowd, he easily obtained information regarding specialized variant espers.

To break through into specialized variant from beginner variant, you must first integrate your origin ability talent. The requirement for the integration was fighting technique 400 points, 400 points in physical fitness, and 20 points or more in origin ability. With these conditions fulfilled, you could try to integrate your origin ability talent. As for one succeeding or not, that would depend on ones own strength.

After successfully integrating, you would become a specialized variant esper.

Specialized variant esper were divided according to level, from level one up to level nine. As for higher than that, Su Hao couldnt analyze it since nobody here mentioned anything about it.

However, such information was enough for Su Hao to have a rough understanding of everyones strength here.

And now a new term came to his ears.


Based on the task given by the Jin family, he could generally guessed the job of these pathfinders. It seemed safe, but was actually the most dangerous one. Because while they were exploring for a path, obviously the pathfinders would be the ones walking in front. When anything happened, they had no one to protect them.

Sweeping off everyone, soon the results came out from the evaluation software.

Su Haos mind spun. Sure enough, because of the leaked news, basically every force brought along a pathfinder. A total of 92 pathfinders!

So many pathfinders, was he even required?

Su Hao was doubtful about this.

If it was an ordinary origin storm, these people would have been on a killing spree by now. Because of the danger in the ruins, they were acting cautiously for now. After both parties had discussions, they decided to share information. Based on respective path mileage, they would then try to match their data.

The so-called path mileage, was when the pathfinder detected origin whirlpool or danger in advance and had the espers get rid of the whirlpool and danger from a distance.

This was path mileage.

To put it plainly, after the pathfinding was completed, based on the amount of path mileage, the distribution of Nitai artifacts would then be done accordingly. Everyone looked at each other. Danger and opportunity coexisted at the same time. The higher the path mileage, the further the distance, the better the reward. This was common sense. (TL note: Decided to change camouflage artifacts to Nitai artifacts due to editor complaining it to be awkward)

When this idea was suggested, everyone agreed. The alliance who had one and a half more pathfinders obviously agreed with this suggestion. As for Jinhua City, they had long ago prepared for this. Of course they happily agreed to their own suggestion. 

As for the results of the discussion, Su Hao didnt really bother much.

His eyes were sweeping around the crowd. Using the assessment software, he picked out every specialized variant esper and then concentrated on the combat-weak pathfinders. Model analysis activated character modeling ability investigation

Each of their ability talents and origin abilities were carved into Su Haos mind.

Seem a bit too weak...

After Su Hao glanced around, his brows furrowed. At first, he thought of getting a few new cards from them, but their origin abilities were surprisingly low, mostly below 10 points. As for those few who exceeded 10 points, there werent any good cards.

Bitterly smiling while shaking his head, Su Hao came to understand.

Any casual specialized variant esper would have easily got him a new card, but since their senses were so strong, unless they were focused on something else, Su Hao would definitely be found out. This time, he actually had this feeling of coming here for no harvest.

Damn it!

200 specialized variant espers around, yet I couldnt find one with a card to read?

Shaking his head, just when he was about to give up, Su Hao was suddenly startled. Behind Song Biao, a young man was standing there. He looked imposing and had a good appearance. Of course, what was more important was the strength of this man was stronger than him, but had definitely not reached specialized variant esper yet.

Here comes the opportunity!

Su Haos mind churned. His model analysis subconsciously activated.


What a surprise that his model analysis was forcefully interrupted! The young mans eyes lit up and looked in the direction of Su Hao from a distance. The character modeling wasnt even completed, and his plan was already noticed by the other party.

This man

Su Hao was alarmed. Most people would have a vague understanding of model analysis. But this mans reaction was so perfect that at the exact moment the character model was being built, it was ruined. As for the cards, naturally Su Hao couldnt see them.

He was interrupted

Su Haos eyes revealed astonishment

Being discovered by another, he could still understand. A person who had much higher strength than him could easily detect him. But to be interrupted in such manner, it was his very first time. Just as his energy fluctuated and was about to touch the young man, it was instantly cut off!


The young man directly stared at Su Hao, his eyes filled with an endless chill.

Su Hao had glanced over and felt a strong hostility.

With doubt in his eyes, Su Hao began to analyze what had happened just now. To cut off his model analysis, detect him, and show hostility to him, the identity of this young man was self-evident. He was a pathfinder who had mastered model analysis!

Su Haos mouth rose in a smile. This time, the journey would be very interesting.