Godly Model Creator Chapter 232

Gmc Chapter 232

Chapter 0232   The Best Opportunity

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Who wants to go first? Jin Feng squinted his eyes as he asked.

Let us start first.

From the conversation, Song Biao knew that Jin family had already explored a few times. Not sharing any information with them, they could only helplessly ignore. After all, they hadnt arrived at that time yet.

Hence, he felt that he would personally explore for a bit.


Jin Feng smiled happily, he even gave way on his own initiative.

Song Biao looked at him suspiciously, then he said to his familys pathfinder, You go and have a look.


This pathfinder lifted his head and raised his chest high as he walked up. To be called first by his boss, that showed the trust the boss had for him. Feeling full of satisfaction, he walked to the entrance of the ruins. This pathfinder faced the entrance of the ruins, and directly used his origin ability energy, in an imposing and impressive manner he shouted, Open!

No reaction whatsoever.

The pathfinders face turned pale because he didnt see any response.

Open! The pathfinder continued to shout, and his face grew even paler.

Song Biao stood at his original position as he waited for the good news, but after he saw the pathfinders face turn to be paler, he immediately sensed something bad, How far is your exploration?

The pathfinders face had already turned white as his head was full of sweat, None, my origin ability response was blocked, totally unable to explore further.


Song Biao was shocked, Change person!

One minute later, a pathfinder whose face was pale came down. After ten minutes, a whole line of pathfinders lined up there with their faces pale. After half an hour, Song Biaos face turned green. This ninety cities alliance actually only had five to six low-level architects who managed to explore for two-three meters. The rest were useless!

As he saw Jin Fengs slightly interesting expression, Song Biao sneered.

This brat, sure enough, knew about this.

These ruins, only those who have model type origin ability talent can infiltrate. Other types of origin ability were totally not able to find out anything, Jin Feng was prepared to enjoy them being played a fool.

Unfortunately, his plans this time were about to fail.

This time they who come from Tianfeng City managed to obtain internal news in advance and had made preparations. Being the city that was second only to Jinhua City, Tianfeng Citys strength was also very strong. As of this point, it was clearly shown based on his ability as a level 5 specialized variant esper. For a once in a century opportunity, they had to fight for it!

Heh heh, Brother Song, pathfinders are very crucial but seems like the preparations werent enough.

Jin Feng smiled very happily.

One sentence was enough to gently caused the crowd from the alliance to be depressed. A city overpowered ninety other cities! Although Jinhua City was the host and was the top city out of hundreds, the gap, was too huge! The meaning of Jin Feng was obvious. Those who didnt have strength, better not act like one.

Really? Song Biao declined to comment, The exploration is not finished yet. Brother Jin, arent you slightly too pleased with yourselves.

After finished speaking, Song Biao turned his head over, and spoke to the young man beside him and said, Yao Haochen, you go and give it a try. Dont embarrass us.

The young man named Yao Haochen walked up. He looked quite handsome and had a strong build. His face was brimming with huge confidence. As they saw him walked to the ruins entrance, his right hand lightly pressed the ground. As his eyes had a flash of cold light, he immediately closed his eyes.

Jin Fengs heart skipped. He looked at Song Biaos smiling yet unsmiling expression and felt that something wasnt quite right.

Indeed its him!

Su Haos face revealed a clear expression. The one called Yao Haochen was impressively the one who interrupted his model analysis. Looking at the mans posture, he was actually analyzing the relic entrance.

Quite interesting. Normally you would have the time to block my model analysis, but during the exploration to find a path, do you have the time?

Su Hao sneered. When Yao Haochen was analyzing the landscape, his model analysis was immediately activated.


Countless information and cards flashed in his mind. Su Haos expression changed slightly. One by one, familiar cards were mapped into his mind, he finally knew why they were so familiar.

Model analysis!

Yao Haochens ability was actually model analysis!

This was the very first time he had seen someone with the same origin ability, and it was so powerful! By merely making a deduction based on his cards, this persons origin ability index was greater than his own! The origin ability assessment software was pointed at him as Yao Haochens detailed information was perfectly displayed.

Name: Yao Haochen

Origin ability talent: Model Analysis

Origin Ability, 20!

20 points!

Su Hao was shaken, this persons ability...

His theoretical foundation was rather low, only 150 marks. When he saw when the points were last updated on the display screen, it was one year ago. This was the defect of the origin ability assessment software where the theoretical foundation points were only taken from the database. If the opponent didnt update it, then the marks will remain the same.

Physical fitness 300 points.

Fighting technique 300 points.

Apart from these, his origin ability index was as high as 1250 points! As he saw that his own points were only 570 points, Su Hao shivered. The gap between their origin ability was actually quite huge. The strength that Yao Haochen possessed definitely shouldnt be underestimated. For Su Hao knew the weakness of model analysis all too well.

Unless there was an appearance of a special card, if Su Hao wished to go to the next level, he dared not imagine how many years were needed for him to get there.

But this Yao Haochen, he actually used ordinary model analysis and forced himself to this level. The gap between him and this specialized variant esper was just a step, this was definitely horrifying! Without even being told, Su Hao knew this person definitely emphasized on his origin ability index and then proceeded to try breaking through into a specialized variant esper.

This person definitely wasnt simple.

After Su Hao had made an evaluation on Yao Haochen, he became even more alert. However, while being alert, Su Hao became even more ecstatic because he suddenly discovered, these horrifying ability cards that Yao Haochen possessed, werent they be his perfect step ladders? For an origin ability index that was greater than his own, he saw various types of model ability cards that he had never seen before...

It simply was heavens greatest gift!

If it was not for the anxious atmosphere that reached its boiling point, Su Hao wished he could laugh hysterically at this moment. This was too good!

As he thought of making the next action, Yao Haochen had already withdrawn his ability with an expression full of confidence. At the same time, he also stared at Su Hao ferociously. As the two looked at each other, such a scene was so passionate and full of bromance.

Su Hao withdrew his greedy gaze and showed his poker face.

He was not in a rush. This ruins exploration had just begun. It was not necessarily to be exposed to danger by reading the card. During this journey, what he had most was time. As long as he could find an opportunity, heh heh. No matter how many card techniques you have, even if you are a specialized variant esper, as long as he was interested in the card, he would read them all!

Nobody knew Su Haos thoughts.

In reality, in the Jin family team of architects, his presence was very weak. If he didnt say anything it was possible that no one knew of his existence.

The only thing that caught Su Haos attention, was the concern he had for Jin Cheng who was beside him.

This old man was already sixty years old. He was someone from the 1990s, that chaotic period. At this moment Jin Cheng noticed that Su Hao was staring profusely at Yao Haochen, immediately causing him to feel a sense of chill.

This guy, could it be...

How is it? Song Biao asked Yao Haochen.

Yao Haochen didnt reply. Instead, he turned his virtual screen to public mode and easily outlined the route which was thirty meters in front of the ruins. Every road, every wall, every corner was included. The total number of the origin whirlpools that frightened people, were all identified one by one.

And, seeing Yao Haochens relaxed appearance, he wasnt using his real strength at all.

Once marking was complete, Yao Haochen looked at Su Hao in the eye and revealed an intense warning expression. He coldly snorted before turning around and returned to his team. However, this action was seen by the people of Jinhua City as provocative! It infuriated Jin Feng. Damn, if it was normal times, I would have killed you with a slap!

Jin Feng turned his head and looked at his own assistant.

The assistant nodded with a bitter smile, signaling that Yao Haochens route map, was correct.

Jin Fengs face immediately turned black.

The furthest the exploration of the both Jin and Hua families previously were only reaching twenty meters. Plus, due to the existence of the origin whirlpools, two specialized variant espers were killed.

He looked at Yao Haochens relaxed and pleased expression. Was the difference really that huge?

For model type, was it this casual?

Jin Feng put his gaze on his familys own architects, You all go and try.

Him acting first without confronting the other party seemed to have broken the rules. However, Song Biao obviously didnt mind. With an expression of wanting to watch a good show, the crowd put their gaze on the pathfinders that were brought by the Jin and Hua families.

A total of thirty six people.

It included most of Jinhua City and Jianghe Citys virtual model architects. This time both the two families of Jin and Hua were obviously upholding the fine tradition of spreading the net. Otherwise, they wouldnt have picked a weakling like Su Hao.

In the light of Yao Haochens earlier performance, the group of pathfinders confidently went up and after a few minutes, all of their faces went black. Being slightly stronger than the alliance, the investigators that were intentionally invited by the two Jin and Hua families obviously could explore and identify routes. However, the gap of the exploration caused Jin Feng and his comrades to look very bad.

One meter...

One and a half meters...

Three meters...

One meter...

Two meters...

There was even one who could only obtain a third of a meter. A total of thirty six people, the average distance explored was actually only two meters! That was such a low figure that would cause people to boil in anger. And, with so many people, after completion of the exploration, they were all exhausted. Obviously, within a short period of time, they wouldnt be able to explore.


Jin Feng couldnt help but curse. A bunch of people went up, and they were all inferior to one member of the other family? Too useless! This action of his had tried to shame others but backfired causing him to be extremely embarrassed.

Su Haos face was very calm.

He saw the crowd from Jin and Hua family went up one by one. Squinting his eyes, he then analyzed the crowds abilities.

Earlier he again saw a person who had model analysis talent. But notoriously, this persons origin ability was only 5 points. After exploring for three meters, he failed to continue further. The cards in his mind were even more pitiful. There wasnt anything that was worth for Su Hao to read.

Very quickly, the pathfinders in front of him had all left.

Su Hao calmly walked towards the entrance of the ruins.

Raising his head, he noticed that Yao Haochen was looking towards him with a cold impassionate expression. Su Hao smiled indifferently. With his terrain modeling, he was confident that he would able to instantly destroy Yao Haochens confidence!

But as he was preparing to take action, Su Hao suddenly had a thought. To reveal his talent was inevitable, but how to reveal and how to obtain the biggest profit, that would be true skill. As long as he performed decently, the harvest of these ruins definitely would be beyond his imagination.

Subconsciously, Su Haos eyes squinted once again.