Godly Model Creator Chapter 233

Gmc Chapter 233

Chapter 0233    Insane Feast

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Whatre you dreaming for, go faster... Jin Cheng urged from behind.

En, Su Hao nodded. Sweeping across the crowd, he could clearly see the ridiculing faces of the people from the alliance. To be frank, the pathfinders from Jinhua City were really an embarrassment.

This time, Jinhua Citys plan to shame us has backfired.

Hehe, a bunch of people adding up still couldnt compete with one Yao Haochen. This time, as long as Yao Haochen performs as he always does, a large portion of the final harvest will belong to us.

But still, people still have the possibility of making a comeback. Isnt there still one left?

He? You didnt install assessment software? His origin ability is only 8 points, yet still dreaming to make a comeback? Are you trying to be a joke? If he could make a comeback, I will eat eat these leather shoes.

What? 8 points? I really didnt pay much attention to this.

As everyone was discussing amongst themselves, Su Hao stood there indifferently. His face was still the same. Occasionally there would be a trace of smile, as if he was mocking everyone.

What ability does this kid have? Jin Fengs eyes lit up. To be so calm in front of such a large crowd, this kids attitude wasnt bad.

Model analysis, Jin Cheng reported.

O? Its the same as Yao Haochen then?

Jin Fengs eyes shone. This kid, although his origin ability is small, being a pathfinder with such ability talent is not bad. Yao Haochen is able to explore thirty meters with his 20 points origin ability. This kid with 8 points origin ability he should be able to get ten meters for us, right?

Jin Cheng was embarrassed.

How could it be calculated like this? If origin ability could be calculated with adding and subtracting, then everyone just needed to compare their origin ability points without doing anything else. Wouldnt that be sufficient?

However, Su Hao was really looking forward to his performance. As long as he managed to get ten meters, just ten meters, even if they lost, the Jin and Hua families at least would be able to save some grace of their face.


Su Hao took a deep breath. As his figure half squatted, he gently touched the ground.

Model analysis, start.


A powerful energy fluctuated and momentarily spread to the surrounding. This time, Su Hao didnt hide and even openly expanded the range.

At the same time, the energy fluctuation swept through everyone at the scene. Some espers in the scene had a change to their faces and almost made a move on the spot. However, thinking of Su Haos identity, they then relaxed.

He was a pathfinder.

His talent was model analysis.

This was an ability talent recognized by the public, used for assisting without any offense. It was exactly the same as Yao Haochen, but his performance was so different. Compared to quiet Yao Haochen during exploration, Su Haos usage was so rough with such outrageous energy fluctuation.

Such a poor control of origin energy.

Yea, it is simply not in the same league as Yao Haochen. Such a huge movement, the consumption must be large, right? With only 8 points in origin ability, very soon his energy will be totally exhausted.

Yes, compared to Yao Haochen, there is a huge difference in realm.

As everyone talked among themselves, both Jin and Hua families turned even darker. Even if they didnt mention anything, both families could clearly see such movement was too huge! Not to mention those specialized variant espers, even one of the pathfinders with 5 points in origin ability could sense the energy fluctuation too.

Yao Haochen revealed a disdainful look. At the beginning, he felt Su Haos aura and planned to make him his opponent. But when Su Hao started to use his ability, his face changed.

Such a shame!

To use model analysis in such a way, it was really a shame to the world of modeling!

Not far away, Jin Feng could only bitterly smile.

To expect a young man with 8 points in origin ability to make a comeback, indeed he thought too much



Wave by wave of energy spread to the surroundings. Everyone looked at Su Haos crazy energy consumption with interest and guessed that he could hold on for a few more seconds. If they knew that all their cards were exposed to Su Hao at this moment, would they laugh?



One by one, each character appeared within his mind. With a combination of assessment software and model analysis, everyones strength was clearly visible in the eyes of Su Hao.

Three hundred people, two hundred were specialized variant espers!

As his model analysis scanned through them, most of specialized variant espers were able to prevent it from revealing anything. However, there were still ten of them being exposed by Su Hao due to their weaker talent and old age, even though they had reached specialized variant level.

Five percent results!

Out of two hundred specialized variant espers, only ten of them were able to be sourced for a model. Such a percentage was too low! Although he could build the model of these ten men, once Su Hao aimed at them, that energy fluctuation would expose him, causing them to attack him directly. Thus, whenever he met a specialized variant esper, Su Hao would always be depressed.

But today was an exception!

Wasnt it easy to detect energy fluctuations? Then I will let you notice it. Exposing his terrifying energy fluctuation openly, causing everyone to be shocked. Under such circumstances, who would still dare to make a move on Su Hao?


Now that was the right move!

This ancient ruins with danger lurking from every side would be Su Haos insane feast!

Su Hao sneered as he established ten character models in his mind. The very next second, he had a quick look at the cards in the models.

From the aspect of origin ability, some had mastered the beginner origin transition technique, some had mastered the advanced origin transition technique. And what was amazing, there was actually one who had mastered a higher tier technique, beginner origin star technique! Origin star technique Su Hao targeted this card and engraved it in his mind. Once he had completed his advanced origin transition technique, he would then be able to start this origin star technique!

As for talents, there were an abundance of cards, all kinds of strange and magical specialized techniques. Too bad, they had no relation to model analysis, so he could only watch.

As for origin techniques, the cards were not lacking. However, Su Hao regretted that these origin techniques were for their own talents. The one similar to Mountain Crashing was sadly not available. Being able to learn this technique from Cha Lu was just his luck.

After checking the strength of everyone, Su Hao finally made his decision.

Any normal skill, he would obtain from these specialized variant espers!

But skills related to his ability talent, he would obtain them from Yao Haochen!

After he finished his matter, it was time to concentrate on the job given by Jin family. Su Hao calculated for a bit before beginning his terrain modeling.



Strange lights flashed within Su Haos eyes. The surrounding scene, ruins entrance, ruins structure, every origin whirlpool was clearly visible.

Su Hao closed his eyes and began to sense the conditions here.

At this time, the crowd looked at him in surprise, Damn, this man is no joke. With only 8 points in origin ability, he could persist for such a long time. Seems that he will be able to produce some results!

That is not something for sure. Just now wasnt there one who could last for half an hour, but could only detect ahead five meters?

Oh, thats true, too.

Hey, look. He cant hold on anymore.

From how the crowd looked, Su Hao persisted for a moment before finally admitting defeat. Watching him covered in sweat with a pale face, apparently his energy must be depleted completely.

All the pathfinders from Jinhua City were defeated by Yao Haocheng!

Su Haos body stumbled as he almost fell.

Jin Cheng quickly went and supported him, Su Hao, how was it?

Im alright. Just that my energy is depleted completely, Su Hao replied with his somehow pale expression.

Sigh, youre too desperate. Jin Cheng bitterly smiled, Look at those few. Even if they only explored three to four meters, they still werent willing to use all their energy.

Su Hao shook his head. I dont want to lose to them!

Everyone from the alliance was stunned and burst into laughter. With courage, you need capability to prove yourself too, right? With just empty courage, it would still be useless.

Well said.Jin Feng coldly smiled and patted Su Haos shoulder, No matter how many meters you explore, with that sentence earlier, I will cover for you, kid!

Su Hao smiled indifferently. After connecting to his virtual screen, he then showed it to everyone.


Numerous beautiful lines were drawn at this moment.

When everyone had a look, they were stunned!


Forget about the radius, he actually explored thirty-five meters!

This is madness! With only 8 points in origin ability, he could explore for such a distance. This young man has a very thorough understanding of his ability talent.

Yea, if only his energy control wasnt weak with such huge fluctuations, perhaps he might have gone even further. Such a shame...

The crowd was shocked. Jin Feng was obviously stunned before his eyes finally lit up, Youre Su Hao, right? Nice! After this exploration finishes, follow me back to the Jin family. The Jin family will reward you handsomely.

Thanks a lot! Su Hao smiled indifferently and looked at Yao Haochen.

Yao Haochen sneered, Dont be proud. I only used half of my ability. If I used every bit of my strength, at least I would reach fifty meters and above! As for you? Just thirty-five meters and youre already tired like a dog. What qualification do you have to be arrogant?

When everyone listened to him, they realized it, too.

When Yao Haochen explored, he was doing it casually. Although Su Hao seemed to be able to explore more, but it was obvious his strength compared to Yao Haochen was still miles apart.

So what? Su Hao seemed to be instigated by Yao Haochen as he pointed at him. Anyway, my efficiency is higher than yours! Isnt it just the energy consumption right? As long as I have energy recovery potions, recovering my energy is not a problem!


That was true, too!

Jin Fengs eyes shone. It seemed he had been awakened and immediately patted Su Haos shoulder. True, there is nothing to fear! As for this energy recovery potion, our Jin family is not lacking. Just say how much you need and we will provide it. You just have to concentrate on exploring.