Godly Model Creator Chapter 234

Gmc Chapter 234

Chapter 0234    Death Event

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Really? Su Hao was so excited that he almost trembled. With a look of disbelief, he looked at Jin Feng, Jin senior Jin, is what you said true?

Of course. Jin Feng laughed out loud, Youre opening the path for us, Jinhua City. Naturally, we will provide the energy recovery potions. The more you consume, indicates the longer you have explored. You dont have to be reserved in using them, our Jin family can still afford the costs.

Heng! Song Biao sneered, Jin Feng, what you said sounds nice. But I dont believe your Jin family brought that many energy recovery potions.

As if looking at an idiot, Jin Feng looked at Song Biao and then silently opened his communication device, before clearing his throat. Underlings of the Jin family, send me ten boxes of advanced energy recovery potions!


Everyones chin dropped.

Especially Song Biao, his face was very ugly. He had actually forgotten that this was the home of the Jin family. Behind them, they had an endless stream of resources. Although advanced energy recovery potions were expensive, compared to Nitai artifacts, they were worth nothing. That was why Jin Feng was so generous.

As for Su Hao

He was totally dumbfounded.

He knew that Jin family would provide him with energy recovery potions, but he was still somewhat shocked by the figure that Jin Feng said. Damn, those were advanced energy recovery potions not any mushroom on the roadside! Even at his masters place, it was counted bottle by bottle, but this Jin family actually used boxes to determine the quantity!

Ten boxes!

Su Hao felt that his eyes had turned completely green.

Heng, dishonest practice! Hope your ten boxes are enough! Song Biao coldly smirked, Let's see whether your Jin and Hua family or our alliance will be the one that explores further. Men, open the path!


A few staff members took some tools and carefully walked up.

In accordance with Yao Haochens exploration map, they then walked towards the spot marked as having an energy whirlpool before slowly pointing their energy whirlpool absorber tools at the rock.


The staff members activated their tools, causing a flash of light to shine forth. The absorber tool flickered for a moment, as the screen on the tool instantly changed from zero to one.

The first energy whirlpool was successfully absorbed.

Once the energy whirlpool was absorbed from these rocks, only then did a few espers come forward and move the rocks away.

In a moment of effort, this road section was already cleared.

It was a clean procedure.

The remains of the ancient temples didnt turn into complete ruins. After the intersection was opened, everyone was able to see the spacious temple corridor. Along the corridor were all sorts of ruined stones. The originally straight path now became crooked.

Everyone carefully walked along.

No matter how much bad blood was between them while they were outside, inside the ruins, everyone was calm and being cooperative. This was the ruin of an ancient temple, every step they took was dangerous. To create trouble here was just to court ones own death!

Su Hao quietly followed everyone.

Because he consumed all his energy, Jin and Hua families gave the energy recovery potions on hand to him. Anyway, they had logistic support, so there wasnt a need to worry about a consumption problem. Without any hesitation, Su Hao drank the entire bottle of energy recovery drug in his hand. Breakthrough!

Currently in his mind, there were two cards.

One of them was the most important three star card, beginner model deduction. Although these last few days he hadnt had the time to read this card, due to the breakthrough that day, he had progressed more than seventy percent!

The other one was a two star card, advanced origin transition technique!

The cultivation technique which he obtained from Meng Tai; as long as he read this card completely, his origin ability would once again increase. Not to forget he had access to the next level of energy cultivation techniques.

Energy star technique!

From quantitative to qualitative change, he had been looking forward to this day!


Once the potion entered his body, origin energy began to madly flow within him. After all, this was an advanced energy recovery potion, the best recovery potion during the beginner variant stage.



Su Hao could even feel the fluctuation of energy within his body. Like waves hitting the beach, it kept spreading around his body.

Advanced energy transition technique, card reading!



Under the guidance of Su Hao, the waves began to launch a breakthrough! After all, this advanced energy transition technique was only a two star card. Su Hao had been completing the progress for quite some time now. Under the influence of the advanced energy recovery potion, very soon the progress would be complete.




Countless amounts of information began to flow into his mind. They were all routes to train in the advanced energy transition technique the method used by Meng Tai to train this technique, the experiences Meng Tai obtained while training this scene by scene began to appear within Su Haos mind. This was all knowledge regarded as important for this technique after being sorted out.

Su Hao subconsciously began to train according to the route in his mind. The energy in his body began to flow. In a moment, the training was complete and the energy in his body soared! The volatility of his energy was about to spread, but luckily Su Hao was able to quickly suppress it out of fear of being noticed by others.

Hold it!

Suppress it!

Usually, when he had a breakthrough, it would be in his own house or dormitory. Right now, if he advanced here in the ruins, he would be in danger once his real strength was exposed.



F*ck, cant hold it anymore!

Su Hao sweated like a pig. Without any hesitation, he used his energy to breakthrough this beginner model deduction, the three star card!

Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough!

After a full five minutes, the surging energy within his body disappeared. The energy during breakthrough was so huge that he was nearly not able to hold it. Even so, Su Haos forehead was covered in layers of sweat.


Su Hao gently exhaled and sighed in relief. This was so horrifying.

Heng, heart like a rat! Looking at his expression, Yao Haochen smirked. Everyone looked back and noticed Su Hao sweating like a pig. Beginning to ridicule him, they thought this young man who just entered the ruins was already scared to such level? What would happen when a battle happened here?

Youre alright? Jin Feng looked at him with some concern.

Im fine. Su Hao shook his head, Just that the air isnt good. Im just a bit not used to it.

En, if youre fine, thats great. Let's move on!

As the team continued to advance, the useless pathfinders were quickly eliminated. Those left were the ones with some capability. With dozens of pathfinders, they took turns to explore and open the paths as the team moved forward slowly. Whenever it was Su Haos or Yao Haochens turn, the speed forward would be greatly increased. Instantly, hundreds of meters were able to be explored. Just after it was Su Haos turn, when they were on the way to the innermost part, a mishap occurred.


A huge explosion rang out.

A rock in front of a pathfinder suddenly burst apart. Strong energy began to disperse into the surrounding. The pathfinder and a specialized variant esper were swallowed together!

Both were dead instantly!

Everyone was stunned!

This was the first death since they entered, and it was two deaths at once.

What happened? Song Biao quickly asked. The ones who died were from the alliance.

It should be an energy whirlpool which exploded, a luckier pathfinder said fearfully. It exploded when the pathfinder was exploring.

Damn it! Song Biao cursed before looking at Yao Haochen, Do you know what is happening?

Yao Haochen pondered for a moment, It must have been triggered when exploring. This wasnt a problem with the pathfinder. Just that when were getting closer to the innermost ruins, the energy whirlpools became more unstable. With just a little fluctuation in its surroundings, problems would then occur.

After he finished his sentence, everyones heart sank.

Even the explorers were in danger, was there any need for this team to continue the exploration? Out of this alliance, there really wasnt any solution to solve this?

Change people and try, Song Biao asked another pathfinder to come forward. Just that, this time, everyone stepped back and nobody dared to come forward.

The pathfinder walked up trembling.


Safe and sound!

I succeeded! The pathfinder was shocked and immediately outlined the next route that was three meters ahead before quickly retreating. Everyone sighed in relief. It seemed that the incident just now was just an accident. After clearing off the energy whirlpool, the team once again headed forward three meters. When it was the next pathfinders turn, the mishap happened again.


Another energy whirlpool exploded!

What was more terrifying was when the energy whirlpool exploded, it also triggered another nearby energy whirlpool. When both whirlpools exploded at once, the force produced increased dramatically.



With a series of explosion, a few people who were close to the energy whirlpools were swallowed up by the blasts. The others who were nearby suffered serious injuries, too. When the explosion subdued, the death toll was impressively five people! And more than twenty people were injured.

In front of the energy whirlpools, even if you were a specialized variant esper, everything was still the same. As long as the energy whirlpool exploded directly in front of one, they would instantly die!

This... The crowd looked at the quiet temple corridor in front as if they were watching a devil.

Damn, they had only started the exploration!

The situation doesnt seem to be right.

Su Hao raised his eyebrows. Just now, he even specifically had a closer look. The energy whirlpool here was very stable and definitely not as Yao Haochen described it to be. After the first explosion, he had been paying more attention to them. The second time the energy whirlpool exploded, it was very unexpected.

It was as if...someone purposely detonated it!

Purposely detonated?

Su Haos mind thinking. Thinking of the bullshit theory Yao Haochen came up with, he quietly shifted his gaze to Yao Haochen.

Could it be that this grandson had done something?