Godly Model Creator Chapter 235

Gmc Chapter 235

Chapter 0235    Another Three Star Card!

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A succession of explosions could be heard. Everyones face turned pale.

One by one, the pathfinders were killed on the spot. In just a blink, the total death of pathfinders had already exceeded ten people! This seemingly ordinary stone wall in front of them turned out to be a wall of death!

The pathfinders behind were so scared that nobody dared to go in front.

No matter how much Song Biao persuaded or even tried to cancel the task reward, the pathfinders insisted. What joke is this, just a touch and youre dead! This wasnt opening paths anymore, but paving the way with their own life! Who dared to step up!?

Sure enough!

Su Hao looked at this scene while deep in thought.

Basically, he could be sure that the death of these pathfinders were all the work of Yao Haochen.

When the general pathfinders stumbled upon an energy whirlpool, what they would see was a blank. Because energy whirlpools were a special existence, unless you could directly see the energy whirlpool, you wouldnt be able to create a model of it. In the wall, the energy whirlpools were like an entity from a different world.

While the others were exploring, Su Hao noticed an inexplicable strange energy fluctuation and then locked on the energy whirlpool to create a model!

The result was self-evident, it exploded!

At that moment, Su Hao also had an epiphany. These pathfinders, they had to do nothing but to create a model of the energy whirlpool. Wasnt that just courting their own deaths? After such occurrences happened many times, he was doubtful if when the pathfinders explored, they had accidentally created a model of the energy whirlpool? Were they all killed because of their weak control?

But soon, Su Hao noticed one thing.

Each time the energy whirlpool detonated, he would feel a familiar aura from Yao Haochen. That was the aura when model analysis activated. If Yao Haochen could feel him making a move and forcefully cut him off, then wouldnt he feel Yao Haochens own move, then? Ridiculous!

The only thing which puzzled Su Hao was that action.

How did Yao Haochen detonate the energy whirlpool, then? He had already tried just now. But unfortunately, he couldnt see anything. The energy whirlpool was hiding in the wall, but because of its special characteristics, when he tried to construct a model, what appeared was just a blank, which was how the energy whirlpools were detected and marked.

Unless you directly saw an energy whirlpool, you wouldnt be able to create a model of it!

If he couldnt see it, how could he create a model, then?

Hold on

Su Haos eyes suddenly lit up, he thought of one matter. If he couldnt see it, then these pathfinders definitely wouldnt be able to see, either! They simply couldnt detect the energy whirlpool except as a blank. As long as they marked out the blank spots, that would be where the energy whirlpool located. In that case, who would be the one locking the position of the energy whirlpool?

For that purpose, the only one who was stronger than him here was the one and only Yao Haochen!

All his doubts fell on Yao Haochen. Su Hao was pretty sure Yao Haochen was the culprit. He must have mastered some kind of technique to detonate energy whirlpools and was using it to kill others. In order to prevent doubt, he would make a move regardless of friend or foe.

Whether it was the alliance or Jinhua City, all the pathfinders were tragically killed at his hands. If he killed the other pathfinders, then nobody would be able to threaten his position!

This guy had such a huge ambition!

Was this his own idea, or Song Biaos?

Su Hao looked calm.

Unfortunately, at this time, Yao Haochen eyed on him, Su Hao, your strength isnt bad. Dont you want to try?

With that sentence, everyone looked over.

Yea, those pathfinders strengths were weak. Su Haos performance was pretty good. Perhaps he could dodge those energy whirlpools?

Why dont you go and try? Jin Feng said hesitantly.

Su Haos eyes flashed with a cold light. Yao Haochen, at first I thought of letting you off but since youre knocking on my door, then dont blame me for being ruthless! However, it would be a waste to let you die before getting all the benefits!

Yao Haochen, youre afraid to go and then urge me? My origin ability is only 8 points, yet you have 20 points. Youre afraid to go and want us to be sent to death, hehe! Such a mindset is too impure! Su Hao smirked.

With a sentence, the limelight was pushed back to Yao Haochen.

Heng, who said that I dont dare? Yao Haochen seemed to have already prepared and came forward without hesitation. Glancing at everyone indifferently, Since I have accepted the money, of course I will fulfil my job. Seeing that nobody dares to step forward, then I will go!

Song Biao glanced at him and sighed, Be careful.

Alright. Yao Haochen was showing a look of integrity. You all back down first so that nothing will happen to you guys.

Everyone looked at him gratefully.

Open! Yao Haochen carefully looked at the wall in front and then closed his eyes. A trace of energy fluctuations spread to the surroundings.

Everyone was watching Yao Haochen closely and didnt take it easy for a single second.

Su Hao secretly sneered. This was the moment he was waiting for!

Model analysis, start!

Character modeling!


A character model of Yao Haochen appeared within Su Haos mind. Card by card began to appear. The very next second, Su Hao focused his target at those cards for model type.

Image analysis!

Plane origin refinement!

Model range expansion!

There were a total of three!

Su Hao was shocked. Indeed worthy of being a pathfinder with 20 points in origin ability! What was more interesting was that these cards were all cultivation techniques, not origin techniques! Based on Su Haos own understanding, cultivation techniques were all about the inner body, but origin techniques were about body movement!

It was easy to understand.

Forget about its usage, lets just create a model of the card first.

Su Hao gently shook his head. With energy flowing through his body, the very next second, he locked onto the cards and began to crazily read them.

Card selection completed image analysis card model analyzing card model establishing card model completed!


Name: Image Analysis

Rating: 2 star

Description: A derived skill of model analysis. Greatly enhances the special factor of efficiency when capturing a picture. Models created will be even more realistic and have increased visual detail. Reduces modeling energy consumption and improves modeling efficiency.


Card selection completed plane energy refinement card model analyzing card model establishing card model completed!


Name: Plane Energy Refinement

Rating: 2 star

Description: A derived skill of model analysis. After completing the mastery, you can easily change a 3D model into 2D. To a certain extent, 2D views are more accurate than 3D. P.S: This is suitable for a pathfinder, architects please choose wisely.


Card selection completed model range expansion card model analyzing card model establishing card model completed!


Name: Model Range Expansion

Rating: 3 star

Description: A derived skill of model analysis. Improves the great defect in model analysis. After complete mastery, the model range expands from what is seen by the eye and is upgraded into every area covered by your origin energy! As long as your energy can scan the area, a model can be established!


Three cards, the first two, Su Hao was still a bit foggy about them. But when the third card appeared, Su Hao was stunned.

Three star card!

Yet another three star card!

This model range expansion seemed to be more intuitive than beginner model deduction. As described by the card, it improved the greatest flaw of model analysis! Only by looking at real life objects could he currently create a model. This was what depressed Su Hao  so many times.

But if he learned this card

Any model could be built!

If his energy was sufficient, when he used life detection, all character models around him would appear in his mind. Who owned what cards with what kind of ability, he would know them all! When he created a model of others, he could be even more hidden!

The three cards were completely established.

Within his mind, three gray cards appeared. Su Hao was excited. Seeing Yao Haochen still had a few cards left, just when he was about to read them all, Yao Haochens squatting position suddenly changed as he stood up.


Su Hao instantly recovered back his energy.

At this moment, regarding the doubts of energy whirlpool, they were all about Yao Haochen. Using the tremendous advantage of his model range expansion, he easily separated the wall layer by layer. Silently creating the models of the energy whirlpools, he then detonated them.



This was Su Haos evaluation about him.



As Yao Haochen stood up, he easily outlined the path twenty meters ahead. Every energy whirlpool was successfully marked out accurately. It seemed that he had achieved the first rank among pathfinders. The crowd looked at him with eyes of praise and admiration.

After countless deaths where Su Hao didnt dare to step up, Yao Haochen became a hero and managed to explore twenty more meters. Compared to him, the other pathfinders were too weak.

Yao Haochen smiled. Obviously he was satisfied with his performance.

As everyone was looking up at him, Yao Haochen glanced at Su Hao. He felt strange. Why was it when he was creating a model, Su Haos energy would swept over him? With the same model analysis, he naturally knew about the aura. Just that


Why did Su Hao use model analysis on him? Perhaps it was some kind of special origin technique? He had never heard of model analysis having any godly technique.

His thoughts moved. Looking at Su Hao again, he made a silent decision.

Dont kill him first. I will only decide that after I interrogate him.

The poor Yao Haochen obviously didnt know that while he was still clueless about Su Hao, all his abilities and techniques were all being revealed by Su Hao cleanly...