Godly Model Creator Chapter 237

Gmc Chapter 237

Chapter 0237    Hidden Murderous Intent

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Its not a Nitai artifact. A cold glare flashed through Song Biaos eyes, They should only be normal Buddha statues that are affected by the Nitai artifact.

Thats right, Jin Feng nodded. Dozens of level 3 espers wouldnt be much of a threat to us. Let our brothers work together and destroy them!

The two of them immediately made an order and the battle erupted.



Although the bronze Buddha statues were tough, after being blasted by continuous attacks from multiple espers, they quickly became piles of bronze rubble. The battle was completely one-sided, whether it was capabilities or numbers, the team had the absolute advantage.

Su Hao watched the crowds battles with much interest.

He made sure that every espers style and the way they used their ability talent was completely recorded in his memory. He believed these things would one day be useful. In the future, if he met an opponent with an identical ability talent, he would quickly gain an advantage. From a different aspect, this was also a learning opportunity.

The flame series can actually be used this way

Wow, these brothers actually have the best ice defense talent!

Tsk tsk, these brothers actually brought wings

As if Su Hao was watching a film, he enjoyed watching greatly. If the crowd there knew, they probably would have been angered until they puked blood.

However, Su Hao very quickly locked onto one person in the battle. It was one of the ten men who didnt have any shielding or detection abilities. Earlier, because he hadnt completed the advanced origin transition technique, he could only watch. This time, with every preparation completed, was now the best opportunity.

Model analysis, start!

Card modeling!


Card selection complete. Beginner origin star technique card model analysis card model establishing card model establishment begin. Card successfully established!

The origin star technique was after the origin transition technique, a higher level cultivation technique.

The main purpose of the technique was to increase the total amount of energy one possessed and increase ones energy recovery speed. But the reason why the origin star technique was ranked higher was because upon its mastery, apart from the total amount and recovery speed of ones energy, the quality of ones energy would also increase slightly!

Name: Origin star technique

Rating: 2 star

Description: Advanced cultivation technique above origin transition technique. A huge increase in total amount and recovery speed of origin energy. A slight increase in energy quality, suitable for specialized espers.

The beginner origin star technique was finally in his hands!

Su Haos was pleased. With the addition of this card, he currently possessed a total of six cards that were waiting for him to read. When he had a sufficient supply of energy, his ability would definitely increase manyfold! As he looked at the bloodbath among specialized espers, Su Hao suddenly felt that they were so adorable.



After the complete destruction of the final bronze Buddha statue, every Buddha statue in the surroundings had been shattered to pieces. But at this time, a clear breeze blew across the temples stage, the final Buddha statue which seemed to be made of clay, a plain Buddha statue where a touch could shatter it, shook a few times before dropping.


Powerful winds flashed through. As the clay Buddha statue fell downwards, the cape on its back started floating downwards towards the ground, gentle as a breeze!

That cloak Jin Fengs eyes squinted. Suddenly he locked onto the light grey cloak that was on the Buddha statues back.

The crowd lifted their heads and looked at the cape.

This Buddha statue, which was the ugliest, was also the only statue that was not painted in bronze. But looking at it from another angle, it was the only true Buddha statue artifact! It was also the only ancient clay Buddha statue, the clothes it wore had been passed down since ancient times.

It wasnt damaged after being exposed to the elements. The Buddha statues clothing was definitely not made out of ordinary materials.

After remembering the previous information related to Nitai artifacts, Su Hao had no doubts that the one before him was the most frightening opponent! This Nitai artifact possessed the strength of a level 3 specialized esper...

Nitai artifact?

One of the espers who was closest to the Buddha statue was delighted for a moment after he saw the cloak. Who cared whether it was proper or not, in a flash, he charged towards the Buddha statue.


The Buddha statue moved quickly and disappeared, astonishing the esper. Before he could react, a black shadow flashed by. The Buddha statue appeared behind him without any sound.


The esper weakly sprawled onto the ground. Another specialized esper had instantly died.


Everyone in the crowd immediately sucked in a cold breath!

Only then did they awaken from their greedy thoughts. A specialized espers death caused them to be completely tense. A Nitai artifact, it wasnt something any normal person could obtain.

Hmmph! Jin Feng sneered as his whole body released a huge force. Suddenly he took action!

A faint ray of light flashed as a strange aura covered the whole Buddha statue. Jin Feng strolled, his body was like a phantom as he attacked the Buddhist statue.


A clanging sound rang out as a crack seemed to be drawn in between the skies and the earth.

As if the Buddha statue felt some danger, the cape on its back flashed. It disappeared and reappeared in another location. Its movement was elusive and it escaped far away. But at this moment, Song Biao made his move. A streak of light came down from the skies and blocked off the Buddha statues escape route, where it was then captured by Jin Feng in one move.

Before two level 5 specialized espers, the Buddha statue who looked powerful at first, was easily squished like an ant.

This was the strength of level 5 specialized espers!

The actions of these two men made everyone calm down. Reviewing their cooperation, even for Su Hao, he was completely astonished by the combination of the pair.

Such strength.

That level of arrogance, followed by the sinister aura of wiping the enemy, it was the target he was pursuing. Could model analysis help him reach that point?

Su Hao looked at the few cards in his mind and made himself even more determined.

It looked like he had to further increase his improvement speed!


The grey cloak slowly floated downwards and landed on the ground. The crowd saw it and became envious, but no one dared to move!

Jin Feng happily nodded, before he picked up the cloak.

How do we divide the accomplishments? Song Biao asked indifferently.

By following the previous agreement, Jin Feng replied.

Okay, Song Biao nodded. Before that, let someone else safeguard it. I wont be relieved if any espers were to safeguard it. How about we pass it to the non-combative members.

Okay. Jin Feng thought for a while and looked towards the pathfinders around him. The crowd eagerly looked at both of them, hoping that they would get this opportunity. Jin Fengs eyes turned and landed on a youth. Su Hao, why not you

While Su Hao was happily increasing his ability, as he saw Jin Feng looked over, he immediately got a shock. He quickly waved his hands. No. I dont want this item, in case you all start fighting, I am not sure if I am able to cope with it.

Jin Feng immediately didnt know whether he should laugh or cry.

In the scenario, who didnt hope to hold this Nitai artifact? Even if they couldnt keep it, holding it was an undeniable privilege. Who would be as timid as him where he wouldnt even dare to touch it! In the ruins, who dared to attack the pathfinders? This Su Hao was probably too timid!

As he saw Su Hao being so fearful, Song Biao was also speechless. After a short discussion with the crowd, they finally gave the Nitai artifact to Yao Haochen for him to temporarily safeguard, before the team moved on again.

Looking at Yao Haochens face in ecstasy when he had the Nitai artifact in his hands, Su Hao sneered. Yao Haochen couldnt even hide his intentions from him, could he hide from these old foxes?

For now it was still fine.

But he knew these peoples mentality all too well! When the final Nitai artifact was revealed, a huge battle was inevitable! At that point, all those who were holding the Nitai artifact would be the targets of everyone else! During the century old wine assignment, he came to understand these people very clearly.

The appearance of the first Nitai artifact could be said as just the beginning.

Very quickly, subsequent Nitai artifacts appeared. This time, even the level 5 espers made their move. Naturally, they all wanted to be able to acquire a Nitai artifact. But if nothing unexpected happened, then the possession of these Nitai artifacts would eventually belong to the two families of Jinhua City and the majority of the alliance.

As for the rest, they would receive lucrative remuneration.

Heaven knew how many level 1 espers dared to join just for the rewards. To have the spoils of a Nitai artifact would definitely be a very lucrative figure. Of course, this was only when everyone obeyed the rules. If the rules were broken in the end, heh...

The ruins exploration didnt hold much meaning for Su Hao.

Technique cards were his main target. From Yao Haochen he had obtained a few specialized esper cards. It could be said that before he began, he had already obtained the most lucrative compensation. Hence, in the upcoming operations, the only thing that Su Hao needed to do was to be extremely alert and protect himself!

He would fight to escape unscathed.

As he silently drank a recovery potion, he squietly surveyed the buildings blueprint. At this moment, it seemed as if Su Hao had become an invisible person. The model expansion range had reached its final stage. With a little more time, it could be completed smoothly! Under an unlimited supply of energy drug, this 3 star card seemed to not be so difficult.



Su Haos eyes lit up as he silently executed the final breakthrough.

But, quickly during exploration, the mishap appeared again.

A pathfinder, as he was exploring, it seemed that an origin whirlpool was accidentally triggered. Suddenly, four or five origin whirlpools exploded at the same time, and the surrounding pathfinders were seemingly affected! The terrifying chain of explosions were like the arrival of disasters causing the number of deaths to increase!

At the time when everything was peaceful, everyone was shocked.

Apart from Yao Haochen and Su Hao who was beside Jin Feng, the pathfinders were completely destroyed! Even among specialized espers, a total of seven were dead!

Heavy casualties!

Strangely, the position of the explosion of the origin whirlpools seemed to have covered every pathfinder. The specialized espers who died were the ones who were protecting the pathfinders.

And because Su Hao was standing beside Jin Feng, Jin Feng blocked every attack, hence he was safe and sound.

The crowd went silent for a while, gritted their teeth and continued forward.

The pathfinding role was exchanged between Su Hao and Yao Haochen. Surprisingly, in a short period of time, there were actually no mishaps.

When it was Su Haos turn again, he stood in front of the wall at the corridor, but didnt do anything. Because at that moment, he felt a faint sense of killing intent from Yao Haochen.

That grandson finally wanted to attack him!