Godly Model Creator Chapter 238

Gmc Chapter 238

Chapter 0238    Comrade Yao Courting His Own Death

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: RED

Dozens of pathfinders were dead!

From that moment, Su Hao already knew the Yao Haochens purpose. He wanted to eliminate all the pathfinders and monopolize the searching power. With his strength, he definitely was capable of doing so.

When all pathfinding were done by him alone, Yao Haochen would have a strong negotiating stance. The death of those pathfinders would label him as the number one pathfinder. If he was able to negotiate properly, perhaps he might even get himself a Nitai artifact.

This was the hidden benefit he was aiming for.This was the wild hope of Yao Haochen!

A series of origin whirlpool explosions just at the spots the pathfinders were standing, killing them on the spot. If not because of Su Hao knowing about his hidden intentions, he would have been dead by now, too. Thus, all along their journey, he was always standing beside Jin Feng. When an energy whirlpool exploded, Jin Feng was able to easily block for him.

And now, Yao Haozhen finally couldnt hold himself anymore.

Without any doubt, if Su Hao was to once again step forward to explore, the origin whirlpool within the wall would definitely erupt and engulf him.

Yao Haochens action was so vicious.

What happened? Noticing Su Hao didnt move for quite some time, Yao Haochen kindly asked, Su Hao, are you afraid? If youre afraid, just let me do it then.

Alright. Su Hao smiled and pleasantly took a step back.

Yao Haochen was dumbfounded on the spot.

F*ck you!

He was just trying to stimulate Su Hao with excitement. As an eighteen year old boy, wasnt this the moment when one would act impulsively? How could this Su Hao just agree without any shame!

Well, if Im to do it, Im afraid we would have to wait for quite a long time, Yao Haochen said with some regret, Just now, the energy consumption was huge. If everyone is fine with waiting for one whole day, then Im alright with it.

Such an act! Like I will let you continue acting! Looking at his awkward face, Su Hao secretly sneered.

Su Hao, you go then, Jin Feng started to urge.

Su Hao pondered for a moment and then looked at the wall of rocks in front, These ruins seemed unusual and dangerous. It seems to be pretty dangerous. Give me five minutes time to prepare.

Alright! Jin Feng nodded.

He didnt understand about all this. Whether it was dangerous or not, let Su Hao had the final say. Only Yao Haochen was showing a doubtful look. This was obviously an ordinary path, what danger was there? Perhaps such a scale for someone with 8 points in origin ability was considered dangerous?

Su Hao took a deep breath and then took out a bottle of energy recovery potion. Ignoring the surprised looks of everyone, he sat cross-legged and then consumed the contents all at once.



As two energy recovery potions entered his body, the origin energy within his body soared again!

As his eyes flashed, Su Hao didnt hesitate to resume the progress of the card which was about to be completed. Model range expansion, read!

Model range expansion, 3 star card, progress 86%.






With the last energy consumption, the gray color of the model range expansion card finally completely illuminated! Countless data instantly flew into his mind. 

The contents on how to train model range expansion

The process of how to train model range expansion

The practice methods of Yao Haochen in training model range expansion

As information was engraved into his brain, Su Hao then directed his energy in accordance with the data. The energy within his body was once again consumed at high speed and reached the state of near depletion.



Su Hao once again poured two bottles of recovery drug into his mouth. As the energy within his body soared, he continued to direct the energy according to the suggested route.

One round...two rounds

Without noticing, Su Haos perception seemed to rise indefinitely. He seemed to be aware of his surroundings without even opening his eyes. With just the senses from his energy, he was able to see a new and odd world!

This was a brand new world!



Su Hao tried to build a model and in an instant, a building model appeared within his mind.

Sure enough!

Su Hao was so surprised that he almost stood up.

Without his naked eyes, without personally witnessing them, as long as he sensed them with his energy, he would be able to build a model!

O yea origin whirlpools!

Su Hao controlled his energy sense to enter into the wall and sure enough, he saw the origin whirlpool which he hadnt seen before. It was a blue mini whirlpool, gently rotating like a storm. This crystal clear origin whirlpool somehow had its own charm.

However, from above, Su Hao could feel the danger.

Just like those beautiful flowers, you could only see from afar, but never approach! Su Hao had this kind of feeling that if he dared to create a model of this, the whirlpool would immediately detonate!

Sure enough!

All his guesses were right. This was how Yao Haochen did his scheme!

At first he thought of sparing his life, but too bad Yao Haochen shouldnt have had any ideas about killing Su Hao. Once again Su Hao put a mental death sign on Yao Haochen. Glancing at him, Su Hao revealed a cool look. All Yao Haochens cards had been read completely, he didnt have any value to Su Hao anymore!

Anything wrong? Youre not ready yet? Jin Feng looked at Su Hao strangely.

Done. Su Hao scratched his head, This, my ability is weaker. Then I learn a special technique which could increase my exploration skill in a short time. Just that I need several minutes to prepare.


Everyone finally understood. No wonder Su Hao needed such a long time to prepare.

Gently standing in front of the wall, Su Hao took a deep breath and pretended to explore. In fact, he had already analyzed all the routes here. He was just acting for the sake of everyone.

The most important was to show this act of his to Yao Haochen.

That unrestrained energy fluctuation from Su Hao once again erupted, which caused everyone to break into sweat. This guy, must he do this every time? His energy control didnt improve a single bit.

Just over 5 seconds.

Su Hao noticed an aura locking onto him. A powerful energy could be detected. Without looking back, he already knew the person who did so was Yao Haochen.

He was ready to make a move!

Su Haos energy fluctuation expanded greatly and surrounded Yao Haochen. When Yao Haochens body was analyzed and a hint of fluctuation appeared, Su Haos face expression drastically changed.


Su Hao took a few steps back and spit out a mouthful of blood and almost fell to the ground.

What happened?

The Jin family quickly went and supported him. After all, Su Hao was the only pathfinder for them. If something went wrong, they dared not imagine their later adventures.

No problem. Su Hao bitterly smiled, The after-effect of this special technique. Although I could improve my exploration skill and detected the routes more clearly, I then have to bear the load of the energy outburst.

Su Hao stepped forward. In the virtual screen, he marked the routes which he had analyzed earlier.

One hundred meters!

This time, Su Hao actually explored for a hundred meters!

Being reckless, just to explore further, he actually was willing to even injure himself in the process. This kid was too honest! Everyone was so speechless. All the old foxes at the scene, it had been quite some time since they last seen a sincere person Recalling Su Haos performance since entering here, they were amazed.

Such a young and promising young man.

Behind, Yao Haochen who saw this scene almost vomited blood. 

F*ck! F*ck! F*ck!

This was totally different from his imagination.

When the origin whirlpool hadnt detonated yet, he had already finished his exploration? Such speed was too fast! Special technique damn it, model analysis actually has special techniques? Someone with just 8 points in origin ability actually had a special technique?

Yao Haochen was jealous to the extreme. As the number one pathfinder, he had never heard of such a thing!

Before this, he had always thought that Su Hao had some sort of hidden card. That was why he didnt make a move on him.

This time, it was clearly as he predicted.

Although he was very envious of the so-called special technique, Yao Haochen had already made his decision. He had to kill Su Hao fast! After all, Nitai artifacts would be distributed based on path mileage distribution. Only by getting rid of Su Hao, would he garner the maximum profit! This was his aim!

He must kill him the next round, Yao Haochen comforted himself.

As Su Hao s energy went empty again, one hundred meters passed in a blink. Now, it was time for Yao Haochens turn. He looked at Su Hao and sneered. This time, he had this uneasy feeling in his heart. The more he thought about it, he would remind himself to get rid of Su Hao faster.

His idea was simple.

He would shorten his exploration this time and pass the turn to Su Hao as soon as possible.

As long as it was Su Haos turn, he would be able to easily get rid of Su Hao! This time, he would consider whatever special technique Su Hao had. As long as there was one second, he would be able to get rid of Su Hao.

Thinking of this, Yao Haochens mental state was a lot better.

Standing among the crowd, Su Hao looked at Yao Haochen, who was ready to map. He secretly sneered. How could he not know Yao Haochens plan? Unfortunately he would never have the chance to do so!

The moment when Yao Haochen activated model analysis, Su Hao did the same.

With lights flashing within his eyes, Su Hao quickly analyzed the surrounding structure of Yao Haochen. Twenty cm to the front, there was an origin whirlpool and at thirty cm to the left. Half a meter to the right, there were actually two origin whirlpools. A total of four!

That was more than enough!

A light flashed in his eyes as he stared directly at those origin whirlpools.




A strange aura of energy fluctuations appeared from  Yao Haochens surroundings. To his front, left, and right, he was surrounded by the strange energy which sealed him in. The origin whirlpools actually detonated!

Yao Haochens face paled. How was this possible?

Other might not know about this, but how could he not be clear about this?

These things would definitely never explode on their own!

With a skip of his heartbeat, Yao Haochen suddenly thought of something and looked at Su Hao in disbelief

It was him!

Yao Haochens face paled. That strange energy fluctuation Whenever he made a move, he would always feel this strange energy fluctuation.

Instantly, Yao Haochen understood everything.

He who wanted to hunt the wild goose, had been pecked by the goose instead!



When the terrifying energy appeared, Yao Haochens eyes revealed a desperate look. He tried his back to step back, but was instantly covered by unrestrained energy. After struggling for less than a tenth of a second, no sound could be heard anymore.