Godly Model Creator Chapter 239

Gmc Chapter 239

Chapter 0239    A Young Man who Touched the Whole World in this New Era.

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: RED


Yao Haochens death was beyond the expectations of everyone.

At this time, everyone was dumbfounded. Yao Haochen was, after all, the strongest pathfinder here. The so-called number one pathfinder was dead just like that. Pathfinders died while exploring; although they were well aware the danger in the ancient ruins, they had never thought it to be this dangerous!

Thinking of Yao Haochens last struggles, everyone was trembling.

No matter how dangerous it was before, Yao Haochen seemed to be getting the situation under control. Who would had imagined him dying just like that?

With so many pathfinders participating in this exploration, it was a complete wipeout!

Song Biaos hands trembled. His face was pale.

Yao Haochen was the number one pathfinder his family had invested in. Previously, they had participated in many explorations, and they would all return safe and sound. This time he was actually dead? Yao Haochen was someone who was about to break through into specialized esper! Who knew how much had been spent just to invest someone with an E grade talent. Compared to ordinary talents, it was at least ten times more difficult!

The shortcomings of model analysis, the terrifying energy consumption, forced his family to spend ten percent of their resources in pushing Yao Haochen to 20 points of origin ability.

And now, he was dead just like this.

Was this a joke from Heaven?

Song Biaos face was somewhat pale. Since all the pathfinders were dead, if he was to return with empty hands again, he wouldnt be able to explain himself.

What do we do now?

The crowd recovered from Yao Haochens death. They had to face the current dilemma now.

What would they do next?

Continue exploring or retreat?

Everyone directed their attention to both of the leaders, Song Biao and Jin Feng. Both of the men then glanced at one another before changed the direction of their gazes to Su Hao. The crowd also followed their looks, and was shocked. At this time, they suddenly noticed Su Hao was the only pathfinder they still had

To be able to explore further, everything rested on Su Haos shoulder.


Su Hao looked back at the crowd while his facial expression was so nervous that some cold sweat began to form, This, Yao Haochen already dead. This is too dangerous My level is so low It would be so tiring for me to keep exploring all by myself I...I want to quit...

Everyone turned sad.

True, even Yao Haochen was dead. What could they ask Su Hao for?

It seemed that this time, they were destined to return without success.

This was really ridiculous. Everyone was already prepared to fight, but unexpectedly, without completing the exploration, they actually had to retreat with just one Nitai artifact as a harvest. Moreover, the most depressing part was that a lot of resources had been spent to organize such a huge exploration team.

Next time, would anyone agreed to come here?

Forget about others, even Yao Haochen, the so-called number one pathfinder, died here. What pathfinder would still be willing to come here? No matter how generous the reward was, you needed to keep your life intact to enjoy it. As a result, it was sad for them to discover that once this team was dismissed, the chance to explore here would be gone too.

However, hearing Su Haos words, Jin Fengs eyes lit up instead. This Su Hao, he had been repeating how tiring it would be for him to explore, rather than being unable to explore. Perhaps

Su Hao, can you keep exploring?

Huh? Su Hao scratched his head while dumbfounded. I can. But if me alone, my consumption would be too huge.


Damn, are you saying the truth?

Everyone looked at Su Hao in disbelief. They had never thought before that Su Hao was this cute.

Song Biao also nervously looked at Su Hao, Su Hao, can you really keep exploring? You need to know even Yao Haochen, with 20 points in origin ability, has died. You only have 8 points...

Su Hao replied, I dont know. My energy fluctuation is different from theirs. I dont know why, but I never cause any reaction from the origin whirlpools. Even if I directly use my energy over the whirlpools, it still doesnt move a single bit.

The crowd was shocked. Recalling the scenes when Su Hao was pathfinding, they suddenly came to realize, this seemed to be true!

For others, as long as they were careless a bit, the origin whirlpools would be triggered and detonate.

As for Su Hao?

Every time Su Hao explored, it would be in an earth-shattering manner. That horrifying fluctuation in energy which basically covered everyone, yet nothing happened. Perhaps this was a special feature of his origin ability?

I have heard before that some people are gifted and before achieving specialized variant, they have already gained a special origin feature. Jin Feng looked at Su Hao in shock. Perhaps you already have a special origin feature?

Not sure, Su Hao honestly replied.

Haha, its alright to not understand. Both of Jin Fengs eyes lit up. Not triggering any detonation from origin whirlpools means your special origin feature is stable! Gujin ripple, as steady as Mountain Tai! This is much better than the so-called offense and defense special origin feature! Coupled with your identity as a pathfinder, in the future, you will definitely be the number one pathfinder!

Gujin ripplei? Song Biaos was moved. Yao Haochens death really made him sad, but if he could bring Su Hao back, such talentdefinitely far exceeded Yao Haochen

Uh...Su Hao scratched his head and showed some embarrassment. However, in his heart, he was ridiculing everyone. Steady your ass, he was just skipping the origin whirlpools every time he scanned. Since he had mastered model range expansion, it was as easy as ABC when he did so.

Of course, if Yao Haochen knew that he had died under his own model range expansion technique, how would he feel?

Su Hao, you really have the confidence that nothing will happen? Jin Feng seriously asked.

En. Su Hao nodded. Just that his face wasnt looking good. As long as I have enough energy, I will be able to explore the whole building here. Just that I dont recommend us to keep going since my energy consumption would be tremendous.

Pa! Jin Feng patted his own thigh and stared at Su Hao with huge eyes, As long as you can keep exploring, everything will be fine. As for energy, do you underestimate my Jin family? I, as the number one family in Jinhua City, what face would we have if we cant keep up with your energy consumption? Rest assured, if ten boxes arent enough, then I will provide one hundred boxes. I will absolutely meet your demand.

The assistant next to him trembled when he heard this.

A bottle of the advanced energy recovery potion cost a million star dollars! A box had twenty-four bottles, which meant a total of twenty-four million! A hundred boxes would mean.over two billion dollars! Damn, if you want to buy someone, this was definitely not the way to do so!

However, at this moment, the representative from the Hua family also spoke out.

Not bad, our Hua family will also sponsor a hundred boxes! As long as we can keep exploring the ruins, we will get these one hundred boxes of advanced energy recovery potions for you!

Since both Jin and Hua families had voiced out, Song Biao naturally wouldnt lose to them.

Regarding Su Hao, the first time he explored, he had consumed all his energy. Such a pale performance, yet all the leaders backed him up.

The assistant from the Jin family dared not calculate the costs anymore.

Because just the energy consumption alone had already reached an astronomical figure. Before starting this adventure for very long, they had already had to pay a huge price! But thinking of them gaining a Nitai artifact in just the first temple boosted everyones morale. This time, it was an ancient ruins after all

Thanks for everyones support.

Su Hao without any hesitation clenched his fist and revealed a look of excitement, Since everyone is so supporting, I will definitely give my best in exploring and draw out the whole blueprint! My talent has a huge consumption. No matter where, I will always be despised, but never would I have imagine one day, I will be wanted...

Saying all this, Su Hao was so touched that he almost cried.

So touching!

Even he himself was touched, too!

Jin Feng came and patted his shoulder, You just have to do it well. As long as we succeed this time, in future, you can come to the Jin family. All the pathfinding jobs, I will leave them to you.

Really? Su Hao excitedly said.

Get lost! Song Biao was mad, Jin Feng, you old fool, I havent said anything yet, and you already made a move. Su Hao, dont bother about him. Come to us and we will make sure to invest in you becoming a specialized esper.Yao Haochens 20 points in origin ability, it was all from our investment! We have experience, naturally we will be a better choice than the Jin family.

Go away! Jin Feng looked at him with contempt, Yet Yao Haochen was dead in the end, right?

Thats because his talent was weak! Song Biao sold Yao Haochen off without hesitation. Su Hao definitely wont have that problem. With his Gujin ripple, that special origin feature, once he enters specialized variant, heh...

Look at him yourself. Jin Feng pointed at Song Biao. Yao Haochen has just died, yet this fool already sold him off. Look at how he treats his own man? In the future, perhaps he might treat you the same, too. Such a person seems good from outside, but inside, nobody could tell how toxic he is.

Song Biaos face turned black, and he immediately counterattacked, Stop saying that youre that pure. You think I dont know you and your niece were having a relationship?  Last time, when I went to do my task, I saw you two having sex!

The crowd was dumbfounded

WTF, those two level 5 specialized espers, they had no reserve in competing just to get Su Hao. Listening to both conversations, the crowd was fearing for a battle might break out. Especially that sex scandal it would be a hell of gossip.

So what? This daddy f*cked a third generation blood relatives, then? Jin Feng proudly said, It would still be better than you, a fifty year old freak who is still single. Perhaps your sex desire is too much, that you might even settle for a young man. To follow someone like you, it would be too dangerous!

Su Hao was speechless.

He knew it. Although his plan was perfect, there would always be something unexpected happening.

For example, now.

These two espers, just for the stable feature whatsoever, they began to compete to get Su Hao, and now all sorts of accusation came out. If it was really true he had that feature, he would definitely be shocked. But in fact

God knew!

He really didnt have the so-called Gujin ripple...