Godly Model Creator Chapter 240

Gmc Chapter 240

Chapter 0240    Left Eye Reality, Right Eye Illusion!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

This, perhaps it is the so-called Gujin Ripple.

Su Hao scratched his head, Im not sure about this.

It must be true. Your control is so poor, yet it does not trigger any origin whirlpool into exploding. Besides the Gujin Ripple, anything else is impossible.

Yea, look at other pathfinders. Isnt it because of their energy fluctuations that mishaps occurred? Even Yao Haochen with such faint fluctuations also triggered the origin whirlpool.

It was such a rare scene for Song Biao to agree with Jin Feng.

Su Hao didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

This was such a mess

That nonsense told by Yao Haochen, they really believed him? He really wanted to shout right now to everyone that Yao Haochen was the one who killed all the pathfinders, Yao Haochen was killed by him, how could there be so many origin whirlpools being detonated? You guys were being toyed around with

Too bad, he dared not say so.

Thinking of this, Su Hao had to just accept the current situation. God knew how many more people were going to die here. Just wait until they got out of here before trying to say anything.

If so, how about we discuss this after we get out of here? Or perhaps you want to start first? Su Hao pointed at the corridor far away.

Song Biao and Jin Feng glanced at each other before each grumped and agreed with Su Haos words. Everyone was already prepared to move forward.

Su Hao carefully stepped forward and stood in front of the rock wall.

Everyone held their breath. Although Su Hao said he didnt have any problem, they were still frightened. Countless pathfinders deaths, including Yao Haochen, had made everyone afraid. If Su Hao was dead, too then the adventure this time would be finished!


Su Hao pretended to take a deep breath. As his eyes flashed, the terrifying energy fluctuation once again erupted. That fluctuation which was several times more powerful than Yao Haochen alarmed the crowd.

Oh God!

Yao Haochens energy fluctuation could only barely be detected, yet he triggered the origin whirlpools. This energy fluctuation of Su Hao, no matter how you looked at it, was just like courting his own death!


The terrifying energy fluctuation quickly disappeared.

A moment later, Su Hao slowly opened his eyes. Without any hesitation, on the virtual screen, he had drawn the blueprint of the 100 meters in front of them. As everyone glanced, they were shocked until it was hard to control themselves.

He actually...did it?

Even Yao Haochen had died, yet Su Hao had easily succeeded. One with only 8 points in origin ability, this was truly incredible!

Gujin Ripple! This is definitely the Gujin Ripple! Jin Fengs both eyes lit up, Born with a special feature, too gifted. I must have him. With this talent, there will be no ruin that our Jin family wont be able to handle!

Heng! Song Biao coldly snorted, Will your turn even arrive? Your Jin family is only at the level of f*cking your own niece!

Jin Feng turned cold as both of them glared at each other.

The spark between them seemed to indicate a battle might break out anytime soon.

At this time, Su Haos body went soft and was about to fell down. A nearby esper quickly went and supported him and concernedly asked, Su Hao, you alright?

Nothing, just that my energy is back to empty. Su Hao who was pretending to be weak said, One hundred meter once, thats my limit. You guys slowly move forward first. I will start to recover my energy now.

No problem.Jin Feng quickly pointed at two female espers, The task of you two is to take care of him. Serve him well. As for the rest, open the path. Once we cleared the origin whirlpools, we will then wait for Su Hao to explore again.

Senior Jin, what about that Nitai artifact? Someone pointed at that white cloak at a distance away.

Everyone now only realized the Nitai artifact was with Yao Haochen, but he suddenly died. Coupled with the fact that every other pathfinder was dead, nobody was taking care of it right now!

Leaving it to one of the specialized espers?

This was no joke!

Such a valuable item, if it was left in the hands of non-combatant, then it would be fine; but to entrust it to a specialized esper, that esper would definitely have a boost in strength, wielding horrifying power. If the esper had any bad intentions, then that would bring a huge trouble! At that moment, when everyone was pondering and not trusting anyone, their eyes were once again directed to Su Hao.

Su Haos face instantly turned white, Fellow comrades, you guys couldnt be thinking...

Dont worry. Looking at his fearful look, Jin Feng persuaded, Were just letting you keep it safe. No matter who dared to make a move, we wont let you be harmed. What do you think, we would altogether kill anyone who dared to do so?

Altogether kill your ass!

Su Hao secretly cursed. When a battle outbreak happened, who would bother about all this bullshit!

Humanitys greed was not something to be looked down on

However, this time, Su Hao knew that he couldnt refuse anymore and hesitated accepted, Then I will hold on it first. Who wants it, I will directly give. Just dont find me for a fight!

The crowd was dumbfounded.

Eventually, the white cloak fell into the hands of Su Hao. This mysterious Nitai artifact, it would be temporarily in his custody. Since it was under his custody, then Su Hao was not being reserved. Under the horrifying gaze of everyone, the white cloak was spread to the ground and then openly sat on it with his buttocks.

The crowd, ...

F*ck! Damn!

That was a Nitai artifact!

You actually used it as a pad, as a cushion for your bottom?

This was something intolerable!

Su Hao noticed the gaze from everyone, Any problem?

Jin Fengs mouth twitched, What you are sitting on is a Nitai artifact...

I know. Su Hao shrugged, Anyway, its not mine. I wont feel bad about it.

The crowd: ...

Start our work! Jin Feng no longer bothered with Su Hao. Turning around, he pointed at the rock walls which Su Hao had finished exploring, Go and clear all the origin whirlpools. Once it is done, we will open the path!



Under the command of Jin Feng, the team once again moved forward slowly.

Taking the advantage of this time, Su Hao sat cross-legged. Without hesitation, he took one bottle by one bottle of recovery drug and consumed them in delight. These were after all advanced energy recovery potions!

Before exploring the ruins, the most common one he had seen was only at the intermediate level.

As for the only advanced energy recovery potions he had, they were all from his masters stock, Zhang Zhongtian had painfully given him a few bottles.

One bottle for one million, who wouldnt feel heartache?

And now

He had countless!




Once again, Su Hao consumed two bottles. Sensing the surging energy in his body, he only had this one feeling.

It felt so cool!

The alliance handed over all the recovery potions they had to contribute. The two large quantities from both the Jin and Hua families were being transported here currently. For the first time, Su Hao thought about how wonderful it was to have someone with a powerful backing supporting him.

Of course, if this power knew that they had been cheated, then it wouldnt be this fun anymore.

Thus, caution was a necessity.



Su Hao had a look at the cards in his body. Currently, there were 5 cards and one of them was a three star card that was already within his grasp.

Plane origin refinement, 2 star card, progress 0%.

Advanced origin control, 2 star card, progress 0%.

Beginner origin star technique, 2 star card, progress 0%.

Beginner model deduction, 3 star card, progress 78%.

This will be the one! Light flashed within Su Haos eyes, Beginner model deduction card, read!


The energy within his body instantly dashed toward the card. This very first three star card which Su Hao obtained continued to light up brighter and brighter under the influence of energy.






The gray card finally completely lit up. Information started to flow into Su Haos mind. Like a sky filled with countless stars, they filled Su Haos brain completely. Each of the stars contained a fragment of a memory.

The content of beginner model deduction

The process of the training

The method of training in this model deduction

Su Haos eyes flashed. From this three star card, he had seen something completely different. He saw the model of a petal, slowly blooming fully and gradually dying. He saw the dying petal fall on the soil and eventually became a nutrient. The soil then began to germinate.

This...this was model deduction!

It was obvious this was only a model of a flower, but Su Hao felt that compared to a real flower, there was no difference.

This was a master level deduction!

This was based on a real plant, a simulated ecological environment.

Su Hao was completely shocked!

The card model range expansion allowed him to get rid of the big weakness of model analysis, increasing his strength greatly. And this time, another three star card, model deduction, took him into another realm. With model deduction coupled with his analytical skills, it was absolutely extraordinary!



When these two combined, what Su Hao could see was this, prediction!

Crazily training this model deduction, in just a moment, Su Hao fully grasped all the information. Since his analysis had been improving every day, Su Hao became even more familiar with how this training worked. Excluding origin techniques which needed constant training, some other techniques only needed a little effort to master them.


Was this possible?

Su Hao slowly stood up. A trace of a crazy look could be seen within his eyes. Watching a few espers who were busy opening the path, a light flashed in his eyes.

Model analysis, start!

Deduction analysis!



His left eye was still the same as his right one began to be filled with vibrant colors. A different scene showed in his eye as the energy within his body was consumed at a crazy rate. Model after model appeared in his mind, including character and building models. For the first time, Su Hao covered all the models in this area.

A new world appeared in front of Su Hao!