Godly Model Creator Chapter 242

Gmc Chapter 242

Chapter 0242    Sudden Increase in Strength

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Now this was a a level of a professional!

Nobody suffered from Su Haos explorations, or had to worry about the sudden explosions of origin whirlpools. 

As a result, the previous losses were all blamed on Yao Haochen and those pathfinders. Thus, all their contributions and glory were obtained by Su Hao.

Yao Haochens plan had finally succeeded. Merely, all the fruits of it were being celebrated by Su Hao instead. Su Hao had even learned model range expansion from Yao Haochen. If the man was still alive now, perhaps he might even vomit out blood until he died from anger.

Speaking of that, Su Hao loved Yao Haochen so much!

This was all too perfect.

Even after he died, he still gave contributions to Su Hao. From the start to end, each action of Yao Haochen seemed to help Su Hao instead. Such a person who was willing to self-sacrifice for the benefit of others, where would Su Hao find one again?

Thus, Su Hao had decided that, after this adventure was over, he must burn some incense for Yao Haochen, hoping that he would keep up this spirit of self-sacrifice.

Of course, for Su Hao, this wasnt the most important matter.

What really left him at cloud nine was that after struggling for half a month, all the cards within his body were finally completed!

Four two star cards, all done!

Plane origin refinement, two star card, 100% progress.

Advanced origin control, two star card, 100% progress.

Image analysis, two star card, 100% progress.

Beginner origin star technique, two star card, 100% progress.

There was nothing more to say about advanced origin control and the beginner origin star technique. One reduced energy consumption while the latter increased total energy and recovery rate. Plus, there would be a certain degree of quality increase. After completing these two cards, Su Hao could felt that every time he used his ability, his energy consumption had dropped drastically!

His strength had increased yet again.

Plane origin refinement was a very interesting skill. When this technique was completed, Su Hao himself was shocked too. Su Hao showed a great interest in this strange cultivation and fun combined ability.

The only effect of this skill was to transform a 3D model to a 2D form.

In term of modeling, to simplify things, the 3D models within his mind would be transformed into a plane, mapped flat.

At first, Su Hao was not sure about this, but when he began to train this skill, something happened which caught him by surprise.

2D meant a flat plane.

If 3D was what we see with our eyes, then 2D is the pattern drawn on paper. As for the weakness, obviously it had only a little concept of a true 3D model. For someone like Su Hao who was accustom with 3D models, looking at the plane was a bit unbearable.

However, what surprised Su Hao the most was the energy consumption!


It was a very small amount!

The energy consumption was so little that it was unbelievable!

The consumption of a 2D plane was not even one percent of the 3D model!

This meant that he could now extend the area of effect!

Moreover, coupled with his origin star technique, Su Hao accidentally mapped out the entire ancient ruin inside his head.

The entire map of the ruins!

Although there were no signs of origin whirlpools, and it was without the realistic feel of the 3D model, after Su Hao added some notes of his own, it was as if he had seen through the rock walls, looking at them from the sky above.

In just a glance, the entire ancient ruins was in his mind!

No matter what kind of model analysis, life or object detection, this would always be a huge surprise. When Su Hao used his ability and caused his energy to fluctuate, he purposely avoided any life models and made a dot as a standard indicator, it shocked him

This was a perfect map!

Have you played a game before?

Had you seen a map with numerous red dots on it?

This was it

In this 2D map, everyone except Su Hao became like an NPC in a game, a big red dot on the map, with Su Haos current location also highlighted. Through this map, everyones location and progress on their adventures in the ruins was all clearly visible!

Damn, this was a cheat!

Su Hao felt embarrassed before he sighed, If this was realy a cheat, then it would be truly great! After getting rid of the final wave of monsters, then I could just kick these guys out from the team...

Well, this was just his imagination.

However, this seemingly ordinary two star card still brought some surprises for Su Hao. Because the energy consumption was so low, there were times when Su Hao kept activating this skill. Without taking even one second, the map would refresh and became dynamic.

What a perfect technique!

Su Hao was amazed. Indeed, this was an exclusive skill for pathfinders!

Yao Haochen, as the number one pathfinder, seemed to be heading in this direction to improve himself. Too bad, before he even succeeded, he had already died. With this plane origin refinement and Su Haos mutated ability, it was simply a perfect match!

Image analysis. This was another unknown two star card.

Su Hao still remembered the description on this card - A derivative skill of model analysis, greatly improving the efficiency of capturing a scene or picture, making the model become more realistic. Also increases sense of vision, reduces energy consumption and improves modeling efficiency.

Increasing sense of vision was something Su Hao was not going to bother about.

What moved his heart were the next two sentences. Reducing energy consumption and improving modeling efficiency! For someone like Su Hao who would never have enough energy, this was simply perfect news!

Later on, after Su Hao analyzed this skill, he finally understood.

Model analysis was after all about capturing the mysterious factor of a model and analyzing it before obtaining the final result. It was something similar to solving a case; based on several trails, analyzing one step at a time, and eventually finding the murderer. The more mysterious the factors captured, the higher the modeling efficiency would be. Just like having more clues in the case, you would be able to solve it faster!

At this point, when the mysterious factor was being captured at a more efficient speed, it was equivalent to having an improved modeling skill!

After Su Hao completely mastered this card, he was shocked to discover his modeling speed. Once again his strength had improved. When he tried to read and establish a card, it was almost instantaneous. No more waiting time! After some analysis from Su Hao, his modeling speed had improved at least a hundred times!

It seemed useless, but Su Hao was overjoyed.

Because in the past, when he created a model, he would require a few seconds of time. Even at his fastest, he had only managed to create five cards per second. If he faced some special card, the requirement would increase even more! And now, that entire process could be ignored! Model playback, which Su Hao had been looking forward to, he could finally see some hope in attaining.

One second, twenty-four frames!

It would be equivalent to a movie playback, perfectly combined together. If he could create model twenty-four times in a second, wasnt it the same as a movie playback?

Coupled with model range expansion, his range would be able to cover basically the entire surrounding area!

Within a few meters, if he could play all the scenes like a movie, it would be equivalent to having a pair of mystical eyes which would granted him 360-degree vision. All details and actions would be clearly visible in HD quality within his mind.

If he used it during a battle, his strength would definitely increase by a large margin.


Su Hao was startled. His current strength, exactly what was his level now?

He was clueless!

But he believed he definitely had boosted his strength. If he was to have a battle with Chou Yan again, although he couldnt be sure that he could emerge as a winner, he absolutely was qualified to be Chou Yans opponent!


A loud burst echoed within the temple. A Buddha statue carrying a Nitai artifact in his hand was destroyed by a punch of Jin Feng. In fact, a major part of the temple had been destroyed by the force. Countless rock walls were shattered!

This was the strength of Jin Feng.

The strength of a level 5 esper!

Damn it!

Su Hao smiled bitterly. All the rising confidence he had earlier instantly vanished. Compared to this group of espers, he really couldnt find anything for him to be proud of.

Looking at the 2D map, Su Haos thoughts moved.

This ancient ruins were about to reach their end.

What others were unable to see, Su Hao could clearly visualize through this 2D map. There were a total of ten temples in these ruins. Including the one which was destroyed by Jin Feng just a moment ago, they had passed a total of nine temples.

From the map, he could easily see that the last temple, the tenth, was very large, almost three time the size of an ordinary one.

This was the main temple of these ancient ruins.

Su Haos mind worked. Even in an ordinary temple, the strength of the defenders was already so formidable. The battle in the main temple was definitely not one where he could mess around! Not to mention his understanding of this kind of adventure; when the final items were in hand, a chaotic battle would definitely break out.



All of those were nonsense!

Under the temptation of Nitai artifacts, everything was nonsense! With so many Nitai artifacts, as long as an esper got one in hand, then he would earn a great harvest!

As for the threat from the Jin family?

Besides the several cities nearest to Jinhua City, what could the Jin family do? Those espers from a faraway city, could the Jin family really find them in a strange city? As for those cities near to Jinhua City including Jianghe City, nobody from them had actually joined this exploration. They clearly knew that even if they got the artifacts, eventually the prizes wouldnt end up in their hands.

And this time, the alliance!

Su Hao dared not believe that Song Biao had the strength to control everyone.

Thus, before the end happened, Su Hao had to make an early plan!

In theory, even if nobody would dare to make a move on him, the coming chaotic battle might still accidentally kill him. Moreover, to put his own life in the hands of others wasnt really his style.

Subconsciously, Su Hao looked at a bunch of Nitai artifacts in his hands.