Godly Model Creator Chapter 243

Gmc Chapter 243

Chapter 0243    Unnecessary Death!

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Nitai artifacts.

He had been envious of these items for a long time.

Not to mention the other espers, even he himself also had bad intentions. Too bad, he knew that all these didnt belong to him. Trying to get them would only be courting his own death. However, the future crisis which he deemed very likely to happen really pressed on his nerves. It was fine not to take these items with him, but he could still made some preparations with them.

Su Hao had read the information regarding Nitai artifacts countless times, especially on how Nitai artifacts were born in this world. To be more precise, he had a better understanding on that topic.

Everyone had different energy. Although there were many kinds of energy, these energies had something like DNA, with minor differences among themselves.

And Nitai artifacts recognized this!

Those freshly born Nitai artifacts which were just influenced by origin storm naturally wouldnt show any signs. At this time was the easiest time for them to recognize an owner.

For ordinary Nitai artifacts, you needed to use your own energy to slowly go through them again and again until they were more familiar, and eventually successful bond and became your exclusive Nitai artifact! To some extent, it was pretty similar to training animals, because Nitai artifacts had their own spirits and minds.

Any strangers energy, they would definitely subconsciously rebel against!

To get approval from a Nitai artifact wasnt an easy task. The more powerful the artifact was, the harder it would be. Even the simplest one required a whole day. As for the longest, legend said that there was a Nitai artifact that needed eight years just to gain its recognition.

But once the matching was successful!

This Nitai artifact would be close to the owner of the energy. It would no longer resist and showed its true potential whenever being used by the owner. The identity of the owner could never be overcome!...

Unless the owner died!

And the most interesting point was that once a Nitai artifact had bonded with the owner until became an extension of the owners body, with just a single thought, the owner could cause the Nitai artifact to explode. That was why many people were afraid of snatching Nitai artifacts. If it exploded before the owner died, then all their hard work would be down the drain.

And naturally it was even possible for the snatcher to lose his life, too...

The energy contained within a Nitai artifact was definitely beyond all imagination!

A Nitai product had its own spirit. Once it was loyal to you, it would even go as far as dying with you.

Lets do one first before talking about others. Su Hao bit his teeth and decided to nurture one Nitai artifact first.

For him, to face this risk due to greed for the Nitai artifacts, it was definitely not worth it. But if he took the risk in order to face the upcoming crisis, then that was definitely worth it.

To nurture a Nitai artifact was just for it to recognize its owner.

Su Hao decided to nurture one Nitai artifact up to 99%. He would only stop at the very last moment.

If everything was safe and sound, naturally everyone would part without hard feelings.

If someone dared to make a move on him

He would immediately integrate with the Nitai artifact!

So what if youre a specialized esper? For daring to make a move on Su Hao, even if youre not dead, you would at least suffer heavy injuries!

Of course, the ideal was wonderful, but reality was harsh. Nurturing a Nitai artifact was a huge problem. His right and left were flanked by two beautiful women, the ones who were instructed by Jin Feng to take care of him. Now, they became his biggest obstacles.

No matter what, those two were still specialized espers!

If Su Hao directly touched a Nitai artifact and channeled his energy, that energy fluctuation would be instantly detected. If he wasnt wrong, he would be killed instantly by them! Thus, how to conceal and carry out his plan was a big problem...

Quietly watching the crowd who were fighting, Su Haos eyes swept down and saw the white cloak.

Shadow cloak, that was the name he gave to the white cloak.

From the outside, you could see that this was an artifact mainly for increasing speed. Of course, whether it itself had any origin skills was unclear. However, in short, as long as you wore it, your speed would definitely receive a huge boost. With his current strength, even if Jin Feng himself made a move, there would still be a glimmer of hope!

Of course, the most important matter was


Su Hao put the white cloak as a cushion again and sat on it.

Sitting cross-legged, a bottle of the energy recovery potion was consumed. Traces of energy began to appear within his body. Left and right, those two women helplessly looked at Su Hao with some frustration. Only his heart was so open that he dared to openly sit on a Nitai artifact.

However, thinking of Su Haos response, Anyway, its not mine, and that helpless expression of Jin Feng, they felt like bursting with laughter.

True, it wasnt his to begin with. Since he couldnt have it, why not sit on it then?

It was too bad they didnt have that much courage!

Thus, under the protection of these two espers, while everyone was working hard at fighting, Su Hao quietly sat on the Nitai artifact and began to nurture it without being detected by anyone.

As for energy fluctuations?

What joke was that? The reason Su Hao sat on it was because his energy had been exhausted and he needed to restore his energy. If a whole potion was consumed and no energy fluctuations occurred, then that would mean something was wrong.



With two level 5 espers in action, the battle finally ended. The ninth temple was cleared and the team had a rest for a bit before proceeding.

Su Hao moved and activated his ability.

From his 2D mapping, he could generally see the original style of the temple and the existence of the main building. The nine temples in front were originally impressive residences for the monks. The largest temple was the main building. At this point, the distance from the main structure was only five hundred meters!

In other word, he had to nurture this Nitai artifact to 99% within 500 meters!

His time was limited!

Based on his progress, five hundred meters would require him to explore five times, one hour at a time, which meant he was going to die in another five hours. Even if he delayed it, how long could he do so?

Su Hao frowned. If he had known this 2D modeling was so useful, he would have read this card first. However, how could someone like him, who had never heard of this skill before, realize its power? In terms of combat effectiveness, this 2D modeling wasnt really at all helpful, after all.

At least, it isnt considered too late.

Su Hao pondered for a bit. He knew there were five hundred meters left, but the others didnt know that. Since all the other pathfinders were dead, wasnt he the one who would be having the final say?

The last five hundred meters seemed promising!

Su Hao, had you finish resting?

En, Su Hao nodded. Standing up, he knew it was time for him to explore.

Model analysis, start!

Terrain modeling!

Su Haos face suddenly changed and startled on the spot. Revealing a puzzled look, he said, Something isnt right here.

What happened?

Everyone noticed his unusual expression and asked quickly. Along the way, their exploration had been so smooth, all thanks to Su Hao. Naturally they had to show some politeness to him.

Not right! Su Hao frowned, This section, I dont understand!

What do you mean by that?

Everyones mind tightened.

Remember the hidden origin whirlpools which I mentioned before? I suspect there is this kind of origin whirlpool here, but I cant see it even though I can feel its existence. My ability is still too weak!

Su Hao shook his head, I dont recommend taking this route.

Which means it isnt what your ability found, but your own feeling? a mystifying man named Da Han inquired.

He was an esper from a small city. Coming here this time, he came along with his own brother, who was a pathfinder. Never would he have thought that after his brother explored a few times, he was killed. Yet, this seemingly weak young man with only 8 points in origin ability survived and received all the harvests. Under such an intense contrast, the esper naturally blamed his brothers death on Su Hao.

He naturally had all kinds of bad impressions of Su Hao.

Shut up! Jin Feng coldly grumped before looked at Su Hao and asked the same question.

En! Su Hao nodded, If my ability was the one detecting it, I naturally wouldnt let you all pass this route. But after all, it is all my own feeling. As for what to choose, you all will decide.

Su Hao threw the choices out there for them to pick. Thus, even if he was exposed in future, there wouldnt be much effect on him.

I just feel it myself. The decision is what you yourself take. I am just a nobody with 8 points in origin ability. Even if my feeling is wrong, nothing is strange here.

Jin Feng and Song Biao glanced at each other. Apparently they had some hesitation.

Whats the matter, if nobody dares, let me do it then! Da Han sneered, As long as you mark the origin whirlpools you see, that would be fine. I do not believe the so-called danger you felt. Youre just a nobody with 8 points in origin ability who just lucky enough to have the whatever feature. If my brother had this kind of ability too...

Da Han didnt finish his sentence and walked to the front of the rock wall, clearing an origin whirlpool and then blasting at a safe spot to expose an empty space.

Look, where is this hidden origin whirlpool?

Im sorry.Su Haos eyes flashed. From the surface, he was showing a sorry expression. Perhaps my feeling is wrong...



Two origin whirlpools exploded, one from above, one from below.

The terrifying energy suddenly caught Da Han in between them. The crowd were alarmed and quickly stepped back. A few seconds later, no sound could be heard from Da Han.

The crowd glanced and sucked in cold air.

Damn! It turned out to be real!

Da Han, who hadnt believed Su Hao, died and he did so in a tragic manner.

Because it was an explosion of energy from above and bottom, Da Hans body no longer had a human appearance. Perhaps only his mother could recognize him.

The crowd looked at the rock wall and felt a tingling sensation down their spines.

What to do now? For a moment, Jin Feng had no idea.

Everyone thought for a moment and couldnt come with any ideas. In the end they could only look at Su Hao.

Su Hao smiled in embarrassment.

We will take a detour!