Godly Model Creator Chapter 244

Gmc Chapter 244

Chapter 0244    Godly Technique in Hand

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A detour!

This was the best method Su Hao could think of.

Although the structure of this temple and the route in front should be a straight line, After seeing the scene just now, the crowd didnt hesitate to stop moving forward.

This was no joke!

If pathfinders were useless, then they all would have ended up as dead as the earlier days when they had just started to explore this ruins. Each step was so risky and dangerous. These days, they had tasted the efficiency of Su Haos exploration. Naturally, they didnt want the situation to revert back to earlier. So what if they had to detour? At most, they would only waste an additional few days.

Thus, under the guidance of Su Hao, they began to detour around to the temple which was only 500 meters away. 

If everyone could have seen the situation in the surroundings, they would had been so mad!

It was clearly just in front, yet now the distance taken was countless times longer!

This detour took a full ten days

After ten days, everyones face turned ugly. Before this, in fifteen days, they had passed through nine temples and gotten sixteen Nitai artifacts. But now, a full ten days had passed, yet they couldnt even see a shadow of the temple.

The crowd looked at Su Hao and finally revealed a trace of suspicion.

Anyone who had been taken around for a full ten days, yet have nothing happen would be suspicious, too. The dry food ration brought by Jin family had been half-consumed. Because they had gone deep, the outside team for delivery had long ago gone out of contact. And Su Hao had kept consuming origin recovery potions, so that the supply was at its very end.

If he was to continue a few days more, not only might he not be able to get out of the ruins unscathed, the potion supply might not even keep up with his consumption rate.

Su Haos face turned ugly.

He knew that Nitai artifact was precious, and to nurture it wouldnt be an easy task. But never did he expect a full ten days were needed before he succeeded.

This ordinary white cloak was already this difficult?, Su Hao secretly cursed.

A large amount of resistance this cloak given to him had disappeared. As long as Su Hao released his energy once again to the cloak, he would be able to make this Nitai artifact recognize him as the owner. Thus, he had to stop at this time! After all, his intention was not to steal any Nitai artifacts.

You need a life to be able to use something you take.

Who would have thought that he painstakingly nurtured a Nitai artifact simply to escape when these espers engaged in a chaotic war among themselves.

When deities fight, little demons would be the one suffering.

This was a tragedy for the weak ones. Forget about those espers being polite with him; outside of this place, he believed not many would even bother with him. In this era, strength was everything.

Specialized esper, I am coming to you soon!

His origin ability was about to reach the ideal position. When he came out of this place, it would be the time for him to break through into specialized esper!

Su Hao bit his teeth. Glancing coldly at the crowd, he once again stepped forward to explore.

Can or not?

I dont know...sigh, we have been walking for ten days.

Yea, its too long. Everyone didnt stop at all. In the end, how long is this detour?

If I knew it would turn out like this, we should have just go straight instead. Perhaps we would have long ago gotten Nitai artifacts by now.

Everyone whispered among themselves in discussion.

Ten days of boring adventure had made their politeness towards Su Hao fade.

Jin Feng and Song Biao sighed. They didnt voice out and silently watched Su Haos action. A moment later, Su Hao opened his eyes, showing a trace of weird expression.


What happened? Jin Feng was in panic. The previous time Su Hao showed this expression, they had to take a detour for ten days for no reason. This time, if they were to take a detour again, only God knew how long it would be before they arrived.

Were about to arrive! Su Hao casually said.

What? At first, everyone was shocked, before their surprise was followed by a burst of joy.

Finally, they were about to reach after a full ten days! This kind of place with no people around, ten days here were hell. If they were to take another ten days

Su Hao, who pretended to be calm on surface, suddenly revealed a look of comprehension.

Thats it! No wonder we had to take such a long detour! No wonder it is so dangerous here! Su Hao clapped his hands as he exclaimed.

What do you mean? The crowd asked curiously.

Su Hao explained, If Im not guessing it wrong, we have reached the end of the ruins. The temples main hall! A temple which is numerous times bigger than the others, probably with several times the Nitai artifacts!

They were all startled. Suddenly, all the suffering of being led around by Su Hao for ten days had faded away. If that was the main hall with lots of Nitai artifacts, then all their suffering of these ten days was worth it!

How far is it now? Jin Feng asked.

Su Hao put on an act before replied, One hundred meters, only one hundred meter! As long as I plot the route once, then we will be able to reach it. To pass this section is very dangerous, though!


Everyone was alarmed. The scene of Da Han dying was still fresh in their mind.

En. Su Hao said, embarrassed, In fact, it is because my energy isnt enough. If I have enough energy, then it shouldnt be a problem.

Jin Fengs hand twitched.

Not enough energy?

Damn you! You even dared to say such words?

From the start till now, excluding those drugs provided by others, Su Hao had consumed a total of 5 billion worth of potions!

5 billion star dollars!

F*ck you!

Along this journey, although Su Hao didnt want anything, his energy consumption had cost almost as much as a Nitai artifact. He had never thought that Su Haos energy consumption would be this huge!

Luckily, however, there were results.

Looking at the accumulated Nitai artifacts, Jin Feng slightly felt relieved. Since this was the last section of the route, there would be even more Nitai artifacts inside!

No matter what kind of condition he proposed, Jin Feng would agree!

What else do you want? 

Energy! Su Hao said without hesitation. A lot of energy! A box of advanced energy recovery potions! This time, I will detect the route at once. I cant slowly recover, we must succeed at once!

One box?

Jin Feng was relieved.

Although a box was expensive, it was only some tens of millions. Damn, since 5 billion was already gone, another few tens of millions was nothing.

Agreed! Jin Feng waved his hand.

Everyone began to gather advanced recovery potions. Ten minutes later, the crowd only realized that after adding up all bottles, it was still not enough!

Not enough?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Since when were specialized espers this poor? So many espers were here, yet they couldnt even come up with twenty-four bottles!

This Su Hao, is it alright if were lacking a few bottles? Jin Feng was embarrassed to say. A dignified specialized level 5 esper actually asked for a few bottles less from a pathfinder. Like it or not, he had to say so. To ask a deliveryman to come here would require quite some time.

Su Hao secretly smiled. What a joke, he had already counted how many bottles were left from the crowd. If he let them manage to gather all twenty-four bottles, then his plan would fail.

Thinking of this, Su Hao once again helplessly said, We can try, but whether I can detect all the origin whirlpools, Im not sure.

The crowd turned pale.

If he missed a few

Is there any other method?Jin Feng was bitter.

Su Hao scratched his head, If I knew model reversal, then it would be great. I have made a few permanent models. If they could be reverted back to energy, then I should be able to keep up.

Model reversal? Jin Feng was shocked. What the heck was that?!

Wait... Jin Cheng who was always standing back suddenly lit up, The model reversal you said, is it the reward for this task?

En! Su Hao nodded.

Jin Cheng didnt know whether to laugh or cry, and then pulled out a book to throw to Su Hao, Is it this?

Su Hao had a look and impressively it was the one he was waiting for, Model Reversal!

Jin Feng was confused, Hold onin other words, the model reversal that Su Hao needed was always with you? Why didnt you take it out earlier?

I dont know it was useful. Jin Cheng was innocent. As an esper, he didnt understand model analysis. He only knew that this was important for those with the modeling origin ability. That was why he offered it as a reward. If he knew that it was that useful for exploration, he would have taken it out earlier.

Then you? Jin Feng looked at Su Hao.

Su Hao was even more innocent, Model Reversal is the reward if I complete the task. I still havent completed the task yet. If I asked before then, then Im afraid you might misunderstand my meaning...

Misunderstanding, your ass!

Jin Feng bitterly smiled. Would the Jin family even bother about a skill for a pathfinder?

Since he couldnt do anything to Su Hao, he could only stare fiercely at Jin Cheng. 

Holding the book in his hand, Su Hao was too excited.

A godly technique was in his hand!

Dragging Jin Feng along for such a long time, wasnt it all for this? If they really managed to accumulate all those bottles, then would he even get his share?

The task from the school had always been safe and secure.

As long as he completed the task steadily, everything should be fine. However, the tasks outside the school were always full of unexpected variables. It was only with his own experience that he found out about how great the gap was.

To establish a card, Su Hao consumed half the box in front of him before pretending to walk to the front of the rock wall.

He knew that the most critical time was about to arrive!