Godly Model Creator Chapter 245

Gmc Chapter 245

Chapter 0245    A Grand Scheme!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws


Once everything was ready, Su Hao pointed towards the main hall without hesitation.

The building model was instantly built. In a moment, Su Hao outlined the final building model as the horrifying energy swept around the crowd, once again surrounding everyone. Unfortunately, the majority of the character models were still unable to be completed. It seemed that the difference between beginner and specialized esper was a huge gap.


Once they had Su Haos mapping, Jin Feng and Song Biao led the mighty crowd to begin opening the path. After ten days of depression due to the lack of progress, everyone unleashed their spirits. Following an explosion which opened the end of the tunnel, a temple appeared before everyones eyes.

Golden light!

It blinded everyones eyes.

A magnificent, brilliant, and vibrant sparkling ray actually caused every ruin to be swept aside. Within a radius of a meter outside the main hall, there was actually no smoke or dust. At both sides of the hall there was a Buddha statue with a few Veda and Rutuo. At the east side, there were paintings of the 12 Wheels of Karma. As for the west side, there was a painting of the 18 Arhats. Meanwhile in the middle of the main hall, there was a Fa Hua Taoist statue with a natural and lifelike pose.

This was the real ancient remains!

If they didnt enter here, who would have known that under these endless ruins, every single item in this ancient temple was actually completely protected and preserved!


Every Buddha statue, it was as if was filled with aptitude.

Whether it was earrings or weapons, everything had a murderous feeling. The blinking fluorescent light above, clearly showed that all these were Nitai artifacts.

Every Buddhist statue had a Nitai artifact!

Why were there so many Nitai artifacts?

How was it possible?

Since when had Nitai artifacts become this abundant and didnt have much value?

Did this mean that most of the crowd could take one?

The people in the crowd were tempted.


Looking at these items, Jin Fengs expression changed. Not allowing the crowd any time to consider, the first thing he did was to charge forward. Song Biao also gave a loud shout before charging forward. When these two men took action, the rest naturally wouldnt give way! The Jin and Hua families had two level 5 espers. As for the alliance, they had three level 5 espers!

The temptation of Nitai artifacts...

With their number a few times higher than the number of Buddhist statues.

The atmosphere of the scene were filled with the massacre...

With five espers acting together, adding with the other espers, suddenly it became a total annihilation. The people in the crowd battled like crazy. Soaked in countless bloodbaths, the Buddha statues were destroyed one by one. The predicted confrontation didnt happen and it became a total one sided domination!

Something was not quite right!

Su Hao felt his heart skip a beat.

These Buddha statues, only the middle Fa Hua Taoist statue was extraordinarily horrifying. Unsurprisingly. it was a Buddha statue that had reached level 5 standard. And added with Nitai artifact attached on its body, its strength was horrifying. As if it could kill gods, and kill demons! But, under the many level 5 espers attack, it could only retreat.

As long as this Fa Hua statue was defeated, that would meant the end.

At that point, everyone would just leave and settle with their own spoils, wouldnt that ended? But, strangely, Su Hao always felt that something was not quite right.

It was going too smoothly!

Su Hao, something is not quite right.

A light voice appeared in Su Haos mind, Su Haos mind was moved, Little brat, you also felt it?

Yes. The blue dream butterflys voice rang out, I notice that between Jin Feng and Song Biao there was a strange fluctuation. The wave frequency was similar to my usual conversations with you, I am not certain what is happening.

Jin Feng?

Song Biao?

Su Haos eyes lit up. After a glance at the two who were working together, he finally understood what wasnt right.


The two had great chemistry!

They complemented one another that they controlled the bad situation which was supposed to be the dominance of the Fa Hua statue. Were these two enemies to each other?

Darn it!

These two were working together!

Su Haos expression was calm, but his mind was thinking like electricity. Without doubt, these two men were together, but why did they work together? Because of the Nitai artifact? Yes, this time the number of Nitai artifacts were too big, but before they came here, how did they know?


Su Hao suddenly thought of something. He remembered the content that was read through by him. He quietly opened the his virtual screen and began to scan through the information on Nitai artifacts. The bad premonition he felt in his heart spread once again. After looking at the remaining Buddhist statue, he finally understood the intentions of these people!

No wonder when Jin Feng saw the Buddha statue his face changed.

No wonder Jin Feng immediately charged at the first moment.

No wonder Song Biao charged together with him.

The earlier total of sixteen nitai artifacts, and now, in the main hall, there were 35 of them. Adding them together, there would be fifty one artifacts! This also meant this ancient remains productivity, went as high as fifty one artifacts!

Origin Ability Association, previously graded the ruins exploration and used the production of Nitai artifact as the standard.

A harvest between one to ten Nitai artifacts was 1 star ruins exploration.

A harvest between ten to fifty Nitai artifacts was 2 star ruins exploration.

And a harvest above fifty Nitai artifacts was 3 stars ruins exploration.

When fifty one Nitai artifacts appeared, this signifies that this ruins exploration immediately was graded as a 3 stars ruins exploration! Of course, these werent the main point. The main point was, according to Origin Ability Associations statement, when a 3 stars ruins exploration appeared, it must be reported!

This was a nailed on rule!

Therefore, when the harvest volume exceeded fifty, the significance was that these Nitai artifacts could also all be confiscated by Origin Ability Association!

This cannot be tolerated by any powers.



Stealthily, the white cloak in Su Haos hands immediately completed its nurturing. A surge of the connection of blood reached his head. He knew, from this moment, this cloak, belonged to him! Since youre mine now, I will give you a name. From today onwards, your name is Shadow Cloak!

Su Haos heart moved. Again his gaze went towards the bunch of Nitai artifacts in his hands.

Of course if you all wish to play, then lets play in a huge scale!



Among the Buddhist statues, the most powerful Fa Hua statue finally was destroyed by all of the level 5 espers! The crowd had a moment of joy, but before they could be happy, Song Biao attacked the level 5 esper beside him! And at the same time, the Jin family, the Hua family, and the alliance, those who seemed like ordinary first level esper began to make their moves.

Four of them were actually level 5 espers!

Four vs two, the result was never in doubt. The two people from the alliance were immediately killed. In a two vs one and in addition with the definite advantage of a surprise attack, it was a completely beautiful instant kill.

One second!

Two level 5 espers died!

Everyone was stunned!

They looked at Song Biao with disbelief. The crowd all knew Jin Feng and he hated each other to their guts. Why suddenly...

Sorry. Song Biao sighed and attacked again.

The three people from the Jin and Hua family also attacked without reservation. A few minutes later, everyone from the alliance died! The ones remaining at the scene were only Song Biao and his forces of ten espers, along with everyone in the Jin and Hua families, there were twenty espers! The three family forces actually had no casualties!

Up to this point, from nearly 200 espers till only thirty remained. The rest were annihilated! Oh of course, there Su Hao who was far away watching as a spectator...


Too fast!

As for Su Hao, he totally didnt respond. From the sudden destruction of the Fa Hua statue, the scene became chaotic. Not even one minute had passed before it completely ended.

Su Hao looked at the scene and he gulped.

So skillful...

Thirty five Nitai artifacts scattered on the ground as nobody picked them up. Since the enemies were completely cleared, what remained were theirs, naturally there was no rush and at this moment, Jin Feng finally turned his head over and looked towards Su Hao.

Obviously, it was his turn.

The reason Jin Feng didnt attack Su Hao at the beginning was all credited to the role that Su Hao played - a noncombatant member, a timid, kindhearted, naive, young and silly student.

You all Su Hao looked at them in alarm.

Jin Feng had an aloof expression, Kid, I am quite pleased with you. Come to think of it, a naive youth like you is already a rare occurrence. Student heh, if you had interacted with society earlier, then maybe you wouldnt have died like this. Sorry, because of special reasons, today I must kill you. In the next life, dont be so stupid!

Once Jin Feng finished speaking, he looked at the two woman beside Su Hao and said, Go ahead.

The eyes of the two ladies flashed an expression of unwillingness, but they still focused their energy and prepared to charge towards Su Hao. With their strength, one hit and Su Hao will be instantly killed. But at this moment, Su Hao again opened his mouth.

Why Su Hao said faintly, and revealed a disappointed expression, They seemed to know what is happening? You should at least tell me why! I I dont wish to die without understanding anything. Thats right, I let me join the Jin family, didnt you and elder Song Biao fight for me earlier?

Song Biao who contemplated, laughed and said, You cant be serious? Tsk tsk, such a naive youth. The fight for you was only an act. A mere pathfinder is not worth us paying such a big price. Especially for people who cultivated the model analysis talent, the consumption is too huge, not worth it.

Jin Feng sneered, Forget it, the difficulty of this ruins was also higher than our expectations. The accidental death of Yao Haochen, it can also be said that you have been a big help to us. Although we cannot let you live, I will let you understand why you died!

Very quickly from Jin Fengs mouth, he revealed a earth shattering plan!

In the past few years, the origin storms occurrence frequency had increased, the quality also increased.

Especially on the ancient ruins, once they were affected by the origin storms, the probability of the appearance of a 3 stars ruin had increased multifold when compared to the past! Hence, every time a origin storm affected an ancient ruin, Jinhua City would take action. If it was only a 2 stars ruin, then they would forget about it.

When the Jin and Hua families earn their spoils and without forgetting Song Biaos forces, the final Nitai artifacts obtained would only be one or two, not worth a shot. But for example this time...a total of fifty one Nitai artifacts appeared, 3 stars ruins must be reported to the Origin Ability Association! Finally every item would be forcefully confiscated by the Origin Ability Association.

Although the price offered reward for 3 stars ruins was not cheap for the Origin Ability Association.

But did Jinhua City need cash?


What they needed was strength, absolute strength!

Hence, when the 3 stars ruins appeared, they would work together to kill the crowd, leaving behind only their people. Every Nitai artifact would naturally belong to Jinhua City. And Song Biao had long ago been part of the operations and the Jin family.

If this operation was exposed, the Origin Ability Association would definitely destroy them with a lightning like force!

Hence, with an outsider such as Su Hao, naturally he had became a needed sacrifice.

You must die! Those were Jin Fengs determined words.