Godly Model Creator Chapter 246

Gmc Chapter 246

Chapter 0246    Virtue is One Foot Tall, the Devil Ten Foot!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: RED

How could it be this? Su Hao seemed to be hardly accepting of the fact, How about when you all are leaving from here? How are you going to explain all that?

Haha, such an easy task! Song Biao laughed, The team fought among each other to grab for the nine Nitai artifacts. Jinhua City as the winner got six pieces, while we as the loser got three pieces. Meanwhile, for the others, I am sorry to say that all of them died during the fight.

Therefore, it was not the first time you all doing this? Su Hao asked unbelieving.

Of course. Song Biao sneered and said, Among the hundreds of cities, we and Jinhua city are the top of the top. As long as the Origin Ability Association does not notice, we can easily hide whatever news we wanted to. We are the emperor among the hundreds of cities. Back then for a few years, this is the fifth time we have done this.

Fifth time...

Although Su Hao had known something was wrong, he was still stunned. How many people had they killed? It was not a competition at all, it was a one-sided slaughter! Although it was following the rule of the jungle, it was completely vicious to kill others purposely for their own benefits.

Now you know what happened? Jin Feng sneered and said, Now you can die.

Jin Cheng, Uncle Jin! Su Hao turned his head to Jin Cheng and cried, Uncle Jin, you are the one who brought me here. I am willing to join Jins family and I am really loyal! Please dont kill meI I can move to the other city. I am serious, please dont kill me!

Jin Cheng seemed sad, but he shook his head firmly, I am sorry, Su Hao, as the Jin family wants you to die, you must die!

Childish! Jin Feng impatiently instructed the two ladies beside Su Hao and said, Kill him right now. There is no necessity to keeping him alive now.

Su Hao sighed. Uncle Jin, I gave you a chance

What? Jin Cheng was stunned. He totally did not understand the words from Su Hao.

Jin Feng and the others were stunned, too. They were staring Su hao as if he was a moron. Perhaps he had become crazy after experiencing all this sinister kind of stuff? Or he was just pretending in order to survive from this? Nonetheless, the two ladies beside Su Hao moved.

An energy glow slowly appeared on the hand of the lady left to Su Hao. The light turned into a shape of the green knife and struck towards the neck of Su Hao. Although they felt sympathy toward Su Hao, they did not hesitate at all as they attacked.

It was just that Su Hao moved at this moment.


Su Hao moved slightly and pulled the lady from his right side. The lady felt a strong pulling force from Su Hao and she was pulled to the front of Su Hao, just right in between Su Hao and the green knife. It turned out to be a battle between the two ladies.

No! The lady who was pulled by Su Hao was frightened when looking at the green knife in front of her. She cast her attack on the green knife subconsciously.

The two ladies attacked each other. Well before they were able to react, a powerful attack with murderous intent came from behind them.

Mountain Crash!!

As Su Hao shouted, the lady felt a strong force hit her body from behind. She couldnt control herself and hit the other lady in front of the rock wall. The strong forces tore their livers into pieces as their minds went blurry.

The last thought before they died....

How could this student be so powerful?


As the exploding sound was heard, two of the ladies were dead on the spot. Everyone was extremely shocked. How was it possible?

They thought they were very clear about who Su Hao was.

A naive, ignorant, and timid teenager...

Such a teenager had killed two level 1 espers with one hit?

Everyone was so confused at the moment.

It would be nice if we could have talked peacefully. Su Hao sighed, stared at everyone with cruelty, I dont think a fight can settle all the problems, Sir Jin Feng.

Jin Feng was extremely shocked, looking at Su Hao.

He suddenly felt it was so ridiculous and unbelievable. He recalled what Su Hao had said earlier and his face turned livid with rage, You were pretending all the way?

Do you want to guess? Su Hao smiled and said.

Humph, funny! Jin Feng was in murderous rage, From your attack just now, I guess you are a level 1 esper. Do you think you can escape from being killed by us?

As Jin Feng said that, the ambiance chilled down to freezing. Including Song Biao, there were a total of 4 level 5 espers aiming at Su Hao and standing by for an attack. Other than that, there were a total of more than 30 espers getting ready.

It was a joke to escape from being killed.

Who was the one who sent you here? Jin Feng gave his last call, If you can tell me who the person is who sent you, I will keep you alive!

Hah! Su Hao smiled, Arent you worried if I could escape?

Escape? Jin Feng laughed, Haha, so funny! If you as a level 1 esper could escape from us, the level 5 espers, we should just go and die instead.

Really? Su Hao flicked his hand. The white cloak in his hand moved by itself. It moved to Su Haos back and attached to him. Su Hao then turned ethereal.

Nitai artifact! You integrated a Nitai artifact!

Jin Fengs face distorted from his anger. Only now did he understand that they had been tricked by Su Hao since the very beginning! It took quite some time to nurture a Nitai artifact. Recalling back to a few days ago, it was now obvious Su Hao was trying to drag out the time. There was no doubt that he was nurturing the Nitai artifact. Meanwhile, he had been helping Su Hao to drag out the wait!

It was so funny!

Damn! Jin Feng cursed. Su Hao, there is no way you can escape. Your family is in Jianghe city; even if you escaped with this Nitai artifact, your family will die because of you! You are only an ordinary citizen in Jianghe city, how dare you oppose the Jin family! You are seeking a way to death now!

Su Hao paused for a moment, and stared at Jin Feng, Say it again if you dare.

Scared? Jin Feng laughed and stared at Su Hao cruelly. Kid, I have done this at least hundreds of times. If you apologize now and tell us who the person is behind you, I can keep you alive. Initially, I was thinking to keep your corpse complete. You are seeking death by yourself!

Really? Su Hao calmly said, Dont worry, you wont have that chance.

After saying that, Su Haos body turned even more ethereal.

While he was talking with Jin Feng, he had already understood the functions of Shadow Cloak. With a thought, his body was getting extremely light.


A faint dark shadow blinked, Su Hao disappeared.

What do you mean by no chance? While Jin Feng wanted to say something else, he noticed that Su Hao had disappeared. He angrily shouted, Damn! This trick again! Catch him!


Everyone was chasing Su Hao swiftly.

Jin Feng was very angry.

Normally, he wouldnt be so furious. However, he was really getting mad because of Su Hao. He felt disgusted for his own sympathy toward Su Hao. He had once thought of letting go of Su Hao because of his naivety and sincerity.

He had been in the society for many years, experiencing countless evils, murders, and politics. Such a teenager like Su Hao made him feel that he was back to his wonderful school life, long before the era of origin ability, in the world without murderous intent. For the very first time, he was thinking of letting Su Hao go.

However, he had decided to kill him as the benefits encouraged him to do so.

But then, what now?

This mother f*cker was the one who played a trick on everyone until the very last moment. He even escaped with more than ten Nitai artifacts! Jin Feng felt great shame at being fooled by a student.

Catch him! Strong energies came from Jin Feng. He charged towards Su Hao madly.

The distance from here to exit was too far. They had spent a total of twenty-five days coming here. No matter how fast Su Hao was, he would need at least a few hours before he could reach the exit. They didnt believe that they couldnt even catch a level 1 esper. The effects of a Nitai artifact would also depend on the ability of the user.

A level 5 esper was extremely strong!

In the ancient ruins, a black shadow was escaping. Not far behind him, there were countless people chasing him. Three of the level 5 espers were at the very front. Other than one level 5 esper who had stayed behind, everyone else was chasing Su Hao.

From there, their anger towards Su Hao could obviously be seen.

The distance between them was getting shorter.



Jin Feng started to get impatient. They had been chasing him for a few minutes, but still had not managed to catch Su Hao. Su Haos energy, initially so weak, seemed to be unlimited at this moment. He had used a Nitai artifact for more than half an hour, but it didnt seem to be a burden to him at all.

Was he faking exhausting all his energy all the time previously?

Jin Feng suddenly recalled that Su Hao had consumed more than 5 billion worth of advance energy potions from them. He felt he was like a fool being tricked all the time by Su Hao.

How many times had he actually been tricked by Su Hao?




Su Hao, never ever let me catch you, or else you will be treated even worse than death! Jin Feng shouted so loud that it echoed around the ancient ruins.


A burst of energy could be felt as Jin Feng increased his speed again, with both of his eyes turning red.