Godly Model Creator Chapter 247

Gmc Chapter 247

Chapter 0247    A Dangerous Chase and Kill

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Within the ancient ruins, it was a stage for a thrilling chase scene.

At the front, Su Hao was dashing like a ghost. The energy within his body was quickly being consumed. The power of Shadow Cloak was outside of his expectation.

With this speed, in just an hour, he would be able to escape the ruins.

However, Jin Fengs strength was also outside of his expectation.

His sudden escape only gave him an advantage of a few seconds. He didnt expect that in just five minutes, the distance had been pulled closer to more than half! If this was to continue, in a minute, those behind him would catch up! But if he was to stop, in two seconds, he would be instantly killed!

Indeed worthy to be level 5 specialized espers!


With lightning speed, Su Haos 2D map in his mind flashed. With the entire ruin structure mapped in his mind, he totally didnt have to consider other factors. In fact, he only had to walk in a straight line. Actually, they had technically walked in a straight line since they entered.

I cant let this go on any longer!

A light flashed within Su Haos eyes. Three of those level 5 espers who were the fastest would soon catch up with him. However, once he was caught, with all the hatred from everyone, he didnt dare imagine his death. Feeling the contents in his backpack, Su Hao tried to recall any useful item which he could use.



Terrifying energy waves echoed within the corridor. In less than a minute, the distance between Jin Feng and Su Ha was only 5 meters. As long as he had ten more seconds, he would be able to get rid of Su Hao!

Brat, lets see how are you going to escape this time! Jin Feng fiercely stared at Su Hao. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

Really? Su Haos mouth raising a smile, Senior Jin Feng, this is still the ruins. You should be the one who has to be careful, not me.

En? Jin Feng was obviously shocked. Without even having the time to react, he suddenly felt danger.

Energy defense!



With only a meter width corridor and 5 meters separating Su Hao and Jin Feng, this gap became something which couldnt be closed. As terrifying energy burst out in between them, forcing both of them away.

Su Haos speed became even faster!

Jin Fengs whole person was pushed back forcefully. Traces of blood was clearly visible. Nobody would have expect that at this moment, there was actually origin whirlpool explosion!

Origin whirlpool explosion? Everyone was dumbfounded. How could this be possible?

Jin Feng was shocked, This thing, wouldnt it only happen during exploration? How could it explode at this moment? Was this just a lie created by Su Hao? No no, even Yao Haochen said so too. It should be my energy fluctuation is too huge that it detonated the origin whirlpool.

Jin Feng reacted quickly. After pondering for a bit, he made his move again.

Rubbing the blood off his mouth, Jin Feng restarted the chase and warned, Control your energy fluctuation. If it causes an explosion, nobody would be able to save you!

Su Hao looked from afar. These espers were really powerful. An origin whirlpool explosion which could instantly kill a level one or two esper, yet Jin Feng only suffered minor injuries. Indeed worthy of being level 5 esper!



Since the gap was once again opened, Su Hao once again fled as everyone was in hot pursuit.

Too bad, whenever they were getting closer, an origin whirlpool would detonated. Once was luck, but twice was a coincidence. But when this situation occurred ten consecutive times, even if they were retarded they could still see that Su Hao was manipulating these origin whirlpools.

Such a scary method!

Within their mind, this idea popped out.

This was after all an ancient ruins. To be able to control origin whirlpool, couldnt he kill any God or Buddha blocking his way? If not for the strong espers accompanying them, perhaps with just a thought from Su Hao, he would have easily destroyed the whole team.

Subconsciously, those who were afraid of the origin whirlpools explosions began to slow down.

It would be better to leave such dangers to those who had power to deal with them. As for Jin Feng being in the front, he had a different opinion. If Su Hao was able to manipulate origin whirlpools, then all the previous deaths of the pathfinders, could it be


Song Biao cursed.

So, from that moment on, Su Hao had already planned everything?

As if a basin of cold water being poured, Song Biaos anger had been calmed down. After linking all the things together, he had a deep fear on Su Hao.

Such a terrifying young man!

From the moment he entered here, he had turned everyone into his pawns. Every step he took was calculated. Acting weak killing all the pathfinders faking his energy consumption secretly nurturing the Nitai artifact 

To think about it carefully, every step Su Hao took had been taken into careful consideration.

If so, then wouldnt he think of how was he going to escape?

Song Biao who was madly chasing finally calmed down and began to think.

All the anger aroused by Su Hao had completely vanished. Song Biao once again became the leader of this team and not only as a level 5 esper. As a leader, he naturally had his quality to command well. After thinking carefully, he felt suspicious.

What happen? Jin Feng felt the sudden decrease in speed of Song Biao.

Something isnt right. Song Biao whispered as a fearful look was revealed, Dont let your mood be affected by Su Hao. This kid has been taking every step with consideration. I am wondering what would be his next move?


Jin Feng was annoyed. As an esper he naturally didnt bother much about calculative moves. But he still had to listen to Song Biaos words, No matter what the problem is, as long as we catch up with him, he would still die. At that time, his life would be in our hands.

But he can control the origin whirlpools! Song Biao said with concern, If he set all origin whirlpool to explode at once, everyone of us will die! Even if his energy isnt enough for all of them, detonating five to six origin whirlpools would be enough to block our route. In a short time, we would be unable to chase him. Why didnt he do so?

Dont worry. Jin Feng sneered, Do not forget that he is wearing a Nitai artifact. With such a high energy consumption, how many more can he detonate? Didnt you see that unless he was in a pinch, he would never detonate the whirlpools? As soon as his energy is empty, then he would become useless!

Song Biao secretly nodded.

Having said that, he still felt that something wasnt right.

With Su Haos intelligence, how could he not thought of all these?

And Su Hao, what was exactly he trying to do?

With suspicion arousing, everyone was once again getting closer to Su Hao. Every time they were close to him, an origin whirlpool would explode and slow everyone down. After numerous explosions, many had been left behind.

Only two people were able to keep up with Su Hao.

Jin Feng and Song Biao.

After chasing for half an hour, everyone seemed to have use up all their strength to max out their speed. The distance from here to the entrance wasnt far. Whether it was Su Hao or Jin Feng, both of them knew that the confrontation would conclude everything.



Jin Feng and Song Biao quickly approached him.

Su Hao, this time can you escape again? Jin Feng coldly laughed, This time, even if I have to receive the force from a origin whirlpool, I will still make sure to kill you! Stop resisting and I will consider leaving your body intact. I can also consider leaving your family safe. Or else...

Su Hao didnt bother at all and kept fleeing.

Damn it! Jin Feng cursed, Since youre seeking your own death, then dont blame me for not being lenient. Old Song, we cant drag this out any longer. Go!

Alright! Song Biao took a deep breath as both of them began to make their move!

At this point, when the distance between them were just 5 meters, the energy within their feet erupted as they were charging at Su Hao. As they expected, at this moment, an origin whirlpool exploded and terrifying energy was heading toward them.

Both of them were startled but didnt stop.

As they had said before, even if they couldnt defend themselves, with all their effort they had to capture Su Hao. Without any danger of the origin whirlpools exploding, what else could Su Hao use to threaten them? Almost instantly, both of them appeared in front of Su Hao.


Song Biao without any hesitation made his move on Su Hao. Jin Fengs whole body was also erupting with energy as he charged at Su Hao.

These two level 5 espers used their deadliest moves!


At this very crucial moment, Su Hao did an unexpected action. They saw him take out a white hoodie to wrap all the Nitai artifacts in it and then turned around while putting this package in front of him.


Song Biao coldly smirked, Without being a nurtured Nitai weapon, are they even useful?



Without any hesitation, both of their attacks landed on the package. That terrifying attacks of theirs instantly transferred to Su Hao, causing him to fly a distance away.


Su Hao vomited blood. His whole body flew a distance of thirty meters. Crashing hard on the wall, there was no longer any sign of movement.

Heng, courting own death.

As Song Biao and Jin Feng were preparing to move forward, Su Hao who had fell to the ground suddenly stood up at this time which made their heart feel uneasy.

Su Hao, how could he still be alive?

Su Hao revealed a smile as he looked at their expressions and then coldly said, Burst!