Godly Model Creator Chapter 248

Gmc Chapter 248

Chapter 0248    Black giant ape

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora


With a word from Su Hao, the surrounding walls suddenly cracked. A total of ten origin whirlpools exploded at the same time. The terrifying force began to sweep toward both of them.


Jin Feng cursed and began to put up his defense with Song Biao.

A few seconds later, the erupted energy finally stopped. When both of them looked up, their face turned black. The temple corridor was blocked off at the very last moment, Su Hao finally decided to seal off the route.

This was his final plan?

Be careful!



Ten successive explosions caused the surrounding passage to be destroyed completely. Such terrifying force could have killed both of them. Though they managed to defend on time, when the situation calmed down, their bodies were covered with scars and they were in a sorry state.

More importantly, the passage had been blocked.

As for the other espers who came, when they saw their leaders again, they were embarrassedly climbing out from the piles of rock and they seemed to be injured. They were shocked, even those two were unable to catch up? This Su Hao, who was he exactly?

The pair came out from the rocks.

Jin Feng patted his clothes. The earlier rage had strangely disappeared. Although it seemed like Su Hao was the one who provoked him, he was not the one who annoyed Jin Feng till he reached such a degree of madness. However, looking at the blocked path, Jin Feng still smiled indifferently and said, Although I had already expected it, Su Hao really brought me some surprise.

Im still curious how he managed to block our attack.

Ten pieces of Nitai artifacts.

Jin Feng said with confidence, Although they werent nurtured yet, we still couldnt destroy them. Thus, when they stacked up together, they acted like a shield. Even if our energy could penetrate through them, Im afraid there would be less than one percent left when it reached Su Haos body.

So that was it.

Song Biao revealed an inexplicable look. To be able to grasp all the details during a crisis, this Su Hao is really amazing. But I am more curious about that white hoodie. It even managed to withstand our attack without damage. Or else, the moment we hit, all those Nitai artifacts would have been scattered around.

That piece of cloth, could it be a Nitai artifact too?

Jin Feng wondered about this too. Such a manner, it seemed that I have seen it before. Where did I see it? Strange...

Senior Jin.

Those espers following behind quickly came. After they saw that both Jin Feng and Song Biao were fine, they felt relieved. However, looking at the blocked passage, their faces turned bad. Senior, Su Hao...

He fled.

Jin Feng indifferently smiled.


Everyone was shocked. If Su Hao fled, then what about the Origin Ability Association?

Jin Feng waved his hand as if it was not bothering him a bit. Even if he could run away from monks, he wont be able to run away from the temple. I have always been worried about what kind of trump card he had. Since he used it, we no longer have to worry about him running off.


Everyone was clueless.

Old Song, this game is finished. Lets give this kid Su Hao a good ending. Jin Feng smirked. To be able to make us excited, his death would be worthy.

Song Biao indifferently smiled as he looked in the direction Su Hao had run.

Yea, time to end it!

Everyone became alerted. What did their two leaders mean?

For the first time, they did not know what was the plan of these two men were, despite taking part in this operation many times before. However, these old timers seemed to understand something. Could it be that the leaders would be using their ability talent?

For some people, their ability talent was an indicator of their strength. As their strength increased, many people were willing to use their ability talent as a trump card. In such a dangerous society, nobody would be stupid enough to tell others about their ability directly. Only in a pinch situation would they use it.

The stronger you are, the more cautious you became.

For example, for fire type talents, some are offensive or defensive. However, if they did not disclose it, who would know what kind of fire ability they had in the end?

Fire element control? Raging blaze? Fire storm?

Perhaps not.

After specialization, the nature of your talent would be even clearer. Coupled with origin technique, the potential of your talent would be the greatest card.


A touch of amazing red color flashed within Jin Fengs eyes. At this moment, his eyes were blood red in color. If you looked into his eyes, you would see a red world. That cold look caused the crowd to suck in a deep breath. Such a state of Jin Feng was inhumane!

Jin Feng slowly rotated his body and looked at a certain location. At 1 oclock, a distance of 300 meters.

300 meters?

Song Biao was alarmed. After he stopped us, he didnt escape? That is impossible. Could it be that he still has some cards waiting to be revealed to us?

He should be injured.

Jin Feng coldly said. Once again, his red eyes returned to normal. Receiving attacks from both of us, even if he had ten Nitai artifacts as a shield, he must have still suffered from the aftermath. I guess we have to take action fast. After all, the earlier we deal with him, the better it would be!


Song Biao laughed out loud. It is indeed time to end it.


Song Biao roared for a second. The rocks surrounding the area shook crazily as if an earthquake occurred. The crowd was shocked by this scene. Those old timers who had a premonition quickly dragged the new ones behind.

Song Biaos both palms touched the ground. His face looked grim as his whole body was covered with a strange energy. In just a moment, his body actually grew numerous black hairs that covered his whole body. Even his face changed too. When the energy disappeared, a disgusting look black giant ape was left behind.


The crowd looked at this scene with disbelief. A few of them almost sh*t themselves.

The black giant ape turned his head. Its grin and cold white eyes scared a lot of people on the spot. This was the ability talent of Song Biao, black ape transformation. After integrating this feature and coupled with origin technique, he could transform into an ape with thick skin and tremendous strength!

Brother Song, I will leave it to you.

Jin Feng secretly smiled.


The black giant ape gave his cry and directly rushed toward 1 oclock. Charging toward the rock wall and with one punch, a hole was formed. Then he broke through with a great speed. When Song Biao was in this state and was wild, he was even faster than when he was a level 5 esper. 

Everyone was too scared by this scene.



The giant black ape was like a mythical beast that casually opened the path in front. With just a slap and a smash, a path was easily opened. Occasionally, origin whirlpools would explode but no damage would be inflicted! This...this was the absolute strength of black giant ape! A trump card of a level 5 esper!

To stand by oneself, besides your own strength, you also needed a certain mind. Since that day when they had nearly allowed a level 2 esper with a stealth talent to escape, every action of Jin Feng and Song Biao became very cautious. They would make sure to destroy any opportunity for the enemy to flee.

This time, it would still be the same.

Just that, if they knew what Su Hao was doing right now, they would not even be able to smile. Somewhere in the ruins, it was as Jin Feng had seen, Su Hao had not escaped. In fact, he did not even have the intention to. After trapping them with an origin whirlpool, Su Hao had already stopped moving after he walked for a bit.

Within an empty cave.

Su Hao squatted on the ground but this time a pithole was dug out. Inside the hole was impressively those Nitai artifacts which Su Hao had brought. Looking at them, Su Hao focused all his attention as he took out a bottle of blue liquid. Opening the bottle, he planned to dump it all in.

What is this?

The blue dream butterfly exposed her head as she curiously asked.

Origin fermentation drug. It is used to fermentate and break down energy, which would produce some reaction. You should have seen it before right when I did an experiment before this. This was specially crafted by Master so it might have a different effect. Su Hao casually said.

Aiya, then why did you pour it there?

The blue dream butterfly pouted her mouth. The Nitai artifacts are dirty now.


Su Hao smiled sinisterly. Its not as simple as dirty...


A blue light flashed in front. He then saw the blue dream butterfly carry a Nitai artifact which was smaller than her. This artifact had the shape of a butterfly pendant. She then pitifully said, Su Hao, leave this for me to play. It would be weird if you stain it.

Put it in the backpack then.

Su Hao bitterly smiled. It was not unexpected for girls to be attracted to beautiful things. Moreover, losing one would not affect his plan. Moreover, if it had reached the stage where he had to use these


The blue dream butterfly excitedly threw it into the backpack.



Bottle after bottle of origin fermentation drug was poured into the hole. Soon, the whole pit was half filled with blue liquid. The blue liquid had covered all the Nitai artifacts. Su Hao was still as serious as ever. After settling the fermentation drug, he took out a few bottles of green colored drug.

What is this again?

The blue dream butterfly softly asked.

Origin catalyst. It can promote the movement of molecules. Under the guidance of energy, the reaction would be ten times more powerful. The ones in front right now are the enhanced version. Su Hao calmly explained and then poured all the green liquid in.


When the blue and green liquids mixed together, it formed a weird color. It seemed like yellow but not yellow. In short, it was a strange liquid.