Godly Model Creator Chapter 249

Gmc Chapter 249

Chapter 0249    Six senses drug

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora.

A light sparked within the liquid.

There were a total of 10 pieces of Nitai artifacts immersed inside the weird-colored liquid. The liquid glowed and a few bubbles appeared on its surface. If someone observed the liquid carefully, they would notice that the outer layers of the Nitai artifacts were disappearing.

Almost there.

Su Hao hesitated for a second before he made his decision. He took out the origin liquid bomb and passed it to blue dream butterfly. Nah, little brat. I will leave this to you.


Blue dream butterfly was extremely shocked. I dont want it!

What are you scared of? You can fly!

Su hao rolled his eyes and pointed to the ground. Later, when I instruct you to start, throw it down, remember to be accurate.


The blue dream butterfly carefully took the origin liquid bomb and frighteningly stared at the liquid in the pit. She was curious and felt there was something wrong with putting all these things together, origin catalyst, origin fermentation drug, origin liquid bomb and Nitai artifacts!

Remember, do it like what you did last time, throw it and then fly higher into the sky.

Su Hao stared at her and said, Although you couldnt get too high in this passage, you will be safe as long as youre not affected by the origin liquid bomb. You could make a hole on top of the passage and hide inside it once you throw the bomb. However, it will be the best scenario if I dont have to instruct you to throw it.


Blue dream butterfly nodded her head seriously.

She did not understand what Su Hao planned to do.

Stay here, they are too strong, they could detect you if you get too close to them. Su Hao reminded her. I will go to them by myself, remember to hide when there is danger.


The blue dream butterfly nodded again as she stared at Su Hao with a pitiful look. Be careful.

She felt that Su Hao was abnormal today. Usually, Su Hao would not talk in this manner. Was he too nervous?

Dont worry.

Su Hao smiled. I will not get into trouble!

Su Hao left the corner and moved forward for a few meters. He launched his model analysis and detected all the origin whirlpools around him. After he had recorded the coordinates of all the origin whirlpools, he took out a few things and put all of them at the coordinates of the whirlpools respectively.

After Su Hao was done, he stood there.

It was totally outside of his expectations for things turned out like this. In fact, he planned to be a nobody in this expedition. He did not expect that coming into the ancient ruins would get him involved in the dirty plan of Jinhua City.

Was there any place left in this world which was full of kindness?

The moment he was attacked by Jin Feng and Song Biao, he already knew he was in big trouble. Should he escape? No, it was not a matter of escaping.

His family was still in Jianghe city!

He could escape from this but could his family also do that?

He did not expect his enemy to be kind. Since Jin Feng threatened him with his family, he knew that there would only be one side who managed to survive between him and Jin Fengs team.

Everything is ready

Su Hao looked at the rock wall in front and said, Jin Feng, Song Biao, I have been waiting for you all for such a long time


The rock wall that was 5 meters away from Su Hao collapsed. A huge body came out from it while Jin Feng and his team followed behind.

Berserk beast?

Su Hao was shocked when he saw the huge bodyit was a black giant ape.

If they had such a monster on their team, why would they even need a navigator? If the monster led the team all the way, they would be safe as the origin whirlpool could not even break the beasts defense.

The black giant ape rushed toward Su Hao when it noticed him. Su Hao summoned his shadow cloak and avoided the attack of black ape.


A strange collision sound could be heard.

The black ape hit the rock wall and destroyed the passage. Within a few meters, all the rocks fell down from top and filled up the passage!


Su Hao finally realized that the ape did not intend to attack him but it was trying to block up his routes of escape. Such a smart berserk beast! The other espers formed a circle and surrounded Su Hao.



A few collisions happened again. All the possible exits were fully blocked.

Su Hao squinted and said, Jin Feng, all the exit are blocked, all of you cant get out either.

No worries.

Jin Feng smiled. After we kill you, we can open up another new path. The ancient ruins have not been fully explored yet but it wont be hard to figure out the remaining parts of it.


Su Hao looked at the black ape behind him.

He never saw any monsters on the way. While he was curious, the black ape shined and shrank to the size of a human. It transformed into a human, it was Song Biao!

Its him! Su Hao suddenly realized what had happened.

Su Hao remembered that he had met a human who transformed into a berserk beast and robbed other humans. The ability talent of that guy was transformation. He never knew that Song Biaos ability talent was that too. However, Song Biao seemed to be extremely tired after opening the path for a moment. No wonder he did not use it since the beginning of the expedition.

Su Hao calmed himself and looked around. All of them were espers at the level of specialization.

There was no way to escape!

Su Hao, here we meet again.

Song Biao stared at Su Hao as if he was a prey.

Su Hao did not reply to him. He opened up his communication device but there was no signal at all.


Jin Feng sneered and said, To prevent the leaking of our secret, all signals were blocked since the third day. You thought you are able to make me lose my mind? I was just acting! Right now, I have prepared a perfect grave for you here.


Su Hao squinted his eyes again, smiling happily. Are you sure this is not the grave for you all? I have been waiting for you guys to come to this perfect place.


Song Biao sneered and spoke again, Stop the useless struggle. You are just a level 1 esper. If there was a chance, why didnt you escape then? Look at your surrounding, everyone here could easily defeat you in a hit, how could you want to escape from here?

Su Hao smiled and did not reply.


If he was able to escape, he would not be here now.

There were a total of four level 5 espers in the opponents team. He would never look down on any opponent, especially when the opponent was much stronger than him. Since there had not been any news spread out about what they did previously, that meant they had never failed in killing all the possible threats to their team.

For five consecutive times, there were not any survivor other than the team.

Even though he had a Nitai artifact, he still believed that his opponents must have some other skills which they have not used yet. After a few times of modeling and analyzing the information available to him, Su Hao came to the conclusion that the only chance for him to survive was to expose himself to the risk of death.

Since you said so, lets see who is able to survive and get out of here.

Su Hao sneered and ignited all the origin whirlpools around him.

Within a radius of more than ten meters around Su Hao, all the origin whirlpools exploded!




A horrible wave of energy covered up the surroundings.

Luckily, there was not anyone damaged due to these explosions. However, right before Jin Feng and his team felt relieved, the surrounding scene had changed.


One bottle of black-colored potion burst open by the explosion of the origin whirlpools. Black gases filled up the surroundings, causing all the light to disappear. The tunnel turned into complete darkness and everyone was blinded.

Master grade potioneternal darkness!


Another white-colored potion was burst open by the explosion of another origin whirlpool. White particles covered up the surrounding. The infinite white particles vibrated and all sounds were absorbed by the small particles. The passage had turned completely silent.

Master grade potionSilence!

These were the cards of Su Hao.

The six senses potion was created to seal of all six senses of humans. It was banned by the Origin Ability Association. The minimum requirement for creating these drugs was master level pharmacist. There were six bottles of this six senses potion, each eliminating one sense. It was extremely expensive. Thus, he was only given two by his master.

Never use it unless it is a moment of life and death!

This was the warning from Zhang Zhongtian.

The six senses drug not only eliminated the senses of the enemy but the users senses too.


The world had turned into extreme silence. Everyone was stunned on the spot. No matter how strong one was, one would get worried when the surroundings were extremely quiet.

This silent world was horrible!


Everything was in absolute darkness. With absolute darkness and silence combined, everything around them changed. It was a fear deep inside ones heart, everyone was trying to catch something around them, until they got the hand of others, only then were they slightly relieved.

At least their sense of touch still remained.


Everyone tried to detect the surroundings by using their energy. However, it caused their ears and noses to bleed. The explosion of the origin whirlpool had created a violent energy all around the air. Colliding their own energy with the violent energy around them was no different to suicide.

Everyone was in a state of panic.

However, Su Hao opened up his eyes at this moment.

It was an absolute darkness in front of his eyes. He could not see anything. However, everything was so clear in another world.

It was his own model world!