Godly Model Creator Chapter 250

Gmc Chapter 250

Chapter 0250    A Desperate Confrontation

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: RED



Su Hao leisurely moved in and out of the the crowd, the only sound his own imagination. For every move he made, a trail of blood soared, and it meant the death of one Jin family member. Those who died all had shocked expressions in their eyes, because they didnt know how or when they had been killed!

Fresh blood sprayed everywhere!

And it sprayed onto the bodies of countless people!

Familiar with the scent of blood, the crowd was horrified. They finally knew what was happening. They tried screamed wildly, but no sounds rang out. Nobody knew if the next attack would suddenly land on their body or not. Everyone rose in retaliation, and countless attacks were launched against their surroundings.



Wind blades!

Even the attacks of countless origin weapons were included in the chaotic fight. The smell of fresh blood, the shrill edge of panic caused the surroundings to immediately became a battleground; an unknown battleground where everyone wildly attacked one another for no other reason than their own survival! Within minutes, fresh blood painted the ground red.

The thirty espers of the Jin and Hua families, half of them were lost instantly!

Two bottles of master grade potions, ferocious energy coupled with Su Haos model world, created a glory that astonished even Su Hao himself.

In simpler terms, it was akin to a grim reaping!



A flexible belt instantly gathered the remaining espers. The crowd quickly reacted and grabbed the belt, forming a circle and trapping Su Hao outside. Now with their own people in the middle, as long as Su Hao tried to enter, they would quickly attack together. Instantly, Su Hao became unable to approach them.

Sense of touch, still there.

Su Hao thought for a moment, The moment I attack, I can feel the chill of the skin? TouchUnfortunately, I only have two bottles of the six senses potions, otherwise

Su Hao felt some regret.

The six senses potions were extraordinarily expensive.

No one else knew the price Zhang Zhongtian had paid to produce the two potions. This time, they were created in order to give Su Hao peace of mind, and to scare off others. The remaining four bottles were even more valuable. Every bottle was priced astronomically! It was traditionally said that once the six sense potions were gathered and used at the same time, it would cause one to be completely erased!

Unfortunately, since the arrival of the origin ability era, there had not been anybody who could create such a feat.

Actually it could be seen from everyones reactions. Two potions had already had such an effect, what if all six were gathered?

Looking at the reaction of the crowd, a strange light flashed through Su Haos eyes.




He stomped hard on the ground as his body flashed. Instantly, he exploded towards the crowd in horrifying silence. He stored the inertia force in his legs until his limit. The person who was closest to Su Hao reacted and lightly pulled the flexible belt. The crowd instantly knew Su Haos position and together they attacked towards Su Hao.


The Shadow Cloak floated, Su Hao instantly appeared from another position. In a flash he appeared behind another person. Without hesitation, he used the common origin technique - Mountain Crash!


Terrifying strength was released from Su Haos body and caused the person in front of him to directly fly out. The flexible belt that covered them instantly ruptured, causing them to be rooted and confused. Not knowing where Su Hao was, not knowing how Su Hao would make his move, they didnt dare to move an inch!

After he succeeded in killing an esper, before Su Hao could dodge, he was locked by a powerful killing intent.

He looked towards that direction. In his model world, Song Biao suddenly appeared there.

Song Biao?

Su Haos mind was startled as he clearly saw in the model world, Song Biaos whole body suddenly expand, instantly he transformed into a black giant ape. After a roaring action, he exploded and charged towards Su Hao! In the instant when he was using Mountain Crash, Song Biao was able to lock onto his position.

Song Biaos strength, it was really as powerful as expected!


Su Hao once again barely dodged past Song Biaos surprise attacks.

Song Biaos huge body frame directly struck the wall and formed a huge indent. After this collision, Song Biao stopped. Again he turned his head around, but he didnt know where his opponent was,Su Hao! Where are you? Come out if you have any guts!, he bellowed, but it was all in silence.

Song Biao unleashed a torrent of anger, but nothing could be heard.

As Su Hao was preparing to make his next attack, he instead found out that at this moment, a pair of pupils were locked on him. It was a pair of blood red pupils, tightly locked onto Su Hao, and they were filled with an unlimited amount of killing intent.

These two pupilsWas it Jin Feng?

Su Hao got a shock, Jin Feng actually could see him?! Under the effects of the six senses potion, even the user couldnt see, but Jin Feng could actually still see?

You are looking for trouble!, were the words that Su Hao could read off of Jin Fengs lips.


Jin Feng directed a punch which Su Hao dodged hastily.

If Jin Feng could see, he should completely stop from engaging this battle. What was the point in fighting? With his current strength facing a level 5 esper, wasnt that just waiting him to be killed with a slap?

However, very quickly, Su Hao noticed something strange.

Jin Fengs attacks looked strained.

His origin attack, it was also very weak.

With a little thought, Su Hao suddenly understood. In order for Jin Feng to maintain his permanent night vision, it was necessary for him to expend a huge amount of energy. Him being able to produce some strength could be considered quite good. If he was allowed to break through this eternal darkness, that would be trouble.

There wasnt much time left for the six senses potion.

Su Hao immediately made a decision, he needed to quickly end the battle!


His two eyes lit up. Without hesitation, Su Hao used his historically most powerful battle strength, the familiar military fighting technique was displayed through his hands.



With his tough physical fitness, Su Hao was actually able to battle with Jin Feng at the same level!

The cold killing intent of the military fighting technique, at that moment it played an important role. Because he couldnt see, Jin Feng didnt know what moves Su Hao was making. Because he couldnt hear, he couldnt respond to Su Haos attacks. Coupled with having no origin shield, when the two clashed, Su Hao actually had the advantage!


Su Hao without any hesitation again punched Jin Feng back.

The shadow cloak flashed around, and firmly struck at his persons body, giving Jin Feng no chance to catch a breath. Since it could actually attack, this time, Su Hao had to make sure his attacks were effective.


Jin Feng spat a stream of fresh blood, his face already had paled in Su Haos model-sight.

No matter how many times he wanted, no matter how many times he counted, he had never thought the result of this battle could actually be like this!

Su Hao gave him another surprise.

A small pathfinder, how could he have the six senses potion?

That was one of the ten biggest banned elixirs!

At a certain auction house, he saw with his own eyes, a bottle of the six senses potion. Its price could compete with a Nitai artifact! The same astronomical price! He sighed countless times inside. Such a concoction. Why did it cost so much? Wouldnt he just be blinded for a moment? Was its usefulness on the battlefield that great?

But today, when the two bottles of ultimate mixtures were used, the panic in his heart from loss of sight and hearing made him want to die.

Extremely frightening!


Yet another punch came. As expected, another one of Su Haos punches landed.

He activated his blood red eyes.

Jin Feng clearly saw that Su Hao had barely closed both his eyes, but his movements were like a god, attacking him with ease as if seemingly wasnt even slightly affected.

Instead his attacks were getting quicker!

How is this possible?

Jin Feng stared at Su Hao in astonishment. Even with his level 5 esper standard, he didnt know what to do. And with his opponent being merely at level 1, he was actually fine?


The red light flashed and stopped in Jin Fengs eyes. When he looked carefully, he finally realized that Su Haos eyes were brilliant and colorful, such lights...

Didnt they flash when Su Hao used his abilities?

Model analysis?

Jin Feng was stunned!

He knew that model analysis could detect models, but since when could model analysis actually detect people?

As he again evaded Su Haos attack, Jin Feng noticed that Su Hao could actually see him!


An unbelievable thought floated through Jin Fengs mind, and it couldnt be suppressed any longer, he began to link it with Su Haos strange ins and outs.

Jin Feng was awakened.

Thats right! Its very possible that it is a mutation!

This mutated ability was exceedingly valuable!

The human origin ability era had barely started, abilities numbered in the thousands, but mutations were very few. The significance of mutations, of when an ability changed; they signified a genetic mutation, another natural path! It was also the potential future direction of the next evolution! Every mutation was a valuable asset.

As he saw Su Haos calm expression, Jin Feng suddenly became fanatical.

If it really was a mutation.


Jin Fengs face revealed a slight hesitation, then instantly he made up his mind...

He originally thought of allowing the effect of the six senses potion to pass. But looking at it now, he couldnt wait any longer!

Before the time passed, he wanted to kill Su Hao!

In a moment, Su Hao again punched, but Jin Feng actually didnt dodge. A strong power directly exploded on Jin Fengs body, causing his whole person to stagger a few steps backward. His lips flowed with a stream of fresh bloodthe impact actually injured his liver!

But at this moment, Jin Feng took the opportunity to drink a bottle of red liquid.



With two gulps, Jin Fengs whole body shivered.


A mysterious red light appeared around Jin Feng, like a bright red flame. The red light on Jin Fengs body seemed to wander around, along the edge of his side, all the way up before totally assimilating into both of his pupils. Those bright red eyes became blood red colored, and a burning flame seemed to appear in the middle of his pupils.

Not good!

Su Haos heart skipped a beat.

Fighting points, burst!


Following the eruption of energy, Su Haos body produced a horrifying power, and charged towards Jin Feng. The intense energy light, seemed to fully cover Jin Feng. Jin Feng sneered, a semi-transparent flame suddenly emerged on his hands, and intertwined both his arms.

A punch burst out, and it directly collided with Su Hao.