Godly Model Creator Chapter 251

Gmc Chapter 251

Chapter 0251    Bury One Alive!

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: RED


A fist confrontation, the energy within Su Haos body nearly emptied out. The surging power which Su Hao had accumulated for quite a time in his fighting points, finally burst out.

Being hit by the punch, Jin Fengs right arm instantly fractured and was almost crushed! His whole person was blasted back with tainted blood. No matter how formidable he was, facing such strength would be something he couldnt afford.

However, when Jin Feng was flung back, his face revealed a hint of smile.

That semi-transparent red flame wasnt affected. Even with the burst of energy, it kept spreading to the surroundings. He could clearly see the red flame ripple which spread toward the surroundings engulfing everything.

Su Hao also saw it clearly.

Not in the model world, but his naked eye.

Because with this semi-transparent flame, everything was emptied out, including the effects of the two nearly expired master grade potions.

I lost...

Su Hao looked at Jin Feng with a bitter expression.

The state of both were complete opposites. Su Hao was still standing there elegantly without being affected. However, Jin Fengs shattered right arm, with bloodstains all over his body, to say he was horrifying to look at wasnt an understatement. Just then, Jin Feng laughed out loud.

Haha, Su Hao. Youre not the only one who has potions! Jin Feng madly laughed. While laughing, traces of blood and tears could be seen from his eyes, To be able to force me to use a drug specialized for my talent, youre the first. I need to cultivate at least a year to be able to get my energy back! This hatred, I will get it from your body!


The crowd was at a loss, suddenly hearing Jin Fengs voice. Only then did they open their eyes, I I can hear?

Haha...I can hear!

I Im still alive?

Im alive! Hahaha!

A group of people laughed out loud before they finally stopped. That feeling of hope rising out of total desperation was something not everyone could understand.

Song Biao and several level 5 espers were motionless.

They had been always maintaining their best defensive stance. If there was anyone who dared to come close, they wouldnt hesitate to blast them off. Only when their sight was restored did they tone down their attack.

Go and capture him! Jin Feng wiped off the blood on his face and fiercely pointed at Su Hao. I want you to pay for the lives of our brothers!

Yes! the crowd nodded. Looking at Su Hao, their eyes were filled with killing intent. That kind of feeling just nowthey would never forget it for the rest of their lives!

Not afraid me for me to repeat that again? Su Hao suddenly threw out a question.

Everyone was so scared that they retreated a step back. That feeling, they didnt want to experience it ever again.

F*ck! That is the six senses potion. He has used it all! Jin Feng cursed out loud. Whats there to be afraid of? Can you grow some guts!?

Only then did the crowd woke up. They had been reduced to scaredy cats.

Embarrassedly throwing aside their thoughts just now, the crowd carefully surrounded Su Hao. This time, all the energy whirlpools had been detonated. With nothing to be used, Su Hao had no way to escape!

Dont kill him. Jin Fengs eyes were cold. Capture him back and let the brothers teach him a good lesson.

Indeed a level 5 esper... Su Haos eyes flashed with a strange light, Just now, you were using your ability talent. Using some mysterious drug, you actually brought out your full potential, and even eliminated the six senses potion. This world is indeed a big one. I am still clueless about this origin ability era.

Jin Feng sneered at him, This time, I wont let you have any opportunity to act.

I wont make a move. Just then Su Hao felt some regret. Its justI promised to take care of them. It seems that I wont be able to do so.

What? Jin Fengs heart skipped a beat. This brat couldnt be thinking to suicide? Su Hao was after all one who had a mutated ability! If they could capture him back and find out the mystery of the mutation, then the strength of Jin family would surge!

Thinking of this, Jin Feng was alarmed. Su Hao, you think you will be fine after youre dead? If you die, what about your family members? Obediently follow me back and atone your sins, I will then spare you family. Otherwise, I will take the revenge on your family instead!

Su Hao looked up and revealed a complex expression, You dont understand.

Dont understand what? Jin Feng frowned.

You wont have the chance! Su Hao said indifferently and then revealed a look of relief, Little brat, make your move...

What? Everyone was shocked. There was another person?

But they couldnt see anything.

Some sound could be heard first.


The sound of bottles breaking came from a corner. Jin Fengs face changed dramatically, What was that sound?


A punch was directed a distance away, causing the wall nearby to break. These rock walls had lost the support of origin whirlpools, and were just ordinary walls. Looking ahead, behind the wall, was a scene which stunned everyone.

A half-meter radius pit filled with a blue-green liquid was revealed, a slight yellowish color there after mixing...but it hadnt fully integrated yet. There were Nitai artifacts in the pit, showing some mysterious reaction. But what was even more alarming was a bottle was dropped inside, causing countless curls of white smoke to appear.

This thing...

It seems like...

Origin liquid bomb!


Everyones face changed hugely. An origin liquid bomb, he had actually secretly prepared an origin liquid bomb!

Su Hao, how dare you! Jin Feng angrily said, An origin liquid bomb would at most only heavily injure us espers. Do you think just one origin liquid bomb would be enough to kill us off?

Of course it couldnt kill you, Su Hao smiled indifferently. Previously, in the underground lab, the bomb had only managed to heavily injure the esper. He naturally was clear on this point.

But this time

That green and blue liquid seemed familiar, right? Su Hao calmly continued. I forgot to inform you all that inside there I poured a few bottles of origin catalyst and fermentation potions. Guess and see what happens when an origin liquid bomb reacts with those liquids?

What? Jin Fengs face paled.

In the information about Nitai artifacts, it did mention that using a mixture of origin catalyst and fermentation potions would remove the resistance of a Nitai artifact, making it more easily affected and subdued. However, it would become extremely unstable, and just a little mistake would cause a huge energy eruption.

Looking at the pit, the weird appearance of the Nitai artifacts, the crowd finally understood what was happening!

This madman

Everyone sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

Su Haos goal turned out to be everyone!

A level 1 esper dared to provoke more than 30 espers who were all more powerful than him, let alone the four level 5 espers on their side. With just his move earlier, he had eliminated half of them. Now, with these Nitai artifacts, how many of them would be able to survive?

Madman! Definitely a madman!


Quickly retreat!

After thinking clearly, everyone quickly retreated. As of now, the white smoke had condensed into the final moment. Blue dream butterflys reaction time was a little slow, but...could they escape?

I already said you all wont have the chance. Su Hao looked at Jin Feng who was escaping as he gently said this. His face was still calm. An explosion from ten Nitai artifacts, how huge would it be? Nobody knew! Even Su Hao himself wasnt sure. 



Su Ling

Countless peoples images flashed within Su Haos mind as he sighed sorrowfully.

Never did he expect it to come to this step. In this origin ability era, each step was full of risk. To be the strongest esper, the road was abnormally dangerous! In addition to having a strong talent, you also needed an unmatched luck to meet the right person at the right place. His luck had ended up still lacking.

However, even if he died, he had no regrets.

Perhaps Jin Feng was begging for him to live on. Because at that moment, he could clearly see some strange light from Jin Fengs eyes. He clearly saw that Jin Feng was begging him.

Jin Feng didnt want to die.

But then, so what?

From the moment Jin Feng threatened with his family, all of them were doomed. Even if Su Hao changed his mind, after leaving the area, Jin Feng would act the same.

Such a person must not be left alive!

Finally everything is finished... Su Hao gently smiled. Looking at the origin liquid bomb, that white smoke which finally couldnt be contained within the bottle burst out and exploded.


A horrifying origin bomb exploded!

Flames reaching the sky, instantly swept the surrounding. Within the outburst of the origin bomb, they could clearly see the Nitai artifacts deform. Several Nitai artifacts under such force actually changed their appearances.

When the energy from the bomb hadnt even manage to spread, they were all absorbed into the Nitai artifacts. Absorbing all the energy, they became extremely unstable.

After a few seconds of silence, they finally erupted!


A terrible high frequency ringing split their ears. When the Nitai artifacts exploded, the blue light wave instantly spread. Such a speed was comparable to the speed of light. Su Hao felt his sight turn dark as his energy just happened to deplete at that moment.

Su Hao fell down.

Before reaching the ground, Su Hao thought he saw a blue figure, a beautiful yet unbelievable girl, her eyes were dripping crystal tears as she clung to him tightly.

It was soft

So comfortable