Godly Model Creator Chapter 252

Gmc Chapter 252

Chapter 0252    Yet another unexpected incident happening

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Nora


Su Hao fell down to the ground. The fluctuations which he felt in his ears almost made him deaf. It was so irritating that such feeling was not something he could bear. However, the warmth of arms which hugged him seemed to bring some comfort to him.

Subconsciously, he tightly hugged and landed his face on a soft bosom.


The tinnitus alike fluctuation did not last long. In two seconds, it seemed to disappear completely. Only then did Su Hao woke up.


This was the first reaction of Su Hao.

So soft

This was his second reaction.


Su Hao subconsciously rubbed for a bit. The realistic touch woke Su Hao up completely. When he opened his eyes, he was completely stunned.

At this moment, after he fell to the ground, a feminine figure was on top of him. Her skin was soft and white, her scattered black hair on her back with a few ribbon-like objects hanging on her shoulders. He knew what was that. It was the clothes which he had given to blue dream butterfly.

Then, this girl

Zhang Yating?

Su Hao quietly whispered.

Zhang Yating embarrassedly raised her head. Her face was flushed as her eyelashes trembled. It was such a beautiful sight coupled with her big eyes that showed a hint of shyness. I I saw youre in a dangerous spot so I...

This was another silly girl.

With gratitude, Su Hao said, Thank you.


Along with her brimming red face, her voice was also as tiny as a mosquitoes. This, can you let me off first?

Su Hao only realized after an ebbing reminder by her that one of his hands was still on her twin peaks. Su Hao subconsciously grabbed twice and Zhang Yatings body instantly turned weak as her whole body laid on Su Hao.

You...youre a bad guy...

That soft tone beside Su Haos ear was a real temptation.


Su Hao wiped off his mouth and quickly helped her up. Her beautiful body proportion was once again revealed in front of him, causing his thighs to close up. His little brother was about to give a salute. He quickly shifted his gaze away. He still remembered how he fought the temptation during the previous time.

When he looked around, Su Hao was shocked.

The outbreak of Nitai artifacts was actually over?

The passage was safe and sound!

They were safe and sound!

The outbreak from ten Nitai artifacts impressively did not cause any damage. How was this possible? He had even prepared to die together with them but it ended up with this result?

How could this happen...

Su Hao was filled with disbelief.

What happened?

Looking at his expression, Zhang Yating asked him in worry and once again leaned on Su Haos body. It was such a nice feeling but at this time, Su Hao had no time to admire her beauty. He quickly opened his communication device and selected the data which he had saved about Nitai artifacts.

Origin catalyst and fermentation drug can remove the outer appearance of Nitai artifacts, which causes them to be easily affected and nurtured. But doing so would make Nitai artifacts extremely unstable. If youre careless, it might lead to terrifying energy fluctuation. Be careful!

This was the official words in the data.

Energy fluctuation was just a general term. Everyone knew that being in this state, Nitai artifacts would be extremely dangerous. However, no one dared to experiment with the such valuable Nitai artifacts. Thus, regarding this term, Su Hao also was previously unsure. But right now, Su Hao completely understood.

In textbooks, all the information would usually be cautiously written. Even for origin liquid bombs, it did note that a small scale explosion might occur. Thus, most people would consider this term energy fluctuation as a cautious wording. As for the after effects, wouldnt it be a huge scaled?

However, never had he thought that the textbooks were actually unexaggerated!

Damn you...

It was really just some volatility!

Thinking back to the terrifying energy fluctuations, Su Hao suddenly did not know whether to cry or laugh. His perfect kamikaze plan had actually been destroyed by a textbook? What was written as fluctuation actually turned out to be just fluctuation! Ten Nitai artifacts would only produce such a level of energy fluctuation?

What was so special then?!

Last time, when he faced Chou Yan, he had made a perfect plan. His originally perfect plan was destroyed by the stupid blue dream butterfly which caused him to nearly die. And now, his kamikaze plan had actually ended up with him not dying

My luck is that bad?

Su Hao was somehow speechless.

Are you alright?

Looking at his constantly changing expressions, Zhang Yating worriedly hugged him and tried her best to encourage him. Worse to worse, I will accompany you to death.


Su Hao touched her head. Whatre you thinking?

However, as he touched her head, he suddenly recalled something. His expression suddenly changed as he put Zhang Yating aside on ground.


Zhang Yating exclaimed. She could feel a heavy body pressing on her. The heavy taste of men came from Su Haos body. His chest came into direct contact with her soft fleshes, not to forget the most embarrassing part was that hard iron thingy on Su Haos lower body that poked her body.

Zhang Yating instantly felt panic. Su Hao, he could not be



Countless blasts echoed in the passage. One by one, pieces of rock wall fell on Su Haos back. The entire ancient ruins was experiencing a violent earthquake. Su Hao could only hug this confused girl tightly to protect her.

Deep in the ancient ruins.

The duration for the origin liquid bomb to detonate and be absorbed by Nitai artifacts was a full seven to eight seconds. This caused Jin Feng and his men to easily flee from Su Haos spot. That violent sensation which was tinnitus like from the energy fluctuations caused everyone to suffer on the ground.

After a moment, the situation calmed down.

The level of shock they felt right now was the same as if they died.

Im still alive?

This is the detonation of Nitai artifacts? Although this experience is unpleasant but there seems to be no damage.

What happened?

Jin Feng also looked at himself in shock.

It is over just like that?

Song Biao exposed a look of joy at his survival. He then carefully thought about it. I still remember in the textbook from Origin Ability Association, the description of Nitai artifacts...

Jin Feng also instantly came to some understanding. Being reminded for a bit, he realized the truth and laughed out loud.

This is so funny! It turns out it is really just energy fluctuation! Scared the hell out of me! Hahahaha, Su Hao, you king of calculation, you musnt have calculated such outcome right?

Jin Feng laughed till he was almost out of breath. At this time, the level 5 esper who was in charge of clearing the scene finally joined the team. What happened? Still not done yet? You three actually didnt manage to catch up to Su Hao?

This was a level 5 esper from Hua family!

Under normal circumstances, he was only in charge of clearing the scene. Never would he thought that this time, such a large turmoil would happen. After the constant explosions, he had hurriedly come over here.

The crowd who heard this could only bitterly smile.

It was needless to say about Jin Feng and Song Biao. As for the other level 5 esper who were thrown off at the very beginning, they were even more ashamed.

Go, go and kill! I will make sure to destroy Su Hao into million pieces! Kill all his family!

Also that helper of his! Although we dont know their hiding spot, his strength mustnt be great. Or else, there wouldnt be any need to pull tricks. Get rid of him too!

Everyone regained their spirit and were ready to kill again.

However, at this time, Song Biaos face turned white, completely pale!

It was even worst than when Su Hao had detonated the Nitai artifacts. Big sweat fell down his forehead, as if he had thought of something. His whole person became completely stupefied on the spot.

What happen?

Jin Fengs mind was alarmed.

Weve f*cked up...

Song Biao said in a low tone. He did not seem to not dare to believe what he just realized.

How can it be!

Jin Feng disdainfully said, The outbreak of the Nitai artifacts is already over. It was just a moment of high frequency fluctuation which didnt affect us much.

It indeed didnt have any effect on us.

Song Biao bitterly smiled. But here is ancient ruins.

So what if it is ancient ruins...

Jin Feng replied but just as he said half-way through his words, his face changed. He finally understood what Song Biao wanted to convey. After all, this was the ancient ruins. The fluctuation did not affect them but as for those origin whirlpools here

Jin Feng suddenly felt a tingling sensation on his scalp.

How many origin whirlpools were here?

They had deep understanding of this!

When they had explored previously, just a section of rock wall alone might had several whirlpools! Even when Song Biao created a path, he had also encountered numerous whirlpools. And this was no ordinary ruins but ancient ruins! How many origin whirlpools would there be? Several thousands? Hundred thousands...or even in millions?


Everyones faces turned pale!

The eruption of Nitai artifacts energy fluctuation could it be that Su Hao already considered this too? Thinking of this, the crowd had cold sweat on their back.


This was the idea in everyones mind now.


Countless explosions could be heard from far. The ground shook vigorously, which caused everyone panic and wanted to flee. Sadly, there was nowhere to escape. Jin Fengs face turned pale. He was showing a regretful look. If he was allowed to choose again, he would never offend Su Hao nor would he participate in this exploration.

Too bad there was no if.


In a moment, the entire ruins collapsed.