Godly Model Creator Chapter 253

Gmc Chapter 253

Chapter 0253    How to save oneself from inferno blaze?

Translator: Yorasu | Editor: Fireclaws

Outside the ruins.

Jin San was the guard captain on duty here. He led a bunch of members from Jin and Hua families which were responsible for the logistics of the espers, and also to stop outsiders from entering the ruins.The agenda of those big shots, he roughly knew a bit. Hence every time a deal was complete, he would receive a huge sum of money, and naturally he would spend a portion of it.

Since large sums of money was easily obtained, why must he be against it?

What he needed to do was to completely seal every possible information leak. This included, killing reporters that rushed over here after they obtained information from who knows where to prevent any information leaks. Just now, a reckless reporter, actually threatened him to expose this to public, wasnt that courting his death?

He easily killed that fella.

As an esper that has a high origin ability points of 24 points, although he had lost his qualifications to charge towards specialized esper, but for beginner espers, they totally were unable to deal with him.

Tsk this time I got another large sum of money.

Jin San who was pleased with himself looked towards the faraway ruins, This time they stayed far longer than the past, looks like the rewards are lucrative. Wait till senior Jin and the rest appear, then again I can enjoy another round. Its been said that another bunch of new ladies with heavenly beauty had arrived.

Kuang dang!

While he was dreaming, Jin San suddenly was unstable, and fell down awkwardly. After he furiously got up from the ground, his whole person stood there dumbfounded.


OMG, the scene suddenly changed!

The ruins in front of him suddenly, seemed to leap upwards, as if it has suddenly become bigger. After that, what happened next was like a deflated balloon, it suddenly collapsed. Countless smoke and dust sputtered as the whole ruins shook non stop. The sounds of explosions kept ranging out.



One by one, the whole building structure collapsed that the ground also began to cave in!

Like a huge earthquake, the ruins this time really became a countless number of ruins. At its original location, it seemed to have turned into a huge pit, and swallowed every building. As the ground shook, Jin San was frightened when he found out that the area of the collapsed ground, expanded non stop.

Like a scene from the doomsday, it was played before Jin Sans eyes.

The countless number of guards at the ruins were panicked and scattered. Eventually they were swallowed by the ground that collapsed, before such level of catastrophe, trying to escape?

That was a wishful joke!

Such catastrophe, senior Jin must be thinking that he is unable to give me any rewards. But unfortunately for that bunch of new girls with heavenly beauty

Jin Sans final thought, was actually still on the girls.


Every guard were buried by the collapsing ground!

Under the havoc of energy, nobody could resist!

As the center of the ruins, the whole ancient temple, all of them being affected under such force, became dust and ashes. What remained was completely powder like sand. After the explosions of roughly millions of origin ability whirlpools, caused this doomsday like scenario. It actually turned the surrounding environment into a desert!

This was a disaster!

Ancient ruins were gone...

What remained was a desert, completely in silence.

Jinhua City.

Hundreds of miles away, the explosion of energy shook the whole city! At such a long distance, the Jinhua city walls still shook slightly, this showed how powerful that explosion was! Seemingly for the first time, Origin Ability Association set off! Jin family, set off! The Hua family, also took off!

But, when everyone reached the place, they were stunned.

Where were the ruins?


Why everything was no longer there!

What was left for the crowd was only a piece of desert!

How did this happen?

The two families of Jinhua City frantically searched, hoping to find a clue, but there was nothing. The soft sand under their feet, proved everything.

The Origin Ability Association was shocked!

Countless number of researchers were dispatched, and they begun to research how this strange energy eruption occurred. Was it by nature? Or was it man made? It would be a better case if it was man made. Otherwise if it was by nature, doesnt that make every subsequent ruins very dangerous? Unfortunately, the clues that remained werent enough to support their theory.

But towards the collapse of the ruins, some raised a novel and strange question, but looking from another angle, it solved the question. Because they discovered, the collapse of the ruins and the desert forming was actually just within the radius of the ruins! While its surroundings were safe and sound.

Why didnt it spread?

Many experts immediately associated this with the origin whirlpools, the nature of origin whirlpools were highly explosive, while causing abnormally and horrifically high damage. But its radius was small and energy waves could trigger it. When countless number of origin whirlpools were triggered, the power of the explosion would arise but its radius will have no changes and would still be the same size.

Such a situation, also resulted in the sinkage of the ruins.

Regarding this, naturally there were people who had different viewpoints. Everyone raised their own theories. Therefore, a debate among the experts in the Origin Ability Association was getting more interesting. For them, the destruction of everyone in the Jin family only brought them a new research topic.

Nothing more.

At the same time, television, newspapers, the internet, it seemed that every form of media gathered here. After all, suchan  event couldnt be covered up especially for such a scale. Hence journalists rushed to the scene to obtain the first sign of any news for it to be quickly reported.

Within a few short hours, hundreds of cities were shaken!

Without a question, this was a disaster!

The deaths of 200 specialized espers were enough to change 80% of the cities strength distribution! This was the biggest death count in the history since new cities were formed. 200 specialized espers didnt die under berserk beasts, but during an ancient ruins adventure instead.

It was really ridiculous!

From Jinhua Channel.

Without a doubt this was lamentable. The cruelty of the origin ability era was again nakedly displayed before everyone! The arrival of the strange origin storm was already very dangerous. But now, another strange supernatural phenomenon occur. People hoped that the experts of the Origin Ability Association would quickly provide a conclusion.

Otherwise who else would dare to explore ruins?

From Penguin News.

According to a report, at that point of time a witness who was coincidentally near the ruins, he personally experienced the rumoured origin waves, a strange but momentarily high frequency phenomenon. According to speculation, it was possibly triggered by the sneeze of a powerful berserk beast that passed by. Hope everyone be cautious, and stay indoors in the short term to avoid any natural disasters.

From Du Niang Entertainment.

The matter of the ruins collapsing became more and more intense.

For the first time, specialized espers, these words appeared in the media numerous times, and they were exposed before the vision of everyone for the public. Everyone were interested to search for any information related to ruins, related to specialization, related to espers. However, it seemed that everyone forgot something.

Only in a small corner of an unknown newspaper report faintly mentioned a sentence - the pathfinders who followed the espers and participated in the ruins exploration were completely wipeout.

Unfortunately, nobody cared.

Under the light of the hundreds of specialized espers, the tens of ordinary pathfinders were invisible in the end. Before birth they were so, and also at death they were so. Because they had no value, the media subconsciously neglected this news. In the news everywhere reported about the espers but there werent any news about the pathfinders.

The storm of news continued for a few days, and didnt show any hint of slowing down.

The people that surrounded the desert ruins slowly dispersed. No matter how interesting the matter was, after seeing the empty desert for 3 consecutive days, one would also be bored.

Needless to say, these journalists lived for news.

Hence, very quickly, the journalists receded.

After the experts approximately deduced the problem, they rarely came. This place after all was the outskirts, there were too many unknown dangers. If killed by a scratch of a powerful berserk beast that passed by, that would be too unfair. Hence, only during the day, a researcher would came over to have a look.

At this time, the night was dark.

The brightness of the moon, hung highly in the sky. It spat a layer of bright light, and shown on this huge piece of land, especially this ruins that recently became a desert. The mingle of the moonlight and the sand exposed a layer of dazzlingly beautiful light, wrapped in silver which was extraordinarily beautiful.

But all of a sudden.

Pu su!

An arm suddenly stretched out. Under the moonlight, it was horrific!


What followed was the emergence of a head. If there was someone here, one definitely would be scared out of their skin to death! A corpse climbed out in the middle of the desert? A mummy?


A few noises rang out lightly as a human shadow climbed out from the middle of the desert. It moved its slightly stiff body as its eyes gazed towards the front, like a death knight that came from hell. With its back being cloaked with the moonlight, all the more it was filled with murderous intent. But very quickly the sense of this mysterious death knight was broken by its next action.

Pei! Pei!

Damn, my mouth is filled with sand!

The death knight with an uncomfortable expression consecutively spat a few mouthfuls, and caused the sand in his mouth to be completely spat out. He frowned and exposed a horrifically young face. On his shoulders, a strange blue dream butterfly sat on his shoulder, smiled happily as she swung her two snow white legs.

No doubt.

These two people were Su Hao and blue dream butterfly.

Still alive Su Haos lips revealed a slight smile.

The misinterpretation of the Nitai artifacts, the failed plan that caused him to trigger the Nitai artifacts that killed everyone, but interestingly, the high frequency energy fluctuation from Nitai artifacts explosion had triggered every origin whirlpool. Under such powerful force, it caused the whole ruins to turn into a desert.

Like a raging inferno, it engulfed the whole ruins!

Nobody returned alive!

Level 1, level 2. Even level 5? Before such a powerful force, it didnt differentiate against anyone. Under one explosion, everyone was destroyed! Regardless of Jin Feng, Song Biao, or even the other level 5 espers, under such absolute strength, there was only death waiting for them.

But interestingly enough...

The origin whirlpool within about a ten meter radius of Su Hao had long already exploded. Hence when danger arrived, an amazing hollow zone was created! Within the small radius of effect of the origin whirlpool, after it exceeded 10 meters, there wont be much effect left. Su Hao and blue dream butterfly who were hidden in the middle, were not affected by the waves!

In the raging prairie fire, how does one save himself?

On the grass of the fire!